And here comes the Disinformation Project for Culture War Round 3 (Plunket is back on Twitter BTW)


Oh here we go…

Spike in online hate toward trans community after Posie Parker visit – researchers

The recent visit by British anti-trans rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull has sparked a massive increase in the level of online hatred directed at the trans community here.

Analysts monitoring online extremism say it has hit new lows with one researcher describing it as “genocidal”.

They say the content is now being widely distributed by anti-mandate and anti-government groups.

And there are fears violence could spill out into the world.

Meanwhile, the researchers say the amount of hate being directed at the Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson is now as bad as that towards former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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Shaneel Lal was a central figure in the protest against the visit by Keen-Minshull, known as Posie Parker.

Late last week Shaneel Lal was named Young New Zealander of the Year for their for work for rainbow communities – including the fight to ban conversion therapy.

The spotlight has prompted a backlash. Lal has been threatened with violence and feared for their safety at the awards ceremony in Auckland last Thursday and the threats prompted extra security at the event.

…hold on, hold, on, hold on.

Let’s just be very clear where the line here is.

MANY New Zealander’s watched the pure trans joy and saw a woman literally chased from the town square, and MANY were critical of that mob aggression because political violence is an anathema to the vast majority of Kiwis.

Are they all transphobic Nazis now?

MANY New Zealander’s thought Marama Davidson’s bewildering woke war on White Cis Males was a stupid thing to say.

Are they all transphobic Nazis now?

MANY New Zealander’s considered Shaneel Lal a controversial winner of the Young NZer of the Year because they had just led that mob and because their commentary to date has been interesting to say the least

Pure Trans Joy

…is anyone critical of that now transphobic Nazis?

Outrage Olympics is a feature of culture war dynamics.

I’m not saying there hasn’t been some ugly awful hateful shit said, but the context of this matters right?

The Academic Gatekeepers are attempting to convince the mainstream media to ignore these issues because the stupid masses can’t be trusted to make the right decision on these social engineering projects.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times.

The Left can’t get dragged into a culture war we will lose!

Social Justice pure temple politics isolates and alienates to seperate the good from the pure.

Economic Justice sees society divided between the 1% richest + 9% enablers vs the the 90% rest of us for Broadchurch Class Solidarity!

Sean Plunket is back on Twitter, so that attempt to cancel him was not only petty, but it actually provides ammunition to the Political Right.

A point I’ve been making about middle class identity politics activism for the last 6 years you will note.

What I don’t understand about that piece of state funded journalism…

…was that it asks what was Sean Plunket’s motivation WITHOUT ASKING Sean Plunket what his motivation was???

How is that journalism if they don’t actually ask him?

Look, this is all bullshit!

We must urgently turn to Universal Left Policies that lift all people.

There are numerically more poor white babies than Māori and Pacifica babies combined.

Food inflation will hit 15% mid year, the desperate of NZ will turn to us for solutions and will find us arguing over gender identity issues and they will hate us for it.

There. Is. A. Fucking. Election. In. 6. Fucking. Months.

Boldly proclaiming everyone who had a legitimate issue with what has transpired post Posie Parker as some kind of Trans hating Crypto-Fascist is the last cup of cold sick we are demanding voters drink before we allow them to vote for us.

It’s like the Left can’t help but alienate anymore.


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  1. The left have been used, again. I doubt there was any significant hostility to transgendered people, or even huge awareness of them, until the politicians and their media lackeys conflated the issue, lied, and blamed adult human females for it. With the co-operation of the police, they all sat back and watched while women were bullied, harassed, punched and thumped into silence. Mission accomplished. Freedom of speech is a global issue and here one already muzzled demographic was further silenced cynically using another group to do the dirty job. It’s called ‘ divide and rule.’

    • So here’s some fun shit relating to the situation of woke bias that’s been unveiled by this whole shebang:

      In the wonderful woke gymnastics arena known as The Standard and Twitter whenever a gender bending topic appears or similar happenes, anybody trying to bring up the issues of gender and sexuality or anything tangentially related to it was is slapped on the wrist and told to go post elsewhere or blocked / banned. Other threads related to base political topic generally infracted and/or merged into the trans debate.

