Q+A Review: Jack Tame’s wild Kiri Allan interview


Excellent interview between Jack Tame and Kiri Allan.

She has been burnt in previous interviews where her commentary was perceived as far more militant than she intended so she was very guarded while Jack had a thousand gotchas to throw at her.

It was a wild interview where Jack pushed her every step of the way, and she was remarkable in holding her line.

Labour have finally acknowledged they have to fill the airwaves with their best articulators of Labour Policy, so we have a surge in their media availability.

Jack pushes her hard on the possibility of moving the rape laws from no means no to affirmative consent and if there was research on how many more men that will imprison.

The Minister affirms there is research and consideration but it won’t be part of any current implementation – (That will be a political nuclear bomb when it starts as the ramifications of that are appreciated).

She is pushed on the 20% decrease in prison populations and the 30% increase in violent crime. Jack claims the decrease in prison population has driven the crime rate, but the vast majority of that prison population decrease are prisoners being sentenced to Home Detention, the explosion in crime is a very natural response to a culture still reeling from covid.

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She is pushed on the weak booze law reforms and the nonsense of current cannabis laws. You can clearly see she wants change there but has been told they are not on the table by the Labour Leadership and she is earning her wings in joining that leadership team.

The Hate Speech fiasco is on, please God, come on Kiri. Kick it touch, kick it touch.

Kick it to touch.

She admits the backlash was a lot more extreme than she thought while stepping up for the communities she represents who feel bullied.

There is an actual discussion on Free Speech that is rational and well reasoned. This is great – finally!

This nonsense smear on her from the Foon donation is a disgrace.

The issue isn’t $1500 he donated to her or the $1000 she donated to National, the issue is why the Billionaire class are funding the hard right…

…she is very honest about the donation, and attempting to suggest she could be bought for $1500 is a disgraceful smear on her mana.

For the first time ever, I’m genuinely worried about war in the Pacific because what was decided this weekend between Australia and NZ only ever happens when a far larger interest enters the room.

Australia’s love affair with bashing Kiwis is as deeply rooted as a burning cross. To finally agree to 400 000 New Zealanders being able to gain citizenship doesn’t happen for shits and giggles, to give up a racist political cudgel as popular as bashing Kiwis means something far larger is coming.

You can feel the gravity of America in all this.

Albanese is a powerful new voice for change and he just found 400 000 new voters.

Labour traditionally have done very well in the overseas vote, but the bitterness over the MIQ process has dented those voters. 400 000 duel citizens in Australia however have just found a reason to vote for NZ Labour in gratitude.

The joy of the new citizenship rules means for the first time NZ will be forced to offer free education for Nurses and Drs and Teachers plus accomodation benefits and better essential service worker perks  because if we don’t they will all move to Australia! We will be forced to be active in protecting and nurturing these skill sets!


Great to see Dame King. She is one of NZs great politicians. It is a real loss that she is standing down from her diplomatic role in Australia, NZ must find her a role, she is a legend and too good to allow to go to waste.

Stumbling Tax Wonk from the Ministry of Tax Wonks on trying to explain why the mega wealthy should be loved and cherished.

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ, and 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals, let’s start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry.

There’s no point making workers pay more to rebuild our resilience, tax the rich!

-Sugar Tax

-Inheritance Tax

-Wealth Tax

-Financial Transactions Tax

-New top tax rate on people earning over $300 000 per year.

-Capital Gains Tax

-Windfall profit taxes

-First $10 000 tax free

The Reserve Bank Governor is clearly telling us to raise taxes to pay for the rebuild, if Chippy’s Bread and Butter politics is to mean anything, he has to tax the rich to pay for the rebuild.

Important story on the current state of the NZ military.

I believe that NZ needs to have an urgent discussion on the geopolitical machinations occurring because the drum beat for war is getting louder.

We must not get drawn into the vortex of another American war.

We must not be tied economically to China.

We must seriously consider the Māori Party Neutrality stand while dramatically increasing our GDP military spend to 5%.

NZ is friend to all, enemy to none. We are a nation that believes in peace and we should use all the diplomacy at our disposal to work for peace, but we can no longer pretend that our region is benign and we need to protect our realm from Antartica to the Cook Islands, and Niue.

We have watched with horror as America lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and Weapons of Mass Destruction to start wars and I’m damned if I’ll watch another generation of kids go feed another American war, but equally I don’t want China’s authoritarian regime having any control over us either.

Neutrality, as envisioned by the Māori Party this election, is the honourable position to take, but it requires a serious increase in military spending.

Above all we must have an independent foreign policy and we need focus on these issues now because corporate interests who trade in the weapons of violence want conflict in the Pacific.

NZ needs to consider a year long Gap year service program.

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  1. America has surfaced ballistic missile subs at China, Flown B52s across there coast. At any one time there’s a thousand cruise missile pointed at China from Japan. China’s responses has been very measured and murica lovers just keep piling it on thick.

  2. What is in it for Australia?
    1. An educated and hard working workforce.
    2. Access to more of the same.
    3. and others.

    What is in it for NZers?
    1. More security for those who choose to work and live in Aus.
    2. Better opportunities.
    3. and others.

    What is in it for NZ.
    3. and others.

    • What’s in it for New Zealand? You can use your higher Australian wages to buy investment properties in New Zealand (and keep them empty so you don’t have to worry about managing tentants) and when you get tired of all that sunshine, warmth & high wages, you can come back to NZ to retire.

      Alternatively you could bring your new skills & enhanced work experiences home or at least send back money to struggling relatives & help prop our failing economy

  3. Adios! To the Caretaker Labour government! How useless can you be?

    Housing! Housing! Housing!
    Infrastructure! Poverty!
    The Wealthy Moteliers!! 27,000 people homeless!
    400,000 Airbnb houses that are not rentals!!
    Inflation is a permanent thing! And so is the cost of living!
    5%+ Inflation is the new 2%-3% because of the dependence on imported fuels mainly diesel!!

