Why the 5.7% Greens are in trouble

Green Party social club

As TDB has warned, the Greens are in trouble politically and the latest Curia/TU Poll sees them tumble down to 5.7%!

The Greens as they suddenly realise their alienating woke dogma is driving away voters…

… it’s weird watching the shock wave of Green activists slumping to 5.7%

I think they don’t appreciate how alienating their woke dogma is and hilariously this is the ultimate end point of woke identity politics, you get pure temple politics.

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This happened to Pride Parade & Student strike for climate, the woke take over populist movements & it kills them for pure temple cliques.

Go woke. Go broke.

A bonus of pure temple politics however is that the woke tend to prefer to live amongst other woke, social media wise and suburb wise. That’s why the Green tactic to take certain electorates has value because the woke are concentrated in Central Auckland, Central Wellington and Rongotai.

The problem with pure temple politics however is a total lack of popular support.

The bitterness from being locked out of their home country has not been factored into the overseas vote that has traditionally benefitted the Greens and may well favour the more reactionary message of ACT this election.

The lack of policy traction because James and Marama took  the vacant baubles of powerless Ministerships, the total capitulation to alienating woke dogma and identity politics activists taking over all the internal mechanisms of candidate selection has seen the Greens stall and they might actually get less than they polled in 2020.

The alienating woke middle class activists are all identifiably Green so when they are screaming some social media jihad against you for questioning a tenet of their faith, you transfer your personal anger from that activist to the Party itself.

This woke backlash is coming home to roost for the Greens now, how do you get people to vote for you if you’ve already cancelled all of them?

This can’t come as a surprise. Climate Change is more important than ever and what have the Greens been doing? Gerrymandering the sexual assault laws so anyone accused of rape is found guilty and a Gay Conversion Law that no one has actually used because there isn’t actually much gay conversion therapy happening in the church anymore.


On top of getting tricked into a coup against the useless James Shaw, their activist base are just fucking hopeless at the real bear pit of politics. Oh, misuse a pronoun and they crucify you, try to force Labour into passing something meaningful, total incompetence.

The flop of the recent climate change protest that the Greens championed, went from 170 000 to less than 10 000 because of the crazy woke take over of most protest movements now. That poor turn out alone should have put the shits up Green MPs and supporters, but I’m guessing anyone who remains in the Greens now all seem to think this alienation is just a great filter to keep out those lesser than their high mindedness.

Can any of them turn it around?

Chloe and Julie Anne Genter are trying to push the Economic issues, and they are more important than ever before.

I think the candidacy of Efeso Collins could be a turning point, I think Steve Able would be a crucial and important voice, but Marama Davidson, Ricardo, James and many of the Caucus are all just missing in action.

If nothing changes, I think they will be lucky to get their 2020 result.


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  1. …because they’re a bunch of propertied virtue-signalling snobs, and the sole strategic or tactical plan any committed members have is to get rid of the only MP they have who is a renter? *crickets chirping*

  2. On the bright side now, males are now women and women is now a mixed sex category. don’t say they did not achieve something. There is not a single Green Politian that has a single smart thing to say about anything, as their record speaks for themselves. Besides, have they said a word about the ‘green’ slash that is littering the beaches, houses and towns of the East coast?

  3. Which is all very sad for you green folks. You deserve a party solely focused on environmental policies, instead of duplicating itself as another form of Labour, but with more Twitter skills. The Greens should have 5 or so doable key policies relating to improving the planet and our lives. They would require large budgets which is why, under MMP they need to be open to doing deals with either large party for the sake of those policies. Instead, by insisting on being a lefty socialist party, they get fuck all policy gain really. Only way to change is to get kicked out for one term and clean out the ranks and then restart. The Greens are stupid, simple as that. I might join and take over – we’ll be on 15% within one term out of govt! But only if I’m paid commission for every percent.

  4. I will likely vote Green right or wrong in 2023 to keep the brand alive, and they have been rather wrong ever since they rejected Sue Bradford as leader–that woman had and has, a true class left understanding, analysis and commitment.

    And lets be frank–the TDB has not exactly been helpful with its constant attacks on the Greens. “Woke” is a construct as poisonous as the old “PC”. A stereotype employed to negate perfectly legitimate and progressive goals. Identity politics has filled a gap vacated by the small marxist parties, social democracy (old Labour) and a fighting central labour organisation.