      The non binary matriarch of the standard know as The Weka , one of the moderators implicated in the this is my thread, only woman can speak fiasco, has taken over running any thread with most of the other staff avoiding it. The site rules which you have to read before making a new comment there says that before posting, new posters are required to read a bunch of documents containing arguments that have already been made… And linking to hundreds of pages and comments of what is basically extreme and aesthetically left-wing propaganda, among other things, gives any grifter trolling the left a ready-made guide for how to shut down discussion via bad faith debating. Then, some time ago, a policy was made saying that sources which are behind paywalls cannot be cited whatsoever. Which sounds fairly innocuous, except that the near-entirety of academic research is paywalled.

      So, to sum up, in order to make any post that makes it into the woke Olympics, the wonderfully trans joyous moderator require you to read a whole bunch of crazy lefty propaganda, encourage posters in favor of a left-wing trans or woman or liberal or conservative or whatever male hating cult position, to debate in bad faith, and otherwise tilted the entire debate in favor of bad faith positioning. And this got unknowingly reinforced by the rest of commercial media banning discussion of the topic outside of that echo bunker with apparently very little oversight.

      Effectively killing what last bits of journalism was left over in corporate circles.

    • Divide and rule has been the path Labour and Greens have been on for 6 years.
      The hatred on view for all to see is an indictment on the current Government.

      • Divide and rule has been the path…

        Toxic white cis male culture has forced others to journey on in Aotearoa since WCM’s coerced Maori to sign a treaty whose meaning and ramifications they had no idea of how it would play out.

        It’s not the government, it’s the toxic white cis male ideologies behind them.

        Get woke!!!

        • Black with a Vengeance: “….WCM’s coerced Maori to sign a treaty whose meaning and ramifications they had no idea of how it would play out.”

          In the first place, what on earth has this to do with the topic of this post? And in the second, are you seriously suggesting that Maori signed the Treaty under duress, and/or didn’t understand what they were signing? That distinctly patronising, I’d have said.

          You need to read more history, in particular the archival records of discussions between chiefs prior to signing. And also the minutes of the Kohimarama conference, around 20 years after it was signed.

          Maori were group-living and therefore every bit as sophisticated at the interpersonal stuff – and with as much intelligence – as the British signatories.

          WCM? I assume that you mean “white straight men”. While they’d doubtless have been white, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume they were all straight. I doubt that.

          And let’s remember that their sovereign at that time was Queen Victoria, and they were concluding a treaty between her and her subjects, the natives of NZ. So: not just blokes involved in the Treaty, huh?

    • Yes, the left is divided & ruled by the far right. Culture wars are its specialty. The far right right will use whatever it takes to destroy democracy & tolerance of minorities. Even you are a victim of its manipulation, sorry to say.

      History tells that the far right must be fought by all means.

      • The far right is toxic White Cis Male culture in all its hideous glory…

        The far left is toxic White Cis Male culture in all its sanctimonious glory…

        The culture wars are between those 2 factions. Don’t be suckered into aligning with either.

        Your identity need not be predicated first and foremost by which WCM ideology you lean towards.

        • “Don’t be suckered into aligning with either.”

          Quite right!

          “Your identity need not be predicated first and foremost by which WCM ideology you lean towards.”

          It’s foolish & intolerant either way. Personally, I have no ideology towards WCMs, other than to find I can’t relate to many of them.

    • Snow White: yes, I completely agree.

      I was horrified by what happened at Albert Park. I’m from the protest generation: that was as bad as anything I remember from those years.

      I’d never heard of Shaneel Lal until the hoo-haa erupted over Posie Parker.

      But Martyn was one of the commentators who acquainted me with Lal’s style: long on foul-mouthed abuse, woefully short on countervailing argument, as we see above. Lal and Michael Wood between them did as good a job of incitement as I’ve seen in many years.

      Next thing, Kiwibank names him as its young NZer of the year. That was the final straw: I’ve had Kiwibank accounts for a number of years, but I’ve now closed them. When asked why, I told them.

      Lal was the impetus which pushed me to do this, I said, but I’d also been very unhappy at the way Kiwibank had joined the woke pile-on over Magic Talk, some time back. I’d thought about closing my accounts at that stage; this time, I’ve done it.

      The LGBTQIA community needs to face up to the fact that disagreement with their worldview doesn’t constitute hate speech or transphobia or any other such nonsense.

