Toxic Trans Troll cancelled & deplatformed (literally) – Thug Veto wins battle but loses Free Speech War


I decided to cover this Toxic Trans Troll because while I disagree with what she says, she has the right to say it in a liberal progressive democracy.

Travelling into the protest, I spot 5 young men dressed like the Australian neoNazis with NZ Flags, so I can attest to Neonates being present…

..them plus Brian Tamaki’s Vision Party and Gender critical Feminists numbered no more than 200. Trans Allies were about 2500.

The moment she was escorted to the stage, the whole thing looked insanely stupid and dangerous.

She and her security team are attacked and brawled with every step of the way to the stage and once there, were repeatedly challenged and attacked by protestors.

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She was pelted and drowned out.

Activists surged past the fences…

…and stormed the stage. The event was obviously out of its depth from the get go and Police refused to go in and pull her out so her security team had to fight their way out and it got nasty very quickly…

…this was the mob doing what a mob does best. Get ugly fast.

The Police only intervened when her car got blocked in…

…I’m no fan of Parker, as far as I am concerned she is a fear grifter who loves this reaction and attention. However she is a manifestation of a cancel culture where these issues can’t be debated without woke social media lynchings.

The balancing act here was to protest and disrupt without becoming a mob, because the footage of her being attacked is now a propaganda tool for her anger grifting.

I think the entire community need to actually step back and consider how the militant cancel culture element of the debate has alienated everyone else and created the environment where Posie Parker can thrive.

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media.

Because the woke activists rely on echo bunkers and cancel culture, they have lost the ability to persuade and because the Left is overrun by the woke that inability to win over people is rife throughout the movement.

Posie Parker is what happens when we censor.

We may have won the Thugs Veto Battle today, but we’ve lost the Free Speech War tomorrow.

In the end it wasn’t the Trans community who were in danger, it was Posie Parker and that’s exactly what she wanted.

Expect ACT to jump in the Polls.

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    • Its the god botherers that want to crush trans people. They have been doing it for over 50 years. Now that they are fighting back, you want to get all precious.

      • I don’t think that “the god botherers want to crush trans people.” In fact, because it is objectively impossible to “transition between genders” – no matter how much someone believes they can and no matter how much superficial surgery or other treatments they undergo in their attempt – the “god botherers” reject the premise that trans people even exist. In other words, they are in the same category as unicorns or hobbits.

        The true issue here isn’t a women’s rights issue, it is that transgender is a category of the mind, not of reality.

        • You are sooooo misinformed. I suppose you can’t be bothered thinking about trans matters & having a little understanding as it’s just too taxing on the brain.

      • I am a conservative Christian & Polly Parker did not represent my views so you need to understand that there is more than 1 view within Christianity. That is no excuse for the trans protests to go all french revolution over someone that disagrees with them & it reinforces that their issues are all in their mind, while society is more accepting of alternative lifestyles now that is not a valid reason to use violence to prevent other’s free speech.

  1. The riots,m as is almost the case, are caused by the protesters.
    They have no credibility whatsoever, they are anti everything,pathetic.
    Agree they are political grist to the mill of Act.

      • I most certainly don’t they have my support as does freedom of speech.
        You are selective in your understanding of free speech which literally means you are opposed.

    • Yes the parliament protest was appalling all at the behest of Act.

      • Your comparison is pathetic, illustrating that you only believe yourself, or those who agree with you.
        Broaden your mind RADQB.
        Must say though I’m flattered you use my name in your moniker,thanks.

  2. It’d be really helpful Martyn , if you could tell us which particular things that Kelly has to say that you find fear mongering or hateful
    Quotes from the source, rather than reports of , you know, that kind of thing.

    • Kelly talks about having outed a trans activist having taken her 16 year old child to Thailand to be “castrated” saying”but I didn’t use language as polite as that”. She highlights a serious issue of UK law being circumvented in a way that research has shown is likely to be harmful to many children. However, she is also potentially destroying a vulnerable young person’s life by thrusting them into the public gaze. She is clearly much more interested in headlines than making a useful contribution to the debate.

      • Bob. That’s possibly why a Thai clinic which does the castrations is now requiring psychiatrists’ reports from their customers’ country of origin. Here in New Zealand, a simple annotation on a certificate is enough to render one gender another gender, but that’s not good enough for overseas medical practitioners, and rightly so.

        Hopefully this speaker will be able to take successful legal action against the New Zealand mainstream media who have deliberately lied about her and who and what she represents to improve their own ratings, to indulge in gutter journalism, and to shit stir.

        Most of the protestors looked deranged, and the transgender lobbyists are bullying others all over the world, displaying few of the good attributes of natural born women, of which we have a plethora.

      • You means Susie Green formally of Mermaids?

        The one who paraded her kid around the tv Chanel’s after the surgery?

      • How does she do that? I thought she was fighting for the rights of women and children who feel vulnerable.

        It is becoming awkward to support those who feel abused but abuse, all the same.

    • Free speech means not only the right to speak freely, but the right to be heard.
      As the abolitionist Frederick Douglass wrote in 1860 after an antislavery event was disrupted in Boston by a violent mob, “There can be no right of speech where any man, however lifted up, or however humble, however young, or however old, is overawed by force, and compelled to suppress his honest sentiments.” He continued, “Equally clear is the right to hear. To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker. It is just as criminal to rob a man of his right to speak and hear as it would be to rob him of his money.”

      • How dare you equate Douglass’s antislavery message with Parkers bigoted, hateful one. I have no doubt she would have supported slavery.

        • “There is a utilitarian case for free expression. It recognizes that the freedom to speak must also be insisted on for the person who thinks differently, because it is pointless to support only free speech for people who agree with you. It is not only unprincipled to want that, but also self-defeating. For your own sake, you need to know how other people think.” – Christopher Hitchens

        • @Sophora
          You are using an emotional outburst as argumentation and completely failing to grasp Douglas’ message. Given some of your recent comments I’m going to guess you are too young to have been around for gay marriage or anything earlier? Be careful not to become just a mirror image of people like Parker or assume that you are always on the side of the metaphorical angels.

          One key point of free speech is that at some point the political winds will change. As Martyn regularly points out, historically, suppression of free speech overwhelmingly gets used against the left and those without power or influence. Most (all?) of the achievements of the LGBT movement in western societies before the era of corporatised-woke were because there was a principle of free speech, however imperfectly applied.

          Only apply rules to the people you despise that, if the shoe was on the other foot, you would want them to apply to you.

          • Think about it. There’s no suppression of free speech because Parker/Whatever can & has said anything she likes on the internet. In the real, she deserved all the pushback she gets for her vile expression of hate.

    • Sadly, most people who see in on the tv will think it proves Posey Parker’s argument that trans women are really violent men, and can’t be trusted in changing rooms….

      • Ada. I don’t think she ‘s ever said anything quite like that. The New Zealand media have been shamelessly making things up to discredit her, and I gather that Twitter is as bad or worse. The safe spaces issue is merely one which concerns many parents and guardians of girls who are naturally protective and who do have a duty of care towards them, but rape, per se, isn’t necessarily a huge fear, as it may be eg when sharing prison cells.

        • Gentle Annie, she probably hasn’t said that but in the10 second news clip that is what it gets shortened to, and yesterday was ‘proof’.

