Roy Morgan Poll – Labour crash – Hard Right wanting children in ankle bracelets soars

I am the Eggman, you are the Walrus

Latest Roy Morgan is out and it shows Labour crashing while the political parties wanting to put ankle bracelets on children soar.

Labour 25.5% (-3.5%)
National 39.0% (+7.0%)
Greens 12.0% (-3.5%)
ACT 11.0% (-1.5%)
Maori 4.0% (+1.0%)
NZ First 3.5% (nc)
TOP 2.5% (-0.5%)
New Conservatives 0.5% (nc)

I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Kiwis have any true comprehension of just how radical a National/ACT Government would truly be.

Luxon can’t even get his own tax policy straight and David Seymour is already bullying him into backing down!

If it’s a National/ACT Government, it will be Seymour calling the shots.

The quick yellow fox will jump all over the lazy blue log and David Seymour will get all his crazy policy passed without Luxon caring.

  • Māori going to the Waitangi Tribunal over cancellation of 3 waters: The moment the National/ACT Government scrap 3 Waters, Māoridom will go straight back to the Waitangi Tribunal, win the Court Case and force Luxon into his own Helen Clark moment and be forced to pass law to simply confiscate the water. This will cause an enormous eruption of violent protest.
  • Mass immigration: National will simply implement John Key’s pump and dump policy of open door immigration to inflate growth rates while causing enormous stress on the groaning underfunded infrastructure and send rents soaring. This will cause enormous social dislocation and a rise in race relation tensions.
  • Expansion of Oranga Tamariki Big Data Experiment: National created the Oranga Tamariki Frankenstein and wants more welfare decided by algorithm as a means to de-invest welfare. Luxon has already championed this model.
  • Mass Dairy intensification: It’s all National have as an economic policy.
  • Mass Property Speculation: They will remove any of the bare tinkering Labour did and help the speculators spin prices higher.
  • Mutilation of the State: ACT are serious about wanting to amputate the Ministry for Women, Youth, Māori, Pacific People and Ethnic Communities while slashing the Human Rights Commission. The resulting Public Service strikes will gridlock Wellington. If there’s one thing the Public Service can do well, it is protesting for their own interests.
  • War on Crime: Expect the paramilitary police expansion to occur quickly with a whole dump of new civil liberty breaching powers to supposedly keep us safe but will almost immediately be abused as they increasingly get used on the protesting Left.
  • Prison riot and explosion in numbers: The war on crime will see far more in prison and National prefers puritan counter productive prisons so expect them to be crammed full and explode in a seething chain reaction of prison riots once National grant Corrections new powers to beat prisoners with. Corrections are very corrupt and once they gain new powers to bash prisoners with, they’ll be some prisoner who gets beaten within an inch of his life which that will trigger prison riots.
  • Rise of more Mass Surveillance & Political violence: The protests such a radical agenda creates will demand the State turn its attention back on the Left while National supporters clutch their pearls appalled at the aggression the Left are protesting with and rally around Luxon rather than criticise the policy. They will call on Luxon to spy on the radical lefties.
  • Higher Government Debt: Luxon is no free marketeer, he believes he has 7 properties because Jesus loves him, if debt goes up to pay for the extra prisons, extra Police, extra dairy intensification, extra welfare experiments, extra fake growth, then so be it, he doesn’t care. Oh David Seymour will hate it, but he’ll be so fat and full on his amputation of 6 State agencies that he’ll only be able to mount a burp as a protest.

When you dog whistle up the worst angels of our nature by manufacturing existential threats to democracy, you generate a confrontation that you are ultimately responsible for.

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We have allowed on the Left the wank virtue signals of the middle class woke to eclipse true messages of class solidarity for whatever hobby horse 4th wave feminists, nationalist Māori and non-binary gender activists have hijacked us into and it’s alienating.

People’s real hurt is economic.

Bryce Edwards rammed home this point this week in his must read column on political polarisation and social cohesion…

It is the unequal distribution of wealth that most New Zealanders believe is at the heart of this decline. According to the Herald’s survey, 74 per cent believe that wealth inequality is pushing us apart. In addition, when asked if “Our distribution of wealth is fair and good for the country”, 46 per cent disagreed and only 24 per cent agreed.

