How Wellington woke activists ensured hate speech laws were kicked off political agenda

Watching the usual Wellington Woke decry the decision is funny because so many of their social media timelines were used as evidence of how crazy our activist base can get.


The funniest part about Chippy’s decision to kick the hate speech culture war (that the Left couldn’t ever win) off the political agenda is that the Wellington Woke themselves became the reason the Labour Leadership dumped it.

When Chippy called for ‘Bread and Butter Politics’, he was arguing for delivery over ideology, economic justice over social justice, and you’ve seen that with many of the policies burnt in last weeks bonfire purge, but the Hate Speech decision was different.

What was argued privately to the Labour Leadership was that our middle class woke activists are so drunk on PostMeToo power that they would immediately latch onto any new Hate Speech powers and start dredging up every Facebook and Twitter argument they’ve had and claim it is hate speech.

The Rachel Stewart example was highlighted, in that case, woke activists were able to manufacture a tweet into a threat while Rachel was arguing gender critical feminism with a woke bloke who wanted to lecture Rachel, (a well known lesbian and feminist), about feminism.

In that case, the woke were able to get a Police ‘ally’ to pretend the threat was serious and have her house searched by the cops who removed all her guns.

In the end the Police had to back down and drop the charges and threat of prosecution and returned all her property.

It was a case of SWATTING where activists pretend there is a firearms threat to warrant police overkill.

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The Labour Leadership were warned that our middle class woke activist base are so fucking insane that they wouldn’t be able to help themselves even if the new hate speech laws weren’t intended for this purpose.

Watching the usual Wellington Woke decry the decision is funny because so many of their social media timelines were used as evidence of how crazy our activist base can get.

If only they comprehended and knew that they were used as evidence, oh the lols.

The Labour Leadership were asked to consider the impact on the election if a wave of our middle class woke Identitarians went on a cancel culture jihad against all those who they wished to smite.

We already know that the middle class woke have alienated and damaged the Left with their cancel culture purges, do we really want them having the power to start Free Speech wars every day leading up to the election?

Fuck no!

Far better to immediately kick the entire debate off the political agenda altogether.

One of the reasons Labour call it ‘Bread and Butter Politics’ is because most middle class work are gluten free vegans who would run a mile away from actual Bread or Butter.

Good, let’s keep the woke and their puritanical culture purges out of this election if we want any chance of beating a National/ACT Government in October.

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  1. The funniest thing of all, in my opinion, was a speech sloppy professor, in my opinion, given to rather excessive nasty verbalising over thistles in the wind, in my opinion, getting herself onto the VUW preposterously named excellent extremist centre dreamed up to advise politicians about hate speech when, in my opinion, most of the anti-free speech proponents are, in my opinion, paranoiacs or troublemakers, far too inclined to see isims where they simply do not exist, in my opinion. Oh dear.

  2. I’ve long believed the way to deal with the “woke” mob is to simply ignore them, and instead refuse to be baited into the politics of distraction.

    Attempting to debate the liberal particularists, or incorporate them into an organisation, is futile. There is an ideological reason for this.

    These Poststructuralists don’t believe in an independent objective reality, objective truth, universal physical laws, the scientific method, biological determinism, accurate empirical knowledge, general scientific theories, or even the ability to accurately reflect physical reality using language.

    As such it is impossible to debate them, or even reason with them.

    Their political function is that of “wreckers” — they are manipulated by their paymasters to bury any new movements of dissenters with Culture War infighting.

    • They can’t be ignored when they start to control what happens in your workplace, or what’s being taught to kids at school.

    • Unfortunately we no longer have any decent sort of political satire or ridicule in the media.
      If you ignore them, they see that as an affirmation. If you challenge them, they (of course!), know best.

