TWITTER WATCH: Green on Green friendly fire expose rifts

The woke and the Greens are fighting not to save the planet or reduce inequality, they are fighting to protect the identities they've forged. 


Russel Norman’s scathing criticism of James Shaw simply grows by the week now.

As James throws a temper tantrum in Parliament over climate change while ignoring his own fecklessness, Russel has repeatedly and gloriously trolled James on Twitter over the lack of real change the Greens have managed.

As the Greens poll the same they gained on election night 3 years ago, the frustration at their lack of political traction (thanks in part to their alienating middle class cancel culture),   has finally snapped and Julie Anne Genter has attacked Russel Norman over his criticism.


That’s like Chippie telling Helen Clark to fuck off.

The stress and strains cause by the election are going to open up wide chasms on the Left especially as Labour pivots from social justice to economic justice.

If you see the world only through the lens of identity, as The Greens and the woke do, then anything that is critical of your perceived identity became a political threat.

The woke and the Greens are fighting not to save the planet or reduce inequality, they are fighting to protect the identities they’ve forged.

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As the tide turns on wokeness, expect things to get far nastier this year.


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  1. Look at the fall of Ardern and Sturgeon – charismatic politicians who played divisive identity politics and became too toxic to re elect.
    There are lessons to learn for sensible politicians, but that’s not the Greens.

  2. He is correct though.
    Go through some of the debates in 2002 -2004/5 and listen to Jeanette Fitzsimmons clearly outlaying what needs to be done, vs what we are getting. James Shaw has been the most useful blinder ever. And his achievements are not worth the paper they are printed off. Maybe its time for Mr. Shaw to take another plane flight overseas to disappear in some think tank. Or maybe he can get a job as an accountant at that so-called Green School that he was so happy to give government money too after the first covid lockdown. you know that school build by millionaires to give education for 48.000 a year. 🙂

    These people are not green, they are not concerned with the environment, they are concerned to stay in politics as otherwise they would have to get jobs in the real world. Average incomes for the average people they are. Can you see Julie Ann Genter, Marama Davidson work for their living? lol lol lol lol lol, they would be the ones filming each other on Tik Tok going on about how hard it is and how inhumane and cruel that someone actually expects them to give value for money.

    Good riddance.

    • All politicians these days just tread water. Don’t want to make waves until at least they have their 9 years in parliament sorted so they get a fancy pension when they leave, that on top of a few other allowances they give themselves.
      Do nothing career politicians are not what this country wants or needs.

  3. The answer is a Blue/ Green party with a Nick Smith type as leader and then they have bargain power with both side s of politics.

    • If the Greens were a principled third party that is truly focused on pushing environmental issues to the fore they would / could / should work with all major parties. That they refuse to work with any party other then Labour shows that the environment is not their main issue.

      • R B could not agree more .zIn 2017 the Greens could have gone with National and pushed some real bottom lines as English real real wanted to be PM. Instead they became a very small 3 rd leg of a shaky stole where Winston Peters called the shots with no reference to the Greens.

        • Great comment. The Greens are Labours lap dog, they didn’t ever bother talking to Bill English.

          I actually believe Bill would have treated the Greens with more respect that Labour ever did, especially since Winston would have been out of the way and lost his only trump card. They gave all their power to Winston.

          But we know why they didn’t and again proves that the Green Party doesn’t give a stuff about the environment.

  4. Whens she due again? So that we can watch her cycle to the hospital to give birth while her partner follows in the car filming??


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