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    Excellent- we must have printed books and not rely on the internet and AI for all the dissemination of our communications of ideas, use of language. Having manual use of tools which books are – for our minds and brains, also not losing the skills in making books. They are a legacy from the past that we must hold onto like talismans, now that is a good word, sort of Ali Baba-treasure feeling.
    from google – an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.
    “those rings, so fresh and gleaming, were their talismans”

    a person regarded as representing and inspiring a particular group.
    “he’s a quiet man off the field, but on it he’s our talisman”

  2. This smart song from Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers from 1936 says ironic things that apply today. Attached also is link to Blossom Dearie who sang many cafe’ type songs which were a little sophisticated perhaps for the average man and woman. Good for the Average Man

    Blossom Dearie – Too Good For The Average Man
    When Russia was white
    It was white for the classes
    And black for the masses
    Unfortunate asses
    All wealth belonged to the few!

    When England was Tudor
    The king and his cronies
    Had cocktails at Tony’s
    The poor had baloneys
    And that’s how England grew!

    Sing lah and huzzah for the poor folks
    As long as the poor folks are your folks!

    Finer things are for the finer folk
    Thus society began
    Caviar for peasants is a joke
    It’s too good for the average man!

    Supper clubs are for the upper folk
    Packed like sardines in a can
    Through the smokе you get your check and choke
    It’s too good for thе average man!

    Each poor man has a wife he must stick to
    Men of fashion can be cocky
    To be caught in flagrante delecto
    Is much too good for the average monkey!

    All night parties, drinking like a lord
    Fit into our social plan
    Waking in the alcoholic ward
    Is too good for the average man!

    Fancy nerves are for the fancy class
    Since psychiatry began
    Neurostania isn’t for the mass
    It’s too good for the average man!

    Rich old age can blossom like a rose
    Plastic surgeons have a plan
    Cutting up your face to spite your nose
    It’s too good for the average man!

    Lots of kids for a poor wife or dandy
    Girls of fashion can be choosy
    Birth control and the modus operandi
    Are much too good for the average floozy!

    Psychoanalysts are all the whirl
    Rich men pay them all they can
    Waking up to find that he’s a girl
    It’s too good for the average man!

    Release Date: January 01, 1936

    It has been recognised that Welsh boys are needing a replacement interest because the culture has changed with much unemployment and growing crime statistics. But this concern and the choir project of Only Boys Aloud has been starved of funds because girls are not included in the scheme. The whole point is that the boys need the opportunity and the esprit de corps; the girls already have opportunities and they don’t have to break down peer negativity. The rigidity of the new inclusive scheme is as backward as the previous approach.

    An extra item I saw while on line:
    This chap seems to be coping with his height problem and I hope that he can get some remedial work on the brain to prevent further growth.

  4. The 52-year-old pulls down the soaked leaves of one plant as he guides visitors on a tour of his Up in the Hill eco-farm, explaining that water retention in this particular species is so great “you can shower with it”.

    To the uninformed, his land looks wild. But much of it is farmed: one part has timber trees for making furniture, in another cacao trees for chocolate, near the top a garden for herbs, and everywhere throughout the forest a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers…

    Interesting – we need to learn from NZs dong the samw, have their stories collected – NZ History Te Ara – and be able to access them.


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