RIP Jerry Springer


Before the joyless woke robbed us of comedy and entertainment, Jerry Springer was one of the most popular TV Show hosts ever with an astonishing 12 million viewers per show!

His cavalcade of circus freaks who erupted into violence every chance they got as they aired dirty laundry was Twitter before Twitter.

The entire carnival was a warped world of the weird where festishists, cheaters, liars, blackmailers and vast swathes of trailer park inhabitants were dragged into the spotlight and cherished the attention in a pre internet world 15 minutes of fame.

It was a Walmart vaudeville of America’s subcultures that shocked and entertained and appalled all in equal amounts.

Springer’s final word was always a surprisingly kind and insightful overview of the complexity of the human experience that was wildly at odds with the nightmare tranwreck he’d just presided over.

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He was a showman of immense talent who knew what his audience wanted and he had no problems giving them it.

Was it exploitative? Was it damaging? Was it voyeuristically privileged?

Oh sure. But Sweet Jesus was it a beautiful hot mess.



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  1. We used to have a Jerry Springer show drinking game. You would drink everytime certain things were said or done.
    -someone would scream “you don’t know me!”
    -someone would jump out of their chair
    -someone would throw a chair (drink twice)
    -the camera would show Jerry smirking
    -everytime security would have to separate guests

    Ahh… Good times. RIP Jerry.

  2. Je-rry! Je-rry! Je-rry!

    A trip down nostalgia lane for us Gen Xers. So f*&king 90s full on Post Modernist Neo Lib cultural blitzkrieg!

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