The Woke are just waking up to how extreme ACT are

The saddest boy in the world with the loneliest robot ever built

After spending years alienating potential voters, the NZ Woke have woken up to comprehending how dangerous and extreme ACT are!

4 years ago, ACT were .7%, then the middle class woke activists started an unwinnable culture war against free speech and ACT became 12%+.

I warned at the time that woke activists were awakening a dormant political fault line with their attack on Free Speech that would bite us in the arse.

Consider ACT at 12%+ a bite in the arse.

This has been circulating online…

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…but it’s so much worse than that…

..and that’s just the start…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission
  • Race baiting referendum

Oh and the latest one where David Seymour rewrites the Treaty of Waitangi all by himself and just forces it onto Māoridom.

Do any of you honestly hand on heart believe that outraged Māori and Pakeha won’t hikoi in their hundreds of thousands to Wellington and not immediately set up an Occupation on Parliament’s Lawns?

ACT and National are going to implement conflict policy that will generate a wave of civil disobedience and social disruption that will scare middle NZ.

This is Romper Stomper Hard Right insanity that makes Qanon look reasonable and because there is no way National can win without ACT, every vote to National empowers ACT.

David Seymour is a very funny, very clever, very talented politician who desperately wants what the humans call, ‘l-o-v-e’.

He doesn’t want to be in Parliament for one second longer than he has to.

He wants to get out of politics and get paid enormous money in the corporate world and maybe find a friend.

In short, David is a wide eyed idealogical mouth foamer who feels honour bound to mutilate the State so that it’s too wounded to ever grow back.

It’s called the Milton Friedman Prune.

David is a man in a hurry to try and get a life before politics robs him of one, so when he puts out these blistering policy directions that would cause enormous damage and carnage to the social infrastructure that so many people desperately require every day to survive, you best fucking believe he would do it in the blink of a sociopath’s eye.

While TDB has been pointing out that the Wellington Bureaucracy certainly do control policy and have far too much influence for their own self interest, we argue conquering that requires a plan to use tasers on their most sensitive areas to advance a left wing economic policy platform. It doesn’t require taking a chainsaw to the entire capacity of the State and calling that blunt force trauma amputation surgical!

David is throwing the baby, the bath, the little plastic toys, the soap and the entire toilet out with the bathwater.

I don’t see why the nation has to suffer another hard right neoliberal hatchet job on the State’s capacity to help people just because David Seymour wants to get laid now.

David wants to hand on heart be able to tell Satan that he did all he could to mutilate the State before he leaves for a life of first class travel and disappointed in-laws.


Here’s how you defeat National:

Just how batshit crazy ACT policy is will make many flinch.

Many blokes have walked away from Labour and the Greens and are voting National because they are sick of Jacinda and our ever triggered woke hysterical activists.

There are 2 things everyone flirting with voting National need to recognise right now.

1: Luxon can do the 45 second CEO soundbite but he has zero intellectual curiosity, he is a devout evangelical Christian whom believes his wealth is proof positive that Jesus loves him. His policies will make things far far far worse in this country in terms of housing, inequality and poverty so don’t pretend voting against Jacinda for him makes you radical or edgy, it makes you a fuckwit

2: Luxon is such a boofhead, he’ll let David run rings around him in terms of pushing through crazy ACT Party policy because Luxon isn’t interested in philosophy, he’s interested in God’s love of him being the best he can be. Policy is something the little people do, and Christopher don’t do little people stuff. National are selling Luxon’s certainty to you, and that’s all.

You vote National, you get ACT Far Right Policy.

Make no mistakes that Seymour wants to ram this madness through, and Chris Luxon is intellectually too vain to stop him.

New National recruits are voting because they are angry with Labour and the Greens, they don’t realise yet what they are actually getting with that protest vote.

Once punters realise what the fuck crazy David Seymour can ram past an easily distracted Luxon, the sooner they’ll come back to Labour.

Sure, male voters are pissed off with the Left, but they’re not fucking insane.


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  1. There is something that doesn’t make sense about this polling. Exactly who are these voters who are suddenly supporting a libertarian?

    Are they pro-Trump voters? Those voters have the opposite economic beliefs, and there is already a Trumpian candidate for these (mostly working class) people: Winston Peters.

    (Although perhaps he is not Trumpian enough.)

    Are they the Bernie Bros.? Considering this is the opposite of a government job guarantee and expanded public healthcare, absolutely not!

    Are they Hillary Clinton liberals? No, those people all believe being “woke” is good for their huge stock portfolios.

    Are they Never Trump Conservatives? Could be getting warmer. Maybe these people don’t think the Tories will be savage enough. Perhaps they want deeper spending cuts, in order to pay for more war.

    One possibility is complete demoralisation of two of those blocs: The Trumpers and Bernie Bros. will all stay home, and the Never Trumpers will take enough of the Clintonite votes to win.

    • Or they are just so sick of the woke that they will elect an anti woke to level the playing field.

