The Daily Blog Open Mic – 10th March 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

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  1. The Front Lawn could be the voice of Auckland.
    This is their Queen Street –

    And have a look at their Breakfast Anthem/Mess Song
    They ponder on how everything is downhill after breakfast. I have had the feeling.
    If you don’t do things properly
    You make a mess
    And even if you do things right
    You make a mess
    There’s always a point at the end of breakfast
    When everything’s a mess
    And if you walk away and leave it
    And come back in half an hour
    The mess is even worse
    It got worse all by itself

    Queen Street where they buy ‘The Beautiful Things’ :
    We come from the land of the new
    From a better place than this
    Where everything’s clean and fresh and new
    And the people are young and handsome and true

    But the world we live in is cold and it’s dark
    And it’s full of the dirt and the death and disease
    And the loneliness
    Yes the loneliness
    And the heartache and sorrow and fear

  2. Video put together of the Wellington protest partici;arly at the beginning the parts of the end that show violence.
    Are we going to jump in with our no-nos?
    That’s too easy if we allow ourselves to be manipulated.
    I haven’t seen it all yet – 44 mins. Is there a part where people are encouraged to sit down and discuss the problems with perhaps a big whiteboard that notes them and records them?

    We know, or those who care to know, that NZ political management has been choosing to pay the low income less while certain people bribed out of retirement get paid $000s per hour, per day whatever to sit on committees and make sober pronouncements. And government has become a lot of bum sitters and word-twisters, and clothes horses for the better-type of design and propriety.
    Monty Python
    Here’s a good rant
    Hale and Pace have a final message to the protesters from the pollies and police and naice PMCs.

    People turned out of needed state houses on the smell of an oily rag but accused of someone, somewhere, sometime having had or made meth – and it was a lie, a ploy to get them out so some master plan could be followed profitably by someone.

    So let’s see what gummint chose to do or not do to hear the people who were concerned enough to travel all the way to Wellington from wherever their abode is.

  3. Kind of sad really, if utterly amusing: The RNZ TVNZ merger.
    It’s something that really needs to happen in some shape or form. Unfortunately Labour really really fucked this one up – BADLY.
    It started out OK with Trace M and the pals, but it was never going to work out because it had to labour under the neolib/3rd Way framework.
    Tits to be sucked, egos to be satisfied, stakeholders to be considered (Except of course the biggest stakeholder – which if course is its listening/viewing PUBLIC).
    It still could thrive, and go forth. It can’t however, because it has been so royally fucked up with needless bullshit and jellybeans that its biggest stakeholder has had a gutsful of little piggies at the trough, and various players that should never have been let near the whole idea.
    Maybe next time eh? Probably when everything is on its knees.
    When I look back, I just have to commend Miles and the boise, Peter the Thompson, and various others prepared to put themselves out there for martyrdom at the next media awards.
    It’s going on now 2 decades since I had anything to do with BPM and its predecessor.
    And many of those martyrs (such as Thompsons’ [peters not pauls], Dunleavy’s, Miles’ziss, Peacockings, Campell’s and others) could have had it fixed in a jiffy

    It won’t go ahead, but we’ll still have one of the most OVER-managed, UNDER-delivered PSB cisterns in the whurl. More bullshit artists and highly paid managerialists running a cistern that actually delivers some very good, and some total SHITE expensively.
    Sorry Willie J, but you really did let your ego and naivety (in this space, going forward) to get the better of you as you were prepared to put too much weight on the bullshit artists (some of them VERY nice people)

    • OwT I can’t believe that tv and radio could come together well. Not after their background in NZ – two different but related families. But you must see a combined system working somewhere in the world. What country are you thinking of as a exemplar?
      I fear that you are a cock-eyed optimist as they sang in South Pacific.

  4. What’s this about Christopher Luxon saying that the public servants have had salaries frozen. Tell us more. (I saw this in Thursday 9 March Political Roundup William Hewett News Hub). And they need to perform better – the baby lions that even the politicians, fully grown, can’t handle, so who to criticise.

    Deliver a big backyard pool to Parliament Grounds and fill with mud, plenty of silt around, I thought that one woman interviewed said she’d shifted 8 tonnes but my ears must be full of it! Mud wrestling pollies v uncivil servants (they would be after a bout of this) after the end of Parliament, while the people watch and hand a bucket around for donations to go to Wellington food bank.


    Why couldn’t Wellington officials put up the bucket and fix it when it needs it I say. After all they’ve many other problems.
    December 21

    Make Wellington spaces fun places with managers like in Parks and Recreation. 10.14

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