The second most significant factor in declining social cohesion is housing inequality. According to the poll, 70 per cent believe that access to housing is a cause of the growing division. And when asked if “Our access to housing is fair and good for the country”, 60 per cent disagreed, and only 21 per cent agreed.

There is a tendency to view a lot of New Zealand’s current social cohesion challenges as being primarily due to conspiracy theories and opposition to vaccines. This is certainly the argument being put forward strongly by academics from The Disinformation Project. In responding to the Herald survey, Kate Hannah and Sanjana Hattotuwa have emphasised the problem of misinformation and disinformation as being at the heart of the problem.

However, the survey results and related evidence shows that the problem of increasing social divisions and declining social cohesion is more closely related to the very real material struggles the public are facing in their day-to-day lives. Academic focus on global conspiracies, social media, the internet, and public ignorance can distract from understanding and addressing material inequality.

…which is what TDB has been saying all year. The woke activists has spent  too much energy on alienating virtue signalling and not enough about the material well being of people.

Woke Dogma Activism on Twitter sees everyone less mentally ill than them as privileged and everyone more mentally ill than them as toxic – not much of a Broadchurch recruitment attraction to that tiny woke kingdom.

Despite the best virtue signalling intentions of the middle class woke, poor people are not sitting around the kitchen table cancelling people for misusing pronouns, hate speech or mispronouncing te reo, they are freaking out about the economy…

Poll: Economic pessimism soars to 10-year high

Kiwis are feeling more pessimistic about the economy’s immediate future than at any other point in the last decade, today’s 1News Kantar Public Poll shows.

Respondents were asked: “Do you think during the next 12 months the economy will be in a better state than at present, or in a worse state?”

Of those polled, 18% responded ‘better’, 21% responded ‘same’ and 61% responded ‘worse’.

The $51billion Labour used to juice the economy and inoculate us from the worst of the pandemic inadvertently transferred a trillion dollars in wealth value to the richest Kiwis and according to the Reserve Bank Governor the price to pay for that inflationary pressure is the slashing of 115 000 jobs.

Why should the poorest pay most for inflationary pressures that enriched the wealthy?

Meanwhile Middle Class Left Activists waste energy fighting culture wars the Left can’t win.

This is one of the reasons the Left are losing political support, we are focusing on esoteric issues like land rights for gay whales and not the material well being of voters.



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  1. ” Roy Morgan Poll – Labour crash –”
    Bullshit. I’m calling the poll bullshit.
    ‘Roy Morgan’ will be targeting the pro natzo demographic and skewing the outcome. That, is what roy morgan does. If you conduct a poll on the likelihood of four day working weeks, decriminalising all drugs and free tie died T shirts then you don’t go to Remuera to take the poll do you.
    The thought of luxon as PM with seymour sniffing at his heels…. We’d be guaranteed at least three years of vicious, boring, brain farts and sputtering fascism. You’d soon see Range Rover loads of poverty tourists driving past chain gangs taking selfies with the beastly hoi polloi. It’s chilling, isn’t it. That we’re only as smart as the dumbest rich fuckers. That’s right morons. Money doesn’t make you smarter. It just makes you dangerous.

      • @G.
        That’s my point. I’m accusing ‘Roy Morgan’ of skewing the polls to effect/affect the outcome by being selective about who/where they poll. ‘Roy Morgan’ appeared to be ‘the most accurate’ because they effectively scripted the narrative. I think it’s also known as spin doctoring.
        It’s what rnz and tvnz do all the time. Commercial advertising does it all the time too. It could also be called brain washing. Not to be confused with brian washing. A different thing altogether.

    • Keep crying bro. Funny how you don’t seem to recognize that Roy Morgan was the most accurate poll company in the last election.

    • Well Saturday will be a better reflection. Hamilton West is a bell weather seat, a 10/8 National/Labour split since 1969, so more will be known.

      Yes by-elections tend to favour the opposition, but it will be how much Labour has fallen.

