Just before Christmas the NZ Intelligence Apparatus quietly admit they manufactured a terrorist


Failures identified in management of LynnMall terrorist before mass stabbing

Police were justified in fatally shooting the LynnMall terrorist but an extensive multi-agency review has found several shortcomings in the way Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen was managed in the years prior to his knife attack.

It is VERY hard to read the report on the New Lynn Terrorist Ahamed Samsudeen and not see how our intervention as the State in his life turned an angry young man into a knife stabbing terrorist.

Everything about our interaction with Ahamed Samsudeen radicalised him, and there really has to be some exceptionally hard questions asked of almost every State Service who dealt with him because all it looks like is we manufactured a terrorist by the way we treated him.

I fear that we are going to do the same thing with these antivax Qanon fringe lumpenproletariat by over reacting.

Legitimate domestic terror threats to the State must be nullified and prevented at all costs, but fantasists who believe in a magical world of make believe need to be responded to proportionally no matter how their behaviour frightens the rest of us.

As we struggle at the height of all the economic and social pressures that are tearing us apart, I fear our fear will cause us to blunder it into something worse.

1 year on from Lynn Mall terrorist – what have we learned?

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Not much, but we are repeating the fuelling of extremism.

Our abuse of Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen radicalised him and manufactured a terrorist, that the Intelligence Community are quietly releasing such a damning report just before Christmas should surprise no one.


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  1. I guess that we need to keep a more watchful eye on the spooks than we do on the neighbours. The SIS have a nerve asking the punters what worries them if meanwhile human tragedies like this dead young man unfold and nobody’s equipped to help stop it happening.

  2. The first, and most obvious problem is in those two words. “Police” & “Intelligence”. They dont go together.

    Im pretty well convinced that this was an experiment for the 11 Intel agencies and the Police and the nark network as well as the mowree nark network for cash.

    The timeline as well as who was involved from the beginning reads like a ‘Three’ Stooges’ script! Or ‘Keystone(d) Cops’ even.

    Each stage of his handlers engagement with him and the authorities at the time always seemed to have an ‘out’ for them to let him loose somewhere and for him to be ‘under surveillance’ looosely by another ‘unit’ and Keystone Cops to keep tabs on him. A bit like introducing a trust system inside a prison where you dont lock the gates!!

    If this was an ‘experiment’ for the authorities to acquire more powers and authorities, it worked. Plus an extra $150m thrown their way too.

    The biggest losers in this shambles are the victims and the NZ public. Apart from becoming a more Authoritarian Fascist Vassal State, as well as petri dish society that yields willingly to the dying Western US Empire. Big Brother is watching you!

  3. Should have sent the ungrateful mad POS back as soon as he played up.
    Took advantage of “western” kindness.
    Why make the country tiptoe around him when a plane ticket would have done the trick?
    His rights as a refugee dont trump the rights of kiwis to be safe in their own country. Except they clearly did.

  4. It is a mistake to label the LynnMall stabber as a terrorist. Terrorism must have a target (victims), subject (audiences) and object (purposes) in order to be considered such. Samsudeen was focused on the first aspect (colonialists) in order to fulfil his warped notion of the third (revenge). It is better to say that the supermarket stabbing spree was an opportunistic hate crime authored by a seriously mentally ill person with a blade fetish who glorified violence and who did not receive the psychological counselling and emotional support that he required. In fact, he was used as a pawn in order to justify expansion of terrorism suppression powers into the areas of “planning” and “preparation,” something that was not part of the TSA until after his attack. The Court that released him after two years in detention (where his mental state deteriorated further) implicitly acknowledged that in its decision, noting that he could not be held or tried under the then-existing version of the TSA and that it was up to parliament to remedy the deficiencies in the Act.

    The Crown considered using the Mental Health Act to section him (i.e. detain him indefinitely for his own safety as well as that of the community). It understood from the onset that he was an ongoing threat to the community. But it decided that using Section 8 was too burdensome given its well justified safe-guards against abuse by authorities or relatives of psychologically damaged people, so they decided to use the court process to demonstrate the limitations of the TSA when it came to preparing and planning with terroristic intent. When he was released from jail due to the TSA’s lack of scope when it came to “planning” and “preparation,” he was returned into the community under limited mental health supervision and with police monitoring from a distance. We know how that ended.

    The misuse of the terms “terrorism” and “terrorists” to cover virtually any act of violence that may or may not have ideological grounding renders them meaningless as analytic tools but certainly caters to the prurient interests of the clickbait generation of media consumers and those that feed them the news. This obscures such distinctions as state versus non-state or state-sponsored terrorism, terrorism in wartime and in peacetime, terrorism as a weapon of the weak versus terrorism as the disciplinary tool of the strong, criminal terrorism, inter-personal terrorism (say, by stalking) and assorted other acts of violence whose object is to bend the subject to the perpetrator’s will via threatened of actual acts of seemingly random violence that the target cannot defend against. Even if planned in advance rather than be entirely impulsive (since Samsudeen grabbed his weapon from the kitchenware section of a supermarket that he had visited before), the attack did not have this as the object.

    Samsudeen was a deeply traumatised individual with psychotic symptoms and sociopathic tendencies. He should have been institutionalised for the safety of himself and the community at large. More broadly, having been granted refuge, he deserved better from NZ.

    It was not meant to be.

  5. The social fabric of New Zealand is pretty thin, too many right wing govts that have stripped away the layers that gelled us all together because it doesnt fit in with their capitalistic modelling.
    Im still not sure why we keep bringing in refugees when we cant even treat the people who’re already here properly.

  6. Think he just had the big man gene like so many of these violent lunatics. This guy is a drop in the bucket when it comes to deported Australians who have terrorized this country, those Australians who were radicalized across the ditch and then gutlessly shipped off to us. Unforgivable. And nothing from our intelligence agencies about the latest threat to society: professional teachers, white Christians, and gun owners; trusted leaders in the community. Australians. No, they wouldn’t dare categorize this demographic as a terrorist class because they aren’t, just as a random poor brown person or a freethinking individual concerned about bodily autonomy isn’t.

  7. Why the hell are we importing people like this? We didn’t manufacture a terrorist, we let a mental ill fuckwit in to NZ and we didn’t need to. Then the authorities royally screwed up management of this idiot when they should have deported him.

    How many of these immigration scammers do we need to bring in and have them run amok before we revisit immigration? You know countries like Europe require immigrants to meet good behaviour criteria and can deport you if you step out of line. But not in NZ – no, the woke treat this sort like gold and go out of their way to exercise performative compassion – showing each other how much more compassionate they are in letting to poor brown person in to NZ.

    The woke are a plague on our nation.

      • Michal, I think her husband was the doctor n she was some other in the medical field. Definitely a shocking case of mental illness. “First do no harm” springs to mind. Super sad on all levels. She will suffer her entire life having killed her babies. I’d stop short at calling anyone so mentally unhinged a fuckwit though. Compassion first. But that was your point too I think


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