LATEST POLL: Chippy soars – Luxon crashes


Suck it right wing clowns.

Labour’s jump wasn’t just a bump, it was a mighty hump for a red headed boy from the Hutt!

Don’t be fooled by the Rocks that he’s got, he’s still Chippy from the Hutt

Labour – 34%

National – 34%

ACT – 12%

Greens – 8%

NZF – 2.9%

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Maori Party – 2.1%

TOP 2%

NZ Outdoors & Freedom on 1.0%

Democracy NZ on 0.9%

New Conservative on 0.8%

Vision NZ 0.2%.

Those sub 5% feral antivax lunatics won’t get any representation unless they coalesce around NZFirst only ensuring his 5% threshold cross.

And the Māori Party would bring in another MP off the list.

The Greens are way weaker than we suspect and ACT will hit 15% as Luxon continues to bore.

What is most amazing is the favourability numbers…

…the Right wing have been popping champagne bottles for two months believing the election was in the bag.

It isn’t.

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    • PM Hipkins is definitely out Nationaling National.

      National are soOoo tragic. 7 House Luxon was and is pretty much an Ardernist.

      Vote ACT or NZFirst I say.

    • @ no comment…Are you kidding? “ACT on 12%, nice.”
      So, you must be the life of the party then. Roger Douglas wrecked what wasn’t broken and in so doing created a struggling underclass of good people for the pleasures of the sociopathic riche and you think that’s ‘nice’.
      Jesus! What must you think of AIDS then. Or SARS, or H1N1, or the now nine multi billionaires or the fact that four once were Kiwi banks are literally stealing multiples of billions out of our economy? You must wonder which kitten to torture first? Which puppy should be in the curry? Which poverty stricken, at risk person must be first to be shot? @ no comment worth reading? You’re the kind of nut we’re all told to avoid.

  1. Looks like woke ALT right wing (non woke, real working class New Zealand, to everyone else) is working for Chippie.

    My concern, is it really a push back of woke policy from Labour or just a marketing spin? Can Chippie really stop the woke fantasists and identity separatists and their agenda we have seen pushed through in the past 6 years?

    The push back of stupid woke policy, seems to be helping Labour in the polls at any case.

  2. When the roosters come home to roost, and they will, Labour will be lucky to hit mid 20’s (at least if there is a semblance of common sense left in the country).

      • Did you read Susan St John’s piece about how little the pay increase will mean for workers, once you deduct working for families and accommodation supplement. SFA

      • Pay rises will cause a wage-price spiral, so yes I am against it. If you increase min wage, guess how McDonalds (for e.g.) is going to cover the costs? And no, they’re not going to “swallow it” because they are a giant multinational corporation making billions. They’re simply going to pass it on with higher price burgers. Local businesses will do the same. Increasing wages solves nothing, because any business that wants to remain solvent is forced to increase the price of whatever service/product they offer to cover it.

        • Wages cannot cause all prices to rise at once. Even the Austrian School does not believe in that.

          If only wages rise, profits fall. If these fall far enough, unemployment rises. Attempting to raise prices eventually lowers demand, and the prices will fall again.

          The only thing which can cause all prices to rise is inflation — that is, the increase in the supply of paper currency (once in circulation).

          This devalues the currency, as each paper note (or deposit) is exchangeable for less of the hard money stored in the reserves, meaning it buys less goods — and all prices rise.

          In a ‘price shock’ or a ‘cost-push’, some prices rise due to expensive raw materials, causing people to have less to spend on other goods. This reduces demand for those items, and their prices fall.

        • So if we drop the minimum wage to say $5 an hour then all goods and services will drop proportionately right?
          This right wing thinking that minimum wage increasing is wrong(Nitrium you try living on the minimum wage) is why some parents should never have bred.

      • Get a real job and stop whining, if you’re not an investment banker or property developer, you’re just a loser.

  3. Right bloc still sits above left bloc even with the inclusion of the Maori party. At some stage Hipkins needs to do something and still has to sell the 3 waters lemon to middle NZ. Te Reo is doing what Te Reo has been doing all along.

    Still the right’s to lose. Wake me up when team left actually hits the front.

    • 3 waters is not getting harder to sell given all that is going on. How people keep banging on about democracy and actually arguing that the very bodies that have royally f*cked up water, at least the water that’s around our ankles, should be retain that responsibility is laughable

      • Everyone in the Coromandel and Auckland north aren’t laughing about 3 waters now, if ever there was a vote winner, 3 waters is it!

    • Hipkins a failed Minister of Education.An abject failure.
      Hipkins part of the cabal that pushed Ardern out.
      Are they the qualities we want in a Prime Minister?
      I don’t think so.

  4. ” …the Right wing have been popping champagne bottles for two months believing the election was in the bag.

    It isn’t.

    Bomber a poll in the Sunday Star times suggested it is tight with a hung parliament being a possibility but there is a lot of bullshit to go yet.

    Luke Malpass has cheekily suggested that Hipkins could call a snap election ahead of the October 14 date already announced.

