Dear Green Comrades – Chloe and Efeso need to be the co-leaders, NOT Elizabeth & Ricardo

The Rainbow Parakeet

I take no glee in watching the Greens meltdown.

All the Greens need to do this election is hold what they gained last election and allow the Māori Party and the Labour Party to do the heavy lifting (again) to get us over 51%.

That’s all the bloody Greens need to do, hold what you have.

The current climate of incompetence and rank ambition amongst the Green Caucus however risks a National and ACT Government if the Greens implode…

‘Wrong chat?’ – Green MP Kerekere calls Chlöe Swarbrick a ‘crybaby’

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Green Party MP Elizabeth Kerekere has been chastised by party leadership after calling colleague Chlöe Swarbrick a “crybaby” in a text message sent to other MPs in error.

Party co-leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw say they are disappointed, the message appears to go against Green Party values, and they are now launching a full internal investigation.

…Add the nonsense of starting a culture war on White Cis Males alongside the Posie Parker Pure Trans Joy, and the Greens will be lucky to hold onto 6%.

Let’s be very clear what was revealed by Dr Elizabeth Kerekere’s message.

It revealed a naked ambition by someone who has been rumoured to have been positioning a far more extreme woke clique within the Greens (I appreciate you might be choking on the idea of a more extreme woke clique within the Greens, but there is and they consider Marama not woke enough. I know. I know. I know. That’s how off the planet it is)

She was messaging co-conspirators who are involved in manoeuvring a new co-leadership team of Kerekere and Ricardo.

She showed utter contempt to Chloe, whose speech was a case study of how brilliant Chloe is, and when caught out hung up on RNZ.

She has an ambition far beyond her capacity and a Kerekere/Riccardo Co-leadershiop team would be a 3% Party.

Their naked ambition is a threat to the stability of the Party.

This ambition has seen Kerekere placed very high on the Party List provisional rankings that are clique influenced.

At this stage, if we are serious about holding the 8%, the Party must push for a new co-leadership team of Chloe and Efeso.

Those are the only two ready for Executive Power.

We should thank Marama and James for all they could do, and urgently form a new co-leadership team that doesn’t see Dr Elizabeth Kerekere or her co-conspirators anywhere near power.

For Christ’s sakes Greens, Make Chloe and Efeso the co-leaders, banish Kerekere down the Party list and get back to actually solving our problems rather than this bullshit!

I think a Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would become farce level nonsense in a heartbeat. Like demanding tofu is offered up to Gaia at the opening of Parliament where the good Dr performs an interpretative dance routine naked level nonsense.

They have the charm of piranhas with less manners.

These are the wokest of the Wellington woke wokes and their level of self righteousness and self worth knows no boundary’s of human feelings.

And goodness don’t they land a lot of feelings.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would replace the Navy with a flax waka.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would declare the Sun was racist.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would have Wiccan Spell Casting in Te Reo listed as  core school curriculum.

A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would actually open a Jedi Academy.

They have blown their cover and are now in a headlong dash to the membership voting.

Maybe we should all consider joining the Green Party right now so we can all vote.

You should probably do that.


So, here would be my top 5 for Green Party Members who want candidates who have the capacity to do the job in front of us to consider for their ranking.

1: Chlöe Swarbrick: She remains one of the most unique Political Leaders of her generation. Her oversight, insight and understanding of the process, system and solution based approach would unleash more genuine change in just one term than all the Green Party achievements since creation. She is a unique talent.

2: Julie Anne Genter: Our Transport system is fucked, our public transport infrastructure is fucked and the Trucking Industry do what they want. The only person smart enough to fix those problems and stick it to the Trucking Industry is Julie Anne Genter.

3: Golriz Ghahraman: She’s one of the smartest MPs in the Green Caucus, you need very smart people when making decisions. She has capacity to oversee many different issues happening all at once, she’s too much of a star player within the decision making process.

4: Fa’anānā Efeso Collins: He gives the Greens access to Auckland which they have never had. Fes is one of the best political leaders within Gen X, he is ready to be the co-Leader, doesn’t need training wheels and can bring a South Auckland vote the Green Party has never managed to win over.