      • @ R B ! Here you are again! Farting away. You should try socialist vegetarianism. Smoother on the gut lining.
        AO/NZ = about 3.8 million people enrolled to vote and 88% of them do, so it’s [reported]. Our primary industry isn’t the tourism export business. Our primary industry is agrarian produce. Our farmers aye? Love them or hate them, them’s the facts.
        So? How come nine urban multi billionaires and four retail banks reporting billions of dollars in annual net profits then? How come that? I know! Lets ask roger? No wonder then, that ACT and Natzo flies are buzzing around that shit. Honestly, it’s all about the maths. Poor people outnumber rich people by a lot. So, how and why? Well, poor people are powerless because they were conned out of their unity by the roger douglasites who was excreted out of the Labour Party as a two term finance minister. And, poor people are greater in numbers so all narcissistic sociopaths have to do is take the poorer people’s money off them and since they’re powerless it should, indeed, will be easy. Aye Boys? You naughty little nine multi billionaires with your platform shoes and your little penises and everything…
        And it should be chilling to be mindful that roger was a pig farmer. And by ‘farmer’ I mean he [it] ran a darkened, indoor pig incarceration and production unit for the poor animals where they were confined in metal bar pens with no room to turn around, lie down or sleep. They would have been artificially fattened by using a high protein and carbohydrate diet then they’d a been killed by firing a pneumatic powered metal rod into their brains. Then, they’d a been strung up, gutted and butchered then sent to super markets where their flesh would have been displayed in packets depicting green, grassy fields, butterflies and sunshine. Honestly, you must buy this book. Geoff Dale. ’Press Pass’. On trademe. Go to page 100-101. Fantastic photograph, but I warn you, it will haunt you whenever you smell bacon frying.
        You vote for rogers ACT and ACT’s bouncy little Monkey Boy plaything and you shall reap what you sow. ( See what I did there? Sow, as in plant seeds also sow, as in female pig, now more a bad-energy bowel motion floating in a designer shitter in Remuera. )
        Leslie Gore.
        ‘Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows’
        Lallalala alalalll la la la lalal lal la la la la…………”Pop! Squeak! Sizzle!” Aye Boys?

  2. LOL Bomber.

    Males won’t move back to Labour because the traditional blokey trade unionist Labour has died and been replaced by middle-class Wokeborg. Have a look round the world politics is no longer right and left it is male and white versus female and non white. Exhibit A is the venom Presland foams your way for taking traditional left positions on various subjects rather than praying at the temple of Woke. Exhibit B – Jacinda’s Finish bestie promoting a 15yr war with Russia and cosing up to Billionaires at Davos.

    There is more chance of Bata bullets making a comeback than Labour getting >30% in the next decade.

    • sooo panzerboi a concrete example of how ‘woke’ has affected your personal life…not something you heard down the pub, or on fox news, something that directly impinges on you PERSONALY

  3. ‘Demolishing Demographic Ministries’
    Let’s see these ministries fight for their relevance….how much it costs the Govt to run per year (wages/office rent etc etc) Vs actual results gained/proven.

    Most (if not all) are just virtue signalling entities with the little or no return on the cost to run….so let them fight for their own survival by showing tangible results Vs the millions to run the Dept/ministry.

    • And that’s why health was fucked under National during Keys years. Under investment because they couldn’t see a monetary return on their investment.

      ” so let them fight their own survival”

      Why argue that Labour didn’t support business enough during covid?

  4. “Do any of you honestly hand on heart believe that outraged Māori and Pakeha won’t hikoi in their hundreds of thousands to Wellington and not immediately set up an Occupation on Parliament’s Lawns?”

    That doesn’t scare us, we know what to do. Send in the riot cops on the fascists

  5. Well, Labour did it!

    Labour’s love child is coming come home.

    There is very little difference between the two!
    Labour hates beneficiaries, the poor, the homeless just as much as Roger Douglas and David Langes love child, prodigal son does.

    The gweens are fuck’d. They usually over poll this time by 7%+ before an election. That hasn’t happened. So they’re gone burger too because the swingers that they picked up in 2017, 2020 are gunna go to National.

    Labour have scored another own goal like they did in 1984 to 1989. But this time, they’ll never be a political force again. They’ll be competing in the 3 division for quite sometime.

  6. “Once punters realise what the fuck crazy David Seymour can ram past an easily distracted Luxon, the sooner they’ll come back to Labour.”

    Keep dreaming. It’ll be like 2020 in reverse. Vote National to keep Act out.

  7. ” Sure, male voters are pissed off with the Left, but they’re not fucking insane.”

    No Bomber most of these guys are National voters when there is not a pandemic , the woke or a woman as PM. The ACT newsletter above rather cleverly highlights in bold print Lower benefits with all the anti worker proposals in small print further down the page.

    Most voting males will consider that any draconian measures are necessary cause the bennies get paid to sit on their arse and not work.

    The winter energy payment actually also goes to pensioners who are living from day to day and will go cold in winter without this extra support.

    This idea that we must all sacrifice for the good of the corporates and the top classes and wealthy donors should remind New Zealanders that they are being duped all over again and that their country no longer cares about the many just a selected few.

  8. Well this is what happens when the wrong sort of people are allowed to vote.

    All potential voters must be vetted by a committee of middle class white woke liberals to ensure democracy…..

  9. the thing with polls is
    who carrys it out
    who commisions it
    and who do you ask
    without this information they are valuless political propaganda

  10. The poor were already struggling, and struggle even more now because not a bloody thing has been done to correct it. Cost has gone through the roof, benefits went up 20 bucks.
    We elected Labour to fix all this shit but instead have sat on their hands and given handouts to rich people instead trying to retain that voter base, zero balance in their approach.
    I dont see anybody worth voting for now, they’re all awful people who couldnt give a fuck about the bottom half.

  11. What you guys don’t remember is that the last time Act was in a position to govern, they implemented policy that they didn’t campaign on. Rodney Hide out of the blue became Minister of Local Government and created the Auckland Super City. Look how that turned out. And the changes to the RMA was a mess. Fortunately, the party imploded because supporters didn’t think that they went far enough.

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