      • Ada: “…it proves Posey Parker’s argument that trans women are really violent men…”

        Yes indeed, that’s exactly what they’ve done today: proved her right.

        I’m a longtime atheist. I left the Catholic church when I was a young adult, because I wasn’t prepared to have a bunch of blokes in frocks telling me how to live.

        For the life of me, I fail to understand how it is that any woman supports this stuff. Trans women are just modern-day blokes in frocks.

      • If you think the violent and bullying behaviour on show in Auckland wins hearts and minds you misunderstand the majority of NZers.

      • Sephira,
        If you think the violent and bullying behaviour on show in Auckland wins hearts and minds you misunderstand the majority of NZers.

      • The only thing thoroughly pwned was the image of that violent mob yesterday so take the L and hope that the Media covers this up for you on Monday.

  3. Are the police going to charge the violent protestors? I doubt it, in todays woke police and dual justice approach.

    Clearly not a non violent protest from the trans community. Nobody went for woman, because some of the Trans community are violent and very deranged.

    Police protect the violent not free speech.

    • Hey, perhaps you should start cutting trans people some slack, instead of constantly hating on them. If you want to see cops laying into LGBT people, you are perfectly welcome to move to Russia, or Uganda.

      • Millsy jumps th he shark…again. since when is expecting the Police to their job “cops laying into LGBT people”.

        • LGBT people want to live a life free of judgement and discrimination. People like you hate then and want them pushed back into the closet.

          • “LGBT people want to live a life free of judgement”

            But today we saw LGBT pre-judging a speaker without bothering to hear what they had to say. Who else gets to live a life free of judgement – no-one.

            • People are well aware what she has to say, that’s why so many people turned up to prevent her saying it again & stirring up more hate, because the comments on this post definitely indicates there is a ready audience for her hate speech.

              • So now I have I listened to her interview with Kim Hill. I think I can summarize her position pretty simply. As a mum she doesn’t want any type of penis carriers in women’s public toilets and changing rooms which is the tradition in western society and there is a reason for that, protection of girls and women. I don’t know what the definition of hate speech is but I can’t see anything hateful about this.

      • I don’t think it’s appropriate the police stand by when the protesters are throwing soup unless it’s ok next time some politican says something someone doesn’t like and protestors throw soup on them and police also stand by. Too much inconsistency in NZ justice and approach. By all means heckle if you don’t agree, but throwing soup/pies/etc is normally an arrest by police. Funny for trans more violent action is allowed to stop free speech.

        • Throwing liquids is not OK in protests, it is an assault. It could be acid – a common liquid thrown at woman around the world.

          Sad NZ has come to this. International woman speakers are not safe enough to protest anymore when government panders to fringe groups that seem more hateful than who they are protesting against.

          2500 is hardly a lot of protesters for the trans community.

          J. K. Rowling and Enid Blyton are apparently hate criminals in fringe groups minds, for thinking woman are biological. It’s nuts.

          Someone posted that Stuff (woke media of NZ) had more than 50% supporting Posy Parker.

          The census should be on how many people thinks being a woman or man is biological rather than making people decide what gender they are.

          Don’t think the mainstream agree with the run-away-woke hysteria against woman’s groups but they don’t voice it because the trans activists are insane.

          • You are correct, throwing liquids at women is one of the major weapons used in countries where women are kept subservient. You don’t know the difference between acid and soup until it hits.

      • So let’s switch places.
        A pro trans speaker is trying to speak at a rally, and a 2500 strong homophobic crowd of protesters assault and abuse them/they.
        The cops stand by and do nothing.

        It seems a bit like old mate Harry. Claiming he he left the monarchy because he wants his privacy, constantly whinging about the media impinging on his privacy, while constantly promoting and selling his most private stories in the most public way.

      • The contrast with this baying mob and the broadly supportive public attitude to pride marches, for example, couldn’t be clearer.
        Many of us may not be exactly pro LGBT etc. but are happy to live and let live. The trans tantrum was appalling, coming down like this on the Speak up For Women people won’t win them any friends.

      • You misunderstand Russian law where homosexuality is legal despite polls showing 83% against it. As it stands there are limits under Russian law namely no promoting the homosexual lifestyle to underage children which is the right balance overall.

        • That law is unacceptable. Under it, no one cal legally tell anyone that it is OK to be gay. And also any depictions of LGBT in the media are banned.

    • Agreed.a few of these Trans protestors should be pulled into line by the police. I know it’s un PC or woke buts it’s the truth.

  4. Backlash, and Blowback is coming to those Alphabet people who targeted her, via the 2023 Election results…both the Greens, and Labour have supported/enable those crackpots, who assaulted an Women’s Right Activist in the same country that prides itself in supporting women’s right to the vote

    • Unfortunately.
      Entitlement is the opposite of enchantment.

      Imagine how this would have played out if the “trans” joined “women who want to speak up” about their ambitious, insecurities and fears on the stage and supported them

  5. So all 2500 trans activists turned out. Not really a big issue in NZ, but somehow is blown out of all proportion! Good to know at the next protest in NZ about something else, you won’t be arrested if you throw soup at a speaker.

  6. Long live cancel culture……
    Why bother with debate if you can drown out. Use fear and force compliance. No dissenting voice heard means agreement.
    What can go wrong?

    • Why is there not the same passion for Neoliberal policies why can’t 2500 people protest economic issues rather than this sexual identity crap. When big business can steam roll over them. Priorities..

    • No one can. That’s the issue.

      The media has stirred the woke into a frenzy by labelling her anti-trans yet I’ve not found any evidence of this (happy to be wrong).

      Also this is further evidence of the media cabal. Who are the adults in the room?

      • What utter rubbish. How can you speak with such authority on behalf of people? I think you will find there are British publications that point out her history of association for dramas sake. That said I think today is unfortunate. They should not have hurled stuff at her. That was plain stupid and, like the dipshit element at the parliament lawn protest, ruined it for those that don’t condone that approach.

        She’s gotta be thinking her stupid taunt of Hipkins was a dumb arse thing to say. All bluster one minute, the next picking up her arse from the duty free counter at the airport on the way out.

        • I agree with you Wheel. The protesters should have let her have the podium & drowned her out with megaphones not soup.

      • BG. You’re right. She got biffed at because mutton heads responded to media provocation in the only way that they know how, being unable to engage in reasonable dialogue.

        Women talk. We can talk ‘til the cows come home, but this lot wasted their tomatoes on unheard words. Real women would have made them into a chutney or salad or a sauce or even a pizza topping, or given them to the neighbours who we’re not meant to talk to, or alternatively who we are meant to be spying on, but we’re not wastrels like that rude mob. We are the champions of free speech, but this is a skill yet to be acquired by some others.

        They went along determined to be offended, then denied themselves the chance. How dumb is that?

  7. This mob was more frenzied and hate filled, and fixated on misogynistic lies, than the feral Parliament protests in Wellington.

    • Whatever. YOu do realise that a lot of people still see LGBT’s the same way that the Nazi’s saw the Jews?

      • “a lot of people still see LGBT’s the same way that the Nazi’s saw the Jews”. So true, just like a lot of people have no truck with white men or black men or yellow men or brown men, etc. But nothing is resolved if you can’t hear other people’s opinions. Which group were scared of argument and went brownshirt today?

