It’s like the State can only radicalise – the Billy TK & Vinny case study


This is so dumb…

Billy TK Jr says court case over lockdown protest has cost him over $10k

Conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika Jr says his court case over a Covid lockdown protest he organised has cost him more than $10,000.

The saga has been a “nightmare” and “disgusting”, he says.

Te Kahika and Vincent (Vinny) Eastwood were both jailed in Marchfor breaching Covid-19 legislation by organising and attending a protest in 2021.

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However, their lawyers immediately asked for the men to be granted bail, pending an appeal against their sentences being heard in the High Court.

Bail conditions were set by Judge Peter Winter, preventing the defendants from publicising the reasons they think their appeal may succeed on any social media platform.

The pair appeared in front of Justice Timothy Brewer at the High Court at Auckland on Tuesday morning appealing that bail condition.

The hearing lasted no longer than 10 minutes.

Justice Brewer quashed the bail restriction, saying being unable to talk about their case on social media was contrary to their rights of freedom of expression.

…it’s like the State can’t help but radicalise people it abuses!

I ask you all to consider Ahamed Samsudeen and the manner in which over zealous State interference in that young mans life directly contributed to his radicalisation.

If you doubt me, read Graeme Edgeler’s damning critique of his case and recoil in shock at how badly that State behaved and how its interference impacted on his act of terrorism.

Imprisoning Vinnie and Billy TK while trying to censor them is mixing the rocket fuel of radicalisation!

Here’s what the State should have done.

Reached out to Vinnie and Billy via their lawyers with an offer of a guilty plea, no sentence, but a role in paid work with Police for a period of 18months where they consult and advise Police on anti-radicalisation programs while also fronting and hosting group talk sessions that help reunite families and friends who have been lost down conspiracy rabbit holes.

That is what should have been offered, instead the State makes them into martyrs!

It’s the same fuck up with the Counterspin Duo who will argue to a Court that as journalists they have journalist protection and that’s why they didn’t hand over their passwords.

The State’s lack of nuance and hamfisted aggression only fuels the extremism and proves to b believers that their heroes are being treated like this because they are a threat to the State!

As the economic recession gets tighter, this extremism will be fed unless well defined de-escalation programmes aimed at de-radicalising via talk therapy promoted on Social Media is adopted.

We actively need to engage with people for peaceful disagreement or we are only going to radicalise even further!



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  1. Great opinion piece.
    One can extend this argument to geopolitical issues that we have struggled with over the last 30 years. Let’s just make the, mostly forever.
    Really solid practical advice. And that approach works.

    • “Reached out to Vinnie and Billy via their lawyers with an offer of a guilty plea, no sentence, but a role in paid work with Police for a period of 18months where they consult and advise Police on anti-radicalisation programs……….”
      Yep. That would have appealed to his ego, and he’d probably go for it.
      Alternatively, someone on here once told me what a good blues musician he was. We could have assisted with a one way passage to Memphis where they could dance to His ten guitars – even IF it was someone else’s guitar he promised to return but never did.

      • Apart from bein rather convoluted, and lacking in any real point above displaying an ability to be as bitchy as the next bloke in line, the comments about “being a good blues musician” coming from NZer are more about his “speed” rather than being a genuine “bluesman”.. I’ve heard him play, and while the man is a great guitar player, he didn’t play any blues when I saw him..
        I’m starting to accept that NZ hasn’t really got any real idea what the blues are, as evidenced by the attempts to recruit me for various “blues” projects since arriving back in NZ… None of them was any more than pretentious jazz dressed up in a Hendrix hat… Sonny Day was the last real blues man I had the privilege to watch, and jam with in NZ before I took off to greener pastures overseas… And it’s only gotten even more vacant since then..

  2. It’s almost like we should have a constitution, maybe even some civil rights law.

  3. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Covid gave us a peak at the authortarian left and they’re well in truly ensconsed in postions of power… To that end dissent must be punished…

    • Labour did what most Western governments did, as such the key problems here is rising authoritarianism and the force/money that managed to influence global governments to largely act the same.

  4. Billy TK Jr is relatively new to me but Vinny Eastwood has been around for eons. Chap knows more about all manner of issues than pretty much all of us here combined. They are only radical because they protested against radical government actions, as such, the big takeaway from their ‘infamy’ is – just how radical is our government going to get!

  5. It will be interesting to see if the young thug that bashed the elderly lady at the woman’s rights meeting gets jail time…It seems that the police have begrudgingly brought him to court….Jail seems to a political sentence , instead of a criminal justice sentence, as per the law…A sign of the times perhaps…..It will be interesting to see if things change after October ….

  6. Just replace judges with AI, probably get more impartiality, consistency and fairness and it would cost pence.

  7. So the NZ Bill of Rights akshully means something again. Crazy or not. Conspiracy or not. The NZ BoR should trump any PM and her conspiracy theories.

  8. With the transfaccist, government funded, apparatchik SL, along with their troupe of drug addled, criminally violent freaks currently being elevated to the status of moral interpreters of our time – nobody needs Billy TK Jr. or Vinny Eastwood to become radicalized.

  9. Vinny Eastwood is a dickhead. Total idiot when he was around the cannabis crowd. Lives on my Facebook block list, got sick of seeing his rubbish.
    Maybe this will pull his head in but i doubt it

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