5: Steve Abel: Steve is one of the m most important environmental voices in the debate. His activism is unquestionable, his values beyond reproach. What is most important with Steve is his intelligence on the climate change science. As a NZ Greenpeace spokesperson, he knows the tricks Industry use to hide their environmental damage. He would be essential

These 5 represent the best of The Greens and are the only ones I have any time for.

Rank them exactly like that from 1 – 5 and then place whoever you want after that, but those are the only 5 that actually matter and will be worth fighting an election for.

If the Membership are sick of the circus and want progress, those are the 5 best we have.

If the wokes who only see identity win, you will have a lot of people put forward who shouldn’t have any access to power.

TDB will be reviewing some of the candidates over the next couple of weeks and you can make you decisions after reading them.

Comrades within the Green Whanau. Let me be as a clear as I can be.

A National-ACT Government would fucking burn every single thing we hold dear to our hearts and desecrate it. We need candidates who have electoral appeal AND the intellectual capacity to do the job. The Top 5 I have pushed for here are those candidates.

Anyone else will fail.

Especially bloody Elizabeth Kerekere!

A Sustainable Eco-Village divided against itself cannot stand!

Dear Green Party Members: You have spent 6 years strategically fucking up, please, right when it matters, do the smart thing for once and make Chloe and Efeso the co-leaders.

You can all go back to hating me afterwards, just change the bloody leadership team now so we avoid a National/ACT Government.


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  1. So the good doctor was sent home not to reflect on the bad things she said but so that Marama and James could root out the co-conspirators. This current Green Party just keeps on giving.
    That top 5, selected on merit, look like they could match any other party and present the strongest Green voice for years. The problem is that I’m not sure ‘merit’ is one of the selection criteria.

  2. All I see is a party obsessed about skin colour and gender, I.e. anything but white or male or straight. God, Chloe must be so close to being cancelled for having blue eyes and being white and privileged. And politically they’re as thick two short planks. And yes, they’re filled with the ambitious and competitive as any organisation is and they hate each other so they can wipe the smug holier than thou crap now. The tax payer forks out millions for this waste of space party, why??. Think of the good that money could be used for!

    They’ll survive, I’m truly sorry to say because there is about 5% of the voting population who love that shit. But the use of the word Green is a false representation. Off pink tinged with black is more honest.

    • X-ray, The Greens hate white cisgender males. The Labour leader regretted not being able to demonstrate against biologic females. The heterosexual community is running out of options.

    • All I see is a party obsessed about skin colour and gender…

      I can’t figure out if that’s Labour or National or any other toxic WCM cultured party of the 20th century you’re talking about ?

  3. Seems every election Martyn you are pleading for your readership to ‘throw a bone’ to the greens and party vote them to keep them in parliament!
    Why?….yes, they are your preferred party, but then you spend MANY posts telling us all how fucking useless they are.
    Perhaps they need to get under 5% and spend 3yrs in opposition so they can have a clean out and return as an actual ENVIRONMENTAL party and not some man hating identity politics driven party they have become.
    As I have stated many times before on TDB, the green party are a protest party…a party of activists and, IMHO – prefer when not in government as they much prefer shouting from the sidelines than actually on the playing field.

    • Indeed. I was a 2020 Green voter but after the events of this year in particular I think they need some time on the bench (I.e. outside Parliament) to sort their shit out and sort out the ones who actually have a place in government from the ones who are just there to play virtue signalling Squid Games.

      I would absolutely seriously consider voting for a Chloe/Efeso-led party after a clear out of the dead wood from list places 1-10, but you and I and everyone else with a set of eyes and a functioning brain knows that the current Green membership is not going to go for that in a million years. Better to give up any false hope and start casting around now for other options.

  4. Martyn – we (NZ) cannot have two North American ex-pats (Ricardo and Elizabeth) as leaders of a main political party – it would be insane

    • Borders are just a colonialist concept to divide the non-white peoples of the globe and keep the Global South in its place. (Sarcasm)

        • Thanks. But I feel like it’s in Sth America. Went there from Arizona via Nogales, and it didn’t feel north to me, and as a former Green I tend to lapse into feelings, but I accept that Elizabeth Kerekere’s cohort is an immigrant from North America.

        • Yes I had to think that one through. I know he’s from Mexico. South/Central/North America. Got it.

