The political danger of the Green Party war on white cis males


I’m not sure the Green Party and woke activist war on white cis males is the vote winner 6 months out from an election they seem to think it is.

It’s interesting the outrage towards signs at Groundswell vs the no outrage at some of the exceptionally violent posters and signs at the Posie Parker protest – the double standards are remarkable and I fear the voting public won’t see ‘Pure Trans Joy’ they will see the Things veto and an attack on one of the foundations of democracy, Free Speech.

I’m a class Leftist. I believe the true demarcation of power in a liberal progressive democracy is between the 1% richest + their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us!

That’s why ACT and National are gaining millions in election donations from the richest New Zealanders!

While identity politics is an important personal journey of how you individually interact with power, if all you have is a tribal allegiance to your skin colour, genitalia or identity, then what use are you to the movement?

Identity Politics over class leads to an ever decreasing circle of exclusion and expulsion as the activists push for pure temple politics rather than Broadchurch solitary.

The greatest danger of identity Politics is that white cis men start seeing themselves as visitors and appropriate the identity of victimhood.

Tell white cis males they are the problem long enough and they become the problem.

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We have major issues with damaged masculinity in the West and adding fuel to that fire as the Greens have done is going to cause a terrible backlash.

Yes, Marama was stunned after being struck by a motorcycle handle 3 hours earlier as she was posing for selfies standing up against Brian Tamaki’s deeply repressed leather motorbike club, but she claimed the statement as a Minister of the Crown and most now believe she believes that white cis males are the reason for violence in the world.

If I’m wrong, ACT will plummet, the Greens will soar and you can all laugh at me as we cruise to a 3rd election win.

If I’m right however, we are fucked.


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  1. There’s nothing to stop James putting out a weekly presser saying that Marama’s been hit by a motorbike again because Marama’s white hating, all of us, gender inclusive, dead or alive, has unexpected triggers possibly even unto herself. Doubt she cares about what damage it does. Prince Harry’s a bit like that too, as was the neighbour’s dog.

  2. I’m waiting for the release of all the non-white (non-)violent criminals en masse. They’re clearly innocent. Hello NACT government… hmm… wonder where that leads…?

  3. Didn’t she say she had been struck 30 mins prior? Doesn’t add up, and yes, you’re Gween fascist friends are fucked.

  4. and for the first time I won’t be voting for them – this was the last straw. Hate speech against women masquerading as trans love is a step too far.

  5. What do you think of the comments above me? I appreciate your arguments, that you’re a social democrat but disagree with emphasis on minorities. I agree. Marama just said the truth in the minute and you’ve made too much of it.

    The most wrong with the Greens has nothing to do with identity politics. They’re not willing to holler about reality like the first Labour politicians. God, it’s only the end, but they’re polite trained middle class politicians rather than grimey sufferers of capitalism.

  6. Saying whatever her audience at the time wanted to hear. Comment then taken to a different audience and now she backtracks, nothing new here whichever party you catch out


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