Sooooo, is Marama Davidson right? Do white cis males cause the violence in the world?


Minister Marama Davidson has been caught on tape claiming that…

“I am the prevention violence Minister, and I know who causes violence in the world, and it’s white cis men’.

…this immediately started the social media defence of such an extreme statement.

This is stuff journalist Kirsty Johnston leaping to Marama’s defence…

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…well it must be true then.

The holy trinity of woke intersectionist dogma is that all white men are irredeemable cross burning racists, B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women that ALL men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans community.


There is no wriggle room in that holy trinity dogma. Attempt to make any critical evaluation of that holy trinity and you are a heretic in need of cancelling.

From the woke perspective, white cis males are the Anti-Christ on crack playing an untuned banjo.

Still, how about we check out the actual global stats on violence just to a check this whole ‘white-cis-males-cause-the-violence-in-the-world’ thing.

Let’s start with homicide rates.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Homicide Rates*

* Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. El Salvador – 52.02
  2. U.S. Virgin Islands (U.S. territory) – 49.28
  3. Jamaica – 43.85
  4. Lesotho – 43.56
  5. Honduras – 38.93
  6. Belize – 37.79
  7. Venezuela – 36.69
  8. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 36.54
  9. South Africa – 36.40
  10. Saint Kitts and Nevis – 36.09

Hmmmm. Unless the same white cis men in El Salvador, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Lesotho, Honduras, Belize, Venzeuela, Saint Vincent, South Africa, Saint Kitts and Nigeria, are all committing mass murders, Marama’s comment doesn’t seem to stand up.

How about rape?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Incidence of Rape**

** Per 100,000 people. Listed rates include only those offenses that are reported to the police.

  1. Botswana – 92.93
  2. Australia – 91.92
  3. Lesotho – 82.68
  4. South Africa – 72.10
  5. Bermuda – 67.29
  6. Sweden – 63.54
  7. Suriname – 45.21
  8. Costa Rica – 36.70
  9. Nicaragua – 31.60
  10. Grenada – 30.63

Ok, Australia and Sweden are stand outs, but still 8 other countries that must have an enormously active white cis male rape culture who are committing an enormous amount of sexual assault.

How about robbery?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Robbery Rate***

*** Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. Costa Rica – 1587.5
  2. Argentina – 922.6
  3. Uruguay – 866.8
  4. Brazil – 695.8
  5. Chile – 639.0
  6. Nicaragua – 488.1
  7. Ecuador – 419.7
  8. Cabo Verde / Cape Verde – 408.6
  9. South Africa – 331.7
  10. Mexico – 257.7

Let me guess, robbery isn’t really violent so these stats don’t disprove Marama’s statement that the violence in the world is caused by white cis males?

Well, what about total crime?

The countries with the ten highest crime rates, expressed in per 100,000 people, globally are:

  1. Venezuela (83.76)
  2. Papua New Guinea (80.79)
  3. South Africa (76.86)
  4. Afghanistan (76.31)
  5. Honduras (74.54)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago (71.63)
  7. Guyana (68.74)
  8. El Salvador (67.79)
  9. Brazil (67.49)
  10. Jamaica (67.42)

For Marama’s claim that white cis men are the reason for the violence in the world to be correct, there needs to be huge organised teams of white cis men living as expats in Venezuela, Papua New Guniea, South Africa, Afghanistan, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, El Salvador, Brazil and Jamaica all co-ordinataing vast crime waves to cause violence in those communities as a competition league.

This claim by Marama that white cis males are responsible for the violence in the world was made just before Trans protestors stormed a stage and beat a women off it and just after she was run over by a Māori Destiny Church Biker.

I’m not sure making claims that are demonstrably false is helping the Greens.

Remember, Marama is a Minister of the Crown and says she’s making this evaluation as the violence prevention Minister.

She is speaking on behalf of the Government, meaning the Government right now is claiming white cis males are the reason for violence in the world.

Chippy is going to have to clarify if that is indeed the NZ Labour Governments position sometime today.

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  1. The violence prevention Minister now knows that ‘white cis men’ cause the violence in the world. The next step is to roll out violence prevention programs that target white cis men. To be inclusive and engaging, white cis male culture will need to be woven through these programs. Talk about interrogating dominant discourses – what a courageous shift! This challenges current policy focus Eg Te Rito New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Strategy seeks to “Prioritise Maori-based approaches”. Standing up and telling Aotearoa to prioritise programs for white cis men! I am in awe of her bravery.

  2. Marama may simply be the simpleton that she appears to be. Let her eat chocolate, and hope that the right do call her out because sure as the sun will rise in the morning, nobody else will.

  3. We have to be very specific because Marama can’t extrapolate from her twitter feed a bunch of angry white cis males and then extrapolate that up into something structural and over arching because that puts large groups against another large group.

    Jacinda said explicitly they are not us. I think that’s a better place to start than all white men.

    We have to work with these guys. We need them to pull there finger as much as we need the greens to pull there finger out.

  4. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that Johnston could say such a thing.
    It’s amazing and so baffling that she might believe what she says, where the data or information she received to say it, and that it was perhaps not fact checked.

    The absolute difference to the reality that I have perceived is still very very surprising.

    Even though, the last few years and especially last few months have deeply embedded a disbelief of what I see in the MSMedia.

    I used believe every in the newspapers like the NZ Herald. Now everything I read in every outlet I assume has a 50/50 chance of being true or false, and needing fact checking research etc.

