Chloe drags the Greens back to economic justice – will it be enough?

Chloe looking rough at TVNZ

The best TV right now is the new regular interview between Chloe and Brooke on TVNZ Breakfast.

Apparently the news producers of NZ have finally watched The Working Group and realised you need actual space for people with different politics points of view debating issues.

Crazy hu? The AM Show have started doing it as well, if Today FM ever catch on we might have a functioning Fourth Estate!

Chippy has moved Labour away from the alienating minefield of social justice to focus on economic justice and Chloe is attempting to do the same by trying to pull the Greens back to economics….

“Over the past 40 years political leaders have basically cut taxes for the wealthiest and the richest and have decided to starve the public good, our collective well-being and then blamed the public good, our public services for failing in that environment, then sought to effectively privatise it.

…will this attempt to pull the Greens away from the alienating woke identity politics and towards economic solidarity work?


The bitterness from being locked out of their home country has not been factored into the overseas vote that has traditionally benefitted Labour or the Greens and may well favour the more reactionary message of ACT this election.

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The lack of policy traction, the total capitulation to alienating woke dogma and identity politics activists talking over all the internal mechanisms of candidate election and policy control sees the Greens stall and they might actually get less than the polled in 2020.

They might pick up Wellington Central, might have a chance in Rongotai.

Chloe’s most recent interviews against Brooke Van Veldon on TVNZ however suggests she might be too burnt out to take Auckland Central again.  They have been dreadful interviews and Chloe doesn’t look like she knows how to argue outside the Green Party Echo Bunker, it’s like the whole time she is sitting next to Brooke you can see her screaming, “But Brooke follows Ani O’Brien on Twitter, how can I not murder her right now, what will Coley say’, level woke pettiness.

The Woke left have cancelled and deplatformed everyone so don’t need to actually have the skills to argue or debate their corner any longer.

I was one of the few commentators in 2020 who called Auckland Central for Chloe, but her lack of skill in knocking out Brooke has been surprising. Chloe is one of the few who has the ability to sit David Seymour on his arse, but when confronted by another young woman with a different set of political believes, Chloe looks spooked and incapable of articulating her point beyond naked rage of Brooke’s treachery to all women for being right wing.

I’m not sure the black feminist death shroud of a wardrobe selection is helping much either.

Chloe is right about the message, that the rich have fucked us and continue to fuck us, but as the messenger, I think she has spent too much time in petty Green Party echo chambers.

Look at the total flop of a climate protest last week to appreciate how toxic the woke brand is now.

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  1. The gweens and economics are like water and sewerage. They shouldn’t be mixed but your local council thinks it’s ok.

    They couldnt count fuck all if their identity depended on it.

  2. It feels like these Greens have finally faded away. Who are these Greens again? When all they have to do is some old school green shit…like setting up an eco farm, or rowing a dinghy into an illegal trawler down in the roaring 40s. Or save a beached whale. But then that would spoil the Armani outfits. But what these Greens need to do most most is say ‘Fuck You Labour, you gave us jackshit, next time we’ll give our votes to National in return for these 10 key policies.’ It’s called being single minded. Do that and even I will vote Green.

    • Only for National to say fuck you Greens we don’t believe in global warming or saving the planet, we want to frack the fuck out of NZ suck the oil till the earth combusts and only worry about the wealthy. Probably why they trust Labour and why they rule out an untrustworthy National.

  3. Hardly seems likely.

    Decent people know what the new Greens are. Maybe some deluded fools will believe that Chloe aping Sue Bradford is the reality of the party, but everyone knows the reality of the politicians is James Shaw with a coating of woke pro-MEK sex cult identity politics from Golriz, with all the staffers corporatists who think that a stint as a Greens staffer will look good when they’re applying for an HR position.

  4. It’s a very insular and protected ECHO chamber though, with all other blue/green views shut down or forced out.

  5. ” They have been dreadful interviews and Chloe doesn’t look like she knows how to argue outside the Green Party Echo Bunker, ”

    Thanks for the update Bomber on these ” interviews ” if that is what they pass for.

    Its echo chamber now is it !

    How does that do anything to assist the constituency that the Greens always represented when they need that representation now more than ever.

    Metiria Turei , Bradford , Fitzsimmons , Russell would have never believed that an echo was the right way to communicate what they represented and what they would do to articulate that message.

    The former Green party represented SOCIAL , ENVIROMENTAL AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE ….that is what they stood for !!!!!!!!!!

    When they release themselves from the straightjacket of identity politics they will find that the constituency and environment they abandoned after drinking that diversionary corporate cool aid is still here in even greater numbers and waiting for some hope and strength that the Greens should be demanding and negotiating for in any future governing arrangement in a tight MMP parliament because LINO will never in its current form deliver for the many and not the few.

  6. I am quite surprised that anyone in the ACT party is allowed out without their mother superior well known free speech advocate ( as long as it suits his agenda ), climate denier and champion twerker David Seymour. She has probably got a microphone in her ear straight from the boss

  7. You’d think that Chloe would be deeply among friends on Breakfast TV, they come from the same same woke school of identity politics as she does. Actually big ups for Brooke to venture into highly enemy territory, I’m surprised Chloe and the tv host don’t do a collective eye roll on everything Brooke says.

    Obviously I can’t watch it, well I work, and I think I’d rather have knitting needles rammed each in my eyes and ears.

    Also Brooke was a inspired choice, any male (especially a straight white male) would be canon fodder for the self appointed media elites.

    On a side note: these 5 min ‘who can make the best sound bite ‘ interviews are a reason why the likes of Russell Brand and Joe Rogan are so popular. You learn nothing in 5 mins, but its that the attention span of the host or the audience?


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