Minister Michael Wood did the right thing regarding Trans Troll – what happens next


Posie Parker: Counter-protests planned as anti-trans protester gets greenlight for NZ travel, Labour MP expected to attend

Anti-trans protester Posie Parker will not be denied entry to New Zealand so is set to hold her controversial rallies in Auckland and Wellington this weekend.

Counter-protests are being planned and the Immigration Minister’s made his disapproval of Parker crystal clear.

A self-identified TERF- aka a radical transphobe – is coming to Aotearoa.

“No woman has a penis… no man has a vagina,” she said.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Michael Wood said Parker’s case was a decision for officials.

He condemned her for world views he called “inflammatory, vile and incorrect”.

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“I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists,” Wood said.

The Minister has done the right thing here.

Make no mistake, Posie Parker is a radioactive Trans Troll anger grifter who is in it for the attention and clickbait donations, she has the right to Free Speech and because we are a liberal progressive democracy, we stand up for free speech, not censorship.

Her popularity has been driven by militant woke activists who lash out at anyone who doesn’t accept their woke identity politics ideology, Posie Parker is what happens when you refuse to have a debate about the issue.

This entire issue has caused immense damage on the Left and rather than debating the material well being of citizens, we are lost in middle class identity politics virtue signalling that censors rather than answers and in that cultural space, anger grifters like Posie Parker flourish.

This is a liberal progressive democracy and while I certainly think Posie Parker is a bad faith actor, she has the right to speak, equally however, we all have the right to protest her and challenge her.

The danger is now how that protest occurs.

She has dangerously decided to hold her speech in Albert Park, I say dangerously because it allows for a free for all to occur, which is precisely what she wants.

The issue right now is one of immediacy, how to protest her toxic rhetoric without making it a propaganda win is what matters this weekend.

Right after her speech though, the entire community need to actually step back and consider how the militant Trans woke activists have alienated everyone else and created the environment where anger grifters like Posie Parker can thrive.

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media.

For me the true tragedy here for the Trans community is how quickly their alienating and over the top attacks along with their fourth wave feminist allies have eroded and burnt so much of the good will the rainbow community had built in the 80s, 90s and 00s.

The rainbow community pre Trans activism had worked to make love and family inclusive, the new woke Trans activists built pure temple cliques that created diversity by cancelling everyone who didn’t agree with them.

Because the woke activists rely on echo bunkers and cancel culture, they have lost the ability to persuade and because the Left is overrun by the woke that inability to win over people is rife throughout the movement.

I don’t think this protest can occur without something awful happening and a large part of that is because we’ve generated that environment by refusing to actually engage and win people over.


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  1. Once again Martyn, I think you are mischaracterising Posey.

    But keep going with that (not) ….all it does is marginalize women with gender critical views more

  2. Michael Woods did the right thing.
    Astounding, he’s never done the right thing,so this must be a first.

    • I thought the same thing in terms of government allowing free speech.

      Maybe they couldn’t find anybody in the ministry in time to oppose it, so it might have been an accident. If they had more time and someone who knew how to stop someone coming into NZ, maybe they would have done it.

      it seems unbelievable that a woman’s rights group, is considered dangerous.

      As for the Nazi trigger warning it is quite common for younger people to use the Nazi salute to demonstrate that a view is similar to nazis (aka radical transgender advocates). Prince Harry once dressed in a Nazi uniform for fancy dress, but I don’t believe anybody thinks he is a white supremacist or those at the party were as well because they attended with him.

    • He has spoken his mind and now we know what he stands for. (Or do we?)
      Can we say the same of other politicians?
      Should one really fear speaking what is on your mind. Should we really fear those who speak their minds.
      The cohesion of society is threatened by those who do not speak their minds out of fear of the consequences of doing so.

    • Well given your names Bob the first must mean you’ve done nothing in your life. Judging by every post I’ve read of yours, you saying anything of any sense would be a first.

  3. A classic situation where a nuanced, dialectical approach is needed rather than ugg!!–me right you wrong–ugghhha!!

    –A class left approach is to support the rights of all exploited, alienated, marginalised and oppressed people which includes transgender, non binary AND biological women and lesbian women. Women with uteruses are just over 50% of the population, the patriarchy is still a thing, and immensely powerful.