    • I think Roy Morgan’s last poll was the outlier with the Greens at crazy levels and Nats significantly down then, this looks like a return to the general trend before that, slow leakage of Labour voters, but this time the missing Labour and green voters are with the Nats and the women vote for the first time favors NACT.

      This poll is drastic if true, and also completely unsurprising when the government insists on pushing through legislation the majority of the country don’t want.
      NZ doesn’t want 3 waters, we don’t want co governance we don’t want race based health and education.
      But Labour is being run by its Maori caucus and in to the dust bin of history they shall all go.

      As bad as an incoming NACT government may be, it will be installed entirely because of the actions of Labour and the Greens.

    • We need to get this country back to an even keel. ACT and its coalition partner National must undo all the overspending this current NZ First inspired Labour Party. As well as ankle bracelets for criminal kids and fining parents for truant kids, ACT proposes the following:❗️Cut the minimum wage then freeze it for 3yrs.
      ❗️Interest will go back on ALL student loans.
      ❗️KiwiSaver Govt subsidy will be gone.
      ❗️Cancel the Winter Energy Payment.
      ❗️Zero Carbon Act gone.
      ❗️End Best Start payments for families with babies.
      ❗️Add up to $10,000 to the cost of university fees.
      ❗️Cut benefits while we have high unemployment.
      ❗️Cut research and development tax credits.
      ❗️One Billion Trees programme gone.
      ❗️Cuts to working for families.
      ❗️$7Bill a year cuts to public services.
      ❗️RMA reform to further reduce community input.
      ❗️He also wants to weaken our gun laws.
      ❗️Abolish the Human Rights Commission.
      ❗️Abolish Māori seats.

      No wonder ACT and National are so popular and willwin the 2023 election.

    • I’m in a working-class neighbourhood and mileu and I’m yet to talk to anyone who supports this government.

      Labour crashing is not about support for National act but punishing Labour.

      It seems that the latte class has no idea how furious everyday people are.

      • @What+now
        Epsom isn’t a “working-class neighbourhood” and the incorrectly spelt “mileu” sounds like a nasty foreskin disease.
        Is What now another “Andrew and David are right” iteration?

    • Poll spot on, looks like the end of the road for the Labour and Greens filth.
      I hope they never get into to power again.

      • Agree @tedheath, Richi Sunak, one of ted heath’s successors is showing the world that that society needs tax cuts to stimulate the economy and have wealth for all citizens.

  2. “Meanwhile Middle Class Left Activists waste energy frighting culture wars the Left can’t win.”

    Actually, I’m not sure these people are part of ‘The Left’ at all. They have certainly occupied positions of influence and importance within leftists organisations, and that is their goal, to seem important. That they are all very doctrinaire is just a way of dominating the group. These people are all university educated office wallies, and they come with parents in similar comfortable backgrounds. Not many if any can say, like Bob Jones for instance, that my father was a plumber all his life.

    • More like Knob Jones didn’t he take advantage of good economic conditions and policy when a person could borrow 100% with no capital you can’t do that now and assets stripper did well back in those days also.

  3. Wasn’t Cunliffe, Little and Shearer on 25% when they were rolled. The Labour back bench will be disamated. They better start getting higher up the list.

  4. Incisive commentary provided on the Daily Blog, as always!


    1. Labour – Stunning and brave! Jacinda Ardern secures the kindest 25% of voters ever! After saving 80k lives, this poll result secures the cherry on top that she has been patiently waiting for.
    2. Greens – Given the green light to entrench prehistoric hunting and gathering policies. Use your bare hands to dig for raw turnips in the forest! A great result for transsexuals everywhere. Colonialists will be shivering in their boots.
    3. NZ First – Winston will now change sides and support the powerhouse Labour / Green coalition, in awe of their result here.

    1. National – Poll increases the likelihood that time is up for the pale stale male Mr Luxon. We don’t need this colonialist type in charge.
    2. ACT – the yellow dog Seymour will now likely jump to join the Greens after this abject showing.

