When the Right pretend their toxicity towards Jacinda had nothing to do with her resigning…


When the Right pretend their toxicity towards Jacinda had nothing to do with her resigning…

Threats against politicians, Jacinda Ardern jump massively over past year, peaked during Parliament protest

Newshub can reveal the number of threats towards politicians involving police has jumped significantly over the past year, with a large number recorded during the Parliament protest.

Figures obtained by Newshub under the Official Information Act (OIA) from police reveal a log of threats recorded against MPs over the past few years.

In 2019, the first full year the log was operated, there were 38 threats that police became involved in. This jumped to 54 in 2020, 70 in 2021 and then to 101 in 2022.

The number towards former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern alone is significant.

There were 18 threats recorded against her in 2019, 32 in 2020, 50 in 2021 and then 60 in 2022. That means there were more threats against Ardern last year than what police recorded for other politicians combined.

…remember what you saw when Jacinda resigned?

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You saw what we all saw, a Prime Minister run down and burnt out by the stress of the job and the obscene level of vitriol thrown at her and her family…

Nine out of 10 hateful posts tracked in darkest corners of the internet targeted Ardern – new study

An online hate tracker found Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the target of 93% of toxic posts against seven high profile politicians and officials, with a total of 5438 abusive messages.

Auckland University researchers analysed the darkest corners of the internet for posts mentioning Ardern and six unnamed politicians and bureaucrats, from 2019 to 2022.

Senior lecturer in politics and international relations, Chris Wilson, said Ardern was overwhelmingly the target both of all posts, and of those deemed hateful or toxic.

…the Right are desperate that you don’t see how their wave of abuse burnt Jacinda out because they are now scared at how this all looks. The 50+ white tertiary educated female swing voters saw the hate campaign against Jacinda for what it was and they refused to reward that level of political spite and we’ve seen Labour bounce in the polls.

The defence the feral right are using is, “‘My spiteful, vicious, abusive and threatening hate against Jacinda is NOT misogynistic’.

Ummmm. Ok.

Let’s pretend for one second that your spiteful, vicious, abusive and threatening hate is NOT misogynistic, but it’s still spiteful, vicious, abusive and threatening hate isn’t it?

The problem with the antivaxxers  (as much as the woke), is that their entire identity is now wrapped up in their resentment to Jacinda and the alienation it caused them is deeply personal and hurtful.

They will NEVER accept the science that the vaccines overall protected us because they are too personally invested in the echo bunker narrative they have adopted.

The ‘Cindy’ haters on the other hand are just boorish old blokes who feel threatened by anyone smarter than them, they will always vote like masochists and vote ACT.

Outside grumpy male bores and feral antivaxxers is an ocean of Kiwis who don’t want to participate in the dripping festival of resentment and want a political response to the challenges we are all facing, Chippy is appealing to them and it’s making the right twist with spastic rage and frustration that they aren’t getting any political traction.

The real challenge for Chippy will be in the recovery and resilience rebuild stage alongside all the desperately needed infrastructure required.

To do that convincingly he needs to raise taxes on the rich.

That will be the true political test of Labour.


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  1. No one including those in public office should be sent messages of hate or intimidation. That said Jacinda saw the writing on the wall that she had become bad news for the Labour Party due to lack of any real change to the lifes of most people and she needed to stand down for them to have a chance of getting back into power. Like her not her sincerity to the party cannot be questioned so like Andrew Little before her she stepped down.

    • “due to lack of any real change to the lives of most people”

      That should read “due to a lack of any positive change to the lives of most people”. Most people’s lives have changed since Labour took power, many have become significantly worse.

        • Bob a global pandemic had nothing to do with it at all? Large amounts of people across the planet are significantly worse off. That’s more to do with economies being set up for the elite you salivate over. In fact our economy has done remarkably well ( relative to the OECD) by the measures your mates Luxon and Seymour consider to be all that really matters. You may care about child poverty and homelessness but you cant seriously tell me they do.

          • Wheel. The ruthless abolition of the Commissioner for Children, and homelessness, would have done it for me, if the Green’s identity politics already hadn’t. I’ll never forget first encountering homelessness off-shore, and it beggars belief that kids living in cars and garages seems to be accepted as a new norm.

            We all did our bit with the pandemic, but acutely aware that the run-down public health system couldn’t cope if we didn’t. And this was at a time when numerous DJ’s were given preferential entry over trained doctors and nurses already in short supply. Does this make me right-wing ? No. It means that bread and circuses don’t work.

    • robust critisism of policy is part of the rough and tumble when you put yourself up as a public figure THREATS OF VIOLENCE ARE NOT….people have to learn their online horseshit will still have consequences,

  2. Martyn you are assuming that all hate towards Jacinda was from the right. I would say many disillusioned Lefties who were angered by her lack of progress on social justice would be capable of abusing her. The same with the Parliament anti vax protesters. I know several that went there and they were labour voters.

  3. Nasty politician get nasty reaction, hardly news.

    Meanwhile Stuff glorifies a “poet” advocating actual white genocide.

