Colbert’s tribute reminds you Jacinda with nothing in the tank could still run circles around Luxon with 5 full tanks!


Wow, Colbert’s tribute to Jacinda has to be seen to appreciate how important she has been to building our global profile…

…his tribute reminds you that Jacinda with nothing in the tank could still run circles around Luxon with 5 full tanks!

Some will be frustrated that Jacinda is standing down when the progressive movement needs her most, but. the inns level of hatred and threats spewed at her by the new Kiwi Rednecks, the feral Qanon antivaxxers and ACT and National pushed her beyond anything anyone was capable of with standing.

Such political malice shouldn’t be rewarded at the Ballot Box.

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A vote for ACT or National is rewarding this feral spite.

Friends don’t let friends vote ACT or National.

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  1. I think many are tired of NZ politicians having a great international profile while not addressing forest fires at home. World-wide problem of absentee politicians…. Trump got elected by concentrating on ‘home’, Scoomoo from OZ booted out after the firefighters wouldn’t shake his hand.

    • Agree. The only people who care what he says are other in the same echo chamber. Jacinda had to go – her governments delivery has been woeful and her ministers broadly incompetent. With or without Ardern this Labour govt is in for or a mauling at the ballot box.

  2. Cool pic Bomber. Middle of the year snap election, retract Jacinda!s election date and let!s get wired into what is looking at present the other side, way their horrid selfish one percenters as back up,winning. The crib about why should us Party, members not be allowed to decide, simple,the last time they did was a complete fuck up,with two lame duck candidate!s,that led to Jacinda, who silly old man thought,far too young, Jacinda, my dear, you stunnigly proved me wrong. However,this new partial leadership, is on the road to defeat.

  3. Amazing how things change over a decade. In 2012 the left protesting asset sales beheaded dummies of John Key, Bill English Paula Bennret and Judith Collins but this only made the last paragraph of Cherie Howie’s NZ Herald story which never mentioned haters, misogyny and all the other stereotypes we are using to describe Jacinda’s detractors. Short memories eh !

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