Right Wing Think Tank starts the drum beat for mass immigration

Wellington Bureaucrats worship their new Big Data Fascism, Orac

The new Right Wing Think Tank Trend Analysis (who will be selling big Data tools to hack away at universal expenditure of social welfare to justify less and less spending) is beginning the drum beat for opening the immigration floodgates for National and ACT.

Fronted by the Daughter of Bill English, (who is pimp Daddy of this neoliberal experiment in welfare), their argument is short term globalist free market labour flow with no focus on investing in training our own people to fill these skill sets.

It’s the usual free market horse shit being fed under a fancy new name ‘Social Investment’.

Here they are cheerleading for the free market interests that need the low wage economy to exploit migrant workers and creates the fake GDP numbers which generate the very infrastructure problems we are living with now.

Expect to hear more form this accursed Think Tank in 2023.

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  1. We cannot provide housing and health services for our current population – which increased by twenty percent in ten years – so what’s it going to be like if we open the floodgates even wider?

    • And for that disaster we can thank John Key, however, Labour, will as usual get the blame, particularly for not building enough houses fast enough.

  2. But immigration is the primary “domestic” industry in this “country”, everyone knows that. How else do you get criminally unaffordable accommodation and cheap slaves?

  3. It was Bill English who claimed that low wages were a “competitive advantage” — and absurdly claimed that tourism was going to draw away investment from Australia, a diversified economy based on mining and other niche industrial production.

    New plan, same as the old plan: Garbage low-wage jobs in tourism, some farms, and barely anything else.

    That is the template for a backward country, not a large industrialised economy.

    But a global race to the bottom on wages, where everything is made in frontier sweatshops, is exactly what the financiers and industrialists want. One giant Detroit-style rust belt: that is the oligarchs’ plan.

  4. The question is what industry? Every industry in NZ is failing so what industry requires mass immigration? You cannot say “export” when there is no dry ice to export. Food stuffs? Transport? It is all failing…So What than? I will tell you-the future of NZ is to become a massive GMO seed farm, it is exactly why water is being legislated. The GMO seeds that are being grown in Hawaii are failing because there is a massive drought, because GMO seeds require A LOT of water. The locals blame the diversion of water and the growing of GMO for this. They also have many immigrants working there. Look it up if you don’t believe me or want to tar me as a nut case. Aloha Luxon is not just a funny meme.

  5. The biggest issue Canadians have with growing immigration is about how it will affect Canada’s housing, health, and social services, which are already struggling under the weight of Canada’s growing population.
    Got this piece above on social media so it seems we aren’t the only western country grappling with the same issues and what does Act and National think they can do that hasn’t already been tried by our other western mates! We are all in the same boat. And the rich getting richer won’t help because it doesn’t trickle down it trickles up.

    • I’ve been reading Catherine Cookson and may drive everyone mad about them as so much is relevant in the stories set in the industrial towns around Jarrow and the mining communities in the north mostly. Thinking of the real extra shit that will pile on our local councils from central governments dastardly obeisance to the wilfully irresponsible and wily, wealthy wheeler-dealers who want but as their wont limit their ideas of impediments as they go after glittering prizes that appear before their narrow imagination. (I can write longer sentences on this topic but thought I needed to restrain myself.)

      One aspect of the need for planning is the difficulty in handling the shit that arises from human habitation. The stories about the mining towns in 1800s refer to the poor areas where miners and their families were lucky to get 2 room cottages and had outdoor toilets and middens for excrement which would seep into the ground and bubble up between the stone flag flooring the people had inside and the stench was foul, particularly in summer. The privies outside had a back flap for emptying the mess which was supposed to have cinders sprinkled over it to limit the smell, but there were never enough cinders to be effective.

      English’s ‘social investment’ idea was probably one raised in England in the 1800s and the vacuous minds of these money and power hungry people here in NZ fills me with foreboding that they would continue with the decimation of our society cold-bloodedly and return to the primitive capitalism of those days. The conditions today would not have been imagined or countenanced by pre-liberalisation policies and populations but we have been beaten down through having certainties that we had conquered viciousness from leaders and wealth-obsessed privateers. The lack of moral concern by the religious and highly educated who should know better has enabled this egregious mania for acquisition of money and assets to gather momentum.

  6. Are you really that naive to think mass immigration won’t happen if Labour and the Greens govern next year?

    They have already started to open the flood gates! But National eh…

  7. The vested interests demand it, why else would the Natz election war chest be so large.
    The property market(lawyers/media/landlords etc) & their enablers are getting thin returns not to mention councils so something must be done, who cares if the rest of us have to suck it up & pay for the infrastructure so long as the players can make even more money.
    Welcome to an even lower wage economy where foreigners are prioritised over the local population who will be sold down the (polluted) river!

  8. We need the workers but RosieLee is right we need accomadation and support services beefed up to accommodate the workers and their families. The trouble is though we do not have enough workers to do the building or provide the services .
    In the past the Ministry of Works built accomadation for its workers they were basic but we’ll built and after the job they were sold off and moved why not do this again. The concept that was the MOW was great as there was an accumulation of knowledge that was past on to the next generation of workers through apprenticeships .

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