    • Bob please explain what was divisive about Jacinda’s politics, is it because she is Labour, is it because she is not NACT, is it because she is a woman who (god forbid had a baby in office),is it because she is not a man, is it because she saved our arses during covid. Is it because she mandated health professionals to have covid vaccinations among the myriad of other health mandated vaccinations. Is it because the right wing trolls constantly attacked her and her family, is it because the right wing trolls couldn’t even leave her partner alone is it because the right wing constantly denies being the actual right wing misogynist trolls who attacked her and her family. Is it because she couldn’t actually do her job safely because of all the above ??. ( as has now been proved by no less than said right wing Newshub trolls ) well Bob please explain, maybe ask Trevor

      • Her Government certainly alienated a lot of law-abiding, licenced firearms owners and the undercurrent of co-governance, secret deals and race based policies hasn’t exactly brought us together as one united nation & people.

        Plumbing issues shouldn’t divide a nation on the basis of race, but somehow Labour has managed it. New Zealand is considerably more divided by race, gender, identity, political leanings & socio-economic status than before Labour took power, the next election result will likely show how destructive this Government has been

        • MR . Maybe its an enlightened society that will vote in October. All the chickens are coming home to roost a fair society for all not just a few .Who called NZ a “ smug little hermit kingdom”. Maybe no longer maybe at last we are growing up and its probably about time.

          • Queeny You’re pushing things by suggesting that any country “ is growing up” which appoints a trouble-making bovver boy like Trevor Mallard as ambassador to the Ireland whence came many of our ancestors, and which itself carries a history of exploitation, pain and suffering infinitely more extensive than that of this country, and which deserves better than a wild colonial boy being conveniently dumped on them.

            Apart from the fact that the guy’s a social embarrassment, and regardless of whatever you think, I suggest that his retarded-adolescent antics in the Parliamentary precinct should have had him banished to the wopwops, not rewarded with a cushy little posting.

            With a grown-up in charge, this protest may not have escalated, dividing people and costing hundreds of thousands, and more spending pending with forthcoming inquiries and commissions, police persons injured and infected and their families majorly impacted upon, and mad hatters from all over the country descending upon Wellington for a nasty summer party, being giant-sized nuisances, closing local businesses, and disrupting not only local residents, but innocent school children.

            What’s more, one has to be very cautious about any leader who tells people not to talk to their neighbours, and makes statements such as, “ Unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth”, and “ We will continue to be your single source of truth”.

            Further, He Puapua, developed in secret, and defying democratic practices and constitutional arrangements, is far from enlightened, but is backwards repressive territory, so no, we are not growing up at all.

        • Its NatZ and Act that are playing the race card with 3 waters. Typical dirty right wing politics – Luxon and Seamore are low level inconsequential politicians who can say all sorts of bullshit.

      • All of the above!
        But, basically, pale, stale males in this country cannot handle being told what to do by a much more intelligent woman!

  4. The actions of the govt and covid regime she fronted had nothing to do with the criticism Ardern received, emotive or otherwise, nor the fact she refused to answer criticism as would ordinarily be expect of someone responsible for such extreme coercive actions. It was all misogyny.

    Good Tui ad.

  5. History will judge Ardern as a monumentally weak leader who lost control of her Govt and wasted a unique mandate on antidemocratic policies she never put to the electorate.

    She killed it with kindness.

    Nothing to do with misogyny. I voted for her, twice.

  6. To be fair, Ardern stated several times that harassment etc was not the reason she quit. Whether she was being honest or not really is on her. I don’t condone the vicious trolling and threats. I also give Ardern credit for saying she didn’t have enough in the tank. That was her reason so let’s not rehash the past.

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  10. Grumpy old men and mysogynists who hate a successful young woman leader – Bridges, Garner, Hosking, Duplessis, woodham, Tory Tim are the worst. What Chippy and the left need to do is to counteract the right wing tory dirty politics brigade who are using the law and order bullshit over in Hawkes Bay to keep the right wing momentum going. Yes I saw the red neck ground swell farmers at that meeting and Nat party members making out the crims are out and the compliance media are sucked in. The media, Tory Talk ZB, Tory times herald, Tory am show, and media in general are all under the influence of the dirty politics team out promoting a hopeless luxon to the elections. Sorry Labour, big business and media are promoting the tories so we have a tough job – getout and vote. I saw Bridge “mirimiri ana nga raho o Luxon” this morning – all media give him a free reign.

  11. Jacinda crammed ten years into less than six due to the Christchurch massacre and the global pandemic.

  12. The tribal lefties( proto fascist, middle class, karens and dudes with no nuts) just can’t handle the truth. Or criticism. Or a different opinion. Or some else who isn’t infatuated with the same brand of political and ideological bs and their poster girlfriend. Hopefully that’s the end of all of this bs.

  13. Alot of it boils down to having to put up with National for 9 years running our infrastructure into the ground, the lack of services or support, poor working conditions, discrimination levels ect, it was hoped electing a Labour govt would start fixing everything that had become broken but instead Labour handed the medicinal cannabis scheme to corporations, a review into poverty returned results which then got ignored, no capital gains tax and it wasnt until Covid that we were still over run with immigrants.
    Labour literally just sat on their hands and did nothing.
    Its no wonder the sentiment of those down the bottom changed

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