Chippy’s Bread and Butter bonfire of woke policies


Bread and Butter Politics does two things, it puts delivery over ideology and because most middle class woke activists are gluten free vegans, they run a mile from Bread and Butter.

So Labour can redesign policy from ideology to delivery while freaking the woke to run away and stop alienating voters.

It’s a win win.

Chippy has thrown all the woke policy on a bonfire and is moving Labour from the cancel culture minefield of social justice towards the solidarity building economic justice.

Lifting minimum wage – This is economic justice.

Dumping TVNZ/RNZ merger – the delivery is more NZ on Air funding for content, the ideology was the merger itself, so the merger gets dumped.

PSA/CTU Gold plated Holiday tax – This was always a bullshit sop to the PSA to give their bureaucrats a 6 month taxpayer holiday. It was never going to fly.

Biofuels mandate – At a time of crippling cost of living crisis, anything increasing fuel costs gets dumped.

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Hate Speech – this was always a culture war the Left could never win.

3 waters – will finally be focused on drains rather than an existential race war.

The woke be cray, but their alienating bullshit has made these course corrections necessary.

We must move towards Left Universalism if we have a hope of stopping ACT and National.

Now Chippy has burnt off all the unpopular woke policy, he has to actually deliver on free public transport, free dental, free breakfasts and lunches in schools and a more tax from the rich.


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  1. ‘Bread and Butter’ social democratic politics is the opposite of ‘non-ideological’ — if you remove the social democratic ideology, all that remains is a capitulation to neoliberalism!

    The problem is that the Labour Party ceased to be social democrats a long time ago, and are now simply new social liberals (of the Third Way type). The rank-and-file membership has largely walked out of the party, and like the other major parties, it is controlled by corporate political donors.

    Probably the only pro-worker thing that might come of ‘Ultra-Blairism’ is dumping the mining ban, and perhaps exempting agriculture from new regulations and taxes.

    The Culture War nonsense is ultimately a distraction. Economic policy is what matters, and if this moves to the right, workers lose.

    • And so the fact that NZ has, at last, moved to reinstitute sane, and logical government.. and the “intelligentsia”, or what passes for it here disappears up itself arguing over the nature of “ideology”..
      I’ll leave you guys to argue how many camels can pass through the eye of a needle, and get on with, like the rest of us in reality land, our small comfort in finally seeing a break in the clouds..

    • LINO is just another vain glorious organisation using tax redistribution to their brand of middle-class to get re-elected, just like the other vain glorious organisation before them and the one to come after.
      Fucking statists and lackeys and hangers-on – the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.

  2. It’s mostly good things I guess, but any party that can fundamentally change like that can’t be trusted. Decide who you are, Labour, then prove you’re commited to it. Otherwise you’re a neoliberal reactionary party.

    • 100% This won’t get by.

      I simply don’t trust the current labour MPs. They show complete contempt for the voters and only u turn when it looks like he voters will punish them at the polls. In a way I would have slightly less contempt for them if they stuck to their f..led up woke policies. At least they would demonstrate they have some sort of principles

    • I dunno – better to try, and make mistakes, than to never have tried at all. I can’t wait to see what Luxon and co come up with.

    • Mods – please recognize this for what it is – a marvelous bit of political cynicism. “Let’s introduce a whole lot of half-baked incompetent policies that alienate most of New Zealand – and then when the polls drop we can just dump them call it a ‘bread and butter refocus’ and voters will be so relieved we will get a ‘rebound effect’ in the polls.” Brilliant. Straight out of Reginald Perrin.

    • What statements is Seymour trying to cancel.

      He thinks a public servant should go because he is not doing his job

      • Yes Anker that’s what DS thinks! And that is just so totally OUTRAGEOUS. Nobody, absolutely nobody should ever lose their job when they are not doing their job. Everyone deserves to be in a job when they not doing their job. Especially one that’s important and is supposed to serve the taxpaying public that keeps you in that job. Then it’s doubly OUTRAGEOUS that they should be fired for not doing their job. That’s why I am woking Labour at the election! Safe jobs for all I say.

  3. Let’s not forget that LINO still thinks all these policies are great ideas, and that they think the problems with “co-governance” can be solved by rebranding it as”mahitahi”.

    • Yep, this is the point. They’re dumping policies not because they’re dumb ideas, they’re dumping them because they were getting slammed in the polls.

      If they get in again, they’ll be more dumb ideas where that came from. Who knows what else they have on the back burner?