      • Sorry, comparing the Jews and by inference the holocaust with a bunch of selfish entitled fragile, mostly privileged white wokesters demanding the rest of us buy into their fantasies is laughable.

    • Oh fuck off. Where were the gas cylinders thrown on fires or playgrounds destroyed. Get a fucking life.

  8. I am disgusted with the police.

    One thing Parker did say in the interview that I saw, was that whilst there had been some argy bargy on the edge of meetings between Trans Supporters and other groups that the police had done a brilliant job of stopping protestors getting beyond the actual edges of the barricades.

    Talk about institutional capture!! Our police sat back and did A B SO LU TE LY NOTHING!!!!!

    All day yesterday on social media, trans activists were planning this with numerous comments (Put a brick in your handbag) suggesting they were prepared to get violent. So the police knew what the potential was even if they missed it all over the media all week!

    It should also be noted that despite the National Front turning out here and in Oz, that the only arrests so far on her Australian tour were 3 of TRANS ACTIVIST PROTESTORS.

    The minority interest groups have too much power in our country and they are egged on by our MPS, Media and even Police. MPs quote from this morning, I am so proud of these trans rights supporters and something along the lines of us not wanting people like Parker to speak in our country. Meanwhile in Victoria, an MP who simply attended a Parker rally last week to ask a question on behalf of a Constituent is fiighting for her survival for even attending.

    Maybe even worse still and we see this every day, if a minority in NZ dont want what they are getting, they will go on a rampage. The legal challenge yesterday was quite rightly (on technical grounds) denied but the court ruling wasnt good enough for the trans community. They will decide who can come to NZ and who can speak. And then they will sit around and shake hands with the media and say didnt we do well!!

    The trans lobby are more of a threat to NZ’s democracy and proud history of free speech than the handful of Auckland Uni brownshirts any day.

    • Yes Fantail, looks like the police force has been captured. It’s hard to think of a single institution in this country that hasn’t been captured by woke ideology.

        • Uganda has implemented the death penalty for being LGBT. It seems that this law would have the support of most of the posters here. And, on The Standard as well, I am sad to say.

          • You really need to get a grip.
            Leaping to hysterical conclusions, ridiculously extrapolating NZ to Uganda and likening disagreement to execution is childish and desperate. The performance yesterday of the radical trans militants has done enough damage to their movement in the eyes of the bewildered NZ public without you adding to it.

          • Sorry, comparing the Jews and by inference the holocaust with a bunch of selfish entitled fragile, mostly privileged white wokesters demanding the rest of us buy into their fantasies is laughable.

          • You mean like those champions of the left Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Taliban etc.
            Putin says that Russia has no LGBT – how does that happen?

          • This post shows how out of touch you really are. I’ll bet you to a man, woman or tran there is not one person who comments on this blog that would support the execution of anyone for their sexuality whether that be in Uganda, here or anywhere.

        • Arresting a violent protester in woke world somehow becomes police wanting to execute them. Shows their hyperbole about what harm they imagine is happening to them. Haven’t had the death penalty for over 100 years but in woke world police arresting violent protesters is now similar to execution for them????? The mental state is concerning. The police arrest protesters and normally let them go so it’s not really a big deal. The concern is that the police decided not to arrest the violent protestors or protect the speaker in her right to protest and speak in public.

          • You are the one who actively supported the murder of George Floyd, and thinks that cops should be able to gun people down willy-nily.

            • As usual totally made up allegation.

              Seriously how many people are completely cuckoo in NZ now?

              Making up allegations against others is becoming more frequent.

              Unfortunately taxpayers and government debt have to support all these cockoos as they are often on sickness benefits as not being able to cope with such a cruel world (sarcasm) full of people who want to gun people down and support police attacks in NZ or think sex is biological. What a trigger!

              Met someone the other day ‘transitioning’ they were on a sickness benefit. Then because they needed to prove more income they said they were happy to go back to their job as a truck driver.

              Seriously how many jobs in NZ are not able to be fulfilled because of all the social contagion from people enabled to be snowflakes or it’s an easy way to live off others, while playing the victim.

              I’m sure there a few people born in the wrong body, but not the amount of people in NZ, where self ID makes it all so easy to experiment or take over woman’s spaces for sexual predators.



              Now transgender transitioning and then want to go back again.

              “When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.

              Now 17, Chloe is one of a growing cohort called “detransitioners” — those who seek to reverse a gender transition, often after realizing they actually do identify with their biological sex. Tragically, many will struggle for the rest of their lives with the irreversible medical consequences of a decision they made as minors.

              “I can’t stay quiet,” said Chloe. “I need to do something about this and to share my own cautionary tale.”


              Stop allowing People to mutilate themselves in the name of woke while the public purse pays for the folly. There are people who have serious mental and physical problems that should be where the health system is resourced, not self ID gender for woke.

              • Three cheers for Hannah Tamaki speaking out about young school children being taught that their genitalia have nothing to do with what gender they may be.

                How about the Dept of Education speaking up and explaining the raison d’être for this ?

              • So you oppose a welfare system from the looks of it. No work, no eat.

                And that Chloe women you carry on about is a devout Pentecostal Christian, she wants to criminalise abortion, LGBT, birth control, the lot.

      • get a grip please. No one in NZ is doing anything remotely like that.
        The trans-activists have had a nice free run to suppress any and all speech they don’t like but it needs to stop.
        Natal Women who disagree with trans ideology have a right for their beliefs to be heard and not shouted down and physically abused.

        • These women you love so much (until they start asking for abortion on demand, and birth control, and to keep being able to own property without their husbands signing for it) are smearing the LGBT community as child molestors. A common trope going back to the days of Anita Bryant and Phyllis Schafly.

          • The only person who had brought up “smearing the LGBT community as child molestors” on this comments page is Millsy.
            Now, the subject has been broached. Any one with any knowledge of religious dress wearers in NZ is likely to fear that secular drag queen dress wearers and kids shouldn’t be mixing in schools and libraries. That’s not an unreasonable fear and its a fear people should be allowed to express.

          • A very tiny number have documented numerous examples of men who have terrible pasts molesting kids and hurting women, and who now profess to be trans women, if that’s what you mean.
            But most women who protest this issue don”t say that. They say that trans women and their enablers are encroaching on their spaces and telling them what to do, and they don’t like it.
            So we have one group, natal women, who say they should be allowed to express their own identifies and determine who comes in to their spaces.
            Then we have a second group, natal men, who say that their sense of identity trumps anything natal women say i.e. they disrespect and disregard natal womens’ identity and lived experience, all while pretending they are inclusive and the protesting natal women are the haters.
            And when it comes down to a natal women trying to say this in public (i.e. Posie), we see Rainbow fascism that can’t tolerate even one natal women saying what I just outlined and responds with hate, vitriol, lies and violence.
            Who is the hater here?.

          • I’m all for abortion on demand and birth control for women. Shock horror – I’m so modern, I even believe they should vote and own property.
            You are discrediting your views with this ridiculous over the top catastrophising, which is a hallmark of the work these days. Cry me a fucking river – just because a natal women wants to speak something you don’t like, is not going to lead to rounding up and executing the trans.

    • The Police’s stance on any given protest is clear: who’se trending on social media the most, they’re the good people…

    • Those vulnerable marginalised minorities who only want to get on with their lives, ya just gotta hate ’em, more so for standing up for themselves. They have to know their place! Ain’t that right Fantail?

