Why Landlords want to evict you and why National will let them


Landlords want to evict you because the constant churn of desperate renters push up their rents!

We can’t tax their capital gains & we must give them the legal right to be arseholes?

There’s a class war in NZ but we don’t have the political vocabulary to articulate it because the woke have focused on identity over class!

National are desperate to win and are directly promising Landlords even more power to weaken tenants rights on top of the existing agreement between the State and private landlords to under build state houses so there is always a desperate rental pool to exploit.

National wants to give landlords the right to boot out tenants because 100 000 new migrant workers are expect, the largest annual increase ever. Those fresh migrant workers are ripe for rental exploitation and Landlords want to kick out existing domestic renters for these new migrant work force.

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It’s an exploitation of an exploitation of a system of existing exploitations.

This is class war and it’s time to start thinking about it like that.

Comrades, we aren’t getting fucked by pronouns, we are getting fucked by the greedy Landlords in a rigged capitalism that empowers the rich at our collective expense!

Time to start lighting some fires.


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  1. Renters are only desperate, and landlord only able to churn (if that happens at all), because we haven’t built enough houses, and over a long timeframe.

    And who stopped those houses being built?

    Councillors. NIMBYs. The Greens.
    And everyday New Zealanders who hated sharing their suburbs (they might be poor! or Māori!)

  2. 100K promised houses would have helped this not be a story. The mandate was given – the reality is what?

  3. Because you’re worthless scum, who doesn’t pay their rent, damages the property, annoys the neighbors & disrupts the neighborhood. Good bye & good riddance.

    • Free Peach – Yes – this needs to be stated more…Most tenants seem to be okay, but some tenants are nightmares

        • Yes, it does appear you can write & almost make a coherent sentence, amazing. One day, maybe you’ll learn about grammar, punctuation and how capital letters work. Maybe you’ll understand that capital letters are not a sign of being a capitalist.

      • Having just had the above mentioned people evicted, I’d have to say it isn’t easy. Plus they keep coming back, to break in and take the stuff they abandoned.

        • Bad tenants isn’t a great moral that eclipses underfunding the government.yknow if you are incapable of doing basic rental checks then you deserve to lose your assets. Deal with it. Stop trying to get the government to bail out lazy scummy landlords who can’t do basic paperwork.

        • Free Peach – Sadly this is somewhat common with problem tenants – dumping stuff in rentals, then using this as an excuse to enter the property to claim it, and do further damage to the property

    • Well for every story like yours there seems to be another about an arsehole landlord. There was some bloke in CHCH that was such an arsehole even property managers thought he was a prick. He must have been exceptionally bad.

      I would say there are arseholes on both sides of the equation.

      • There is a difference between being an arsehole and being a criminal and destroying someones else property. Not a victimless crime, insurance is going up from this that everyone has to pay for.

      • And you’d be right, it’s a pretty scary idea letting others live in one of your most valuable possessions and some people will try too hard to protect that asset. When you rent to someone, you have no control over who they’ll start dating, who’ll move in, how their life & circumstances might change etc, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Plus some people on both sides are just douchebags who will always try to take advantage of others, which then just spoils it for everyone.

  4. The alternative attempted over the past 5 years worked a real treat didn’t it. The cargo cult mentality displayed by the government on the housing market during this time will go down (even by their standards) as one of their greatest failures.

  5. Rents are going up because costs are going up and demand is going up. 50,000+ new residents last year, immigration up 195% and the houses they built at great cost to taxpayers are in flood plains!

    Scammers are attracted to NZ for scams, from around the globe!

    Auckland rental scam: Pregnant woman, other tenants lose thousands

    Colour drained from real estate agent’s face as he realised he’d been defrauded of $120k in ‘sim hijacking’ scam

    “It appeared the offender, who Stuff understands was born in New Zealand but his family moved to Hong Kong when he was only weeks old, returned in late 2019 with fraud on his mind.

    That involved the man, who is aged in his twenties, renting an Auckland apartment near SkyCity casino, getting a New Zealand driver’s licence, and recruiting several “cash mules” to help set-up bank accounts to wash the stolen cash through the casino.”

    Too many people getting easy NZ residency and then come back to scam NZ easily when ever they feel like it, so bad now the 501’s are able to enjoy luxury holidays after being deported back here and setting up gangs.

    Gangster’s Paradise: Inside Head Hunters’ luxury overseas trip of a lifetime

    It’s amazing how much easy money with no taxes to be made in NZ, while the government targets the middle class both to do all the work and pay all the taxes while ignoring the growing amounts of scammers attracted to NZ, to put more people into poverty here!

    The scammers are part of the wonderful workers able to come into NZ easily, that the government and industry keep wanting more of.

    • Immigration scammers are literally scamming the NZ visas around the world and we are getting both the criminal and the naive coming here, all of which becomes a burden on NZ with more in poverty and filling up NZ justices services and police time.

      Recovery visa sold for more than $30,000 by unlicenced agents, immigration adviser says

      Increasingly people coming to NZ are not quality people, they came here with fake jobs from the get go and take up housing, which is creating a never ending shortage of housing and poverty, more cars on the roads, poor quality skills getting worse and needing to rip off others to survive here. The naive and fraudsters are being welcomed here with open arms by those woke and right wingers profiteering from it.

  6. Do a blog on why Labour did nothing to secure tenancy rights and promote long term tenancy. And what the Free peach set above – be a decent person who upholds their side of the rental contract and chances are no one is going to get evicted. The govt of the last 5 years was L and still is L, with a full majority. Why should we be afraid of N when L simply abandoned its duties to the country some time ago, for identity politics and diversity bullshit?

  7. The solution is not to expect landlords to not be into personal profits above all else. Of course, they will be.
    Its not about greedy people or kind people. It is about the system.

    The solution is simply for the state to build more houses, or at least enable the building of more houses, and that will naturally drop rents and put the power in the renter’s hands.

    As for migration, NZ will naturally lose its best and brightest offshore. Apparently after Ireland, among OECD countries we have the highest percentage of citizens living overseas, and given our size and limited opportunities that will always be the case. So New Zealanders benefit enormously from an international labour market. But that means we will have inflows as well as outflows.

  8. I am not sure it’s just about supply. As fast as they are built they seem to be snapped up by those with access to capital anyway.

    Bishop says that landlords are leaving the market in droves. Does that mean the houses are just sitting empty then, or it’s just other landlords buying the properties? I don’t think you will find home ownership rates have increased so what’s going on?

    • Too complicated for you Wheel,obviously.
      It’s very simple really but I’m not going to explain to you what is essentially abc.
      Good heavens!!

    • Auckland CBD is full of very low cost apartments that nobody seems interested in buying – there is no shortage of housing, there seems to be an entitled attitude to what renters want to rent and buy, and they are mostly building new trendy mod cons apartments at huge rates in Auckland, driving up the prices! 70m2 2 bedroom apartment is priced over 1.6m! https://thegreenhouse.apartments

      Governments can green light developers to keep building more apartments till the cows come home but apparently 50% of people are working in NZ on close to minimum wages, so not sure they can afford 1.6 million for a small apartment.

      This is the sort of apartment that woke love though as they have very little sense of reality of what developers are building and for whom – it’s actually all about the cash ready (mostly overseas buyers) woke not the poor they claim to represent!

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