BREAKING: In Solidarity with Marama Davidson, James Shaw has just cancelled himself.


At 6am this morning, James Shaw announced that in solidarity with Marama Davidson, he has cancelled himself for being a white cis male.

“Last week after our incredible wahine warrior, co-leader Marama Davidson righteously blamed the violence in the world on white cis males, I sounded out my political colleagues if I should now also cancel myself in solidarity.”

“From across the corridor, Golriz rightfully reminded me that by entering our Offices that I was in her space again and that I would need to attend another seminar on Patriarchy.

“Chloe didn’t call back, which is ok because she never does. Ricardo was on tour in South America, Julie Anne Genter was too busy arguing with a motorist, Jan banned me from having any communication with her 2 years ago after we bumped into each other accidentally in an elevator while Elizabeth cried, ‘Give me more Cracker!

Eugenie and Teanau said they were too busy looking for new jobs to get back to me.

In a late night meeting on an online chatroom, they all submitted valid real lived experiences about how my white cis maleness offended them. I wasn’t allowed to respond to their truth because due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege.

As a result of them taking the time to educate me on how awful white cis males are, I’ve signed over all my assets and won’t be speaking unless I have signed consent that has been witness by a Justice of the Peace.

In a related Green Party announcement, April Fools Day has also been cancelled due to its association with white cis males and being funny..

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  1. Looking at the caucus photo, I can see James is the token white male, probably there through affirmative action.

    Or a disability hire.

  2. While in keeping with the first of April jokefest, the James Shaw dilemma is really funny, however there are elements of truth within the dialog.

    Just where does James Shaw do now he is going to be the butt of Green jokes in regards being the only, and most evil in the eyes of the Greens, white male.

    Must be embarrassing going forward for him that he is white, wears a suit and tie, has no ideological friends left within the party and is only useful as a figurehead for no good reason but for the Greens to claim some sort of inclusiveness.

    Will he stick around? And if not; what electoral support does he take with him (if he has any left)?

  3. “I wasn’t allowed to respond to their truth because due process is a heteronormative white cis male privilege.”

    It’s hardly a joke when the policy is real.

  4. I have it on good authority that James has a lavender future ahead of him at Kiwibank, teaching The Art of Motorcycle Dodging, and how to restore cut-up cards, customers, and cads.

  5. When you wish it was an April fools joke.

    Thirsty Work: Three Waters consultant and contractor spend gushes past $50 million

    SkyPath across Auckland Harbour Bridge to get $67m in funding
    Ok tens of millions siphoned off, but where is the sky path?

    No wonder NZ is getting poorer and more dysfunctional.

      • Where did the tens of millions already paid, go?

        Is NZ the only place that seems to not be able to put in a cheap cycle/walking track and gets a resource consent and hires people when it was never possible engineering wise.

  6. Can someone’s “cis’sness” be defined by blood quantum? Just asking for all those part maori warriors?

  7. When there is only one cisgender heterosexual male in a group of 9, and they are co-leader – you know that privilege is not only alive and well, but honoured within the Green Party.

    • SPC. When you know that you know there’s one anxious lad hoping that a unicorn will whisk him away to a far and distant place, or even to an island in the middle of Dunedin’s cold, damn cold, harbour.

  8. You know Marama wasn’t far from wrong when she mentioned White cis males are responsible for most of the violence in the world contemporary and historically. Her mistake was using the cis in her analyses.

    Let take a look at these transgressions by White males starting from the Roman empire.

    1) The Roman empire conquering Europe, Africa, M.E region saw millions displaced and die from the conflict.

    2) The Vikings conquering other European nations saw 100s of thousands if not millions killed

    3) Colonizations by Europeans saw nearly 80% of the world fall under their rule. Millions if not billions were displaced and died by this one event which lasted nearly 4 centuries

    4) The transatlantic slave trade saw millions of African enslaved and millions more die.

    5) Leopold II of Belgium genocided 10 million Condolesean in Africa 1865

    6) The Boer war 1899 saw over a million killed.

    7) In 1932 and 1933, millions of Ukrainians were killed in the Holodomor, a man-made famine engineered by the Soviet government of Joseph Stalin.

    8) The Diseases spread by Europeans killed off Millions of Indigenous population globally.