      • BG is that a bit like wanking on about being tough on crime for years and years but in reality not growing funding in the police etc? That’s what National did. Then again the p testing was awesome, oh no it wasn’t it was a property developer sham at best. But they made sure (like both main parties to be fair) that some of the underlying drivers of crime are going nowhere any time soon.

        If you think Labour have a monopoly on bad ideas I will happily bet against that. The recent poll bounce happened with Richie Cunningham taking over so not sure that it’s all about policy reduction.

  4. Raising the minimum wage looks good for government but with the Labour shortage its benefit may only be for a few, as many businesses were paying above that level to get workers. It’s also short term because the workers it affects in say hospitality, or supermarket workers will end up paying more when they are purchasers, as prices are passed on to the consumer. Labour knows inflation will result but hey, will catch a few votes leading up to the election. Nothing to increase productivity but Good bread and butter politics.

    • New view why is it that the right wingers grizzle and moan if their business profits are down but can’t see how important it is to have a minimum wage. Workers are people too! . What do you suggest?? no wage rises but plenty of profits.

      • Queeny I haven’t got any issues with a minimum wage except it is just a temporary measure until inflation eats it up and employers who are struggling will pass it on to consumers if they can. In this case its timing means the downside may not be felt until after the election. However I did say many businesses are paying above what was the minimum wage just to compete for workers. It’s quite likely we will see people losing their jobs as some businesses downsize or simply close. High interest rates affect business and their workers because there’s less discretionary money to spend on everything. Workers only benefit if there’s a job to go to. Time will tell what the result is.

      • G. I have to agree. We are generally a nation of small businesses. Productivity generally means more output for less labour. Get a machine to do something and have less labour units. Or everyone work harder and longer. It isn’t going to happen is it. I don’t know what the answer is, but with the present system if there’s no growth and the demand for higher wages continues the books won’t balance.

        • Increase in the minimum wage – excellent. Puts a higher floor under all wages. Spurs capital investment to increase labour productivity. Entices the last 100,000 unemployed back into the workforce, lowering the requirement for low skilled immigation.

      • Wages cannot cause all prices to rise at once.

        If only wages rise, profits fall. If these fall far enough, unemployment rises. Attempting to raise prices eventually lowers demand, and the prices will fall again.

        The only thing which can cause all prices to rise is inflation — that is, the increase in the supply of paper currency (once in circulation).

        This devalues the currency, as each paper note (or deposit) is exchangeable for less of the hard money stored in the reserves, meaning it buys less goods — and all prices rise.

        In a ‘price shock’ or a ‘cost-push’, some prices rise due to expensive raw materials, causing people to have less to spend on other goods. This reduces demand for those items, and their prices fall.

        And @Gagarin is correct, there isn’t enough wealth generated because there isn’t sufficient production of complex goods — only low-value added goods, due to industrial backwardness.

        • well nv we could try taxing big business and legally stopping gouging by nz business…that’d help with inflation

  5. “Woke” to me has always been a retread of “PC”–a fatuous position for any leftist to engage in. There is some good stuff in the modern agenda, but a more class left approach can always be applied. And full credit to Martyn for coming up with “class left”, I use it regularly.

    The reality is NZ Labour Caucus is mainly neo Blairist. So it is good to see Mr Chipkins take a more working class position than I ever thought him capable of. Employers big and small just hate that Minimum Wage floor don’t they! Like, ACT will freeze it for three years according to their shitslide of an online presence–but woe betide Natzo/ACT if they ever tryed to reduce the minimum. And that is why working class benefits are where Labour/Green/TPM should be for.

    • I might belive chippys working class credentials if he gives a couple of quid to bennies and pensioners but not until…with no msd clawbacks

  6. None bad has been cancelled. Only the ideas that big business didn’t want, i.e. public broadcasting. Hate speach and a rebranded 3 waters will be back if they win the election. The latter is just back door privatisation.

  7. What about extending the Winter Energy payment forever? If there are billions to spend on expired inoculations, two tier welfare and weapons to Nazis then surely we can give to the poor Chipkin.

    • what about taxing the energy companies profits at massive rates until they drop prices, gaining tax revenue and/or removing the need for the subsidy once again kiwi taxpayers pick up the bill for corporate greed.

      .take note ‘middle nz’ the nats hate you and want to transfer your assets to their mates, the poor have been squeezed dry and you’re next on the list

  8. Get rid of secondary tax thats killing peoples incomes when they work more than one job.

    Kill off the IRR abatement for bene’s who get no increase in their income when they get CPI because it gets swallowed up by their Income Related Rent.

