Greens get nervous about Party vote


Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson steps back from electorate race, running list only

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson will not run an electorate race at this year’s election, a reversal from the last election where she ran a “two tick” campaign in Tāmaki Makaurau, the Maori electorate Māori electorate comprising Auckland.

Instead, Davidson will run list-only, like fellow co-leader James Shaw. The pair will spend their time running a nationwide party vote campaign.

In a Facebook post Davidson said she had decided to go list only to “focus on leading a strong Green Party campaign alongside James Shaw for the Party Vote all over Aotearoa New Zealand. It also means I can prioritise my ministerial work in violence prevention and kaupapa Māori responses to homelessness for the rest of the term”.

She paid tribute to Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielson, the party’s candidate for Tāmaki Makaurau.

Darleen Tan Hoff-Nielson is a nobody who will get nothing.

Marama not standing gives the Māori Party a better chance of winning the seat, but it’s what the internal polling is telling the Greens that is forcing this push to focus on the Party vote.

Internal Polling since Marama bewilderingly decided to start a culture war with White Cis Males has shown the Greens haemorrhaging male voters to Labour, this sudden desire to step aside from the electorates to fight a Party vote is too little too late and seeing as it’s Marama’s fecklessness and James Shaw’s incrementalism that is killing the Party vote, freeing them up to lead that campaign is like getting Today FM to lead a journalism conference.

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The current attempt by the internal woke clique to supplant Davidson/Shaw with KereKere/Ricardo is probably the dumbest move the woke have attempted since they moved against Shaw without a replacement candidate.

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  1. Don’t be a crybaby, everyone knows that poor vulnerable, but misunderstood (or even missing in action) Kerekere and Ricardo need special treatment at times. Rules are for other people.

    Green Party gave list MP Ricardo Menéndez March permission to travel overseas

    Green Party MP Elizabeth Kerekere breaks self-isolation rules

    Homelessness down, cheap rents, high wages, NZ leading the world on reducing greenhouse emissions, NZ health care first world, public transport like buses and trains in full speed!

    Oh wait, nope, didn’t happen! Marama in charge of homelessness and Kerekere in the health portfolio.

    Instead NZ health careseems to have cancer sufferers wait longer than their life expectancy to see a specialist but Wellington DHB’s give speech therapy to the transgender community so they can sound more like their chosen gender.

  2. “Greens get nervous about Party vote”
    As they should.
    Even as a staunch Labour Party muppeteer and supota for a lifetime. I’ve supported the Greens, seeing them as a natural coalition partner. I’ve distributed their pamphlets, and even acted as green scrutineer on erection day (when Labour couldn’t even be bothered to provide one at a certain election booth).
    I’m bombarded with their emails daily, and it’s possibly that if they don’t get their shit together soon, I’ll simply set up filters to send their missives to the trash.

    We’ll get what we deserve. (Currently we still have an election day system that represents the will of the peeps to a high degree).
    To all political parties: Get your fucking shit together! OR don’t be surprised when the natives really start getting restless. Less of a reliance on PR spin merchants, bullshit artists with vested interests, media whores and advisors whose self-interests stand out like a dog’s balls (sometimes known as consultants).
    And spare me the moaning if and when it all goes tits up

  3. Martyn – Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielson is NOT a no-body, and she will roll the Maori Party candidate for Tamaki Makaurau in the election…The Greens, and Marama especially, is stuffed.

  4. If you’re a “white cis male” you’d have to be a special kind of cuck to vote for the Greens.

    Saying that, I’m yet to meet a person the same colour of a piece of A4 paper.

  5. Personally I hope they drop below 5%. The whole party structure is just too flaky and they have been captured by ideological idiots.

    • Yes I agree Terry they are not “Greens”but rather a toxic mix of individuals seeking attention,not to mention also getting well paid for it.
      They have no one’s interest at heart except their own.

  6. Hilarious – they deserve everything they have coming to them. Sadly the environment is the loser but that is no change to the last 30 years so it probably makes little difference.

