Political Caption Competition

British Soccer fans are more political than many imagined.


British Soccer fans are more political than many imagined.


  1. If the frame of the image slipped down at the bottom would it reveal further irrelevant details of this portly masculine poser?

  2. Would anyone like to join me in an irrelevant, irreverent Chwismas song to the tune of The partridge in the pear tree?
    1st line.
    On the First Day of Christmas my true love gave to me –
    A binary facsimile.

  3. I see that once again one of my prior posts has failed to appear…if it’s delayed modding that’s cool mods have lives too…but if you didn’t like the content you need to get a life

  4. still no sign of my post? was it the mention of the deep well of antisemitism on the british right or the temporary support of isreal by US biblical propesy evangelical nutters? PLEASE I would like to know just how I offended? that’s if you can provide a cogent reason….which I doubt.

  5. Prior to becoming NZs Opposition leader Chris Luxon had a noted career as a raucous embankment chorister and open air erotic male dancer.


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