MEDIAWATCH: Compare The Spinoff’s appraisal of Carmel Sepuloni to TDB’s and tell me they deserve NZ on Air money!


Compare The Spinoffs feckless middle class woke box ticking appraisal of Carmel Sepoloni to The Daily Blog‘s and tell me they deserve NZ on Air Funding!

Read the Spinoff bullshit here, now read our appraisal of Carmel as Deputy here!

The Spinoff didn’t even mention Oranga Tamariki, the Welfare Expert Advisory Group or the  Children’s Commissioner!

The appointment of Carmel as Deputy is an appalling decision!

She is easily the worst performing Minister! Of the 126 detailed recommendations by the Welfare Expert Advisory Group, she only implemented 4!

Her removal of the Children’s Commission oversight of Oranga Tamariki while there was a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the historic abuse of children by the State, is outrageous and has made the position of vulnerable children much worse!

Carmel is a hopeless and feckless Minister who is utterly captured by the Wellington Bureaucracy.

Watching so many trumpet her promotion suggests they are purposely misleading you or actually have no idea how much damage she’s caused as a Minister.

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  1. And that why, when I want the truth and informed opinions, I come straight to TDB! Hiw much did the govt pay the spinoff for that crap?

  2. ” The Spinoff didn’t even mention Oranga Tamariki, the Welfare Expert Advisory Group or the Children’s Commissioner! ”

    Bomber for the first time in two years I watched One News to see how they covered her promotion and Hipkins elevation and not one person mentioned any of the subjects above even National party political correspondent Much McKay in the press confrence could be heard to ask Hipkins if they would ditch three waters and the TVNZ / RNZ merger but of course he won’t commit to anything as yet.

    Of course these issues you mentioned were not covered or seriously debated just lost in the etha of 24 hour click bait news and the millennials who now write for a living but don’t have a clue on how the real world works or how this country is run.

    Septic- loni has evaded being accountable.. just as a good neo liberal Labour minister is when it comes to non related monied class problems and financial impact on their lifestyles.

    Its all so predictable how the corporate media sells these appointments as if its like the second coming of Christ and is as far away from reality as you can get.

    • Mosa. You’re a better man than me. I chose not to watch, for although I don’t dislike Hipkins, I struggle to see him as grownup sort of PM, and didn’t want to subject myself to anything painful after the grotesque insertion of Carmel Sepuloni into this grubby dynamic aka the slippery secretive Labour caucus doing its own thing, as per usual.

  3. Thisss from RNZ – RadioNZ – at the moment behind the scenes.

    I am crestfallen, and I didn’t ever get to the crest of anything – that’s how mixed up I am.
    ‘Let’s not do anything that’s social welfarish at the moment if it costs more than sixpence.’ It takes a strong mind to take these pragmatic decisions. Cut rations etc. In line with the sort of self denial where you pause at the door and say ‘I am going outside, and may be away for some time’.

  4. I see the peoblem or reason for the doubtful decisions – in the image she is far taller than Hipkiss and probably has the cheek to wear high heels – what an outrage.

  5. This from Greg Presland at the Standard…and I know I should not be entering the so called neo liberal compassionate zone and quoting this tripe but I am a glutton for punishment Bomber and it shows just how so many of these people are like the anti vax brigade and have no concept of reality.

    ” During her tenure 66,500 children have been lifted out of poverty ”

    ” She is of the compassionate left side of politics.

    ” Go well Carmel. We will all be cheering for you ”

    This is the only thing I agree with him on…

    ” Carmel is the first Pacifica Deputy Prime Minister. This is something for us all to celebrate ”

    • Mosa. “ This is the only thing I agree with him on. “ Why ? Just because Carmel’s a Tongan woman doesn’t make her somehow a better representative of all other New Zealanders. Politicians are elected, or list slipped in, to represent everybody’s interests regardless of their own or the electors’ colour, race, creed or gender. If her ethnicity makes her so good, then how come she’s treating our kids in such a slipshod way?

  6. I’m not watching or reading MSM anyway, but am stunned that anybody commenting on dreadful Sepuloni is failing to mention Oranga Tamariki, and worse, the indefensible kneecapping of the Commissioner for Children. The Labour Party’s systemic neglect of children’s best interests is nothing new, but media avoidance of such crucial issues is staggeringly incompetent, or corruption.

    The old myth of New Zealand being a great place for children verged on “ truth” at times, but it is a downright lie now, however much they cloak it in Aotearoa- ing and ethnic platitudes, while the greedies invest in their own interests and beaver away maintaining a well- established two-tier society pre-dating covid, and totally morally and socially unjustifiable. To the angry ballot box.