      • Hey come on!… They are all idiots voted for by less than 100,000 dumb kiwis who think this ultra minority are Green.

        What the fart have they achieved other than social / racial divide and huge debt to everybody in their quest to grandstand on the world stage with their ” saving the world 0.002% of NZ emissions at a time.

        If mmp was gone we would never hear from these wierdos

      • He’s a prize 2 faces ” travel during lock down ” wanker with no cred!

        He’s not a nice guy!

    • I can’t see why they would. Please enlighten us. I voted Values the first time I ever voted in a general election. I don’t see the current delusional and misguided Greens as being anything like the Values Party.

    • I’d be interested in knowing why you think that. I voted for the Values Party in the first election I could vote. The current “Green” Party is

  5. …I wonder how many ACT voters join the Greens to vote for the Parakeet Gonzalez show…

  6. If they actually want to win they need to make Chloe leader and get rid of requirements for a co leader – it’s weakening

  7. After losing at the 2023 general election they should or will have to split?
    Set up a ‘Crybaby Party’ and a ‘WTF am I’ party! And leave environmentalism to someone else.

    These mentally challenged rejects have no place in politics. Their track record of late, self-destruction and public mutilation, violence and blatant disinformation about what they stand for and who they really are is obvious to the NZ public right now.

    With a bit of luck, very shortly they’ll start to read that the writing is on the wall for all of them.

  8. Steve Able is the only one interested in the environment which should be the requirement to be the Greens co-leader.

    But being cis white male, he probably won’t last much longer in the Extreme Woke Rainbow party.

    The other thing up the woke sleeve seems to get as many transgender into NZ as residents (rumours of a new visa category for LGBTQIA+ and you already qualify as a refugee on being discriminated against if you are LGBTQIA+).

    Why wouldn’t you come if the NZ taxpayers are paying for your transition and their self ID on our struggling public health system?

    This 50 yo UK transgender person wasn’t able to pay any NZ taxes as her business was not profitable, and is depressed. Hey presto, instant residency criteria for the woke due to tranny bashing in the UK!

    In a few years and she can get that NZ pension, too, just like her elderly parents whom must be in their 70’s, came a few years ago and after another daughter also came here! Work harder young people, raise taxes as there are plenty of takers for NZ health care and pensions, from around the world!

    Yep while they stop support worker showers for the NZ disabled, the Woke Wellington DHB is spending money on speech therapy so that the fragile rainbows transitioning can sound more like a man/woman.

    Woke economists (often with foreign elderly relatives in tow) keep going on about getting more people into NZ to pay for the pensions. But closer scrutiny seems that the woke are importing people who need pensions and health care, not ones who work and don’t require a lot of health services going forward.

    This is on top of all the medical care needed to transition, taking up psychiatry services from those struggling with mental illness, to the drugs and surgeries needed and the welfare payments, because rainbows can be on the sickness benefit while transitioning. Good to know health care and pensions are also on offer from NZ as part of the rainbow package.

    Work harder NZ. The Greens seem to now despise working taxpayers as much as they despise the cis, white males.

    If you want to know why the jobs are not filled in NZ, after the biggest immigration drive we have ever had and approx 1 million additional people getting citizenship, then look no further than the types of residents the Greens want as their desired Kiwis. The words, high needs, self focused, requiring a lot of taxpayer money while requiring benefits, but being the victim, comes to mind.

  9. I reckon a blow up paddling pool and 50 packets of instant jelly should solve it all.
    Preferably raspberry. Its my favorite.

  10. Just think…. if the whole thing burns down, out of the ashes there might be space for an environmental party.

    • snz you are aware the spectator is a rightwing rag and a list of rightard talking points and general bitching doesn’t help

  11. “A Kerekere/Ricardo co-leader Party would actually open a Jedi Academy.”

    Judging by the mind control they have over certain media narratives are you sure they haven’t already? Greens could take children away from their parents, indoctrinate them in a religion, forbid them romantic relationships or families and still convince you they are morally superior.

  12. “Settler/coloniser, we are your worst nightmare. And coming soon to a university near you.”

    Sounds ominous, but actually the tweets from a new appointment of the government woke task force for a new “violent extremism research centre” called the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism.

    Who Is Joanna Kidman?