      Women are within their rights opposing the use by trans women of women-only spaces. They’re within their rights to oppose trans women participating in women’s sport. And they’re correct – and not transphobic – to say that trans women aren’t biological women. They aren’t. People cannot change their sex: we’re all born with chromosomes which define us as male or female. Changing one’s gender isn’t the same thing at all.
      The gender issue has nothing whatsoever to do with being intersex: the latter category is in fact pretty rare.

      Finally – and in my view critically – where were the men, who should come to the defence of women who are simply protecting their rights? Where are their voices?

  2. The Platform must have seen a ratings bump on that simple question. Wonder how Tovar’s feeling about it? After all, she would be interested to know what she is wouldn’t she? Maybe?

  3. There are no journalists anymore merely instruments of propaganda for one side or the other.

    Journalism is dead.

    • Listen to The Platform.
      They have long form interviews and cross-party debates with interesting people from all sides of the political scene.

      • The problem goes way way beyond. Suppressing journalism generates pseudo-science that looks official and is used to trick the average person.

  4. Martyn
    I think yours is a lost cause after reading those tweets from Lal. That kid, they them whatever, needs anger management. And who decides these Yound NZr Awards??? Does anyone even care for the choices. We all know that these days, it’s like ‘player of the day’ at kids soccer…Everyone has to get a turn, nevermind how bad you play.

    • Krautet Haus. Apparently many if not most transgenderists have co- morbidities, which may in fact be the cause of their transgenderism. This is what can make it so terribly tragic for children and adolescents encouraged or pushed into trying to change their gender, and utter madness to be promulgating gender ID exercises in our schools, confusing, disturbing and sexualising kids.

      The Mt Albert pro- transgenderists activists’ anger was pretty scary, even if the government and media are trying to say that it was all sweetness and light, after winding them up in the first place.

  5. Martyn – the best the current Government can do is start looking for gainful employment outside politics because they will be unemployed in many, many cases

    • Yes but would a Nats government be any better? Luxon never saw a fence that didn’t look comfortable to him. Seymour and/or Peters need to have a strong role in the next government if things are to improve significantly.

          • Perhaps you could consider contacting Mr Peters and engaging with him yourself to ascertain what sort of person he is.

            • No thanks. I have heard him say enough with out having to meet him personally. Giving Liz Gunn an interview just sums him up. You could dress that up as trying to represent all people but we all know it was the equivalent of him pole dancing to win a vote

      • The Greens and Labour are made up of people who believe gender ideology and promote crt. A fence sitter is better than that. At least you can nudge him over the fence, especially when their focus groups start to tell them that most people think gender ideology is bollocks (so to speak)

      • Luxon was asked by Luke Malpass what his definition of a woman was.

        Unlike weak Hipkins, he was bold and confidently stated adult, human, female.

        Hipkins isn’t the saviour you all think he may be.

      • PPII: “Seymour and/or Peters need to have a strong role in the next government if things are to improve significantly.”

        Preferably both of them. Here’s hoping it happens!

  6. I agree. Total rubbish.
    Happiness is a human good.
    So do whaever it is that makes you feel happy as long as that what makes you happy does not make others sad and unhappy.

    That journalist and those academics and politicians and the protester all failed.

  7. All women rights are transphobic.
    Any women rights campaigner is an anti trans activist.
    And you are still pretending that the shit you saw with your own eyes was not targeted hate by media, politicos, and a random bad hair day mob that attacked women. Nah, just a good fun day out with lots of aroha in good old Aotearoa.

    But i am happy that there at lest some red flags left in your arsenal to come at them when they do the same smear job on a bloke. Never mind, eventually they will come for you too. Such is the totalitarian state, dissent can not be allowed.

    Some priest in Germany wrote a poem about that when he realized that not standing for others resulted in no on standing for him in his time of need. And the world totally forgot.

    History is rhyming my friends, and the current verses coming from our ‘elite’ are shite.

    • You are so ridiculously selective with your vision RB. Was some of what happened at Albert Park wrong? 100%. But then you somehow think P Parker is just a champion of women’s rights and there was some big plot against her. No. She says stupid f’ing things that have nothing to do with women’s rights. The fact you won’t go looking and see what that idiot says is your problem.