  5. The ‘kids in ankle bracelets’ are not your average kid, they’re kids like Bailey Kurariki who killed Michael Choy with a baseball bat. That was before John Key made his family sleep in their car – apparently the reason why we’re seeing the youth crime wave today. Sorry but ‘kids’ like this should be grateful if they only end up on home d with an ankle bracelet.

    • In both NZ & Australia the age of criminal responsibility is still 10.

      We should enforce the laws we already have instead of providing get out of jail cards based on nothing but “feelz”. Especially in the case of repeat rapists whose victims get a life sentence.

      • I didn’t know that, thank you for pointing it out. Our judges are weak and woke and need a kick up the ass and told to enforce the law.

        • Aw come on RAF, these kids don’t need a slap over the ankle with a bracelet.
          Castration and hands cut off will stop them breeding and also make it hard to steer a stolen car.

      • especially for fraudsters, tax dodgers, people who fold companies and leave subbies fucked’ and other general economic crims…not forgetting all the religious child rapists we coddle….huh robbie??

  6. Labour are going to lose more than half their current MP’s after multiple train wrecks masquerading as policy implimentation. That’s just on these numbers. The leadership is looking increasingly dysfunction!

    RNZ needs more money, that’s it, not the starvation diet it exists on now. Take the money from consultants that Labour love. What it does not need is a mega merger the government cannot even articulate let alone justify, at least under the current vague reasons.

    5 waters shouldn’t go ahead, full stop. It will break Labour. They have belligerently pushed ahead, sneaking it in regardless of the consequence. The entrenchment a fine example of a tiny sideshow to the real deal, hand over of water control to a tiny minority. If there is a protest because it’s repealed, blame Labour!

    Health reforms are a bad joke. Put Ayesha Verral in as minister, because she is a doctor and because she is not the awful combative Andrew Little. Have a hui with heads of department medical professionals to plot a way forward, urgently, and listen to them!!

    Crime. Get a police commissioner who is a cop, not a wannabe social worker!

    Ardern and Robertson owe the institution that is Labour to cease the ideological garbage they are delivering before they destroy the party. And then a clean out of the woke, the students politicians and the departmental bureaucrats they have posing as MP’s. Do that and they’ll still lose but live this fight another day, fail to and the party is history. And if neither will do it, quit and find someone who will!

  7. After more than 38 polls from many sources. LINO have got it bad.

    I think they could do better. 22% I recks!

    They suck! Theyre like the other tribe, they rely on sucking on the neoliberal tittie. When she or ‘he’ runs dry, what happens next is what happens next.

    They are a fuck-up like Lange and Roger were back in the day. They have nobody else to blame but themselves.
    Theyve all been at the trough long enough and have lost all interest in doing things properly and for the team of five million and are only delivering to a few (25.5%) constituents. So fuck’em! Bring on the next bunch of clowns or maybe not??

    • To stop the ‘bleeding’. They could, the Dr PM could sack Mahuta as a sacrificial tribute to the gods to save the party from certain death?

      That’s all they have left to stem the tide.

      • Agree TMNFW.
        Women should be back in the kitchen.
        National and ACT will repeal 3 Waters and expect selling water to “mum and dad” investors

  8. The wheels have come off.

    The smell of political death lingers and even hard left MSM poodles such as Coughlan and Watkins are actively attacking the hand that feeds. The Prime Minister appears isolated as the factions start to crawl out from under rocks as the moderates such as Parker go to war with the hard left such as Wood. Robertson is in a bind as he now knows he has to do a Grant Pence to Jacinda Trump and the reaction of a narssacist when they get spurned is never nice. Long term the slapping of the leaders of the Maori squad will deliver more votes to the Maori party. Mahuta and the Tainui clan is seething at their treatment.

    Te Reo just needs to do a Biden and hide in the basement and sleepwalk to victory – the economy will do the rest with Banshee Willis wailing in the background. The best the left can hope for is Winston gets > 5% and Te Reo includes as a safety valve for the cost of some fried Irish duck.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at Christmas drinks at Wokeborg (ala Presland, Jones & Smith) as they all start the blame game on how they halved the Government’s (Jacinda Trump) support in little over 15 months.