    He was arguing that Hipkins is risk averse and that he was around when Helen went to the country early in July 2002 and she only received 41% of the vote but failed to mention National only got to 20% and that somehow an early poll had cost her support but she still was the largest party with the right splintering between Dunnes United and Winston.

    If LINO continue to fool everyone they are a new government by ” postponing ” unpopular policies do actually address ” temporarily ” the pain everyone is feeling and grab the initiative and climb in support he may be tempted to go early after the budget but it could be a gamble.

    October 14 seems the most likley option.

  5. Luxon’s got nothing … I think Nicola Willis is waiting in the wings ready to go.
    However that will be akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Constantly whining ,barking at every passing car, without putting up any realistic fully costed alternatives, is wearing extremely thin with the electorate. It’s put up, or shut up, time!!
    I’m furiously eating popcorn awaiting his ‘game- changing’ policies that are going to revolutionize New Zealand to be released.
    It will be interesting to witness the difference between the proper serious journalists and the amateurs with regard to drilling down and teasing out the ramifications of those yet to be announced policies.

  6. I can’t remember but back then none of us old social democrats were excited about Ardern. And she delivered on that. Apart, of course, for her victories. Which is a main thing. And just stupid chance of crises.

    Labour makes me spit out things. Why I’ve been disallowed from The Standard.

    Solid matters of us matter more. My fellow ginge, who opposed Cunliffe, is just the stupid short-term that leads us to this extinction of the species. As you know, I object to your short-term as well, it not being consistent with our realism.

  7. Chippie has just given $1 .50 to most workers has to give him a boost .I know he said just minium wage workers are to get it but all other workers will demand a boost as well other wise it is not fair. How the weather event is handled will decide his future. Key and Brownlee did a great job in Chch and we’re rewarded for it ..Hipkins and Wood could do the same . I hope for the countries sake they can.

      • He got voted back in by an increased majority. There were mistakes made but concidering the scale of the event that is understandable. EQC was run down and not up to the requirements needed. They improved with the experiences learnt .Kaikoura earthquake was dealt with much more ease .In a situation like the earthquake or recent floods some are bound to feel hard done by and that is a shame .

        • He got voted back in by a right wing electorate. They saw the wisdom of their ways last election, as Brownlee rested on his laurels.

        • It’s well known in Christchurch that the residents of Fendalton are slow to react but react they did with Gerry losing the electorate vote in the 2020 election. It was the $30 or more billion of reinsurance money that came to Christchurch that did the work, the city is still waiting for the promised stadium along with other items that National promised but could not work out how to sign a contract for.

      • I agree Wheel . Brownlee, Key et al were well out of their depth and not morally worthy of being in charge.
        A lot of people got shafted and thrown on the scrap heap through no fault of their own due to their poor morals and lack of management skills.

      • I keep wondering if Brownlee is the answer to Luxon. He at least is a politician that can walk the walk much as I dont like his values. He is an old school politician in the ‘safe hands’ mode that many on the right are looking for. Brownlee and reti? Penk or Erika. maybe Willis.

        I wonder if the Nats have polled this?

      • He did a great job, people made good money out of that. Bloody carping & moaning. We built a great new city.

  8. I said it right here on TDB recently: if National have any policies we should take note of, any at all, then Nicola Willis needs to announce them. As I said, no matter what Luxon says now, nobody will take it serious coming from him. He just can’t buy any friends.

    • Then is Luxon just doing a Little.

      One thing, he has galvanized National but his personality is on par with Andrew, possibility slightly higher as her doesn’t come across as perpetually angry.

      However imagine, six weeks before the election, parachute Willis in. Gives little time for the leftie media to have a go at her (they won’t fawn over her like Ardern, because well she’s from the right and they hate the right). But a fresher face dfemale vs old pale white male (Hipkins) and it’s a done deal…

      It’s been for before, why not give it another go

      • He comes across as perpetually weak and your definition of galvanizing just as weak. The rightie media make him out to be the second coming….of Key.
        As for Willis, she’s just a screecher.

      • Ahhh the old leftie media mental illness syndrome, well here’s one who disagrees…

        Luxon’s authenticity problem
        Right-wing political columnist Damien Grant says the problem with Luxon is his lack of authenticity. Grant has painted a picture of a leader who will just do and say whatever he thinks middle New Zealand wants him to, and ultimately, the public doesn’t respect that. For example: “When Luxon masquerades on Halloween as a McDonald’s cashier, even at the store where he once worked, it does not ring true. That isn’t who he is now.”

        Grant says the public would trust Luxon more if he stopped pretending to be something he isn’t: “The National leader appears to be reflecting back to us what he thinks we want to see. He assumes, or his handlers do, that Kiwis want a salt-of-the-earth type with vaguely feminist views on rugby and who likes a beer and holidays in Te Puke. Maybe we do, but Luxon is not that guy, and we all know it.” He adds, “The more we get to know him, the less we want him as Prime Minister.”

        Claire Trevett also suggests Luxon is missing the mark in the way he presents himself, saying that he “primps his corporate credentials as an asset but also sounds like a corporate machine in doing so”.

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