    How did she get the job?

    What do people think about it from the left wing?

    Ummmm, isn’t Professor Joanne Kidman the worst person to appoint to an extremism taskforce?\

    What do people think about it from the right?

    Appointing an extremist to fight extremism!

  13. Kerekere argues that pre-colonial Maori were sexually experimental people. That’s not the sort of message that we need to hear at this troubled point in time in New Zealand, and not what party political leaders should be concerning themselves with, so silence would become her as it did Electra.

  14. I had huge respect for the previous Green politicians like
    Nandor, Fitzsimmons and Donald.
    They at least maintained some dignity and purpose.
    Even though I don’t always agree with Chloe she has my respect. She was actually voted in by her electorate plus she works very hard.
    Sadly the others just don’t cut it.

    • Katy Pai. Don’t forget Gareth Hughes, a sound environmentalist, and also very normal. He shopped in the supermarket with little kids in tow, just like any regular sort of dad and was ok to talk with when ambushed in the aisles. He was a loss to the Green Party even if he is a white cisgender male.

  15. But the Green Party was always primed, armed and ready to implode. The Green Party, it should be remembered and pondered is that [it’s] ironically and quintessentially a farmers party and our farmers must never, ever find a friend in politics.
    ( I can hear the snorts of indignation from here and I’m in the middle of fucking nowhere. )
    And that’s why The Green Party has an HSBC bankster minion and a feminist female human Maori as co-leader.s To divide, that’s why.
    The real and actual problem with AO/NZ politics, and our economy by extension, is that our politics is in effect a big stack of hideous lies born of corruption spanning decades and yes. I fucking dare you to counter argue you crooked fuckers in who’s best interests, both financial and historical it is to forever have the dirt remain a well hidden secret.
    The Green Party should be all over farmers like a rash. Farmers need to be rescued from heaving, scripted debts and manufactured urban hatred and encouraged to farm regeneratively as we once did. But what to do about the nine urban multi-billionaires not to mention the urban multi-millionaires?
    I talked with Chloe Swarbrick once about the agriculture conundrum. She listened and she was respectful. She also well understood the commonsense connections between farming, our economy and the need to return to holistic farming practices but most importantly to peel the financial parasites off our farmers backs.
    We can feed *forty million and yet tourism is the focus of Labour and the hideous natzo’s as being our primary industry. I’ve seen some of those plump little tourists and I agree, I bet they’re not bad eating.
    * Try 90 million +

    • The real and actual problem with AO/NZ politics, and our economy by extension, is that our politics is in effect a big stack of hideous lies born of corruption spanning decades and yes. I fucking dare you to counter argue you crooked fuckers in who’s best interests, both financial and historical it is to forever have the dirt remain a well hidden secret.

      Stacks of lies and corruption have historically and financially gone hand in hand with toxic White Cis Male culture.

      • You might call [it] a culture but I call it criminals committing crimes.
        And this is what worries me. Your opinions do.
        Horrible white people, women bashing and dominating white people. Toxic cis white males. Pig Muldoon used to swing out of his little chair and come up shadow boxing with irrelevant, pointless and inflammatory rhetoric that only does one thing well. It argues for division when unity is an urgent requirement.
        We all have a common enemy and if you’re unsure of what that is then go away and come back informed because the rest of us might think you’re uninformed and determinedly ignorant while you speak as though you have knowledge. Our greatest deterrent would be our unity. Our dire weaknesses will be our disarray, which is why MMP and causal voting yet, weirdly to some I suppose, mandatory enrolment.
        Our common enemy is the urban rich, and in many cases they were once farmers. Who better to know how to exploit our honest farmers than those who were once farmers themselves. Study the denizins of the national party and the members of the federated farmers, an organisation that replaced The New Zealand Farmers Union back in the 1930’s, off the top of my head.
        There is an opportunity within The Green Party to open a very nasty can of worms but it won’t be Wee Jimmy Shaw or Cunt Word Davidson who will spill those kinds of nasty worms.

