Chippies new front bench – winners and losers


Chippy has reshuffled the Front Bench, and it’s a smart play.


Auckland + Michael Wood: Michael was a real contender for the Leadership and could have forced an election but placed his ambition and ego second for the benefit of the Party. Sometimes the new leader banishes his challenger but that would have ben terrible loss of Michael’s talents. Labour need a strong Auckland presence, Michael will guarantee that.

Māori Caucus: Despite all the claims by the Right that Chippy would turn against the Māori Caucus, Willie and Kiri remain in the top 10.

Local Government: They get a new Minister who they can work with, Nanaia had simply burnt too many bridges with 3 Waters and couldn’t hold onto the role.

Defence: They gain Andrew Little as a Minister at a time when the Military need vast increase in budget and a new fleet of Drones in an ever changing geopolitical situation that is now predicting war in the Pacific in 2 years time.

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Unions: They don’t have to face off against Andrew Little, who as a former Union Boss knew all their tricks.

The Nashy: Stuart Nash with Police is a smart move, but needs to be in Auckland more for this to work.

Barbara Edmonds, Ginny Anderson and Kieran McAnulty: Well deserved promotions.



People on Emergency Housing wait lists: Still the same failing policies run by the same Ministers.

Renters: Still the same failing policies run by the same Ministers.

Beneficiaries: Still the same failing policies run by the same Ministers.

Homelessness: Still the same failing policies run by the same Ministers.

The Environment: Still the same failing policies run by the same Ministers.



Chippy had to make the front bench look fresh, he’s done that. This will be the team he takes to the election (barring some tragedy or scandal). I think they still have to use David Parker a hell of a lot more and the front bench have to actively go out to the media to defend the Government’s position more this election and actually explain why we are doing certain things and actually have a vision to sell.

If they can do, and looking at the latest polling, they sure as hell have a chance to do that, Chippy could lead this front bench to a Labour led victory in October.


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  1. If Mister Hipkins presides over a decent Auckland flood recovery, then the election becomes Mister Luxon’s to win, rather than to lose.

  2. I thought Mr Chipkins a right winger, but he has done rather well with this reshuffle. Health, to state the obvious is always, pun intended, a hospital pass. Annette King was one of the few to do it reasonably well. Having an actual health professional as a Minister is surely a good attempt.

    Chippy can win alright if he attends to one more thing…fucking MSD/WINZ–retire those fuckers once and for all–and pay every NZ citizen a few hundred bucks per week via IRD in the form of a basic income. With the caveat of a new ministry for certain special needs groups.

    • TM Hear, hear, here. A basic income and a new Active Citizen Support Department, replacing MSD/WINZ with no connection to employment and jobs, just helping all citizens to get plugged into a communal working healthy system so that they aren’t dropouts, young or aged. Everyone is part of our welfare system, and all can do something for at least a few hours a week that helps the beehive keeping us all going. And not limiting what people can earn but everyone paying at least 5% income and 10% GST with 5% going to central government and 5% going to the area where the GST was drawn, and there will be progressive taxation that is quite high on income above $200,0000 per annum, with a notional minimum amount so that even the richest tax dodger has to pay something, not like USA presidents that have been known to pay no tax for years. There would be a lot less money going into destructive systems governing us, and able to be put into positive purposes.

      The 5% GST back to the area from which it was drawn, would act as a multiplier, giving a boost to initiatives in areas away from the main cities for needed infrastructure and extras like costs of putting on performances for musicians artists, sports etc. That would act as helpful to tourist business and also it is really important to have lightness, pleasure and togetherness in our lives. I think of the Patea Maori Club* as a shining example. the present government system and private business domination are troubling and depressing;
      prevailing ways are divisive.
      (Let we pakeha show the same positive spirit and learn some new moves and raise the spirits of all the country, follow Maori’s best and we will be on the way up, we’ll ratchet our way up instead of staying in our ratshit present conditions.)

      • In a good mood today Warbler!

        But yes, a basic income would cut a whole lot of sadism out of our society, and once you start earning some real dosh–the BI gets abated via IRD.

  3. Does this make Mahuta the only left-faction minister?

    The four most experienced left-faction MPs are all on the back bench. They look a bit leaderless now Cunliffe & Dalȝiel are gone.

  4. Yet again, New Zealand children remain losers too, with Carmel Sepuloni, the ruthless destroyer of their only champion, the Commissioner for Vulnerable Children, elevated rather than demoted, and with no effective Minister for Children anywhere within sight.

  5. Auckland and Mr Wood are a perfect marriage. He has all the great ideas, like the cycle bridge and Aucklanders are gullible enough to find him convincing.

  6. “Stuart Nash with Police is a smart move, but needs to be in Auckland more for this to work.”

    He was police minister once before. He lost that portfolio to Poto Williams, because he was so utterly incompetent and loathed by Police.

    What a joke lol.

  7. All the mums will vote for Chippy cos he looks like a cute little kid. After all they voted for Adern because they thought she was one of them, and she was… she didn’t understand politics either.

      • Yes, Nash moved over 100000 “machine guns” from secure storage to somewhere else, in a puff of $200,000,000 going up in smoke and called that success. Safer communities, not!

        • And gun murders have dropped. Great success and safer communities. As I’ve said to you before if you love guns so much America can have you. And one less gun nutter to worry about in NZ.

  8. Chippies team are going to be ‘Hung'(parliament), on the 14 October or sooner.

  9. You did not mention the children cared (or not cared for )for by O T .Infact their minister got a promotion .It is Discrasful to say the least

    • Trevor. Another thing I really like about you, you’re on the side of the children – which is more than can be said about your permanently disgruntled countryperson. Well said.

  10. “Labour need a strong Auckland presence, Michael will guarantee that.”
    Why? And how? Auckland doesn’t earn our living. It just spends it. Auckland needs a holiday from the rich freak show who’ve parasitised us for generations simply to launder farmer earned money. Say, $5K for a good house, a half day working week and bags of pot.
    Auckland sorted.
    Now, for the rest of AO/NZ, who do earn our export revenue. There’s about nineteen people left in Southland and about forty five in Otago and Canterbury. The rest were forced to head to Australia or Auckland to survive and survive they did. Many came back as 501’s. There’s a saying. ” Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. ”
    On that note: This is interesting and by ‘interesting’ I mean suspicious as fuck.
    ‘Strategy document aims to double farmgate revenue to $12b’

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