    –Divisions within the exploited, alienated, marginalised and oppressed need to be dealt with rather than cowering in fear or ignoring them because that just aids the capitalist class and bourgeoisie who thrive on division amongst the the working and middle classes.

    • Classic Tiger Mountain, woke af. How many of those over 50% women with uteruses are actually men with uteruses? I hope you’re not making assumptions.
      In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the ‘patriarchy’ pushing this gender ideology. We’ve seen womens groups get de platformed which I haven’t seen with a trans event. Cops rainbow flags, banks rainbow flags, telcos rainbow flags, military rainbow flags, parliament rainbow flags, schools rainbow flags.
      Part of the problem is once a victim, always a victim.

      • A rather incoherent comment there Off white.

        I will distill it down…
        –trans/non binary people have rights that should be defended, we do not need the equivalent of “poofter bashing” in 2023.
        –And, straight women and lesbians should not be further oppressed by the actions of trans activists, this is where the heat is at the moment, but who benefits from working class disunity? yes the bosses and the patriarchy.
        –And, any piggy backing by neo fascists on an anti trans basis must be responded to in the strongest way

        • Tiger mountain, it’s only incoherent to those use the term ‘women with uteruses’. But at least you admit that women are being oppressed by trans activists. And finally, neo fascists are all about silencing viewpoints.

    • @TM. Don’t even bother responding to He She It Her Him. You’ll regret it and only embolden He She It Her Him’s sense of victimhood.
      It’s a real shame Georgina Beyer couldn’t have been the moderator of this site. Christ Almighty there’d be a few she’d have done battle with.

    • Fuck your patriarchy bullshit.

      Men didn’t build society for other men. They built it to make life easier to form a family. To protect and provide for them.

      • And women birth every single male who ever lived. And they incubated them for 9 month, then birthed them, then breast fed them, and then kept them alive long enough to reach adulthood.
        Now please show me the male the birthed a child. Not a ‘transman’ with a vagina and female reproductive organs, but a male with penis and a ball sack.

  4. The Greens have shown their attitude to free speech and thinking .I hope people remember this when casting their vote. I do not hold with most of what this person says but when you listen to what she says their are points that are valid .and are of concern.

    • Trevor, the greens are dictators who don’t believe in free speech. Wrongthink is hate speech, hate speech must be banned.

    • The greens are fundamentally an ideological authoritarian political party. I would rather have ACT in power than the greens. And I’m a born and bred working class blue collar labour voter. How ever in saying that Labour wants my vote, donations but wants me to shut the fuck up…

      • Agree, if i have to live in a dystopian nightmare i would go with Act. At least the authoritarianism comes without preaching and witch burnings. And the Greens need both, preaching to choir and the occasional sacrifice to the gods to keep the peasants at bay.

  5. I had no idea the women even existed until the lovies started throwing their dummies out of the cot. Last night I took some time to have a listen to what she is saying. She is very pro women and while I didn’t totally agree with all she says she didn’t come across as a dick nor a hater.

    I can’t really see where the problem is, bar the usual media and a few doing their misinformation spreading for gawd knows what reason besides the mighty buck.

    • Peter, yes, the media doing their thing and then the uninformed rage mob galvanises into convulsions verbal diarrhoea.

    • Peter Barry. She’s pro children too, and I’m pretty sure she’s opposed to under-age and pre-pubescent children being subjected to things like hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers, whereas here parents who don’t go along with this can be imprisoned.

  6. The Greens again show themselves to be against free speech. They without doubt are the most outdated movement.

    • Without doubt 3rd behind National and ACT.
      Nationals’ education policy announced today is a rehash of Keys National standards policy. That was without doubt an abject failure confirmed by all teachers.

      • The Greens are about nothing than personal attacks and mean sarcastic comments for anyone that doesn’t agree with them.
        Their knowledge of science is based on hysteria not facts.
        They are the modern flat earth society.
        National’s education reforms are excellent confirmed by most parents.

