Evangelical Racist Stop Co-Governance redneck jamboree gets smacked down – Jesus ain’t happy


Police step in as co-governance supporters clash with meeting organiser

Police had to break up arguments and eventually ask people to leave an anti-co-governance event in Dargaville last night.

Organiser Julian Batchelor, who is a Christian evangelist, tried to give a one-hour talk – also opposing Māori MPs, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and iwi organisations.

But he was mostly drowned out by people who were upset by his words.

The latest jaw droppingly racist Stop Co-Governance redneck jamboree meeting was disrupted by people wanting to call the evangelical Julian Batchelor out on his bullshit.


Stop Co-Governance is a new racist hate group based on evangelical Christianity.

It’s roots are in the American MAGA movement.

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The success of the anti-cannabis referendum in NZ was funded by Evangelical Christians going to America ostensibly to get money for anti-Abortion campaigns in NZ, but when they lost that battle, the money was spent on the NZ cannabis referendum.

What the anti-weed God squad realised very quickly is that they could host and hold small rallies throughout heartland NZ without gaining any real media attention or counter protests to convince locals the evil weed would kill them.

The new MAGA anti-Co-Governance racists are playing the same game, small town hall meetings well off the beaten track. God boy Julian Batchelor is using his relationship with his angry invisible flying wizard to turn Kiwis against Co-Governance but the problem for Julian and his backers is that lots of Māori live out in those rural areas and are going to turn up and challenge him on his crazy racist conspiracy theories.

The religious right could play these games of talking in small Town Halls off the beaten track to sway confused people against weed, but trying to hold cross burning rallies when there are lots of local Māori prepared to challenge that narrative is far more dangerous.

Jesus ain’t going to be happy with Julian and the more people who realise he’s a foaming evangelical Pastor, the better!

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  1. I’ve said it before and no doubt will say it again, evangelicals wouldn’t know jesus from the hole it their arse..it’s just a respectable cover for innate bigotry

  2. Sweet music indeed. Great to see NZers getting politically active on these issues. It is about debating and strongly challenging the MAGA lot not banning their use of free speech, association and assembly.

    The Cannabis Referendum campaign got off track due to four things:
    –Luke warm support from the Labour Caucus (they honoured their agreement with the Greens technically then hung them out to dry)
    –COVID was genuinely a major interruption to the momentum of YES groups
    –Mixed messages from the pro Cannabis lobby groups confused some people
    –US Dirty money which breached the spending limits but was allowed because Family First was technically a separate entity to prohibitionist group SAM (Sensible Approaches to Marijuana) even though they shared an office and www services!

  3. But! But! He’s another son of God!!
    He and the false profit Bishop Tamaki should hook up and give us some people to ridicule for a laugh! It’s been a while since I’ve had a good chuckle. Throw in the fascist gweenies too for good measure, and the wokeratti as well.

  4. Swaying the voters – fancy footwork. Getting through to the locals with good messages could be done by dances in the local halls as in the old days which of course are free. An early supper and some home made craft low-alcohol drink and a talk about important matters over supper and then back to the dance. Or more of those boy meets girl for country people get-togethers. The rural people are wanting to retain community – bring them together with positive measures to counter the malicious and mendacious, the mms, that are burgeoning in NZ.

  5. It’s funny though, that this person here got shut down by the same mob that shut down Richie Hardcore. Namely lefties who can’t abide others having their own opinion. And fwiw, in both instances the ‘advertising’ that now goes to both cancelled people is free of charge and wide ranging, courtesy of those that would like to regulate speech to only state what they want to here, and those that shut down others come across as somewhat uptight and authoritarian.
    I mean were it not for the many protesters who actually would have shown up to hear what this person had to say?

    • Oh no its the likes of David Seymour who decides what free speech is and its only free speech when he says it is. When someone says something that doesn’t suit he goes crying home to his mother

      • Precisely! E.g when the former PM called him, sotto voce, an ‘arrogant prick’, she was speaking freely (and honestly, imo) – exercising her right to free speech.
        If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, David Seymour, then get out of it!

    • I think you’ll find a few lefties here who are against cancel culture RB plus it was a womens group and trust me being a feminist doesn’t make you neccessaryly a leftist….please engage brain before hittin the enter key.

  6. Spreading misinformation at the referendum and getting their way has empowered right wing religion into thinking they can get away with anything. They have learned to spread their misinformation on social media that encaptures the easily led so easily, it was just a matter of rinse and repeat for the next subject.
    And then we have laws being created to protect religion!

  7. Why do people have to drag poor old Jesus into it? Frankly. I’m quite sure that if he saw Julian walking down the other side of the street, he’d levitate upward out of the way or somehow avoid being seen in the vicinity with him. A vicar friend had an especially wry comment on the “Christian” Right, which was this: The devil took a televangelist up to the tallest mountain in the world, where everything was spread before him: “Is this all mine?” asked the televangelist, leading the devil to rub his hands in glee: “I think we can do business,” replied the Prince of Darkness.


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