    • Spot on Fantail. Simple karma.
      Their clumsy capitulation to the black hole of Identity Politics has already sown the seeds of division within their ranks, and allowed them to become the object of derision du jour.
      This has allowed other extremist parties like ACT to avoid defending their own weaknesses (in ACT’s case, a slew of economic policies that would sell what’s left of NZ out from under our kids feet).
      In fact, you could say this about the Greens and ACT.
      One is an extremist party riddled with ill-informed narcissists & show ponies pushing illogical beliefs who believe all pain & suffering are the fault of a subset of the population, the other is………………………………………….exactly the same.

    • Fantail. Oh yeah ? Marama’s the prevention violence minister and I’m the prevention tomato and bean grower and waving chocolate slabs around has helped neither.

  7. I suspect that it isn’t just men’s votes that they’re hemorrhaging. I know several females (including my wife) who have been dedicated female Green voters for years who were appalled by the Greens’ endorsement of the Albert Park fiasco and Marama’s subsequent rant. I suspect they will be doing well to hang on to 5% at this rate, they may need to rely on Chloe (aka the Crybaby to party members on the woker end of the spectrum) to retain Auckland Centrao to keep themselves alive.

    • Leighton The Mt Albert disgrace has brought many good men out of the woodwork who say that they will stand by the women of New Zealand and allow their voices to be heard, and run the risks which those mothers, lovers, daughters, and sisters did on that grim day, and if the politicians and media and police want to demonise them in the name of celebration and tolerance, they’ll find themselves withering away in the dustbins of history.

  8. ” Internal Polling since Marama bewilderingly decided to start a culture war with White Cis Males has shown the Greens haemorrhaging male voters to Labour, ”

    Then that shows the utter ineptitude of these particular males who think the NZLP is the sensible choice to give their vote to !

    The NZLP have adopted almost zero Green policies or ignored them during coalition agreements in the past.

    It is gut wrenching watching the current Gren leadership destroy all of the principle and hard work that Fitzsimmons , Bradford , Donald , Kegley Turei , Lock and others including all the party members worked so hard for.

    Whoever would have thought a debate about identity could sabotage our only environmental social justice party.

    The issues that are non identity related are being taken up by Greenpeace and other small groups.

    Another win for Capitalist neoliberal ideology.

    • Russia has been working for decades to weaken the west, and given what I see them up to on various forms of social media (e.g. large armies of troll farms in Russia and satellite states encouraging Black Lives Matter in the US and pushing that movement towards violence), I’d not be surprised if they weren’t encouraging this pathetic focus on identity politics at the expense of everything else.

    • Were it not so sad it would be funny to watch the left kill itself and of its support of women (whom supported the left since they got the right to vote) in the name of males wanting to be women in the place of women to the point where a grown ass male in the role of a PM can’t state what a women is but is super proud of having half a cabinet full of people who are suppesdly one. Good riddance to both.

      • Yes it’s ridiculous our Prime Minister is too afraid to determine “woman”for fear of upsetting some people.
        Not shy though when it comes to blatant deception,3waters by another name.

  9. Sadly it doesn’t take a lot of research to find that trans love might not be as safe a bet as Marama seems to think it is.

    From Toko (Ashley) Shane Winter who now identifies as a woman, convicted of torturing and murdering a teen in NZ.

    To Kiwi’s needing to be more careful when picking up little old “ladies” hitchhiking now.

    Marama has the portfolios of
    Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence – Minister
    Housing – Associate Minister

    But doesn’t seem very aware of who might be inflicting sexual violence and it’s not only caused by cis white males.
    Sexual abuse trends

    Released 19 January 2021

    One in six New Zealand women experience sexual violence from an intimate partner during their lifetime
    Child sexual abuse rates: 1 in 5
    Non-partner sexual assault: 1 in 14
    One in six New Zealand women experience sexual violence from an intimate partner during their lifetime

    As for housing and homelessness – what a joke NZ has become when it comes to housing – from record numbers in emergency housing to newly built flooded houses.