  8. Look. The trannies are the lepers of society. More so now that many are just thugs and men in frocks or incels in drag looking for a fight.
    Even the alphabet community doesn’t like them. Do they listen? Nah.

    That 1% of society needs to be caged! Locked up and throw away the key! They are a fiscal drag on the economy and a policy disaster! An experiment that was always doomed to fail. They consume far too much oxygen and people’s time and space that they should be financially penalised for it! Like Scumbag landlords, secondhand car dealers and real estate agencies, the trannies are worse than this lot! I feel sorry for the rest of the alphabet people getting a bad rep because of this lot.

  9. Maybe start at source aka Lai!

    Like the other woke media hound aka Harry Tam who works for gang acceptance in NZ, they are both constant media hounds, being lapped up by the woke $50m payments to MSM in NZ.

    If we look at Tam, how is that working out for NZ with further gang acceptance? Gangs up 13%.. kids now openly ram raiding, killing and maiming others in NZ is becoming the new normal, home detention instead of jail for violent crimes. It’s the aggressors than seem to get the help, not their victims.

    NZ media who can’t give two sides of the story, thus now the woke government tops them up so they can function as the new propaganda Pravda.

    The police that failed to arrest the violent protestors and the government who made a farce by trying to stop a Woman’s group speaking here in the first place.

    If they had treated the trans community the same as anybody else, nobody would have batted an eye lid – it’s the preferential treatment and enablement of it.

    Since the woke make up the data these days to make things from their perspective , how can anybody trust anything they say anymore?

    Like the Prince Harry woke dramas, first people are sympathetic, then they get fed up with constant victimhood by people who are clearly privileged and milking it, most woke in the media are clearly not the victims and blame everyone else, while wanting the world changed for their pet causes. Somehow they never seem to have a real job, and need constant therapy!

    Has Lai got a job in NZ? Pays taxes or works like the people she doesn’t seem to appreciate making her free refugee stay in NZ possible? Plenty of money for overseas trips. Most people want to help refugees who have nothing and from war torn countries, not celebrities who have active imaginations and massive ideology, judged by Samsudeen who the woke wouldn’t even let him leave NZ!

    If the transgender wants to stop the rot, maybe avoid the most obnoxious people as their spokespeople and decry the violence caught on tape at the speak up for woman.

    The police could start by arresting the person that punched the 70 year old lady , they seemed to have found the guy that punched James Shaw and give Lai some community service so she do something for someone not in her little clique, for a change.

  10. The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists

    “According to the report, the countries that have moved most quickly to advance trans rights and remove parental consent have been those where the groups lobbying for those changes have succeeded in stopping the wider public learning about their proposals. Conversely, in places like Britain, the more ‘exposure’ this agenda has had, the less successful the lobbying has been:

    ‘Another technique which has been used to great effect is the limitation of press coverage and exposure. In certain countries, like the UK, information on legal gender recognition reforms has been misinterpreted in the mainstream media, and opposition has arisen as a result. ….Against this background, many believe that public campaigning has been detrimental to progress, as much of the general public is not well informed about trans issues, and therefore misinterpretation can arise.

    In Ireland, activists have directly lobbied individual politicians and tried to keep press coverage to a minimum in order to avoid this issue.’ (Emphasis added).”

    Whoops, cat out of bag. Public have found out, especially in NZ with the Lai types, in the media constantly!

    Don’t worry people, NZ is still full woke, our tribunals welcomes 50″ year old UK transgender onto our health system.

    Slightly off topic, but another woke example of how community is going to function in our new Zilland under the woke.

    Backflip by iwi shocks groups opposed to Dome Valley dump

    I don’t think the backlash is against the transgender, I think it is against the woke, driving separate rules based on identity and not actions.

    “In exchange for the settlement trust’s support, Waste Management has agreed to several conditions, including a return of 1060ha of Waste Management landholdings once the site is no longer required, $2m to construct six homes nearby, and a $10m environment fund should the river be exposed to risk.

    It is also promising jobs at the landfill for Ngāti Manuhiri descendants.”

    • saveNZ: “The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists”

      Thank you so much for that link. I’ve bookmarked it. An illuminating read for all commenters here.

  11. The left won’t lose. The establishment is fascist by nature and require a collective of NPC useful idiots aka ‘the left’. See Canada for a glimpse of our future.

