By burning Jacinda out, have ACT/National become the Republicans winning abortion ban?

Will swing voters reward the vitriol from the Right that gutted Jacinda?


There is a danger in the way and manner in which the Right have burnt Jacinda out.

Henry Cooke did a very good break down of who the swinger voters are.

They are 50+ white tertiary educated women.

They voted Helen Clark, but were then seduced by John Key.

They voted for Jacinda because in her leadership they saw themselves and they emotionally bonded deeply to her.

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They see the hate online pushed by the Right and they experience it themes;eves online all the time.

Will that swing voter reward that hatred and malice politically?

By burning Jacinda out with hate, ACT and National have ended up like the Republicans winning Abortion rights in America last year.

The shock wave at how Republicans won the Abortion fight burnt the Republicans in the mid terms, I think the danger for the political right in NZ is that the manner in which they’ve taken out Jacinda creates a backlash that solidifies around Labour and the Greens

The wider community of NZ are shocked at what has happened to Jacinda while a small percentage of feral antivaxxers aligned with National and ACT are rejoicing.

I don’t think Kiwis will reward this type of political malice and ACT and National will see a backlash to this type of toxic politics.


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  1. Hopefully it will indeed be “revenge of the women” come the October General Election.

    And how about this nasty clown in Nelson who advertised a cut price drinks event with a pic of Jacinda in a wood chipper being towed behind a hearse! Apparently people “took this the wrong way” he said when removing the post.

    Ocean Lodge received over $200 grand in COVID wage subsidies and still saw fit to do this.

    • Good ‘name and shame’ – the pub culture is not where there is much serious or even witty comment and discussion to be found.

    • Just shows that the feral are alive and well in NZ. If this is the business ilk that have little confidence in Labour, National and ACT can have them.

  2. The problem is that without compulsory voting, Labour cannot be sure their own base will actually show up to vote.

    Let’s say they agree with the quoted pollster, and they want these ‘John Key swing voters’.

    So they move to the right, and run a Hillary Clinton style campaign, right as a global economic crash is beginning.

    How do they know that their base won’t just stay home in disgust?

  3. Natz are the republican moderate party and Act is the lunatic gun toting right wing Trump party with a lunatic as their leader. NZme who are promoting seymore is the fox news of NZ. Wach labour deal to the tories while the speaker protects the natz and act. The tories cant keep selecting parts of reports and making up stories.
    Luxon goes on about doing nothing and tory commentators like cotterill talk about an economy in tatters –

    lowest inflation in the world, record low unemployment, record export receipts, increased wages, booming construction, 13,500+ social houses added to stock (tories haven’t added any for 25 years), record business profits, – the tory press don’t mention those numbers.

    NZme is doing a good job of promoting the natz and have been doing that for about a decade. How about balancing things up and get a couple of raving mad lefties on the radio.

  4. We can debate and argue the merits and short comings of Jacinda Ardern’s tenure until the cows come home.
    But one thing is for sure. At least she wasn’t a stooge for the Aussie banks, and she kept her hands to herself.

  5. NZ Labour should’ve aborted Roger Douglas a long time ago but they didnt and ended up with the baby thats gone bad, Act.

    Act has become the evil twin to the New Neoliberal Proto Fascist Labour party. How fucked can you get?

    We’ll see in a few weeks.

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