  16. I’ll leave it too Marama to sort out the girls being mean to each other. As a white cis male I’m too busy giving others the bash So glad that there’s little else to worry about……

  17. Forgive me if I note that Chloe is an Auckland MP, so why do you need Efeso to give access to Auckland? And as for sticking it to the Trucking Industry, it may be o.k. that you people in Auckland (and Auckland seems to be the only place that exists in New Zealand) may be happy to have your groceries and other supplies delivered from the distribution wholesalers to the retailers by handcart, but think about the rest of us especially way down the bottom of the South Island. Take away the trucks and use the slow moving methods of trains or coastal shipping, and fresh produce will be rotten by the time it gets down south. And with no trucks to pick up livestock from the farms for processing, there’ll be “no lamb Chops for you” in your Auckland supermarket. It’s o.k. for those in Wellington though – they just eat tofu….

    • Correct Duncan. Their genetic profiles don’t fit the co leadership requirements! Merit doesn’t even come into the Greens selection process unfortunately. That’s why the Parliamentary Green Party have evolved into the joke it is! Pity.

  18. Agree 100% MB. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Just joined the Green party for exactly the reason you advise people to do here
    My Gott! How great it would be to have Chole and Efeso as co-leaders. The Green Party will get back on track to where they were before they lost Sue Bradford. Everybody, please please join the Green Party and vote for this list Bradbury helpfully supplies here with his intellectual wisdom based on his knowledge of the merits of the candidates through his analysis as a left wing commentator. I only joined the green party because Efeso said he was standing. He has got to have the support we can give him, which clearly he and Chloe need if Elizabeth got to 4th ranking.

  19. If you want to mobilise the lazy, the intolerant, the enraged, the entitled and the soft of mind create a bogeyman……
    Just remember the edifice which you build will eat you for breakfast.

    My third form history teacher explained that the people of the Bible imagined a god that could not be damaged by stick, rocks, fire or any other element or force. It was their observation that groups always found ways and means to destroy the gods of those groups they feared or despised.

    Nothing new under our sun!

  20. The collective Green idiots are the greatest asset ACT could ever wish for in an election year.
    Keep it up Marama et al, you are imploding in real-time.

  21. Regardless if Act or the natzo get in Govt the political capital internationally is culture. The Chinese civilizational society and others are reinforcing this sentiment that gaining traction and western libearl democracies are scrambling to play catch-up.

    Even if Act party play the race card and Peters anti maori change govt Maori names back to english meme imo will only accelerate this new political phenomenon, sadly the right are living in a society that ill equipped to deal with this and most of our pakeha brother & sisters regardless will find out that their way of doing things is becoming obsolete as a new power globally is taking shape that will affect NZ/AO and the west in general.

    European exceptionalism is ova the rise of the east is inevitable.

  22. As a Green voter, totally agree with Martyn’s top 5. Yes there are some dingbats in the Greens–but have you looked at ACT? The monetarist party of Roger Douglas now includes warm gun lovers, and a few that appear to never have had a root! Spare us.

    The key point in the post is the link to Greens membership, if you are genuinely supportive of the Greens policy you do something rather than sink further into the toxic gloop of tired online trolling as the usual suspects do here.

  23. I agree Ricardo and Elizabeth would be a natural disaster. Nact would love it.

    Ricardo is so pro low skilled immigration he makes David Seymour and Erica Stanford look half hearted.

    The problem with the greens policies are many of them work in polar opposite to each other. Mass immigration is environmentally unfriendly, drives up the cost of living for poor people, (e.g. increased demand for housing/rents), and keeps their wages low. Yet you wont ever hear a word against it from the Greens.

    Policy conflicts, poor leadership, and too much focus on extreme wokeness sums up the greens.

  24. Or What about Your Top 5 , starting a New Party , Maybe adopting the “Mana Party” Template ?

  25. “She was messaging co-conspirators who are involved in manoeuvring a new co-leadership team of Kerekere and Ricardo.”

    That sounds like the shortest suicide note to me…

  26. What you’re describing sounds like a scene from 1945 Berlin. All the splintering cabals of nazi insiders trying to out do each other in vying to replace dear Adolf while he was stuck in his bunker with the Russians closing in on all sides.

    And we all know how that ended.

  27. It’s bad karma to give the Greens good advice hoping they’ll use it. They will immediately want to take an opposite view and show you their backside. Luckily it will look green.