    Wakey! Wakey! You sleepy hobbits!

    Is there any political party in NZ that is taking things seriously?? I think not.

  4. Martyn – Kiri came across as robotic, and drone like…without any real answers to Jack’s questions…in short, a Politician…

    • She was very assertive, well spoken but her performance lacked substance.

      Interesting to hear her say that the hate speech stuff was just parked until after the election and that she has confidence in the law commission to deal with what they need to deal with after the matter was referred to them recently.

      Confidence that the law commission will not come up with anything until after the election?

  5. Annette King deserves her retirement and time with her husband – definitely one of NZ’s better politicians.
    If she really needs a new gig and a retirement plan, we could probably set her up as some sort of institutional watchdog on grifters and cultists. She could start with Brian and Hannah, and Hannah’s wee project Jevon

  6. The yanks are warmongering arseholes, there is a poverty problem in their country among other issues that need serious attention, however throwing billions or trillions towards war that decimates societies that the US military engages with seem more important than looking after their own people.

  7. Kiwi Allan is impressive.

    But I cream consumption and shark attacks in coastal village show a positive trend but they are ultimately not related.

  8. All Kiri Allen has proven is that given enough of a bollocking from her boss and some intense PR training she can stick to a script. Unfortunately, when left to her own devices, she’s shown repeatedly that she has poor judgement and shouldn’t be in charge of one of the most important folios in the cabinet.

    • Hard to argue with that. And she is from the same radical identitarian stable as Jacinda, Michael Woods, and that man who was unable to define the word “woman”. Self-righteous, authoritarian and untethered from reality.

      • Yes PP she is a lightweight who has already made two serious errors of judgment.
        If the Chipsters talent bin wasn’t empty he may have moved her sideways.

      • Labour shouldn’t be in charge of anything,their track record is irrefutable proof.
        Their leader quit when she realised everything was going pear shaped.
        The Chipster is perfecting the back flip.

    • She has also not said “We will not be pursuing further hate speech laws!” She is just hoping to make the Law Society? Commission? responsible for whatever comes down the Pike.

      Law Commision makes recommendations, they run with one of the recommendations. Then tack on a truck load of censorship and then tell the public (After the election of course) that they really have to pass all these highly subjective freedom of thought and freedom of speech laws for our protection and the wider social cohesiveness NZers hold dear.

      I used to think the sun shone out of her, now I just think she is just another victim centric radical. She might look like a girl from the Coast but scratch her and she bleeds rainbows and colonisation and all the rest. Of the two, Marama is more honest.

      • “scratch her and she bleeds rainbows and colonization”

        Lol, great turn of phrase Fantail.

  9. AO/NZ urgently needs a royal commission of inquiry into literally every crack and crevice of our economy and its hyper-rich beneficiaries. Nine multi-billionaires, one of whom is one of the 200 wealthiest people in the world, and four FOREIGN OWNED trading banks earning ( read stealing ) $180.00 a second in net profits is so bizarre, so unnatural and so inexplicably ignored that I’m personally left reeling at the scope and breadth of it. Surely, there can be no surprises to learn who owns and operates our country and I can tell you. They do. We don’t. And that, should terrify us all.
    Therefore, shouldn’t we be doing something direct about [that] instead of coming here and shouting into the wind. I personally only let off steam here and I’m always left with a sense of powerlessness no matter how urgently I write while I know no good will come of it.
    I truly do believe we’re now literally incapable of repairing the damage 39 years of neo liberalism has done to us. We need help. We need to know what the fuck it is that’s actually and literally going on here.
    We have great wealth in our agriculture, we occupy a large country when one considers people per square kilometre and we’re thousands of nautical miles from nutters and desperadoes and we, us normal, beautiful, soft, gentle, kind, well educated, well traveled people are living in constant anxiety that’s about to become a more general and grave fear. Worse still, is the tattered charade that is our politics. We don’t actually have politics. We only have the word ‘politic’ and I’ve just written it and that’s about as valuable a contribution to my country as I can make for us.
    They. The ‘Them’s’ have our wealth. It isn’t theirs. Get your heads around that. Do what you must, but you must try. Nine multi billionaires! Four foreign owned banks who’ve designed an artificial economy around their greed to exploit our living conditions so as they can literally steal our money and to control the narrative. What do you think the last lunatic property value scam was about?
    Labour. National. ACT. NZ First. The Green Party. The Maori Party. Democracy NZ. What are they? That’s a serious question. Do you know what they are? I can tell you what they’re not. They’re not for us poor bastards, that’s for sure. So what’s our political parties and the systems that enable them because there’s undeniable and compelling evidence to suggest they’re not for us?
    I think we need a delegation to go to the governor general’s office and request a royal commission of inquiry into literally everything everywhere immediately.
    Oh, and check this out. Is bloody interesting. And yes. New Zealand’s mentioned.
    Russell Brand talks to Michael Shellenberger re The Aspen Institute
    “This week I spoke with Michael Shellenberger about how the Aspen Institute uses brainwashing techniques with the MSM and the science behind attacking the journalist, not the information.”
    The ol’ Five Eyes aye.

  10. I would say she is on very thin ice .The Ministers know they are not dealing with a boss that is too kind to give them a kicking.
    This is good for Labour and good for the country if a miracle happens and Labour retains power .

    • If the Labour talent bin wasn’t empty she would have been on thin ice.
      But the Chipster a tough boss? I don’t think so he’s like a head prefect at best.

  11. “ the communities she represents who feel bullied.”


    And that’s enough to trample on civil rights?

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