  12. The relationship between right wing money and woke identity aka ‘youth stars’.

    This is what woke identity creates. It is not just the problem with the youth being encouraged to fake it, it is the so called business auditors and banks who are looking pretty negligent and stupid for not noticing these fabrications! Remember Cryto, well turns out, a fake too.

    How many really good ideas could have been funded instead, by people not faking it, that could have helped society in real terms?

    30 under 30-year sentences: why so many of Forbes’ young heroes face jail
    “Just a few years ago, Charlie Javice was riding high. In 2019 the tech CEO landed a spot on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list for her work on a startup called Frank, which she described as “Amazon for higher education”. What does that catchy but completely empty phrase mean? It means Frank helped students navigate the financial aid process. It was apparently so successfully at doing this that JPMorgan Chase acquired the company for $175m in 2021 and Javice was made a managing director at the bank. The entrepreneur shared the news on LinkedIn, boasting that in just four years Frank had grown to serve “over 5 million students at over 6,000 colleges”.

    Turns out those numbers might have been just a teeny bit exaggerated. On Tuesday Javice, 31, was charged by the justice department with “falsely and dramatically inflating the number of customers of her company” in order to get JPMorgan Chase to buy it. According to the lawsuit, Frank only had about 300,000 clients and fabricated data to show a larger customer base. She enlisted a data scientist to make up a few million customers, basically, and JPMorgan, which has about 240,000 employees and pays its CEO $34.5m for his expertise, didn’t seem to spot this in its due diligence.”

    This is a damaged society that does not have due diligence anymore and gets raised on a diet of social media, faking it, individualism, get rich quick enabled by billionaires, and endless marketing rather than hard work, helping society and working on education, tolerance and fairness for everyone (including biological woman who are now, not allowed to speak, in NZ!).

    Woke isn’t helping diversity, it is helping stupidity and the planet to destroy itself.

    Under woke, those who are fakes, concentrate on themselves, can’t tolerate other people’s views and don’t know what they are doing, rise in power – helped by other woke in power who also don’t know what they are doing – it’s a Ponzi.

  13. Chippie ” I do not have a PREFORMULATED ANSWER’ to this question. Yeah, 55 million to media will allow for pre-asked questions.

    • Wise Wurst
      If you were to ask Chippie that woman question now, he’d have a well rehearsed pre-written answer for that. Love to know how much Labour are paying their speech and public projection coaches, their acting coaches and their PR and speech writers. Millions I bet. How else do you explain that after nearly 6 years, boneheads like Sepuloni and Wood still use “the previous govt” as their standard answer to all criticisms? Must be a script they are instructed to strictly follow. Ironically, the previous govt was Labour with NZ1…but the MSM never point that out to these condescending arseholes.

  14. That Chantelle Baker from Counterpoint is all ova this subject probably scoring culture war browny points than at the very end of one her rant out of nowhere mentions maori negatively, I mean wtf and in the comment sections her supporters go off on a usual pakeha bigotry of The celtic race was here before maori blah blah blah I mean the level discussion coming out of the right wing is disastrous and concerning.

    • Of all the crackpot ideas going around, the “pre-Maaori Celts” is possibly the most laughable. A race of land-lubbers with no seafaring tradition, answers a mysterious call to up sticks and sail to the other side of the world.

  15. I venture to suggest except for meatheads and trans activists kiwis aren’t interested and are more concerned with how much a kilo of carrots have gone up this week….y’know practical shit

  16. The Disinformation project is a joke.

    Why did they not look into the disinformation put out about Posie Parker?

  17. Lal seems to reflexively exaggerates everything to a hyperbolic level, even when its not true like his assertion that trans were targeted in that building fire down south – when it was the next door building and the kids were mentally ill that did it and didn’t know there was a rainbow centre next door.


    • Plunked wasn’t told why, but he was back on after a week.

      I dunno, maybe he didn’t use someone’s pro nouns. I expect that could do it

      • Well the fact that he said something along the lines of ‘read the manifesto’ of that wanker Australian might be a starter.

  18. So with pronouns you can not only describe yourself in whatever gender or sex or whatever terms you want but you can also choose how many of you there are?
    Sorry I had to read Martin’s article twice to realise he was talking about one person.

    • FWIW I find singular “they” in the context of a non-binary individual jarring too, but it’s the 21st century & language changes, so I’m slowly getting over it. That’s a challenge of being old!