  28. I’m all for a leadership switch to Karekare and Ricardo – sub 5% in Oct will keep the Greens well away from power

  29. ” Dear Green Comrades – Chloe and Efeso need to be the co-leaders, NOT Elizabeth & Ricardo ”
    Yes! And then they, The Green Party, must go and woo our farmers while helping to weld those same farmers to their down-stream service industries. Remember? Farmers don’t pollute. It’s not in our land’s best interests to do that. Agricultural chemical companies and agricultural mercantile firms do because there’s huge money in it.
    When are farmers can reportedly feed forty million people you know there’s a lot of soil and farmer exhaustion going on. And a lot, and I mean a lot of money being made that’ll never see the light of day again.
    Lets swap out the scum bankster’s bullshit, and not that good kind of bullshit, with documentaries like this.
    Kiss the Ground.

  30. Hey come on!… They are all idiots voted for by less than 100,000 dumb kiwis who think this ultra minority are Green.

    What the fart have they achieved other than social / racial divide and huge debt to everybody in their quest to grandstand on the world stage with their ” saving the world 0.002% of NZ emissions at a time.

    If mmp was gone we would never hear from these wierdos

    • rugu You’re a backward thinker. We don’t need wrecking balls at present, knocking everything down. We will get bare earth soon enough after the next downpour event, avalanche, flood slip. The Greens are sooo disappointing in their inability to fix on their kaupapa and stick to it. And having a Maori in leadership doesn’t mean she knows the right most urgent kaupapa, and replacing one with another and a feel-good because that’s how we should be isn’t WISDOM enough. bUT DON’T BE TOO BITTER, THEY ARE JUST HUMANS AND WE ARE SUCH A FLIGHTY LOT ONLY MOST OF US HAVEN’T REALISED THAT ABOUT THEMSELVES, ONLY SEE IT IN OTHERS. cAPS ACCIDENTAL – BUT HEY I’M FLIGHTY/flaky?!

  31. Yeah Elizabeth as greens Health spokesperson has pissed me off.
    We have not heard one single word out of her since the last election on health but bucket loads on identity issues. As a GP member of parliament I would have expected her to be more vocal. So yes this latest effort from her as a green party member really gets up my goat so Martyn’s top 5 will be my top 5.

    • Surgically removing sexual organs to replace them with arm roll penises and inverted penisvaginas is health according to the Gender Hex of the Green party.

      • Reactionary Brat Girls’ amputated breasts don’t get replaced. They just replace the nipples afterwards, but not at the same time. There’s a doctor in Holland banking chopped-off penises, and perhaps breasts, in the hope of recycling them for would be other- sex changers. It’s a big business.

    • Geoff Lye. She’s not a medical doctor and physical health or bodily health doesn’t seem to be her area of interest and she hasn’t qualifications in it. As a fairly big person she may not not in the best position to address issues like obesity with all it’s related problems and could be a bit of a health risk herself. People might have thought that she was a real doctor.

      • That’s a point I’ve thought about for a while. I want to see the type of doctorate shown in capitals alongside the honorific ieg DrMD or whatever. It has never been done and should be clear and established what the person has knowledge in. These days when we can’t even be sure of someone’s basic sexuality, we should at least be clear about the background of people coming from educational establishments and claiming to be gurus.

  32. Grey Area It looks as if Kerekere did her undergrad in Maori Arts at an Institute of Technology. From there she apparently went to the sadly now infamous Victoria University of Wellington and got a Ph D in the sex/gender stuff, so it could have been a natural Karma Sutra-type progression, but not necessarily applicable to the major health issues facing most New Zealanders today.

    This is something that could help the Greens and their Maori side – if they got behind with mind, power and muscle to help eager responsible iwi with their green projects as in this one.

    It’s one thing to pontificate, quite another to just STFU and humbly, helpfully turn up to the important project or event with willing hands. The pakeha and other young people have combined in the Student Volunteer Army, have already done the mahi, and so it is a proven idea, Maori academics and Green Party people can’t miss from following on. And call on Hone Harawira, as I feel that he would be there with his supporters if he can. What a great positive that would be for those whose dose of Green Party input has given them indigestion lately, and Maori throughout the rohe to see.

  34. ultimately the environment is a conservative movement and some woke SJW’s aren’t going to do shit

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