Latest SIS case against Hager a reminder to the woke the Secret Police are not your friend


Oh look at that, another example of the SIS abusing their powers to spy on journalists challenging their power…

Nicky Hager receives $66,000 settlement from Security Intelligence Service over phone record spying

Journalist Nicky Hager will receive $66,000 from the Security Intelligence Service after his phone records were unlawfully spied on.

Hager had successfully taken a case against the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) to Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, which decided in 2019 the spy agency had unlawfully obtained and used two months of Hager’s phone data.

The SIS, which first apologised in 2019, agreed this month to the monetary settlement – $40,000 in compensation and $26,400 for legal fees – and conceded it “unlawfully requested and collected two months of Mr Hager’s home telephone [data], and that doing so breached Mr Hager’s rights”.

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…the middle class woke have turned to the SIS and begged for Hate Speech powers to smite the misogynists, the racists and the transphobes, but they have done so out of fear without understanding that the SIS ain’t your fucking friend, they are the enemy!

Here they are abusing their power AGAIN (after Nicky busted them for abusing their power in Dirty Politics) to stomp down on his ability to do journalism the State are fearful of.

The middle class woke don’t care they are empowering the Deep State, their cultural and economic privilege is being challenged by being abused online and they want the State to step in and smash their online threats.

If one tertiary educated woman is threatened online, Western Christendom itself falls!

We are spending over $300million on the:

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
The NSG (National Security Group)
The Police Intelligence Unit
The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
The NRU (National Risk Unit)
the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

and the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

With all that amassed State power, are you feeling safe yet?

The price to not de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s lawns and the cost of Trevor Mallard’s appalling decisions that simply radicalised 5000 new extremists is this new SIS woke nark list where effectively anyone who criticises the Government might be a domestic terrorist…

Disasters, hackers and disinformation: Experts forecast risks to national security

Natural disasters and the intentional spread of harmful information are seen as the highest risks to New Zealand’s national security, according to a landmark briefing.

It warns the country’s increasingly divided and ageing population could become further vulnerable to extremist ideologies, online attacks from malicious overseas actors and the negative impacts of war and climate change – if efforts to educate Kiwis and shore up New Zealand’s defences are not furthered.

It also includes what’s considered a surprising finding that New Zealanders feel particularly at risk of a cyber-attack – something the briefing acknowledges the Government can’t adequately protect its citizens from.

The document, titled the National Security Long-term Insights Briefing, will be discussed at a Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism hui in Auckland this week.

…the NZ Secret Intelligence Service did a ‘poll’ to ask New Zealander’s what our fears were and the SIS have taken that ‘Poll’ to be the blueprint for a fucking National Security platform???

Why would we know what the fucking National Security threats are?

We don’t have access to actual intel and are basing our thoughts on pure ignorance and ‘feelings’!

The bloody NZ SIS are supposed to be the experts, they tell us what the threats are from a position of knowledge, asking us to point out National Security threats via a fucking poll AND THEN basing a National Security response based on what fat bloke down pub thinks is fucking insane!

I love how the people didn’t even give the SIS what they wanted because most identified organised crime and hacking or natural disasters as their main concerns with disinformation tagged in there and that’s what the SIS have seized upon.

The SIS endlessly claim that their ‘Who-is-the-White-supremacist-in-your-neighbourhood’  nark list is for anyone who has created an ‘us and them’ mentality. In the small print the SIS acknowledge that this alone isn’t enough to be a terrorist, but its the phrase they keep repeating because they know that’s their entry point in convincing Kiwis to nark on their fellow citizens.

Let’s be very clear why we are having the SIS put out nark lists to get their woke activists spying for them, because we refused point blank to de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s Lawns.

The middle class Stuff docudrama Fire + Fury focused only on the far right fear grifters to explain why violence erupted, there was no focus whatsoever on the role Mallard played or how economic conditions and Government incompetence had also combined to create this.