  9. Roy Morgan’s results are seemingly never correct.
    I suspect Labour’s share is more like 30%.
    Aside from that, I suspect that there are a LOT of people who are sick to death of little bastards being allowed to terrorise them, regardless of their age and hence will be glad to see them treated as the crims they are.
    Its all well and good to sit in your middle or upper class suburb screaming about how awful anklets because you are insulated from the effects of their behaviour.
    Get out of your ivory tower.

  10. “This will cause an enormous eruption of violent protest.”

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Have heard this so often it has become a hollow threat.

    But if we are to face off over the barricades in a civil war the outcome will be what? Chosen sides yet?

    UN peacekeeping troops to hold a truce and force control? Australian takeover of their eastern island chain?

    Not just the gangs that have been caching weapons. Will be a dirty fight that is for sure.

      • I have a piece of paper from National and ACT that says they will repeal 3 Waters.
        This should appease all those who want to sell water, air above water and those who want to own the foreshore.
        Let’s run this up the electoral flagpole and see who salutes.

        A new flag should be considered, and in place, by the 2027 World Cup.
        New Zealand should copyright it!
        If we sold share in the copyright to Mum and Dad investors, we could all be reaping the flag royalties for years to come.

  11. The battle in schooling will be fun with Nat/Act.

    “ACT will give every child a Student Education Account at the age of two. Each year until a
    student is 18, $12,000 will be placed into that Account.

    ACT will:
    Provide every child with a Student Education Account. A child will receive $250,000 of taxpayer-
    funded education over their life, but parents have little choice in how it’s spent. ACT will
    empower parents by placing this money in a Student Education Account. Parents will be able to
    use it at any registered educational institution that will accept their child’s enrolment, public or
    Increase choice in our education system by…”

    Choice for parents is the big thing. So parents are going to be given the money and they’ll make their choice of which school to enrol their kids in. So 5,000 from South Auckland turn up at Auckland Grammar on day one. How will it work?

    Maihi from Manurewa, 2m tall and 100kg, great at rugby is up against Stephen, strictly average across the board, from Epsom who lives just down the road, for the last place in the chokka school. Who do they take? Choice and all that.

    How will ‘registered educational institution accepting enrolments’ get on when they decide the cut off point for being accepted for enrolment is decided by marks achieved on some academic test? How exactly will ‘choice’ work?

    • Agree with National and ACT’s education innovations..
      Parents, Kiwis and students will appreciate education and truancy will reduce, when they have to pay for it out of their Student Education Account.
      Any student with more than 10% of truancy per term, should involve a $5,000 fine, payable from the Student Education Account.
      And if there’s no money left in the Student Education Account, the kids will forego school and live at home with the parents.
      Mike drop … truancy sorted… charter school and academy educational outcomes, sorted!
      Thank God and Chris and David for National and ACT, sorting the educational future of New Zealand

  12. Can’t stand the Natz but if you shit on reasonable hard-working NZ Europeans for long enough eventually they will start to push back . . let’s hope this signals that we are now all standing at the woke neo-apartheid high-water mark.

  13. “Why should the poorest pay most for inflationary pressures that enriched the wealthy?” Bang on right here.

  14. Not a surprising poll result given that the public predominantly base their choices on MSM info like the ‘ Fuxon Fanboy Club’ facade that is Stuff’s political content.
    The ChiefPolyEd LM for one as gatekeeper of journalists, OPs and commentators.
    Since his CIS days he hasn’t changed his OPs monotonous, monocular -doomed to fail if it’s Left – formula . It’s like reading a 101 Soc. Policy student’s essay based on reading one book – “Taxonomy of Libertarian Cliches”

  15. Meh. There’s miles to go before the only poll that matters. Plenty of time for a black swan event and yet more Cluster Fuxons. Have faith middle-lefties 🙂

      • Aloha Luxon. I saw Judith Collins asked for comment on Simon Power’s Fox channel.
        ‘raise eyebrows and a ‘no comment’
        Dirty politics is alive and slithering in National still.