    Last time I was in Auckland District Court for an afternoon of observations for law students, I was actually very surprised and how small the percentage of white people was.

    Does Johnston visit different courts than I?
    Have things changed in the several years since I sat in Court?
    Do my eyes see colour differently than hers?
    ALL the cabinet papers?
    Where is this Police data she refers to?

    I wish it was illegal to publish lies.

    It should be illegal to single out any group of people, to publically disparage any group based on their skin colour, sexual preference or gender.

    What’s going on man?

    • Clearly Davidson should have said ‘straight cis male’ to make the point. Again what do our actual numbers say?

      • That would have been more accurate but still wrong.

        Unfortunately she didn’t say that and has taken no steps to clarify her comments in the last 48 hours, so all signs point to her meaning exactly what she said.

        • What? Are you suggesting most cases of violence are not caused by cis males? I am sure cis females will get there one day but it would be hard to argue that’s not the current state of affairs overall

  5. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

  6. It could be a very cunning Green & Labour Party stunt to prove to both sets of supporters that their party ‘gets it’.

    Greens get a huge demonstration of their party’s progressive thinking, Labour gets a Hipken demonstration of ‘not standing for Woke CRT nonsense’ when he completely disagrees with Marima and issues a ‘final warning’. This shows he’s really not like the Greens and their nonsense.

    OR it could be Marima being herself, the most talented MP the Greens have who fits within the identity criteria for the co-leadership role.

  7. Davidson is not particularly smart and clearly should be told where the door is. That said what do stats in NZ say? I know she said “world” but what are our numbers?

  8. But, but, but, all those non-white people only commit all those crimes because of the systems & exploitation created by white cis men, not because they are inherently bad people.

    Interesting reading on rapes in Sweden, where a very high proportion of those convicted are foreigners. Also the stats are counted when a case is reported, other places may use convictions.,47.7%25%20were%20born%20outside%20Sweden.

  9. Because she is clearly racist she will resign as Minister, won’t she? Will James Shaw and Chris Hipkins demand for her resignation be perceived as white male violence?

  10. Martyn her saying that cis white men cause the violence doesn’t mean they actually commit the violence. She could be claiming that the position cis white men occupy in society is the root cause of why non-whites commit violence, therefore even if they don’t commit violence themselves, they are still guilty of causing it.
    (To my mind, plain stupidity.)

  11. Maori make up around 16% of the population and commit 45% of crimes compared to “white” New Zealanders who make up 70% of the population and commit 38% of crime

    • No, white, heteronormative, cis* men are not allowed to vote for the Greens, you are only allowed to vote ACT, or National if you own more than 5 rental properties. It has been scientifically proven that you are incapable of caring for the planet, and are prone to violence & rape, so must vote ACT or cancel yourself.

      *Cis is a term used to describe someone who has a gender identity that matches their sex assigned at birth.

      • Thank you, finally someone who is able to clear up what cis means.
        everyone else throwing it around like its common knowledge and Im sitting here going what the hell does it mean?

  12. You actually must exclude Sweden from that List as they don’t track ethnicity. But Sweden does have an issue with rape.
    many many issues in Sweden
    leading to an interesting government

  13. Is Marama Davidson ‘gendering’ people whom she does not know and who have not explained their identity or given pronouns? Some of these white males are actually trans. Who rude of her.

  14. if she can read she knows F on M VIOLENCE IS REAL THING (much smaller but deffo a thing)and by assesment by their own organisations lesbians have the highest incidence of domestic violence (whatever their criteria is)..if she can read she knows this or is liar or is just too dense to be a minister

  15. Nothing new here except the faux insinuation that this is in fact a new development.

    The dogmas ‘believe women/children’, ‘all men are rapists’ and that they are the root cause of all violence has been a core call of hard core feminists since the 1960s, maybe earlier.

    Want confirmation? go read any copy of Broadsheet from the 70s or 80s.

  16. Thanks Helen for the socialogly lesson. That doesn’t leave me or other males many voting option s. ACT and that’s it. I had better study ACT ‘s policy s as I don’t no much about them. Apart from the guy that did dancing with t stars.

  17. ” This is stuff journalist Kirsty Johnston leaping to Marama’s defence…”

    Well if that what passes for in depth journalism then its all over.

    I am all for free speech provided if you claim to be a journalist and not just a spokesperson for your own opinion do the due diligence before you start preaching your own personal bigotry.

    We have moved from one tyranny to another in the MSM. Right wing bias has been slightly diluted in favour of the greatest diversion in modern times and the nonsensical influence of a group of haters heading up a minority.

  18. Marama Davidson has been flaky from the start. To be sure she has the whakapapa for the role and the right connections but I suspect some in Greens at times secretly wish they had another Maori woman as coleader.

  19. If her comments were true she wouldn’t be alive today.

    NZ would be a completely different texture!!

  20. I’m libertarian-leaning but really appreciate your work, from what I have seen.
    The woke crowd are really doing the left a disservice, good old-school lefties are ditching the left in droves to come over to various more centrist or right-wing ideas.

    I don’t think we need to go through stats broken down by race to support or counter what Davidson said, she is wrong, we all know it. Violence happens among all races, in all countries, perhaps at varying levels, but then the stats are collected and reported in differing ways, etc… etc…
    What she said is moving us away from finding whatever solutions there may be. And that is more important than any of our petty ideologies or political leanings.

    Thanks, Martyn and commenters for fostering a bit of honest debate in an increasingly crazy world.

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