      • “Those vulnerable marginalised minorities who only want to get on with their lives (i.e. natal women)…”.
        There, fixed it for you.

    • Not very intelligent speech at all, but free nonetheless I suppose. If the pro-trans argument is “fuck off” then it’s no wonder they refuse to defend their position rationally.

    • Kim Ball – The Trans movement in NZ/Aotearoa has taken an massive hit backwards today…and your comments does not help

      • What? Because we pushed back against hate tourism? Against the Alt-Right international speaking circuit?

        • Kim Ball – How did you, and your mates do this? Oh, right with violence, and hate…that the rest of the world witnessed…once again, your comments are not helpful to the Civil Rights movement within Aotearoa.

          • With numbers & soup, that’s how. If you want to see violence, put on a dress & make up and head out on Saturday night to your local bar and there’s a good chance violence will find you.

    • Great work.

      You silenced a female from speaking from a let women speak rally.

      Read that again…

      You must be so proud, can’t have those stroppy females having an opinion can we!!!???

      (Slow clap)

      • Kicked a Nazi out of the country & took a stand against some religious bigots & thugs on motorcycles. Hooray for us! What did you do today? Made derogatory comments, anonymously on a blog site, yay you!

          • I thought it was pretty funny, juice running down her face, escorted off the site, and fled the country the same day. Now that’s pathetic.

        • The Jewish council has said that she does not qualify as a Nazi. Your experience of Nazism is greater than the Jews?

          • I guess she wasn’t a member of the German National Socialist Party between 1933 to 1945, because that’s what it takes to be a literal Nazi. Popular usage requires a lower standard, maybe you’d qualify too?

    • If the mission was to completely discredit the pro-trans mob, then yes, I’d say the mission was over-accomplished.

    • Yes, yes it would entirely be wrong its literally hate speech ie speech that calls for violence against a protected group ie women.

      If you said this about an NZ figure you’d have police at your door on Monday.

      The hyperbolic bullshit you and Millsy have directed at this woman and any woman who has concerns about sex based rights is disgraceful.

      As a member of the LGBT+ feral radical activists like you are making life harder and more dangerous for us.

      LGBT+ acceptance is trending downwards for the first time in history because the activists who wanted to assimilate into society and live our lives freely have been drowned out by toxic radical weirdos who want to change the world to fit around them and if anyone doesn’t agree 100% with the increasingly troublingly radical activists ideas like that sexuality is a choices, that homosexuality is a genital fetish, that sex is irrelevant, they experience extreme dog pilings of hate, can lose their job and their livelihoods.

      This radical angry activism is recruiting for the other side and making everyone who is LGBT+ life harder.

      First rule of politics, don’t upset the normies, and the normies are freaking the fuck out, just because they are not publicly saying doesn’t mean the conversations aren’t happening.

      I don’t know who the hell this Parker Posey chick is but shutting her down in a violent mob will win us queer people no friends. Instead we could have held our own event.

      I have no idea why women can’t express their concerns about sex based rights during a time where women’s sex based rights are globally under attack without being labeled a bigot

      And I have no idea why women at this rally are expected to condemn hard right wing weirdo men who tried to co-opt the rally, as a veteran of protests on the left I’ve never been expected to condemn tiny minority of genuine antisemites, vicious troglodytes who bring effigies of politicians being hanged and calls for violence by the always present but tiny minority of fringe weirdos who try to co-opt left wing protests.

      Seriously. If any women with a concern about their sex based rights is a Nazi then the LGBT+ which includes me is going to be experiencing some terrible backlash but I think that’s what radical activists in the queer community, who don’t speak for the queer community want.

      • Seems to me that I am more of an ally to the LGBT community, as a straight cis male, than you would ever be. You would throw them under a bus at the first chance.

        Mind you , you are on record as supporting prison rape/torture, and extrajudicial killings and beatings by police, so it figures.

  9. Questions for the Police officer in command and the commissioner about why the Police held back. Maybe they wanted another invite to the Pride Parade this year…

  10. I was a proud trans ally. But not anymore, not after witnessing that disgusting behavior today. Kellie-Jay Keen didn’t speak, it was the trans activists that did the damage to their own cause today. Oh the irony in that.

    • Then you were never an ally in the first place. The God-botherers are coming. And they will outlaw being LGBT.

      • Oh no I was a strong ally. But I don’t condone violence or intimidation. Nor do I support those who want to stop others voicing their views. Reap what you sow.

      • Get a grip Millsy, no one’s coming to get you…. But I have to say that you guys are coming to get us is we step out of line. I even got into trouble cos at work I mentioned that my niece had a gender reveal party

  11. In 81 we marched, chanted, demonstrated. We did not attack, we were attacked. But we weren’t innocents.
    Like trans activists our aim was to deplatform the Boks. To get them gone. And we were totally intolerant of support for apartheid.

    I’d do it again against apartheid. For trans activist issues I have no affinity, no buy in, for or against. To me it’s a lot of pointless noise, what ever trans or straight people do is their own affair. Try and stop either doing that and I will have an issue.

  12. Thanks so much for writing about this Martyn.

    A woman holding an event to Let Women Speak was assaulted and mauled by an angry mob.

    I hope people take this in and realise how nasty the trans rights activists are and how intent they are on cancelling women and shutting down debate.

    As someone who has been smeared and cancelled, I welcomed the chance to speak up in the public square. Posie offered this

    For all of those people who had not realised what a hostile aggressive movement tras are, just saying I told you so.

    It’s a bit more than cancellation Martyn. It looks more like annihilation to me

    • What is your problem with the LGBT community? Why do you hate then so much? Do you really hate them so much that you would line up alongside neo Nazis and Brian Tamaki’s lot?

    • Hang on a minute, are you saying this woman ( who was let in and had the right to speak ) should get off scot free. How can it be that her subversive language , attitude and obvious anti everything bar her own agenda has the right to say what she likes however her naysayers are told to go home and keep quiet ?? how does that work?. What does everyone expect , are people on the left or in opposition ( woke!) supposed to be quiet and not say anything. It would have been more surprising if it was a peaceful protest. The protesters had a tangible reason to protest aka. parliament protest (not) , but hey lets no quibble about facts. The people she “hates on “ have been downtrodden all their lives, they have been classed as second class citizens they live in their own skins and minds every single day. So good on these protestors ,send her back to where she belongs where she can espouse her vile rhetoric for all she’s worth. A lesson learned for this woman is that she can’t have it her own way all the time

    • Im sorry, but Parker Posie, opposes LGBTQ rights, access to abortion and acces to contraception. She is a devout christian, who wants to impose traditional gender roles, and ban things like divorce, etc. If you stand with her, you stand with the Christian Taliban. You would be welcome with open arms in Uganda.

        • She still wants abortion banned. She probably wants to ban porn and prostitiution too. Total prude if you ask me. Women and men wouldnt even be able to hold hands in public if she had her way.

          • ” She probably wants to ban porn and prostitiution too. Total prude”

            She was also attacked because of what you think “she probably wants”! And she was attacked because she is a “Total Prude” – is that prude bashing? I am sure I have heard a some term like that before.

        • Recognizing a fool is a bold step toward saving you an argument with such people and walking away.

