Food inflation explodes – it’s only going to get worse – what’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one can afford Bread or Butter?


NZ tipped for ‘deeper’ recession in 2023 – ASB

ASB is tipping New Zealand to enter a deeper recession than previously thought, with its chief economist predicting a “tough year” ahead.


Boom – TDB the ‘I told you so express’ is on time.


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Not only has Food inflation exploded to 12.1% the highest in 30 years (which we argued would happen), everyone now admits the recession is going to be harsher than they had all hoped – which again TDB has been arguing.

The inflation peakers are wrong, hyper inflation is on the way thanks to warping of the global free market superstructures.

We are importing mass inflation at the same time we are using huge borrowings to keep the economy running post Covid.

Our reliance on a low wage economy with basic bitch agricultural products with no added value that is dependent ion mass tourism and mass immigration has finally bitten us in the arse.

The distortions caused by NZs pathetic regulations cause vast monopolies and duopolies and oligopolies to form and dictate the market for their benefit.

This is only going to get worse, not better, the Government must urgently, for this election cycle, go to the electorate with a plan to take up the commerce Commission’s recommendations and take 30% of the Supermarket industry and provide the competition themselves.

That would be a solution rather than the bullshit tinkering at the edges Labour’s underwhelming current Supermarket policy generates which is nothing.

A 30% stake holding run by a NZ conglomerate of Warehouse and Iwi to run sustainable, low price food with staunch wages and good prices to the growers would do more to shape NZ for the better than allowing this fucking duopoly to keep fucking us over!

Look, the food inflation is going top hit 15% come June, people can’t afford the prices now and are desperate, what happens when it’s 15%?

We face stagflation and a global recession with war drums beating on a planet that is burning out of control and destroying vast amounts of agricultural land.

I don’t think the voters or the politicians know how bad shit is going to get this year.

It demands of the Left real economic solutions, but because we are constantly lost down some identity politics cul-de-sac, we are endlessly arguing for esoteric bullshit like land rights for gay whales.

Poor people aren’t sitting around the kitchen table cancelling each other for misusing pronouns, they are trying to pay the fucking bills and when they turn to us for our solutions to their pain we scream they are transphobic for not loving transitioning weightlifters!

That’s what the NZ Left have mutated into thanks to woke identity politics.

The poor will hate us for our aesthetic left virtue signalling while they can’t buy food.

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics Chippy if people can’t afford the Bread or Butter?


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  1. Martyn, a new Twitter labelled Government Funded supermarket chain will still have to purchase goods which have had those prices increase so it won’t solve the problem, at least not in the short term. It’s actually more likely to lead to an increase in costs as supply chain efficiencies would be disrupted and there’s would possibly be wage / pay increases as there are limited people who can actually run supermarkets.

    It’s heresy on this site but the best thing to do would be removed all foreign labour restrictions, drop all the red tape hurdles and let farmers and growers just get on with it

    Lower the costs from the start

  2. recession is being deliberatly created in NZ because of the govt and treasury’s dogged adherance to to disproven outdated neo-lib economic notions, that have never actually worked anywhere…still if you can still afford veggies clinging to failed ideology must be comforting.

  3. Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring, the NACT Party will come to your rescue with Tax cuts for the Rich & privatisation of Food & Water!

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