  10. There must be so many young Maori kiddies in New Zealand that that take comfort in the fact that Marama is in charge of violence towards children…She is doing such a good job…What will be the sad death toll by election time…

  11. I don’t want any of the Greens out of Parliament. I don’t think that Jan Logie should be allowed to run away and hide. I want them all to live forever. I want them here, to be called to account for being hypocrites hijacking the environment to gavotte to their own peculiar pipers while planet Earth burns and our children and our grandchildren face such a daunting future. Most of all, I want them here to face the consequences of the gender bender ideology now being played out in the school system, and permeating government departments, and justifying police and judiciary and media misogyny, and also making New Zealand an unsafe place to be a child. Let them eat chocolate and dangle broomsticks from their ears, but keep them here and enable them to connect with reality, stage by stage, and explain themselves, however long it takes.

    • The earth is not burning, the ice caps are not melting and we still have polar bears.

      The earth will do what it has always done, tolerate us.

        • I agree. We must sort this out through technology. The world’s poor will not willingly destitute themselves for climate change so there is no other way.

  12. Call me a conspiracy if you like – but is this not faintly aligned with Labours recent comments that they don’t now think they will win all the Maori seats? Is this not a collusion between, Green, Labour to get back in on the wings of the Maori Party? Heaven help us if they are that cynical.

  13. “Davidson will run list-only, like fellow co-leader James Shaw. The pair will spend their time running a nationwide party vote campaign.”

    In intersectional terms she is perpetuating the patriarchy by collaborating with cis-white male James Shaw and with Labour, enabling Cis Hipkins into power. If Labour don’t form a government it will be Cis Luxon, catch-22!

    Either way Daviddaughter is guilty of perpetuating cis-white male violence. The only ethical choice is to self-cancel like an Auckland Climate Strike.

  14. Looking at those pictures Martyn, all I see is a woman who deeply, passionately cares for the environment with all her heart.

  15. Woke are so busy cancelling and empire building with other wokesters that the money is just spent on know your privilege bingo. Yes it really is a thing in Wellington.

    “According to the Government agency’s bingo card, it seems if you are a ‘native English speaker, Cis, white, thin, have no speech impediment, heterosexual, able-bodied, standard accent, have no criminal record, human, tall, mentally healthy, support a mainstream political party, adult, born in your country of residence, wealthy, employed or just not a red-head’, then you are privileged.”

    Basically the woke want to make sure that NZ has more non English speakers, transgender, non white, fat, speech impeared, homosexual, disabled, strange accent, a criminal record, inhuman, short, mentally ill, support fringe politics, childlike, not born in NZ, poor, unemployed and brown haired folks to create their dream country full of diversity.

    That’s why there seems to be a lot of trouble getting anything to work, with the woke, People are too privileged to work and they want to recruit from another pool of applicants such as mentally ill and criminal records, to run the country.

    Those are the stats people promoting the bingo, headed by James Shaw. I just wish the green could cancel themselves as they don’t fit their own criteria, although getting there, some faster than others.

    • @SaveNZ you forgot the privilege of the right-handed, neurotypical and called ‘Mike’.
      Off to the re-education camp with you!

      • Tui, just noticed that woman who are not trans or gay are written out of Wellington privilege bingo. Just a century of woman’s rights cancelled by woke who think male self IDing as trans are the vulnerable ones.

        No wonder family violence and abuse is getting worse under Marama!

  16. They’ve good reason to be worried. They won’t be getting my party vote this time and I doubt I’m alone. The obsession with gender bollocks is a very effective voter repellent. The hard part is, what can they do to fix institutional capture by gender loons? An infestation like that is bloody hard to get rid of once it’s taken hold.

  17. The Greens have been hijacked of that there is no doubt,the environment has been relegated in favour of gender issues and ethnicity.
    Leading the charge Chloe,Golriz,Marama etc.


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