      • BG, it’s not about “her” or him, nor they. It’s about us – all of us – you know, people – human beings. All of us. Get with it bro

    • I think you may be right – the polls will tighten up and there are good policies in place that will help people on lower incomes – such as the Fair Pay Agreement which will have a big impact on wages outside of the trades and white collar work.
      This is a good thing that’s happening in the real world and will have a positive impact on real peoples lives. But nobody is talking about it because apparently the government and Maori are conspiring to destroy democracy and at the same time creating swarms of child ram raiders.

      • Yep Peter agree.
        But, “people on lower incomes – such as the Fair Pay Agreement” don’t create wealth, do they?
        Businesses and wealthy risk-takers create wealth and the tax reductions for the movers and shakers of New Zealand have been postponed until the National and ACT Finance Minister get into power and open up the disgusting state of NZ’s borrowing, in conjunction with the Labour-led recession.

        Expect that the finances are a mess and we’d like to see drastic cuts to government consultants and cuts to productive sector taxes are introduced within the first 100 days.

  16. 74 % believe wealth inequality is dividing the country ? Well I’ll be darned. How many of that 74 % will vote for National -Act to worsen that inequality. Neo liberal policies and the parties that adhere to them and help enforce those policies are the real reason the country is divided.

    • They will vote N or A or NZF or any other party so as to not have to vote for this current lot in the Labour Government of this day.

  17. ” I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Kiwis have any true comprehension of just how radical a National/ACT Government would truly be ”

    And with all the woke and other diversions and the right wing corporate media propaganda the public won’t be given any comprehension of those policies over the next 9 months despite the harsh economic realities by the end of next year when a real and honest debate about our economic direction and how it fails so many.

    With so many declaring wealth inequality is dividing the country shouldn’t it be time to actually start seriously talking and debating that !

    Lets start with the current class system and the 1% and their 9% enablers including MP’s and the rest of us.

    The inequality will not disappear like so many want it to and the election of a NACT government will only poor more petrol on the fire.

    An unprecedented majority just two years ago and under MMP which is very hard to achieve and they are melting away under their own incompetence and adherence to neo liberal policies re branded but still deliver the same shitty outcomes.

  18. As long as pundits don’t understand that people vote OUT a government (as opposed to voting one IN), these poll results will continue to baffle. Only a few are deliberately voting FOR National/ACT and ankle bracelets, but rather they are voting AGAINST Labour and their utterly hopeless social/economic policy.

      • Agree Bob the First.
        National and ACT will sort out this shit-show of economic wealth transfer to no-hopers and crim-ram-raiders and government priorities will change to the productive sector.

  19. Best things about xmas Nat,barbies and xmas,most end up with a new leader,not this one,leave it till later.

  20. I’m going to go out on a limb and state that a National government would be hard right even if they don’t need to form a coalition with Act or any other party. Obviously this is because the hard right policies of late have been coming from National themselves. How unfortunate that these MP’s cannot see what’s to the left or right of them, but only the blinding light of power straight ahead.

  21. All polls are private am I correct? Is there any that is public funded, non politicised? Basically we are split between those that live in reality, and those that will do anything to avoid it. The religiously indoctrinated, the neo liberally capitalistically indoctrinated, and the do business with authoritarian states indoctrinated. Otherwise known as Business As Usual, or BUA as they seem to have re labelled it in the sleepy minion factory.
    The world has been in constant crisis since it connected the dots; and finally some historic evils are being addressed. But “C*nts are still running the world” (Jarvis Cocker) with at least Russia, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Brexit, China, Qatar, Dubai, Indonesia, US Supreme Court and Auckland have pretty good ones at the top currently. When will men accept that Wahine are just better and that trying to keep them under control is bad for your psychological well being?

  22. The balloons of National and ACT going up, open to any sniper shot of a free social democrat politician. But there aren’t any, so Nat/ACT float over the line into power.

    Yep, I’m talking about a talker, which the Left hasn’t done … for such a long time. Yet, in it’s way, it’s as much the heart of the people’s cause as anything.

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