    An immediate cost of living/inflation increase for the poorest, beneficiaries of 8.2%

    Build some fuckn houses! Oh and …Kill off the gweens because they’re useless.

  9. Great! Now can I have my 39 years back? The ones I’ve endured while watching the rich manipulate our snivelling, servile political scum drag our AO/NZ down to their level of rapacious greed, arrogance and simple evil to then steal from us by using their experience gained from years of crooked shenanigans, won’t that be awesome? I can’t wait to get my hair back much less my money and my life-time they wasted. They stole, in fact.
    Nothing’s changed re our politics and nothing will. What you see The Chipster doing is a shadow play using material gleaned from The Rich Scumbag’s Survival Guide AKA How to get away with crimes by pretending to allow amends be made when in reality, it’s us who now suffer while the benefactors of the scam that’s labeled ‘neo-liberalism’ get clean away with their crimes. You do know that neoliberalism was merely a script borrowed from Greater Scum still to enable the local, or common or garden Scum to simply steal our taxes paid for assets and cash, right? You do know that right? You do know that the theft of our taxes paid for stuff and things literally made those wonderful now nine multi billionaires? You did know that, right? What they did was exactly the same as if some rich, cunning, cunt walked into your home, stole all your stuff and the neighbours stuff too then sold it all and kept the money then bought better stuff while you watched on as he/she lived an opulent life while you and me made do. So fuck you chippy, try harder!
    The real challenge for The Chip is that he must do his job, and that job is to plaster over generations of institutionalised crimes because, and here’s the kicker, as they say, we’re about to survive a global financial reset which will be like WW3 mates with The Plague which mates with Satan which mates with disease, starvation and perhaps worst of all, boredom. The problem for us AO/NZ’ers will be that we’ll survive far too extravagantly which might pose questions from us of like ” Hang on a minute!? How come we’re surviving well in times of hardship when we were fucked during times of plenty?? What the fuck’s going on??”
    Boys? You have the answers so why not get all share and snuggles with us, hmmmm?
    Farmers? You might want to start paying attention at about this point.
    All of the above. Look up! There it is. It was YOUR money. All of it. All that Glittering Auckland gansta shit? That was your money, laundered through the RBNZ then shat out the retail banking arse hole to be bleached then laundered into society as a false economy. Multi million dollar suburban shitter houses in a country the size of the UK but with only 5.2 million people ring any bells yet?

  10. The sensible policies that will be rolled out by Labour this year to appeal to voters will shine when compared with the policies of National as they were against the recent benefit rises and for military style camps for unemployment beneficiaries

  11. Maybe he should rescind Jacinda’s plans to lower the speed limit on every highway to 50kph next? Just a thought.

  12. I am not Hooton! But I wrote this days before Hooton’s latest article. You heard it from me first:
    “My fellow right leaners. I won’t vote for him but I told yous that I like Chippie. It’s a glorious day for a Labour voter that works hard 7 to 6, and wasn’t a lifelong professional student tax money bludger that went into politics to avoid having to work for a crust. Luxon can poo poo this as much as he likes, National is now fucked really. Because unless they stump up with some seriously decent policy and nail it to the mast soon, just like ACT have done, then all National has left is Luxon’s likability. Which is fuck all!!! And even if they come up with the best policy in the world (like hey, no more tax for anyone ever?) if Luxon delivers the speech…well they better get Willis to do it.”

    • You certainly are penis obsessed, aren’t you? Have you talked to someone about that? It isn’t healthy.

  13. Just wait until you see how much money the Firearms Registry will burn through. It will make the $200,000,000 wasted on the BuyBack look like chicken feed. With no discernible public safety benefit.

    • how about no dickheads running round indulging their military fantasies…you have paint balling or lazer tag for that….a bolt action is superior to a semi auto for all legal uses. dave

  14. David Seymour puts it best: “ it’s like an arsonist taking credit for trying to put out a fire he lit” or a thief getting credit for “finding” the stolen goods.

    Hipkins was one of the most senior Labour MPs who voted for the things he now tries to distance from.

  15. Just wait until you see how much lives are saved. It will make the $200,000,000 seem so worthwhile. Public safety paramount.

  16. “Woke” is about hate speech and 3 rivers I suppose. Both mostly good. If I never hear ‘woke’ again it will be too soon. And that the ‘Left’ took it up is too bad. It put the speechmarks around ‘Left’.

  17. Biofuel mandate scrapped – the oil companies win again.
    Does the PM think the environment is going to wait for the economy to improve?
    Bring back Jacinda and her Nuclear Free moment.

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