The Daily Blog 2022 New Zealander of the Year – Police Commissioner Andrew Coster

You want me to do what now?

I didn’t agree with the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament lawns, I agreed with the Government’s decision making in the middle of a once in a century pandemic but I absolutely agreed with the Dumb Lives Matter protestors right to protest!

Were some at the protest manipulated by far right fear grifters and dangerous Sovereign Sheriff Qanon antivaxers?

Sure were, but if the Left didn’t want an angry mob easily exploited by far right hate protagonists, perhaps we should have been economically transformative rather than socially alienating.

A working class revolution came to Wellington at the beginning of the year and it was the middle class Maoists who were revolted!

The Middle Class Maoists like a revolution that knows its pronouns! They don’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism.

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There were no adults left to de-escalate this protest in the end, and the woke have too much social capital and likes on Twitter at stake to do anything other than denounce Nazi monsters and claim anyone not denouncing the protestors as Nazi monsters were themselves Nazi monsters!

So. Many. Nazi. Monsters. Stuff even managed to make an entire docu-drama out of it.

These easily spooked middle Class Maoists screamed for the Police to storm the Lawn and smash the dirty filthy lumpenproletariat Nazis, remember, WokeEdgeLord Clint Smith called on the Governor General  to remove Coster because Coster wouldn’t bash protestors…

…the modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

When the very middle class CTU are condemning protests, that’s right, a Union denouncing protests, you know the Left have lost their compass.

The middle class Maoists of Wellington put enormous pressure on Coster to use State violence to clear the lawns, he however understood what they were actually asking for and the level of state violence required to fulfill middle class identity politics revenge fantasies could set this nation back 50 years.

By refusing to be the agent of woke vengeance, Coster saved NZ from an event that would have overshadowed Bastion Point and the Springbok Tour in terms of State violence.

All NZ patriots owe him a debt of gratitude for saving us from ourselves.


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  1. I’d like to nominate the copper admitted to hospital with a homemade javelin lodged in his upper arm and took one for the team, while Trevor and co watched safely from the Parliamentary balcony.

  2. Snow White. Hadn’t heard about that policeman. Yeah hats off to him and all the police out there doing a really hard job.

    NZder of the year. The Listener 7 even though two of them have since passed away. (I know they wrote there piece in 2021, but time to acknowledge them.

  3. Doesn’t matter who gets it, but will be someone who Labour can hold up as an ‘example’ of something they are championing.
    I nominate one of the thousands of nurses/Drs who are working to exhaustion in this health crisis.
    OR it will be some sports person…female and maori should keep everyone happy in self congratulations?

  4. Nothing condones the vandalism. Nothing at all. Nothing condones the deliberate spreading of the virus. Nothing at all. Nothing condones what those neanderthals did. Nothing at all. Right to Protest? Sure, but that was blatant, wanton insurrection.

      • Come on john0 they held Wellington to ransom they impinged on the seat of government, when asked to leave they refused and caused a violent altercation . They used the gutters as toilets. They took babies and children into the middle of it in the middle of winter. Do we blame Trevor Mallard , The police or the police commissioner no the protesters are the only ones to blame, they did it to themselves and they put their children at risk themselves. Why didn’t they take their children home. You ask yourself what the protest was for. Tin hat conspiracy theories led by idiots who should know better.

        • Held to ransom? Pure hypebole.

          People must be be allowed to protest for tin-hat conspiracy theories. When you stop that you open the door to politician-led authorities making judgement calls on what is acceptable and what is not.

          • John o hyperbole or not just ask the people of Wellington affected by these protests. Yes the right to protest is paramount however how can you compare the protests to the Spring Boc tour, maybe ask the black South African’s if their plight was a conspiracy . Our nuclear free policy was a nuclear threat a conspiracy, the list goes on. Please don’t put these protesters in the same camp their basically protesting about nothing, yes come protest then go home simple as that, thats what normal protestors do

          • You may consider yourself a ‘mansplainer’ but, I regret to inform you, this time, your defence of actions verging on Terroriste Domestique is misplaced. In fact they held the city to ransom and created a total ‘river of filth’.