          Fools have a fixed mindset
          They always bring up stupid logic to support their theory
          Despite what you mention or say, they will always try to bring you down to their playing field
          They believe their ways to be correct, and they are the only ways that will work for anyone
          They are never open to new ideas
          They will go to any level to prove their point
          If you find yourself in an argument with a fool, it’s prudent you just stop and walk away. Immediately you start arguing with a fool, you’ve already lost. A fool will never make an effort to understand your idea or perspective. They are always right. So why don’t you save yourself at that moment…

          I nominate Millsy as cheif fool.

      • What planet? Christian Taliban! 🙂

        Christ: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

        Taliban: No speech rights for women.

        Trans: No speech rights for women.

      • You keep saying this but fail to provide any evidence when other commenters ask. Keep going you are almost up to “repeat a lie 100 times….”

    • Perhaps you got smeared for good reason. You oppose trans rights, support police brutality, are anti-vax, and want US style health care imposed. I dont think you are that good a person at all really.

  13. “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

    Mainstream media manufactured this riot and violence toward women in public today! Stuff, the NZ Herald, TV3, TVOne!

  14. This latest display of violence by protesters is a measure of where New Zealand is as a nation.
    This transformation in New Zealand developed in just 6 years.
    A forward looking society?
    We have to change,give us our country back please.

  15. The police have to be investigated as to their inaction .
    People could have been killed because a mob were allowed to storm the stage without any police action to stop them
    If this had been a right wing mob attacking Trans speakers the police presence would have been huge
    If the rule of law stops working then people take the law into their own hands whether it’s against looters in Hawkes Bay, ramraiders in Aukland or cancel culture thugs today.
    Be very careful about the precedent that’s being set

    • 100%. This is not about Posie Parker and whether her views are right or wrong. This is about a violent mob deplatforming someone and stopping 200 people listening to someone they wanted to listen to. Not the least bit democratic and decidedly UnKiwi.

      The sensible and fair thing to do would have been to stay home but that didnt give them what they wanted. They wanted to win and shut down all debate in NZ over anything related to trans rights. If they really wanted to protest why were they so aggressive and abusive before Parker had even spoken? Why did they invade the barricades immediately? Why did they break the law?

      I have written to our new Police Minister suggesting she call on Coster to resign. The police have displayed bias time and again over the last 3 years and simply did not do their job. They did not ensure the human rights of the 200 people who turned out to listen and regardless of your politics, this is a breach of the human rights Act.

      • funny how the right drop free speech when they are on the butt end of it…it was basically a screaming match and the demonstrators screamed louder…as is their right if pansy potter had more support he might have been different.

  16. Quit your whining. KJK is basically Phyllis Schafly with a peroxide hairdo and Bardot sunglasses. A woman who wants to turn the clock back to the 1950’s, where LGBT’s were in the closet, police measured hemlines in public, abortion was banned, and gays were put in prisons or asylums.

    I couldn’t give a shit about ‘free speech’, like you guys seem to be so precious about. AND Brian Tamaki was there. Do you guys really want to stand with HIM?!

    • Millsy yes back to the future , back in the closet with Luxon’s 1950’s education agenda. NZ needs to watch out, there is more danger from the right wing than any woke protester. Its amazing to see all these right wing comments on this blog actually supporting this witch bitch who is only out for herself. Let’s not forget she threatened our PM. but hey that’s ok the right just think of themselves those million dollar donations to ACT. should open any ones eyes to the future under right wing oppression . Scary stuff

    • Millsy, I have to say it but if you dont give a damn about free speech then that makes you one of the dumbest posters on here.

      For pity’s sake, read a book and find out why free speech is as important to you as it is to everyone else.

      • Arguing with a fool
        … A famous phrase applies here.

        Millsy is the fool.
        One of several who can not think critically or logically, and believe it’s OK to crush people they disagree with.

        Ignoring his /her comments is wise.

    • Rainbow Fascism? Really. It was a case of people who wanted to live their lives standing up to people who wanted to restrict them from doing so. Plain and simple. Perhaps you might want to move to Uganda? LGBT’s are executed there.

      • You are the racist one. I am sick and tired of your blatant hatred towards LGBT’s in this country. I am sick and tired of your hatred toward the union moviement, public services and the welfare state, so you can get one over on ‘the trannies’. Is free speech and bashing trans people really worth freezing the wages of thousands of New Zealanders over?

          • Well you could have fooled. You are full of blind hatred and resentment and its is quite reprehensible.,

            • Millsy I think you are failing to understand what the issues are.
              The reason I got into this fight was the appalling harassment of my lesbian sister by the trans rights activists
              You do know that most of Speak Up for Women are lesbian or left wing activists.
              If you go to their home page and click on about us then you can read all the activism they have been involved in including fighting for abortion.
              And in terms of me be a racist, I am married to a Maori.

              • “You do know that most of Speak Up for Women are lesbian or left wing activists.”

                If true, it’s extremely disappointing that a minority refuses to support another, even more marginalised, group 🙁

    • Rainbow Fascism describes it perfectly. Let me live my life like I want to but I will not only tell you how to live yours but I will enforce your behaviour as well. I decide what you can hear and cant hear. Fascist indeed.

  17. So much for my rights under s 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, to “to seek [and] receive … information and opinions of any kind in any form.”

    You don’t exercise your rights at the expense of someone else’s. I’ll now be donating to the FSU and ACT.

    • Ummm have you heard about the “internet”, Sean? Loads of hateful bigoted anti-trans rubbish to found there.

      You could try scrolling through the comments from your friends here today & tonight, for a start.

    • On what basis Sean?

      Information from the protesters and their opinions or Pollys or Ankers, see that’s just the issue, you choose whatever your own values align too. If it’s Acts, good fucking luck with those weirdos.

  18. The Lottery short story deals with ritual attacks given continuity by tradition and how important it is not to allow this to develop.
    Upon the morning of the lottery, the townspeople gather shortly before 10 a.m. in order to have everything done in time for lunch. First, the heads of the extended families each draw one slip from the box, but they do not unfold them until all the slips have been drawn. Bill Hutchinson gets the marked slip, meaning that his family has been chosen. His wife, Tessie, protests that Mr. Summers rushed him through the drawing, but the other townspeople dismiss her complaint. As the Hutchinson family consists of only one household, a second drawing to choose one household within the family is skipped.

    For the final drawing, one slip is placed in the box for each member of the household: Bill, Tessie, and each of their three children. Each of the five draws a slip, and Tessie gets the marked one. The townspeople pick up the gathered stones and begin throwing them at her as she screams about the injustice of the lottery…

    The story also speaks of mob psychology and the idea that people can abandon reason and act cruelly if they are part of a large group of people behaving in the same manner. The idyllic setting of the story also demonstrates that violence and evil can take place anywhere and in any context. This also shows how people can turn on each other so easily. When or where it is set, specifically, is never said, leaving some to consider it science fiction.

  19. Ironic that trans rights now supersedes heterosexuals rights to say hang on we don’t like you canceling what is essentially the foundation of humanity, male/ female. As a wise old woman says, it doesn’t Matter what you identify as because in 100 years when they dig up your skeleton you are still going to be identified as Male/Female.

  20. Surely we’re all missing some fundamental questions.
    Is She/Her Miss, Mrs or Ms,
    and is She/Her Posie Parker or Posey Parker.
    Just how does Posie/Posey identify. I’m putting my whole life on hold until I can find the truth. I’ve been doing my research, but so far I’ve come up with nothing. Pretty sure it must be a conspiracy just to make sure I never know the answer

    • Well she must be a woman bodied woman as she has 4 kids but I dont know what she identifies as I think she said Mother on more than one occassion.