        • “Confirmed by most parents” Really Bob?

          Nationals education policy is code for ‘we won’t give money for more teachers’. As a teacher pointed out yesterday they do teach a set amount of English and Maths but they are also expected to teach a whole lot more to bigger class sizes.

          • Overwhelming confirmed by parents,who know education in New Zealand,dropped to its lowest ebb ever under the Chipster.( promoted to PM)

  7. Does anyone else find it strange that a bunch of blokes are trying to stop a some stroppy shela from speaking about shela stuff?

    It seems to me that a bloke can put on a frock and he (or she?) has more right to speak for the shelas than the actual shekas.

    My mother was an old school WW2 nurse, tough as nails, she took no nonsense from anyone. If any bloke told her what to do there would be hell to pay.

    I’m on the side of the stroppy shelas, they fight dirty and blokes need to STFU or they will get eaten alive by the hairy legged feminists wearing sensible shoes.

    Best thing to do is head off to the pub have a couple of beers

    • Great Terry I’m off to the pub today after golf,where my friends and I will toast to your good health.

      • It’s a shame Key and his protege Luxon never ever did the right thing like stop homelessness, poverty etc rather than create the denigration of our health, education and infrastructure system.

  8. It seems to be mostly men upset about this.

    I’ve seen gay men, men wearing a frock, women who were born with a penis, and young people “who are different” TM. But I don’t seem to see women, especially those of us who have been around for years anywhere near this discussion. And I can tell you why, a bloke in a frock can punch just as hard as a bloke in a rugby jersey

    • saw an interesting doco years ago that said NZ had one of the highest incidences of hermaphrodites in the world the doco being about the somewhat random way doctors assigned genders to these babies

      • Gagarin Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere’s astonishing maiden speech castigated colonialism for apparently stifling the wide variety of gender experiences which Maori engaged in prior to their arrival. Such historical widespread gender variation and it’s associated practices could, theoretically, lead to genetic modification, hence little babies being born as hermaphrodites.

        • or it could be our small gene pool snow….(joke)

          what does it say about us when I have to qualify a comment as a joke? at least gays have a good sense of humour, trans activists have had a full humourectomy

    • most mtf’s eat once a day and carry at least 40% less body weight than had they remained male
      they cannot run as fast anymore and without T everything physical is weaker
      and they are kinder than before too

      • and all of that still don’t make these males females or women for thta matter. They are now just blokes who are on HRT, and about 5% of them go through and cut their genitals off. The rest are just blokes who get fake tits courtesy to the tax payer, and keep their dick, as that is what they would like to be. Always and forever males.

      • Queeny “ Penis doth not maketh a man. “. So what ? Chopping it off doth not maketh a bloke a woman either.

    • Sallyanne. Yep, it’s men having attacks of hysteria about a woman speaking about women, and that’s always been the way of the world. We women are far too busy.

      Scrappers looking for a scrap are a colossal waste of everybody’s time. Some feared someone could get killed at the Parliamentary protest when again the politicians didn’t want to hear what people had to say, and hid away, and only the cops copped varying degrees of injury. Hopefully no one will get hurt this time, but media wilfully misrepresenting this speaker’s platform are prostituting their jobs.

  9. “She has dangerously decided to hold her speech in Albert Park, I say dangerously because it allows for a free for all to occur, which is precisely what she wants.”

    I think is a pretty unfair take given that no NZ venue allows controversial topics.

  10. The proof of Martyn’s article is in the Wokes’ posts and replies on his earlier article from yesterday.

  11. Get the fire trucks with water connections out ready to hose the hotheads down. That will tend to break up the central fight and the police can catch the outliers and shut them in a pen with thick chain-link fencing and let them fight it out under controlled conditions. These are people who think through their muscles, not their brains so let them get it out of their system. On the way they will find if they are real men or not!

  12. Self declaring feminist women. Not only women Martyn (where were these newly found right wing male feminists supporting women on other women’s equality issues?)
    I can see where she’s coming from but the notoriety has gone to her head with her neo feminist look and all that attention seeking crap. Yes, we all know there are male opportunist douche bags everywhere but surely genuine trans people just want to fit in, somewhere, without a lot of fuss. There are a lot of minefields on this subject and, as a cis (yes it’s catching) male with no foreskin in the game, (yes, abused and mutilated as a baby) I’ll just watch from the edges.