  19. “The Left can’t get dragged into a culture war we will lose!”

    Dragged into?? Martyn snap out of your delusion. The present government has waged a culture war on our institutions, with the complicity of the MSM.

  20. You have no journalists left in NZ, you have stenographers working for the Politburo.

  21. Good column

    there are so many important issues out there like how working class people are suffering while big business continues to make record profits. Cost of living crisis? Not for the multi national corps!

    Yet here we, the plebs, at each others throats while the elites are laughing all the way to the (highly profitable) banks

  22. BTW I’m as disgusted with Marama Davidsons remark about cis white men, & her refusal to apologize for it, as anyone is.

  23. Some numbers on this. 0.8% identified as trans or binary here in NZ. Of that, 62% combined identified as female or male trans. So that’s roughly 0.5% of people in NZ who have taken over and are commandeering the media narrative. Maybe we should remind them to get in line and behave because 99.5% of the population need a little bit of attention too. It’s like one drop of beetroot turning your entire white wash pink, which is fucking annoying.

    • “Maybe we should remind them to get in line and behave because 99.5% of the population need a little bit of attention too.”

      Now what does that remind me of again? Oh that’s right – white supremacy.

      • Sophopra
        Yes of course, the old white supremacy card. Next the racist
        card and then the previous govt card. But you are absolutely right; maybe the 99.5% should bloody well try a bit harder to fit in better. After all, society these days is all about the 0.5% me me me me me me me me. And just remember this Sophora, it wasn’t your evil ‘white supremacists’ that violently stopped someone from speaking in public who had all the rights to do so. It was your peace loving angelic ever loving 0.5% me me me me me. And then the main me me me me me ran off to Sydney. So what brand of supremacy are we dealing with here?

    • Fwiw, it is not ‘trans’ people who have taken over. The ones who truly suffer from body disconnect are fucked too, cause in the end they will be made responsible for the violence committed in their name, even if they disaprove of it.
      It is the medical/pharmaceutical/surgical industry that has taken over. It is the industry of selling babies to males* that has taken over. It is the industry of medical experimenting on human bodies that would otherwise be closed down for mutilating children and adults. It is the sex procuring and selling industry that has taken over.
      Every single industry that makes money of confusing people, surgically removing/re-making sexual organs of minors and adults alike (yes in the US 12 year olds have had radical double mastectomies and 16 year old have undergone penectomies etc), and of course the many many revisions these surgeries call for.
      Every single on of these castrated and sterilized people a patient for life. Depended on the government to pay for these surgeries and to subsidize their hormone replacement therapies lest they end up like the insulin depended in the US with a cost to high to afford the daily injections. I guess that dependence makes for an obedient citizenry.
      And then of course you have the incels that have latched on to this movement, cause it allows one to beat up old women in front of a camera with coppers near by and no one does a thing. A new MRA movement if you so like. And if they have a need for some naked bodies, well self id allows them into any previously single sex female space.
      And then there is ‘transmaxing’, as a male with she/her pronouns go into female sports, beauty contests etc and expect to win either because you are a male and thus faster, stronger, etc, or you are a male in a female beauty contest thus most vulnerable, most marginalized, and the winner. In all scenarios women/girls lose out on opportunities, winnings, job opportunities and above all loose the right to be free to associate without these mediocre mostly white/white passing middle class losers.
      And last but most importantly the NGO world that needs a new cause as the ‘gay liberation’ has been finished with the right to marry, and a new victim of oppression needed to be found. After all the stooges from the left that are in the TQ+ grouping and that are in politics, education, academia need jobs, and their castrated and sterilized children too. And the stooges from the right will want the same but with god thrown in.

      In the past we castrated little boys for their voices. – In the 1720s and 1730s, at the height of the craze for these voices, it has been estimated that upwards of 4,000 boys were castrated annually in the service of art.
      How many children are we going to castrate in the name of kindness and sissy porn?,in%20the%20service%20of%20art.

      • Yes Wurst, realise they haven’t taken over. They just seem to command the MSM narrative as if there was no other issue in the whole wide world to worry about. It’s all about them them them them…

    • There are 8 billion + human beings currently on this planet, every single one of them birthed to a human female aka woman. Build that.

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