          • JohnO Yep, of course people must be permitted to protest, just as we must have freedom of speech.

            Queeny raises a reasonable point about babies and children though, but misses the main point. Those women held toddlers up against their chests and used them as human shields to taunt the police, knowing that the police couldn’t react. That was appalling, as well as child abuse, and they should be charged.

            That Saturday night with the sprinklers spurting water from below, and rain coming down from up above, was very cold and windy, and subjecting littlies to that, and to loud noise, was also child abuse, courtesy of Trevor Mallard. I worried about the kiddies, and was critical of the Minister for Children, and the Commissioner for Children, for not speaking up on their behalf, but I gather that the latter did in the following days. Most of the cops were young women and men likely to have their own families and they were put in a shitty position by Mallard, who I think even cracked dumb jokes about the water coming from all directions, but not, of course, affecting him.

            He could be charged under the Bill of Rights for inflicting ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ on those innocent children. I expected him to resign in shame in the aftermath, but nope.

            I expected at least a review of the whole debacle, but nope.
            And for the PM to say that the IPCA investigations would also cover the antics of the pollies was misleading, to say the least.

            • My observation is more simple.
              People holding Freedom and Choice signs, expressing their rights to freedom by gathering in the grounds of Parliament, preventing media people to express their freedom and choice to wander that area.
              People holding Freedom and Choice signs, expressing their rights to freedom by assailing ordinary workers and school kids going about their business in the area.

              Any bullshit about ‘it was only some individuals doing that,’ is cover up bullshit.

      • Tip: throwing a gas bottle on a fire that was ignited by burning a childs playground down is not sitting down on the lawn with a sign. Please desist.

  5. The NZ Police, answerable to no one, quietly shafting honest, law-abiding New Zealanders, while letting crime slide out of control & arming terrorists.

      • Yep, most comments are anti because he is the Police Commissioner under Labour.
        And really looking forward to the day these same Muppet(ma) commentators need the police and the police say yeah,nah, particularly when idiots like I’m Right goes into overdrive with his hard right racist remarks.

      • Peter. Yep. And they don’t cause the crime, but they suffer the effects. Down at Parliament, it was they and their families who got re-infected with covid, and re-quarantined while protecting the politicians safely ensconced on the balcony, being escorted in and out, too crude to engage with the protestors, and one of the worst rewarded with a diplomatic posting because this is a topsy-turvey world, and it’s the cops being investigated by the thousand by the IPCA, and the politicians who think – or who may have thought- that they are answerable to no one. Wrong.

      • And that well known Muppet & professional liar, Chris Cahill, it would great if the Police Association gave him the boot.

        • G Hey ! A left wing cop ? You must be joking. The only thing suspect about Cuddles, is that apparently he was personally chosen by Jacinda, that’s all. He may be a very nice man, tho’ as a Shakespearean I’m not too sure about the cuddly part.

    • Richard S. And the judges are the mafia are they, colluding with the shafting police ? Criminal cases have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, or they get thrown out, and they sometimes do, and that’s a fact. Period.

  6. “A working class revolution came to Wellington at the beginning of the year and it was the middle class Maoists who were revolted!”–Really? lets investigate that claim by using materialist political terms to take those terms literally, rather than in a post modernist or piss taking sense–where anything can be ascribed to mean anything.

    • “Working class revolution” involves a fundamental shift in class power, mass action and is by nature anticapitalist–saw little sign of that at the Parliamentary occupation. Lots of anti NZ Labour though (a neo liberal non revolutionary Parliamentary party), and anti vaccine fear, and a bit of anti 5G chucked in too and some Groundswell (all power to the Utes…) of course.

    • “Middle Class” are mid socio economic level workers, who are often aspirational and identify with their class masters and top management.

    • Maoists were initially hard core left revolutionaries who saw the vanguard being Chinese peasants rather than Marx & Lenin’s proletariat. And indeed in some countries where Maoists operate/d there was barely a working class let alone a middle class. Middle class Maoists? I don’t think so.