  7. Marty you are biased. Carmel is a great labour member. This is not policy shit time, this is electioneering. She will deal with the weakest Tory team seen in 60 years. Upston and willis are first on the list. The tories are not supportng luxon.

    • I wonder how many tories you know given your opinions .I am from Chch so cannot speak for other areas but the Naional team lead by Luxon is very happy with the direction we are going and the way Luxon has pulled a team together that was so split only a year ago. Luxon was hesitant in his early interviews but is growing more confident as time passes and will be on top form by the time the election debate starts in urnessed .
      Hipkins was minister of education and work to rule is being threatened as pay issues arise and Sepuloni has failed the children cared for by OT big time . I see 2 losers running a party on the decline and a huge lose at the next election.

  8. pffffft!
    And they keep begging me for money, just as they do asking me to ‘register’. As does stuff and a few others. Fuk ’em. I refuse to ‘subscribe’ now to MSM outlets (sorry “platforms”) that take money from NuZull on Ear to enable them to keep dishing out so much shit in the name of the 4th Estate.
    I used to subscribe to Newsroom until Bernard Hickey and Dileepa Fonseka left. I’ll bet they even think they’re providing diversity of voice.
    Christ on a bike! Put them out of their misery and on The Panel with the staccato-voiced Wallace Chapman.
    They can rub each others’ backs and have a group hug

  9. There won’t be too much to worry about with Sepuloni as Deputy Prime Minister. She’ll only be in the job for a matter of months before David Seymour takes her place.
    He can be preparing for the job while she can be working out how she’s going to be asking the hard questions from the Opposition benches.

  10. I am not sure why everyone is acting like there is some sort of media omission around OT and Sepoloni. Look at Paula Bennett. She was vile on steroids but is not consigned to being just a bad memory, no she becomes a tv personality. I would hardly say it’s media cutting Sepoloni a break, it’s just the way we do things in this odd country

    • Ooh is there an inside story, straight from the shoulder, from someone who can look her in the face? And how do you know her exact measurements?

  11. Well our only hope is that she’s as effective as Kelvin Davis, yeah remember him?

    Let’s face it, she is there because she ticks the diversity boxes that you lefties are so precious about.

  12. a victory for ‘pasifika people’ how exactly? during her ministerial tenure she did exactly nowt for pasifika or other disadvantaged groups….no reason to think she’ll change now…OR are we celebrating her merely for her genetic heritage? is that it it ‘race’ is a cause for elevation…wait until the white supremacists hear ‘blood’ is the deciding factor in appointments…they’ll cum in their collective pink panties.

  13. As Nandor has pointed out on his blog, parliamentary politics is the “art of the possible”, and what stretches the horizons of the possible is strong extra-parliamentary movements demanding the “impossible”. Enough carping from the social media sidelines. What are we all going to do to stretch the horizons of the politically possible in the directions we want?

    • Good question Danyl. What is the scientific finding as to how often an inconvenient truth has to be repeated before it penetrates through the portcullises of wilful ignorance or the SEP as repeated ad nauseum?

  14. It is disgusting that the MSM haven’t challenged her on removing the children’s commissioner and the WEAG report.

    Now how many of their recommendations has she actually implemented, controlled by her ministry alright.

    • Michael. You’re right about nobody challenging Sepuloni about kneecapping the Commissioner for Children, but this barbarous decision would have had the support of PM Ardern and the Minister, Kelvin Davis. The latter,disgracefully, also stood by and did nothing when Trevor Mallard was inflicting his water and loud noise assault on kiddies in flimsy tents on a fiendishly cold wet Wellington night, and the following days. Only the cops tried to get the water stopped, and I gather that the front line police themselves were affected by the loud music blasting, while the cowardly politicians watched from balconies up above.

      Other NGO’s and political parties have pleaded for the Commissioner to be kept, and the public may not know that, but outside of the Labour Party, the case for keeping the Commissioner is widespread and compelling, and the silence of MSM has to be because they’ve been bought. That’s pretty sick when it’s the well-being of vulnerable children at stake.

  15. Wrote to her once when she was Disability Issues Minister about all the issues I was facing trying to get help or some sort of resolve. The main issue was one of the 24 recommendations of the WEAG report.
    All I got back from her was a regurgitation of every failed attempt at getting help I had tried in the past as if that was helping me.
    Naturally over the past 5 years of Labour my situation hasnt changed.


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