    9) WW1 1914 millions killed

    10) WW2 1936 Ditto

    11) Winston Churchill oversaw the starvation of 3 million Indians during the Bengal famines of 1943

    12) The Holocaust of the Jews, Roma, gays, communist, etc… accounted for over 6 million+ deaths by Nazi Germany

    13) Nagasaki nuclear Bombing killed 100s of thousands

    14) Hiroshima nuclear bombing again killed 100s of thousands

    15) The Mau-Mau massacre’s in Kenya saw 100s thousands displaced and die in the 1950s.

    16) The The Korean war shall millions killed

    17) The Vietnam war 1964-75 millions killed

    18) The Falklands war saw 1000s displaced and die

    19) The Iraq and Iran war supported by the west saw over a million killed.

    20) The Yugoslavia bombings by NATO in the 90s saw 100s of thousands displaced and killed.

    21) Iraq 1 invasion saw over 500 000 children die from US sanctions and over a million+ displaced and killed.

    22) Iraq 2 invasion accounted for over a million+ displaced and more than 2 million+ killed

    23) The Libya bombings by NATO in 2011 saw millions displaced and 100s of thousands killed and enslaved.

    24) The Syrian proxy war still going has seen millions displaced and killed

    25) The Afghanistan invasions has displaced millions and killed 100s thousands.

    26) The Ukraine war that still going displacing and killing 10s of thousands and climbing

    There’s probably more that I haven’t listed all committed by White males! Please add to the list if anyone aware of others?

    I just can’t understand why people are labeling her a racist?

    • @Stephen. you are so right world history is a 1950s Hollywood film!
      Let me help you out brother you missed a few:

      The white leaders of the Mongol Empire such as Ghengis Khan who is credited with wiping out 20% of the worlds population. Kublai Khan, Subutai and others who make most European imperialists you mention look amateurs. Then there was cracker all over Mesoamerica before the Spanish with a warrior cultures and great volumes of human sacrifice even without an industrial capacity.

      Don’t forget the pale faced involvement in the centuries of warlord conflict and rigid social heirachy within the lands that are China and Japan.

      You missed out honky cunning in the conquests Umayyad and Abbasid empires and the Ottomans who were trading slaves decades after europeans outlawed it with even more african slaves trafficked east that west across the Atlantic. The white Dahomey slaver kings, such as the one recently immortalised by John Boyega, made a significant contribution.

      Moving into modern times there was there are the tens of millions of deaths caused by the euro marxists whispering into Mao’s ear making him arguably the greatest mass murder in history. Don’t forget the White generals in the Japanese imperial army that led the rampage through China and South East Asia resulting in atrocities like the rape of Nanking or the Burma railway. In living memory there are so many cracker led genocides Paul Pot’s in Cambodia, Rwanda, Uighurs.

      There’s probably more that I haven’t listed all committed by White males! Please add to the list if anyone aware of others? I just can’t understand why people are labeling her a racist?

      • You forgot Turco-Mongol conquerer Tamburlaine (Timur Lam). Wasn’t he supposed to be one of history’s most accomplished mass-murderers?

      • Tui, appreciate your interest in my comments but its now becoming stalker like creepy don’t yah think??

        Again just a reminder that the massacre that you’ve mentioned were utilized by bow & Arrows and horse riding spear throwing mongols. These characters are long gone unlike European massacres that still here today.

        The Ukraine war ring any bells?? Also the weapons used in the 20th/21st century are more deadlier in comparison to spear throwing Mongolian hordes.

        In addition the number of massacre committed by Europeans and the death toll inflicted is quadruple to the massacre you’ve mentioned.

        No violence is acceptable but your comparison to european massacre doesn’t even touch the sides.

        Nice try though.

      • Tui, a final note about the Chairman Mao great leap forward policy, again any death is unacceptable but what missing from the number that you’ve quoted ’40 million’ is facts! it can’t be substantiated basically means that its unreliable even the Chinese dissident’s making the claims with western media discourse their evidence can’t be substantiated.

        Also what missing from this conversation is the sanctions by the UN (US) against China and North Korea in 1949 to 1963 from the Korean war is a contributing factor to the famine China suffered culminating with one of their worst droughts in decades coupled with Chinese authority mismanaged policies.