    Sure some middle class people did not appreciate the motley crew at Parliament despite their legitimate grievances, which is interesting historically, I recall the Wellington middle class and students blocking motorways in the 1981 Springbok tour, while the Swandri wearing proletariat made their way to the games! So allegiances can switch and without decent working class leadership odd stuff will happen.

    The cops made a pragmatic decision not to bust too many heads, but really they should have stopped the occupation on day 1 with a no vehicle rule and a curfew.

    • Mick. I’d hardly call Mallard a lame duck after all the trouble he caused. If the PM is perceived as doing the Dance of the Dying Swan, then that’s her choice, she let him off the hook – and Tchaikovsky’s version could never be bettered by a politician from this cold threshold land. ( Further apologies to Baxter).

      Dispatching him to the Dublin which exiled many of its own much better people, removes him conveniently off scene should his quacks pop up in the thousands of IPCA investigations which we the taxpayers are now funding, thanks to his ineptitude. It’d be good if he stayed there, but Ireland
      deserves better.

  7. Yeah, in retrospect … shoulda been pushed off after a week. But we were learning. Over-gentle is the way of liberal democracies.

    NZer of the year is interesting. Surely I should be able to come up with someone?

        • (We’re mostly an educated / intuitive lot here – we do notice the bots and right whingers – they provide some “balance” after all, and plenty of giggles. Nice handle btw, but too long to tag so I dub thee SSS for Shit Stirrer Sentinel, jff).

  8. This government came into office with a soft-on-crime mantra, and now we are all paying for it.

    >Let’s reduce the prison population, they said

    >Let’s cancel new prison builds so that inmates have to double bunk in inhuman conditions that just breed more crime.

    > Let’s appoint a soft-touch Mormon mate of the PM as police commissioner who was prepared to stand by and watch Maori form illegal roadblocks during covid; saying he’ll only prosecute the selected crimes.

    > Hey, now let’s pay the Mongrel Mob to do drug rehabilitation! The same gang that was subsequently in court over drug peddling charges. Imagine what a morale booster that was for the average constable.

    > Then cancels police vehicle chases only to see Auckland turn into a youth crime hellscape

    > The pinnacle of this government’s achievement was the guy found guilty of five rapes who only got home D.

    What a disgrace!

  9. Cuddles needs to give his cousin a cuddle I think. She’s had a tough few weeks defending more bad policy decisions and doing some massive drifts and burnouts when having to do quick u-turns.
    Also getting sweet fuck all reciprocity from her brown colleagues with their attempt to sneak in some suspect policy through the back door.

    So I think she would probably like a cuddle from her cousin about now?

    • Tane. Male.Not Female Woman. That’s all very well, but what about the children? PM Ardern and cohort Sepuloni are big girls, with nice pay checks and PR people to buffer their sad lives, but the kids deprived of their Commissioner often have nobody in particular at all. It’s not the best way to be starting any young life. It’s an awful lonely way.

      I’d prefer more focus on the vanishing Commissioner for Vulnerable Children, than the Commissioner for Police. There’ll always be a latter, holy or not, but the symbolism alone of wiping out the Children’s Commissioner is so damaging that either both these ladies are incredibly thick, or don’t care that history will portray them as a pair of hard-heated Hannah’s impervious to the pleas of reputable experts, numerous charities, and other political parties, not to do this, and without a clue what it is like to be a deprived at-risk child, and whose own lives are set up just fine, cuddles immaterial, literally.

      High Country Weather

      Alone we are born
      And die alone;
      Yet see the red-gold cirrus
      Over snow-mountain shine.

      Upon the Upland Road
      Ride easy, stranger:
      Surrender to the sky
      Your heart of anger. James Baxter.

      I’m not surrendering my anger over this issue, but that’s ok, Baxter himself would doubtless be kneecapped by the current racist Arts Council as just another bad white man, so what the hell.

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