  13. ‘pansy potter’ nazi, nope….right wing grifter cleaning out gullible right wing pockets, you betcha.

  14. If this woman is really talking up trans people grooming, then she is an idiot. We all know who the groomers are and they ain’t “taking a walk on the wild side”

    • Again, just to make it clear for anyone who does not understand. Self ID – which is what these women and many here are protesting against will Allow ANY MALE into any single sex space. That includes males that may use this to get to their prey. Same as some males who become priests, police officers, other clergy, teachers, etc etc etc in order to get access to their victims.

      Self ID gives ANY MALE the right to single sex spaces of women including rape crisis centres, refuges, toilets, changing rooms, showers, hospital wards, retirement wards and prison cells. And any female who would complain about a male behaving oddly would be laughed out of a room, Shut up Nazi, bigot, Transphobe, Penisphobe, bitch.

      this is what did in the PM of Scotland – and the bit of funny money business via her husband who was CEO of the SNP all that still unraveling. But the fact that this two time rapists was gonna go to a female prison cause he came to court in a pink wig and tights showing his penis.

      Males – and for that matter some females – who are go off on raping/assaulting/molesting others will go to any length in order to gain access to victims, groom them, and then harm them. We have this in the news pretty much every other day. Must be all ghost victims.

      These males will totally take a walk on the wild side in order to get what they want. And they will discover their trans ID while waiting for sentencing. And they don’t have to be on hormone replacement therapy, nor do they have to undergo castration in order to gain that access. They just have to state; ” I am a woman”. That is it.

      • Sausage you are probably a woman but you seriously sound like a cock and believe the vile that you spread.

    • if you want groomers look no farther than religious cults,churches,schools and sports clubs…real concern for these kids would direct protesters there but it’s not about ‘the kids’ is it it’s about having a pop at drag queens.

  15. I betcha the NZ Jewish Council would know if PP is a neo-Nazi ay?
    I betcha they’ll say buggar off.

    The ‘t’s have done it again and piss’d their pants in public again.

  16. Jesus what a bunch of crappy comments. She’s a marketed brand for a reason, that reason being reason itself. If you are incarcerated with a thing that identifies as female but has an erect penis and proceeds to repeatedly stick it in you and you have no way to escape you’re not going to be inclined to enjoy the LGBTQ experience are you?
    There is the same difference between being pro-woman and being anti-trans as there is between being jewish and being a zionist. A vast, vast difference.
    just as a reference:

    • jane remind my of the incidence of male on male prison rape again…oh that’s right male rape is part of the punishment and we all giggle about it(I’ve made jokey allusions myself)….mind you 24hrs banged up everyday in single cells might solve that issue…you prepared to support and pay for that?

    • Yes, jane post. This speaker is a mother of four, from a big Uk city, who intends running for the UK Parliament. Looks pretty good for a woman who has birthed four children, and this is what’s freaking these males out. If she was an old frump then they probably wouldn’t be quite so incoherent, but Kiwi males are floored by good-looking or talented or articulate women, mores the pity. They had Germaine Greer arrested for using a four letter word, and banned cutie Mandy Rice-Davies as a threat to our morals. Thanks for nothing, boys.

  17. The Main Show

    War up
    Geopolitic Tension up
    Interest up
    Bank Crisis up
    Food up
    Poverty up
    Truancy Up
    CO2 up
    Temperatures up
    Flooding up
    Times up

    Let’s Go To The Side Show.
    Roll up to see the Amazing Bearded Lady and The Man Without A Penis vs the Feisty Pommy Git Girl and the NeoNazi. Tickets on sale at Albert Park, Sat.

    Also, live this weekend. Winston Peters rising from a political grave.

  18. Isn’t it great, we can judge someone as this, that and the other, and then give them no right of return. Ain’t it just dandy, the ruling class toffs, salutes you – yet again.

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