  21. Bloody fantastic to see. About time Kiwi literally stand up and fight for what they believe in. Too many keyboard warriors. If you want to talk shit about trans people be prepared to back up your words with action. That’s not cancel culture. That takes me back to 81.

    • and 84 to 86 gay rights battle against the religious right fore gay rights.
      Posie parker is funded by the largest republican party political action committee.
      The Conservative political Action Committee which receives funds from every sector of the right from neo nazis to just average right wingers.

      Just take a look at what is happening in those hard right USA states.

      If the left backs down for just one second that bullshit will be on our doorstep in a flash.

      It wasn’t just trans people in the anti protester line it was every sector of the LGTBQIA and straight allies.

      The far right and their allies were put on notice on Saturday.

      The far right and VFF tried to disrupt christchurch’s pride week and failed.

    • Because this isnt the USA. We dont gun down people like dogs because they are marching for civil rights.

      • What “civil rights” don’t they have I wonder? They have exactly the same civil rights as normal people.

      • millsy – if you care about civil rights, how about this..why should women HAVE TO share bathrooms, sporting events, and other spaces with trans for? Because they have nurturing, caring natures?? How is that fair Millsy?

        • People should be able to live their lives as they see fit. People like you want to harrass and abuse transgender people.

          • Millsy – and women should just suck it up?? Again, you are ignoring Women’s Human, AND Civil Rights…

            • Seriously Nathan I have used public toilets in various places all over the world and I have never come across anyone that gave me any cause for concern . (In fact queueing for the ladies would put any imposter off and he would quickly rush off to the mens) .Oh yes in Australia there was a man hiding out in the ladies toilets but he was a man and he hid in the toilet for ages he eventually ran away. Don’t forget a ladies toilet ( apart from the queue) is private behind closed doors we pee in private sometimes with our friends for company!!.

        • Because she wanted being LGBT outlawed. She was a devout Christian who wants everyone to follow traditional gender roles, and women to submit to their husbands, she smears LGBT’s as peadophiles, and wants abortion and contraception banned. She deserved what she gets, as with anyone else else who opposes social progress.

          • Millsy – Not correct..She has stated that women should not have to give up their spaces to accommodate the Trans community…let the Trans community have their own space, and sporting events…nothing about the LGB community at all.

            • You & all the anti-transers here must be boomers or something too old. Trans women ARE women. Get with it for pity’s sake.

          • Millsy – Serious question…Have you read her work..because everything you have wrote about her is wrong…

          • We need a Hyde Park Corner I think where people have the opportunity to spout their ideas. And will answer a few questions with their opinion. And will be left alone to spout for perhaps a maximum of ten minutes and then step down after time to advise on unanswered questions of 5 minutes max. Let opinions be aired in one place at one time and not too closely controlled.

      • No we gun them down for having a mental health episode and breaking windows in the main street of town …. That’s the truth of our NZ Utopia. Ask Bomber to show you the list of people gunned down by police and take a good look at the ones that were shot in the back, that’s how much better we are than the US. But heck, who cares as long as its not a LBGTI person right!

  22. Complete own-goal for the intolerant, hateful, bigot, and non-inclusive “rainbow community.” The funniest aspect is that they are crowing like they were the winners. I think they woke a lot of people out of their complacent slumber today. Not pretty.

    • Oh you say some funny things Fidel. Whose own goal again? Surely not the person who couldn’t even start her hate sermon?

      • When the “tolerant, loving, and inclusive” Rainbow community expose themselves as actually being violent, intolerant, hateful and exclusive, then I think that’s a complete own goal. Posie Parker may have been drowned out, but the violent mob couldn’t have prove her point better – they are completely disfunctional individuals who are frequently a danger to normal people.

        • Who wants to support a merchant of prejudice, denial of gender identity, & hate? No trans person I know, nor their allies & supporters.

    • Ummm Fidel the own goal was all the anti-transters doing. Serves her right for threatening the PM & drawing so much attention to her bigoted self.

  23. There is catchy song missing to complete this. The first one that comes to historically non-ignorant person would be:
    “Die Straßen frei fûr braunen Regenbogen”

  24. I have seen a lot of protests going back 40 odd years.
    This was the most hysterical, hate filled, pointless, inarticulate shout down I have seen. Even the parliamentary lawn protests railed against the might of the state. This ugly ignorant baying mob was so incensed by one tiny mouthy feminist they completely lost any moral high ground they thought they had.
    Act and NZ First indeed will benefit from this, for this is woke, cancel culture, hard left entitled delusional politics at its worst.

      • Presumptuous and predictable of you millsy.
        The problem with extremists is if you disagree with them then that is propelled straight to hate. There is no discussion. Cancellation before conversation.
        It shows your no better than the boofhead protesters today.

      • @millsy,
        When people exhibit and froth forth hatred and violence towards others it is usually a sign of a deep down and suppressed sign of their own self hate projected on to another. Rejection or aversion or forms of separatism are one thing, vehement loathing and desire to exterminate is another.
        The human animal though, is after all something of a misbegotten naked ape. Collectively we may even seem like aliens in the natural environment of our planet.
        Some time ago I read a book called ‘Living Downstream’ by the ecologist Sandra Steingraber. You can read the reviews on the below link.
        Steingraber mentions a phenomena called endocrine disruption which is the name for the way in which nano particles of plastic fool the receptors on a cell and manage to cross into the endocrine system. The effects on animals and birds in the wild have been noted and there is no reason to imagine the same effects on humans. The subject seems to be curiously taboo but one does wonder at the way the left has discarded the politics of class for the politics of sex and why the endorsement of multiple gender variations are promoted all round and everywhere.
        Maybe it’s to avoid massive amounts of law suits and demands for reparation from petrochemical corporations.

  25. It just occurred to me. Golriz marched and campaigned for her Iranian sisters right to speak in her former homeland but actively marched and campaigned to silence womens right to speak in New Zealand, her new home.

    Talk about an own goal. Where actually does her loyalty reside?

    • Her only loyalty is with her hypocritical self, as reflected in her track record since arriving as a refugee, being supported by NZdrs throughout her education, defending Rawandan war criminals as a lawyer…

      • Claim to be defending women, and you rip into Golriz? She gets a lot of flack, including death threats.

      • So you think the death threats against her are OK. The amount of abuse she gets, it’s no wonder she has MS.

  26. Yep. I will be voting right bloc. Don’t care anymore about their policy. Will not abide by this. there is no opportunity to debate. Ciao.

  27. This garbage is exactly why people like her are able to get more traction. Fascist shutdown and violence against any dissent. As always, the proper response is to hold a counter rally that actually includes impassioned and well thought out speeches and points. Talking and listening to those who are interested in that moron in order to get them to learn more and understand why they are wrong. Not violently attack anyone who disagrees with you.

    This “you’re as woke as us on our wokest days or you deserve to be destroyed as an example to others” ethos is continually doing more damage to the causes they want to help than any possible good. Fascism is fascism. And if you’re unable to hear and argue against an opposing view that’s often misguided and ill-informed then you need to find the people who can do so and put them in charge. Where are the ‘adults’ in this trans activist arena instead of the childish people proclaiming everyone has to agree and if you argue against it you shall be destroyed.