      And just like getting many in the political and PMC, the best way to get them to just do their jobs is to embarrass them into it. And even then it often doesn’t work because they’ll just play victim. Ego and conceit is their weak point, often broken with satire and ridicule

  3. Proposals for Hate speech laws generally defeat themselves. It goes like this:

    Minister: We’re going to implement hate speech laws
    Interviewer: Please define ‘hate speech’
    Minister: I’ll get back to you

    In law, if you cannot define something you cannot make it illegal, not unless you’re a tyrant who essentially says, “Hate speech is whatever speech I don’t like.” This government has dipped its toe into tyranny over several issues, with hate speech just being one.

    • What you really mean is
      Minister: “I’ve commissioned a piece of work in that space with my ‘officials’, independent consultants from EY and Deloitte, plus the PR team, and I’ll get back to you in the fullness of time once the results of their endeavours are known. I expect an outcome in the coming weeks, but let me assure you – you’ll be the first to know. (It’ll be delivered to you by a slave courier labourer along with a plate of rhubarb and custard, and the promise of an exclusive tell all you can use as career advancement at the Australian Woman’s Weekly)

  4. How much government money is being spent watching for blond haired, blue eyed, female, knitting terrorists at Spotlight?

    “In TVNZ’s November documentary Web of Chaos (described as “a deep dive into the world of disinformation, exploring how and why it’s spreading at pace throughout NZ and the world”), she gave advice on how to spot a white nationalist:

    “I’m working on what is known internationally as the kind of trad wife set of viewpoints, which is white Christian, lot of pseudo Celtic, pseudo Nordic ideologies behind it.

    “They use Pinterest and Instagram to draw in other women who are interested in interior design, children’s clothing, knitting, healthy food for children, and it does draw people in towards a set of white nationalist ideas.

    “… if you see a very beautiful, fair-skinned blonde or redhead child with beautiful braiding in her hair and some flowers just step back a little bit.”

    In response, one wag tweeted:

    “Today I noticed that my wife, who has Scandinavian ancestry, was browsing an Instagram group showing images of blonde children with braids. She’s also into knitting.

    “Difficult decision: Do I dob her in now or just continue to monitor her bizarre behaviour?”

    Seriously, how many terrorists are blond haired, knitting, woman? In all the terror attacks around the world, not sure I remember that profile, killing others. No wonder the woke need so much money to trawl for terrorists, they seem to be only existing in their woke fantasy world!

  5. This article relating to an interview with Kim Hill is superb and on-topic I think.
    Kim Hill talks to fantastic writer Elanor Catton.
    ‘Going online is not an innocent act’ – Eleanor Catton on how technology is changing us
    The Woke Wellington Twitterati elite are far more likely, than to be less than likely, to be a stuffy office full of pale skinned Soft-Hander’s sitting in front of glittering screens doing the deep dark state’s pro far right bidding and they will be doing that by spreading a false narrative about like herpies without the joys of fucking.
    One can see them here, playing a self congratulatory tag team yap fest spreading dissent and doubt glued together with logical fallacies. It’s really propaganda 101 delivered by a dreary tech which, in time to come, no one will be bothered with.
    But now’s now. And now, today, in AO/NZ, we have an army of arse holes trying to keep a corrupt system afloat while richer arse holes try to grab as much as possible before it all implodes then sinks. Think a Kiwi-as FTX on steroids: https with an iffy history://
    ‘The Woke’ is more a term than a thing of substance, used to enable us lot to be manipulated by the very few for their wealth creation/theft by using an highly dangerous digital social media against us all. We should be extremely careful about how/what we read and of how we share much less interpret information. As Russell Brand keeps saying ” The algorithm is not your friend.”
    My personal belief is that people are, by majority, ‘good’. Corporations, empowered by the fearsome weaponry available to them via the digital landscape is not ‘good’. Elanor Catton described [it] as being psychopathic.
    We people, we human beings, are empowering a World Wide psychopathic digital entity to reach into our hearts and minds to remove all that’s human about us based on the information we give it and I can guarantee you, it’ll be being evolving to keep us Kiwi’s off balance and confused to embed [their] agenda into our eternally confused and exhausted minds. So there.
    Solutions and defense strategies? Rescue a dog, pay down/off the mortgage, take an interest in local politics because central politics is gone and become experienced in growing as much of your own food as possible. This young guy’s a keen novice. Also, and this might seem a little paranoid but buy an at least 5 watt CB radio for each of your cars. I know, I know. Call me Paranoid if you must:
    Oh, and you might like to watch this. Is fabulous, in my opinion.
    Terry Pratchett’s ‘Going Postal’.
    The Dreaded Clacks …
    P.S. Only use ruminant and chicken manure in your vegetable garden because other kinds of shit might kill you.

