Summer Contributions Drive 2022


Folks, it’s that time of year we pass around the contributions hat.

Unlike most media, TDB does not get any money from NZ on Air.

This year we have provided the most incisive political insight and oversight alongside the number one political podcast in NZ, while exposing what powerful public servants are doing on your dime.

We predicted Putin would invade the Ukraine and the incredible commentary by Ben Morgan this year has been one of our blogging highlights.

We have given a better insight and oversight to the political machinations and political cultural trends than anyone else in the NZ blogging spectrum.

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Don’t contribute to us because you agree with us, contribute because you see the importance of having an independent voice in NZ media.

We are critical of the Right AND the Left.

If you value having an independent news voice and are in a position to contribute โ€“ please do so here.

If you canโ€™t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.

Merry Christmas from the entire team at TDB for your continued support during the year.

Here’s to the election.


  1. Where’s the chart option for selfish poor people who blame society in general? (I’m voting TOP because UBI).

    • It’ll probably get by “the mods” eventually – in the fullness of time. It’s just that they’re not on duty 24/7 in order to cater for someone called @This won’t get by the mods.
      You also have options in this space going forward. You could always start your own bloggings or try a number of other options where you can treat the World to your thinkings.
      maybe not. It could be a conspiracy designed to prevent you from the freedom of expressing an opinion.
      Yep. That MUST be it. I’ve done my research, and that really does have to be it. The evidence shows @ Martyn Bradbury and all his acolytes do not like this specimen that goes by the handle “This won’t get by the mods”
      It’s really quite spooky, and we all should be worried. Slippery Slope and really antidemocratic

  2. Awesome work this year Bomber. Thank you! Life without TDB was truly dismal in a sea of bullshit propaganda politicking. I’m so thankful I found TDB before any suicidiation crept in. Have a wonderful Xmas break with your nearest and dearest. Rest up, it’s gonna be a shit storm next year and we need you in tip top form to fight the good fight with us ๐Ÿ™‚

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