    • so lets go burn down a libarary…the right really don’t like it when their own tactics are turned against them

  28. When did Pride Auckland replace the Chief Censor and decide what we should be allowed to be exposed to, or not?

  29. Amazing the people on here crapping on about ‘protecting women’, but are completely silent about proposals in the USA to impose death sentences for women seeking abortions, or Russia effectively decriminalising domestic abuse, or perhaps the sexual harrasement of women in the work place, etc and so on.

    What about the women in the USA who got long prison sentences for having misscarriages?

    I think you guys are just a bunch of bible bashing bigots, who support banning anything and everything. As I said before, you would gladly support Uganda’s new anti LGBT laws.

  30. If only we would see crowds protest for something meaningful. NZ’s complete lack of action on climate change, our inaction on biodiversity collapse or our governments inaction on inequality but to name a few of the major issues we face…

  31. Hey Anker, I see on The Standard that you are voting for ACT. You are willing to put the ‘right’ to call LGBT’s ‘sodomites’ above payrises for our low paid workers, and a welfare system that supports the needy, a social housing that supports the homeless and a health system that supports the sick.

    Dont fucking come crying to me when National and ACT start putting cash registers in our hospitals.

    • Millsy, if not voting ACT meant those other things might actually happen then there’d actually be a choice to make.

  32. The militant trans mob is far more dangerous to democracy than the sad ragtag handful of so called Nazis depicted in the photo

      • Millsy out in full force. It’s a lost cause mate. You’ve played into the hands of the right beautifully. Here’s to ACT.

      • The lack of intelligent and plainly wrong assertions in your responses are making you look silly. I’d stop if I were you.

    • Same usually gave them my party vote but they get electoral vote as well this election
      God save the King

    • Voting ACT is an oxymoron. Free speech whilst their policies dehumanise our ability to survive

    • There is no ACT policy to freeze everyone’s wages.

      If I missed that policy announcement so where, please provide the link.

      • David Seymour has repeatedly stated that ACT want to freeze wages and lower the minimum wage.

  33. Listen to the right wing anti-trans bigots bleat & bleat while they lick their wounds.

    Poor wee babies, losing so sore & hard. If I cared I’d nearly feel sorry for them.

    • Well, to answer your question, people like me, are very creeped out towards why you would want surgery to change your body so dramatically.

      Not that we hate trans, its more due to the fact we can’t really understand why.

      I’ll try and find a better equivalent you can understand.

      I like philosophy, but there is a certain point when your internal sophistry can’t form true opinions about reality

      The fact is that if you are in fact a biological male, if I was to take you and force feed you estrogen you would not be ok with it. We know this from when they effectively did that to gay men back in the day as an attempt to castrate them. Even today when men with prostate cancer have to take some very low levels of estrogen, they get agitated by it.

      Trying to simply do some kind of philosophical imagining here is like imagining breathing in the vacuum of outer space. Sure its possible in thought, but if you tried it, that wouldn’t work out to well.

    • It’s pretty apparent that the behaviour of the radical trans protestors today has harmed their reputation with the wider public.
      No one likes entitled shrieking cancel culture yobs mobbing a tiny mouthy feminist or anyone else for that matter.
      Not the brightest of strategies to elicit the support of the voting public in an election year.
      A lot of good quiet achievement over the years undone in 30 minutes.

      • You & your anti-trans comrades have absolutely NO idea about the challenges of being trans. How would you like to be part of a tiny, vulnerable community being picked on? How would you like your identity being denied you? How would you like others wishing to curtail your rights?

        Wilful ignorance & prejudice are drivers of the anti-trans movement. It is pure bigotry. Trans people are no threat to anyone — certainly no more so than cis people. In fact cis people are a far greater threat to trans, as witnessed by the discrimination & violence towards them. Yesterdays protest was about the trans community giving back to the bigots all that they deserve.

        • Trans can only be trans in a first world nation. The cops aren’t bashing the trans community, the courts aren’t denying trans safe spaces. Taking pot shots at people on YouTube doesn’t count as “oppression.”

          I would argue that trans activists are the bigger threat. Half of all trans suicide is due to them being lied to. Transitioning to fast brings disappointment.

          Taking puberty blockers to early can’t be reversed.

          If you leave gender dysmorphic kids the hell alone 80% of them settle into there own bodies. 70% of the remaining 20% end up homosexual so the greater threat to trans is the activist.

          Self identification is not a symptom. That’s us trying to empathize with gender dysmorphic patients.

          • Sam are you speaking from a Trans person perspective or from your own utter ignorance. Don’t you love it when these so called experts think they can fix something they know absolutely nothing .

        • But no one is denying trans rights in NZ, quite the opposite as Parliament and the bureaucracy bend over backwards to appease trans (e.g. the move to allow self ID, forcing people to answer with a ‘gender’ in the census when many of us don’t subscribe to that ideology). In fact it is now trans who are denying everyone else’s rights to speak, or to hear someone speak.

  34. Ah well… so long as no one got a run in their stockings.
    The real issue here surely is that people take this seriously. I should be dismayed why a nut would come here and get all twitchy about other people being other people. I should be equally dismayed that others still would care. The whole thing’s darkly hilarious really. If it isn’t, then are we missing something? Being straight isn’t easy either you know. I’ve taken photographs at Ms Trans competitions, I have close Gay friends, I have close lesbian friends, I’ve had huge fun with girls who swing in more directions than a stoned Tarzan including the Chimp. You do know, right, that creeps like Ms Dom Knickers Posie Parker relish making a scene. That’s their high. Not giving a fuck then not turning up to give her trouble would be the very worst thing you could to to her. Posie is a debit within the human species. Don’t care, and watch her wither. Ghost her out. Who cares.

  35. Wow, what a dumpster fire, definitely no transphobia in Aotearoa, is there? Some nasty undercurrents on display here. I guess tomorrow is another day, see you in Wellington.

    • If by transphobia you mean not venerating a violent mob and believing their every idealogical edict then yes; and I would therefore be proud to be a transphobe.

      • Like all those here with vile anti-trans views, of course you’re proud to be a transphobe. Congratulations on your bigotry!

        • By Transphobe you mean having a view that trans don’t agree with.
          Basic facts that I’m sure you will think is transphobia:
          1. there are only two sexes – one makes large immobile gametes (female), the other small mobile gametes (male). This is true of ALL the animal kingdom, and once your genes are determined at conception you can’t change sex. But the trans ideologues have to shit on this fact to justify all their other virulent rhetoric so call anyone who espouses this scientific fact a trans-hater
          2. expression of sex in physical human bodies is OVERWHELMINGLY bi-modal i.e. male/female, with 0.018% intersex, but again the trans community hate this fact so massively overstate the intersex numbers and pretend that humans can change actual sex when they can’t
          3. gender is whatever the hell you feel it is but somehow, and good on you, seek out whatever makes you happy and you should have all the rights everyone else does. But despite the rainbow community professing to believe in non-binary gender, they force women to accept that trans women are women i.e. one half of the sex binary, who typically also have a feminine gender, must now kow-tow to this other gender that wants to pretend it’s your gender. What happened to non-binary? Are you not happy being yourself, this unique special third thing? Why do you have to abuse and threaten everyone else who doesn’t subscribe to this belief? Does it make you feel more secure or something?
          The trans logic is so illogical it’s mind blowing. And it’s frankly astonishing how good a gaslighting job you’ve done on the rest of the world, given you’re such a small percentage of the population.