        Again white men had a hand in this devastating famine.

        I find it troubling that you constantly critic my comments when I’m a minority voice on TDB calling me names like ‘woke’ because I give an indigenous person POV but the amount of vitriol that pakeha commentators voice their bigoted opinions about my culture on TDB you’re not challenging their mis directed hateful comments why is that?

      • @Stephen
        “It can’t be substantiated basically means that its unreliable even the Chinese dissident’s making the claims with western media discourse their evidence can’t be substantiated.”

        Actually 44 million dead in the Great Leap Forward is from University academics in China, which means it is a CCP approved statistic. If you are talking about Western discourse the figures are often 2 to 3 times higher.
        “No violence is acceptable but your comparison to european massacre doesn’t even touch the sides.”

        Actually your point was to agree with Davidson that ALL violence is caused by white-men.
        I’m not denying the violence caused by white men I am saying that violence is a whole human race thing throughout history. – nice try though.

        “its now becoming stalker like creepy don’t yah think??”

        “I find it troubling that you constantly critic my comments when I’m a minority voice”

        “because I give an indigenous person POV”

        I want the causes I support (Like LGBT rights and co-governance and the Maori version of article 2 ToW etc) to be advocated for in a robust and nuanced way. It is commentary like yours that is screwing up the long term prospects for a sensible, stable and peaceful transition towards mainstream acceptance.

        You make arguments that you seem to think are forcefully substantive but are actually myopic half-truths, easily falsifiable and often ridiculous to the point where sarcasm seems the appropriate response. If the diagnosis is flawed one can guarantee the solution will be too.

        You parallel modern Critical Theorists, where satisfying narratives and ‘my truth’ are more important that establishing facts. This is different from establishing partial or selective facts that suit your priors.

        If you cannot see how damaging and self-defeating woke’s satisfying half truths are to mainstream acceptance of the causes you claim to support, (which FYI I do to) You could start with “Emperors new clothes” or “The boy who cried wolf” then try to abstract the lessons.

        You are not the only ‘oppressed’ minority with a POV commenting here.

    • Because ummm…. she used one’s race as the group identity and said everyone in it was violent…. in other words she is racist.

    • I hate to be picky but the Falklands War didn’t see thousands displaced and/or die.

      There simply weren’t that many Falklanders or military casualties.

      • There were over 300 Argentinians on the General Belgrano that relocated to the bottom of the ocean during the Falklands War. Probably OK as they would have mostly been cis white men.

    • Steve…There was a group of people living in the South Pacific many years ago, on a group of islands who practiced slavery, cannibalism and basically fought amongst each other for resources…They upped the ante when they got hold of the modern musket gun and proceeded to slaughter themselves to settle old scores until some white people bearing crosses and pen and paper stepped in to save themselves from mass slaughter ….Many of their descendants are only here because of the intervention of white people…

    • She said “cause”, not “caused”, Ghenghis 😉 What leel do you think at before you post? Just cut and paste, yeah 😉

  9. This month’s satire can be uncomfortably close to next month’s reality.

    In April 2019, Titania McGrath (a satirical Twitter personality) tweeted “It’s our children who will suffer most from Brexit. Therefore, we should hold a 2nd referendum but allow only under 12s to vote”.

    A month later, an academic from Victoria University published an article in The Conversation, complaining that “Children had no say in the recent wellbeing budget, and that matters”

  10. Good to know if you violently assault someone in NZ, and kill them, then it’s all ok, just a bit of home detention.

    Family outraged as woman gets home detention for killing man who hadn’t showered

    Note both assailant and victim were not cis, white male. Oh no, but who cares, Marama can still keep on with her completely racist and outrageous assumptions, in spite of overwhelming evidence against it. Just keep wasting money to her pet projects while more people are violently assaulted and encouraged to do more assaults by the ridiculously, light sentences for violent, deliberate actions.

    Just be thankful that the person with the motorbike he ran her over, wasn’t a cis, white male or they would be in prison for hate crimes.

    • Maybe the lack of prison for killing the pensioner is because he was a boomer. Likewise the 70+ year old old lady that got assaulted and punched out twice by the transgender person who has not been arrested yet, in spite of plenty of footage of it. Under woke justice, boomers – they deserve it!! Sarcasm.


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