    These are the tasks for anyone that takes politics seriously rather than cheap shots on blogs.
    –a united marxist organisation
    –a fighting CTU with all new leadership
    –community level campaigns to re-engage NZers in politics and direct action

    • Not surprised in the slightest you are voting Green Tiger Mountain – you live in Wellington Central as well I understand to make it even more cliche.

    • I like Sue, even if my political affiliations are opposite to hers, I respect her integrity.

      However, Sue doesn’t have one environmental bone in her body. It’s the likes of her, Locke en tal that moved the Greens away from their core issue, the environment.

      Donald and Jeannette, were first and foremost, environmentalists. Are there any left in the Green Party who are anymore? If so, they’re pretty quiet.

    • Imagine if they had been voted out at the last election because just enough people were turned off, they could have spent the last 3 years sorting themselves out and come back ready to crusade at this election!

      Do we really want them to miss the opportunity to do that this time around?

      • How?
        It would be the same bunch of retards trying to rebuild.
        Best if they are resigned to the dust bin of history.
        Sadly they will survive and continue to contribute to the destruction of NZ society.

  5. If they spent more time trying to get better conditions for medical people and teachers and less time on legalizing a drug they might make a better society. Once that is achieved then is the time to try and validate any pet platforms .

    • Ironically Trevor legalising weed would make fiscal sense, in terms of court and prison costs. In fact decriminalising lots of drugs would probably be fiscally prudent. Despite all the bullshit it would not instantly turn everyone into druggies.

    • And there you have the problem. The Greens shouldn’t give a crap about working conditions. Those are not environmental issues! With a comment like that it’s no wonder the Greens are just another mini Labour.

  6. All parties have their rusted on support, surely the greens can rely on about 7 percent, but that will vary by what Labour is up to for those that swing between.
    Hipkins looks shiny in his honeymoon period so is probably pulling a few green votes to Labour at present – although Labours bump is only a tiny 1 percent.
    I’d be surprised but very happy if the greens couldn’t get 5 percent on Election Day. Maybe completely banning all men could achieve it, I’m sure they’ve thought about it.

  7. I noticed in the green-type activities I have been involved in that there is a lot of confidence that they know all, and understand everything as if all the matters raised are in their genes. It is as hard to make change or promote some practical measure even as a pilot because someone with a confident voice believes it is not necessary.

  8. As a long time Green supporter, I’ve been pretty disappointed by their performance over the years, and now I’m forced to vote ACT.

      • ACT?, you really need to get out in the political world more.

  9. Ahhh are we getting to the stage Martyn where you beg TDB viewers to vote Greens, to stop them slipping below the 5%, as you have done a cpl of times in the past.
    Hope not….you can’t be that hypocritical surely? to post and post how fucking useless and alienating they are (which I think we all agree…left and right supporters) then when polls show them sinking below 5% you have a change of heart and want them to survive.
    IMHO….they NEED to spent 3yrs in opposition (preferably 9!) and return as an actual environmental party and not one obsessed with identity politics.

  10. ACT who will take an axe to wages, social services and envirnmental legisation. You do know that countries without clean air and water regulation, dont have clean air and water, do you?

    • That’s why people support parties with STRONG environmental policies, not mass cancelation & identity based policies.

  11. Humanity, socialist care thouth scares,the fuck out of corporate learn, your job, donT dare say,tv ex what ,im happy in my skin how you,with your external not teling your audience your hidden ,and do look,never, jist my job is like play the game,shall i play,your im not gay, childeren, who needs them.What a uncaring exploit of your progress. Shame.

  12. Way back when Jeanette Fitzsimons was in charge I was a full on Green supporter. Donated. Lent them screens for the elections, put a banner on my fence.

    Then things started to change. Suddenly being a man was a sin. Especially a white middle agish man.

    I wanted them to focus on the environment. Nothing else. Over time they’ve become unrecognisable. So I turned to Labour. They turned against men too. Didn’t one of them stand up and say he apologised for being a man? Now there is nowhere else to turn. Probably won’t vote anymore.

    • You are worried about your previous privilege being threatened more than the the wellbeing and living standards of thousands of NZ workers who will face massive wage cuts under ACT?

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