        • Transphobia is seen as a “safe” prejudice, start voicing opinions like these about Jews, Maori, Muslims, black people and you’ll find yourself ostracized pretty quickly, but putting the boot into a trans person seems almost socially acceptable judging by the volume of comments above.

  36. It’s pretty apparent that the behaviour of the radical trans protestors today has harmed their reputation with the wider public.
    No one likes entitled shrieking cancel culture yobs mobbing a tiny mouthy feminist or anyone else for that matter.
    Not the brightest of strategies to elicit the support of the voting public in an election year.
    A lot of good quiet achievement over the years undone in 30 minutes.

  37. You miss the point, but hardly surprising given the level of juvenile hysteria I saw at Albert Park this morning.

  38. You miss the point, but hardly surprising given the level of juvenile hysteria I saw at Albert Park this morning.

  39. You miss the point, but hardly surprising given the level of juvenile hysteria I saw at Albert Park this morning.

  40. You miss the point, but hardly surprising given the level of juvenile hysteria I saw at Albert Park this morning.

  41. This was an absolute misery of a shit show thanks to certain people who called and brought violence. And it was not Posie Parker and her volunteer female marshalls and the few women that had the guts to actually show up to make a point that women exist and that they too have the human right to freedom of speech and political assembly.
    Well at least we know now that in Aotearoa NZ women – human females no longer have that right. Unless it is signed of and approved by that person writing for the NZ Herald and without that approval human females shall not attempt to meet at a public space for political assembly and speeches. Holy Progressivenessness!!

    But at least we have all got to witness – thanks to plenty of online footage – the spreading of love and kindness by most marginalized and vulnerable community that ever existeth since the time of the cave people. And oh my, that love was spread with gusto and resolve to do damage and inflict pain. I mean points were going to be made.

    And if ever we wanted to know why our crime rates are as high as they are, the action of the police force speak for themselves and i am not sure that they gained any glory or honor with their actions of today.
    But i guess they used all appropriate force to keep both sides safe. No really, surely.

    So really, Well done Aotearoa NZ. Well done Rainbow Greens. Well done wokistan. Well done.
    Women speaking about their issues brought to the fore for all to see your best, your brightest and your kindest. Be proud.

    • The Police will get an invite to the Pride Parade this year, so their sloth yesterday had some purpose.

  42. This whole sorry episode is past ridiculous into BrownShirt territory.

    Speak up for Women say that trans women and their enablers are encroaching on their spaces and telling them what to do, and they don’t like it.
    So we have one group, natal women, who say they should be allowed to express their own identifies and determine who comes in to their spaces, often because they have suffered terribly at the hands of men.
    Then we have a second group, natal men, who say that their sense of identity trumps anything natal women say. They disrespect and disregard natal womens’ identity and lived experience, all while pretending they are inclusive and the protesting natal women are the haters.
    And when it comes down to a natal women trying to say this in public (i.e. Posie), we see Rainbow fascism that can’t tolerate even one natal women saying what I just outlined, and responds with hate, vitriol, lies and violence.
    Who is the hater here?. This is fascism from the supposed-inclusive Rainbow community, pure and simple.

  43. Best Hate Speech of the March 25 event – Marama Davidson leaving the protest “…I am a prevention violence minister and I know who causes violence in the world, it is white cis men, that is white cis men…”.

    This can be seen in a video clip of Marama walking down a footpath with supporters as she leaves the protest, embedded in various news coverage including on a newshub page.

    Perhaps the Greens have decided to narrow their voter base.

  44. If someone wants to identify as another sex I have no problem with them. I draw the line with trans women (I.e. biological males) using the same bathroom and changing facilities as my daughters or competing against them in sports.

    It’s as simple as that. Somehow that is controversial and transphobic these days. These people want to have their cake and eat it. My brother is trans so I speak with a little knowledge of the subject, although I’ll never understand how dressing like a Japanese school girl in a mini skirt makes a grown man feel better about himself.

  45. Memo: Ms Posie
    Just because you’ve got one doesn’t mean you should act like one. And stop whining, you got exactly what you wanted. Thanks for illustrating what “$10,000” of security looks like.

    • Are you referring to a female body part?
      And using that word to denigrate and dehumanise?
      Why does a female body part engender such hatred?

  46. The rejection of woke ideology is already under way and yesterdays disgraceful performance by the zenith of extreme left woke cancel culture ideology will hasten voters in this years election to vote with their feet.
    Unfortunately for the hard woke, and inadvertently moderate liberals, the result will be a solid move to the right.
    If left unchecked extreme woke ideology becomes fascism.

    • Exactly and when the media and government all believe in the woke and everyone else is the enemy and to blame and are not allowed to speak freely, it is fascism. That is where we are in NZ, judging by the government, police and woke not allowing an international speaker a safe place to speak.

      Remember the woke, won’t let Don Brash speak at a university either, as he is too racist thus it could be dangerous for the woke insane. Seriously they are snow flaking the wrong people, stopping free speech and people in authority in NZ are enabling it, just like the German officials in the 2nd world war or the red guards in Communist China.

      There should not be fear on letting someone speak – you don’t have to agree with it, but a decent society and government needs to tolerate it and make it safe.

  47. Oh, how time times have changed.

    Rotten tomatoes were once considered legit as they were a safer alternative to slings and arrows.
    Now tomato soup is verboten.

    I only see the inexorable march of progress.

  48. Oh the pitiful excuse for what passes as a
    Nazi in this day and age.

    While Germany in the 1930s had the Black Shirts the best NZ can come up with is the Black Shorts.

  49. Anker hasnt denied that she wants abortion and birth control out lawed, and hasnt denied that she would be fine with freezing and cutting the wages of thousands of women who work in call centres, as cleaners and checkout operators.

  50. 300+ comments! Wow, it turns out the most important issue in New Zealand today, is what that woman in the cubicle next door could be concealing under her skirt. Fuck climate change, fuck poverty, fuck race relations, fuck housing, fuck inequality, fuck the war in Ukraine, the burning issue of the day is whether transphobia is OK, and judging by a lot of the comments here & elsewhere, the answer seems to be yes. Wow New Zealand, just wow.

    • I think extreme activists with no idea what a woman is turn to shame, insults, guilt and a need to be right and think it’s a winning argument.

    • The right & other bigots need scapegoats, Kim, & so they choose vulnerable minorities.

      Aren’t they so courageous? The pressing issues of the world are too easy for them to help solve… not.

  51. Posie Parker departs New Zealand; JK Rowling blasts protest as ‘repellent’

    “British gender activist Posie Parker has left New Zealand, calling it the ‘worst place for women she has ever visited’.

    Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, shared a photo on social media showing her being escorted by police through Auckland Airport.

    She left her rally at Albert Park in Auckland yesterday without speaking, after being overwhelmed by thousands of heckling counter-protesters and pelted with tomato juice.

    Controversial Harry Potter author JK Rowling took to Twitter this morning to brand the protest scenes in Auckland yesterday “repellent”.

    During a series of Tweets, she said a mob “had assaulted women standing up for their rights”.

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