    • /agree (without reading your full rant in detail)
      Danyl Mclauchlan wasn’t too bad either. Often the feedback is enlightening as well re some of her interviews. Unfortunately they don;t seem to be recorded that I can find.
      Some pillock fed back on the basis he knew best just because he called himself a political scientist. I hope he’s not in the public service, a consultancy or spin meister – chances are though

  6. The woke have put thousands of kids growing up in emergency hotels so they can destroy the evil landlord.

    However leaving the renters at the mercy of the woke landlord in government policy, has not gone so well for renters or first home buyers who seem to be suddenly devoid of a warm, dry house due to intense flooding and a building sector that fails to produce quality housing, roads, transport or wastewater and floods existing housing.

    The woke in local and central government forgot about global warming or having proper qualifications, expertise and no corruption in the building sector…

    Government pretend NZ is like Finland for corruption, but Finland actually don’t allow fake qualifications in their building sector…. and deport those who come into their country and fake work.

    Woke on the other hand spend a fortune on retaining fraudsters in NZ, fake qualified, terrorists, those who inflict harm on others, more tribunals for migrants to stay in NZ for years, decades, forever …. more lawyers, justice time, housing, food, transport, people traffickers, immigration consultants etc

    Cake decorator who helped defraud Westland taxpayers of $459,000 could be deported

    Fraudster Joanne Harrison’s hidden history: The life and crimes of a million-dollar conwoman

    Auckland Council official took bribe for $150k contract, court documents reveal

    Two jailed, six leave jobs in country’s largest bribery case

    Yuvaraj Krishnan: What we know about alleged fake Middlemore doctor

    Waikato DHB was still using outfit that recruited fake psychiatrist

    Why the Serious Fraud Office closed case against Waikato DHB boss Nigel Murray

  7. Where woke money goes in NZ.

    Can anybody actually associate with this shit?

    Why don’t the real artists and thinkers and experts get funding in NZ, anymore?

    NZ is now literally a toilet in the streets with cake decorators getting corrupt wastewater contracts – government has spewed money to the woke and they crapped, then flooded the place with garbage and sewage, literally and figuratively.

    $750 000 for Mister Organ

    Princess of Chaos: $2.6m funding for Bevan Chuang and Len Brown film

    We Are Indigo has been announced as the service provider of a new $5.45 million digital arts service, on behalf of Creative NZ.

    We Are Indigo has set up another new company, Toi Ki Tua (it already has a subsidiary called Manaaki), to run it, and the first job is figuring out exactly what it should be making.

    The contract runs through 2027, longer than the company has been in existence. It’s a transformative project, especially given that its precise shape is deliberately unclear.

    In October there was an international furore when it declined $31,000 in funding for Shakespeare programme. So more than $5m being allocated to a new platform with little guidance left many in the sector in shock.

    What artists thought of Manaaki courses….

    “Ema Tavola strongly disagrees. The founder of South Auckland art gallery and creative consultancy Vunilagi Vou was a participant in the programme, and describes it as “absolutely gross to feel demeaned, weekly, by Manaaki staff, who were speaking to us like we were so, so utterly stupid”.

