Marijuana Media on 95bfm: Police and helicopters still chasing weed


Kia ora! Police and helicopters, Nats vote down alcohol harm reduction, and what conditions are most commonly seen at NZ’s cannabis clinics? We’ve got this and more on this week’s Marijuana Media show on 95bFM, with hosts Jonny from bFM Drive and Chris Fowlie from The Hempstore.


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Police and helicopters still chasing weed

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One News reported this week NZ Police continued their ridiculous chopper escapades during Cyclone Gabrielle – flying about looking for cannabis and spraying poison on random crops they find – but worst of all, they’re doing it in storm hit Tairāwhiti and Coromandel!



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Green MP Chloe Swarbrick said we can’t pretend we have an evidence-based approach to drug policy “when these are the priorities during an emergency”, and called for the repeal of the 48-year-old Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. “Can you imagine a worst waste of resources?”

I think most people would be aghast to discover our emergency personnel are using scarce time and resources doing this when we expected them to be out there helping people. Every flight looking for weed is one less helping a trapped family or shifting supplies to those who need them. Shame on the NZ Police for doing this  – and good on Chloe Swarbrick for shining a light on what they are up to. If you see any dodgy law enforcers, log tip offs here.

Nat MPs block vote against alcohol harm reduction

This week National MPs block voted against alcohol harm reduction, just like they block voted against medicinal cannabis in 2018. At the first conscience vote this term of parliament, Chloe Swarbricks Alcohol Harm Minimisation bill failed at the first reading, with all Nats told to vote against it.

The bill would have prevented liquor companies from marketing their toxic swill by associating with community sports teams and facilities. It would be a tiny step in the direction of reducing the harm caused by Aotearoa’s most popular drug. And far less than what would have been required of cannabis had the referendum passed.

National MPs will lamely support drug law reform in private but when it comes down to a vote, they do what party bosses tell them. Swarbrick said “”New Zealanders deserve evidence-based drug laws that reduce harm. Whether that’s for alcohol, cannabis, tobacco or otherwise, you can trust the Greens will always put in the consistent and persistent work.”

The four most common ailments NZ cannabis clinics see in patients

Last Sunday Newshub featured the rise of cannabis doctors in Aotearoa New Zealand. These include the half dozen cannabis-prescribing clinics dotted around Auckland, such as Cannacare, Cannabis Clinic, Green Doctors, CannaPlus, and RestoreMe.

The Newshub story revealed the most common conditions seen at these clinics:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression/low mood
  • Insomnia/sleeping difficulties

Any doctor can prescribe cannabis bud or oil to any patient, but given the lack of training and awareness, many doctors are still reluctant. That’s where the clinics step in. We spend a lot of time at The Hempstore taking people through the process. I have a prescription for legal medicinal cannabis myself, and it’s nice seeing people use our Medicating Zone outside the store.

News roll up

Why does NZ have so many drug busts? Prohibition, of course. The paradox of law enforcement is that more ‘success’ pushes up prices, which encourages more smuggling (and corruption).

Coca-Cola revealed as the world’s biggest legal cocaine dealer. The drink still contains a drug-free coca extract, with  $3 billion per year of cocaine sold to dentists by Coke’s pharmaceutical subsidiary.

Stuff covers Amsterdam’s tourism campaign telling young British men to ‘stay away’. Not really, just don’t be a nuisance. This is the foundation of their drug policy.

New cannabis clinic opens in the Hawkes Bay – with demand for medicinal cannabis surprising “even the doctor prescribing it.”

In a tribute to former PM Jacinda Ardern, Former Green MP Gareth Hughes laments “her voice would have been decisive in the cannabis referendum.”

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