    Tavola summed up her experience to CNZ, saying “as a creative entrepreneur with almost two decades of industry experience, I’ve found this programme poorly designed, inappropriately managed and generally a huge disappointment”. Despite this, CNZ claims to have received “no formal complaints from any member of our Pasifika Creative Enterprise pilot”, a framing of the events Tavola finds “infuriating”.

    The troubling backstory and new legal chaos engulfing We Are Indigo

    • funding for artists is a joke…to get the sheckels you have to kiss the appropriate butt and fill in the appropriate form and provide the appropriate ID, whakapapa etc…you have to identify as trans or LGBQ or rainbow fairy queenly person and belong to an organisation that ‘acknowledges’ your work as bona fide…so why would you bother? during that time you could have cut some flax or something.

  8. Be careful of the woke ideology it is just as dangerous as right wing ideology –

    Woke did NOT give us warm, dry houses but did give us $13 cabbages and a wokeforce that doesn’t seem very competent or reliable!

    “The Great Chinese Famine (Chinese: 三年大饥荒; lit. ‘three years of great famine’) was a famine that ocurred between 1959 and 1961 in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).[2][3][4][5][6] Some scholars have also included the years 1958 or 1962.[7][8][9][10] It is widely regarded as the deadliest famine and one of the greatest man-made disasters in human history, with an estimated death toll due to starvation that ranges in the tens of millions (15 to 55 million).

    The major contributing factors in the famine were the policies of the Great Leap Forward (1958 to 1962) and people’s communes, launched by Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong, such as inefficient distribution of food within the nation’s planned economy; requiring the use of poor agricultural techniques; the Four Pests campaign that reduced sparrow populations (which disrupted the ecosystem); over-reporting of grain production; and ordering millions of farmers to switch to iron and steel production.[4][6][8][15][17][18] During the Seven Thousand Cadres Conference in early 1962, Liu Shaoqi, then President of China, formally attributed 30% of the famine to natural disasters and 70% to man-made errors

    Policy changes affecting how farming was organized coincided with droughts and floods. ”

    Beware of impractical thicko’s who push themselves above everyone and everything starts getting worse and people more frightened and divided!

  9. ” Good, let’s keep the woke and their puritanical culture purges out of this election if we want any chance of beating a National/ACT Government in October. ”

    Yes it is the lesser of two evils Bomber.

    But what happens post 2023 ?

    Has your mate Chipkins fooled you into thinking that if they form the next government and secure a mandate that all this woke crap including the contentious free speech legislation and Blairite economics won’t continue ”

    I guess the with regards to free speech its now down to the Law society ? but Jacinda’s shadow still haunts the background and the personnel haven’t changed that much.

    Do we take a leap of faith and vote LINO because they all of a sudden have developed a conscience about people doing it tough because a general election was looming ? and there own mismanagement of a number of high profile policies were costing them support ?

    To me it seems we are being held to ransom , to avoid a possible nasty NACT coalition we need to vote for LINO but what do we get post October through to 2026 ?

    Will the Greens suddenly turn the pictures on the wall of Donald , Bradford , Fitzsimmons and Nandor so their faces are showing and remember they stood for something like fighting neoliberalism and poverty and can TMP really be trusted to not go with National in a tight parliament for a few crumbs like in 2008 when they turned their back on their own struggling people instead of enriching the tribal elite and the Shysters donors and supporters ?

    Seems like a lot to ponder in the next 8 months.

      • Helen Beck. Not really. The police can only prosecute for a perceived criminal offence, and even then it has to be able to be proven as such in a court of law. Without reasonable proof they often won’t bring charges.

        When hate speech laws were first mooted, PM Ardern said that the police would decide what was hate speech. She was wrong to do so, as the police’s job is to enforce the law, not to make it. Hate speech is too ill-defined a concept to be embodied in law, and legislation does cover the the sort of eventualities which the anti-free speech fanatics tend to cite.


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