Was there a mob of angry hurt frightened NZers being manipulated by far right bad faith actors?

Of course there was, but imagine if the Left had been actually transformative and had eased those economic anxieties?

There was only a mob ripe for far right manipulation because we on the Left allowed it to form in the first place!

This new Police State will focus on Hate Speech powers, vast new budgets and new surveillance capabilities.

Already the SIS and GCSB are drawing up expanded budgets to track the ‘Nazis’.

Police want their legally questionable face recognition mass surveillance network switched on to identify the ‘Nazis’.

The Woke activist base want hate speech laws that effectively ban any opinion they don’t like from ‘Nazis’.

The looming over reaction in police powers and state surveillance this avoidable Parliament Lawn violence provokes will be the true legacy of this bullshit.

Most MPs were ushered in and out under heavy police protection alongside the frightened Press Gallery, so their perception of threat is now magnified through their own personal ego, and when that happens any criticism of the new powers to make them feel safe will have you labelled a traitor or enemy of the State.

Once the Police State gets these extra budgets, they will never let them go. If they are paid to find monsters, they will find monsters even if it takes monstrous things to find them.

This huge ramping up of the Police State would normally be hidden and quietly done, but because easily triggered MPs are convinced they just survived January 6th, they will champion these vast increases in budget and state surveillance as the ‘cure’ we need.

Middle Class Maoists and their State funded media enablers will cheer the Eye of Mordor finally being switched on to punish the Lumpenproletariat Nazis.

The rest of us will shudder in horror at the abomination they are building.

The Police State in NZ will be cheered in by the Woke, it won’t be criticised.


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Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into this pandemic and 2020 election – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.


  1. Had a laugh lastnight watching the KimDotCom film again. The dodgy cop and his note book with a list of contacts he was engaged with. And one of them was the GCSB as well as the FBI ect …

    They really dont like KDC. Or should I say, the movie moguls.

    Without KDC, there’d be no ‘cloud-storage’ or streaming as we now know and enjoy it. NAPSTER 2.0.

  2. …the NZ Secret Intelligence Service did a ‘poll’ to ask New Zealander’s what our fears were and the SIS have taken that ‘Poll’ to be the blueprint for a fucking National Security platform???”

    And that’s what you get when the head of the SIS is a diversity hire.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. Yes, but Rebecca, the head of the SIS, came straight from John Key’s office I think, and Key managed to sell Mr Hager as a conspiracy theorist to media hacks when “ Dirty Politics” was published, and Rebecca also said she thought the work of the SIS would make a good reality television program, so what sort of basis these people are working from is a bit of a mystery.

      If they want to know our fears, then they can jump in the lake. Their job is meant to be national security, not asking us to tell them it, or nurse-mailing the populace.

      But they can monitor me for $65,000 and good luck to them. Most telemarketers hang up before I’m half way through replying to their inquiry about my health, and one of my batty phoning neighbours will have them more hairless than Chris Luxon.

      • It beggars belief that the SIS would poll the public for their thoughts about security threats. An idea from the same stable as “We know the teachers are racist because we’ve asked the kids!”

        • Pope Punctilious 11. And we all know what happened to the late poor Peter Ellis when they asked the kids, and ACC put some bucks in the parents’ pockets depending upon the answers of the children.

          If the SIS need my Neighbourhood Watch to tell them their job, then they might be better off in other jobs themselves.

          Seriously though, they do seem a weird mob – or possibly just under-employed.

    • “…the NZ Secret Intelligence Service did a ‘poll’,”

      They already knew the answers that they received to the poll! 🙂

  3. This is interesting and on-topic in my opinion.
    Russell Brand talks “with award-winning reporter Matt Taibbi on Biden’s recent visit to the G20, the raise of the vaccine passport again & the missile strike in Poland”
    Smells of the same dodgy stink.
    Good on Nicky Hager for standing his ground. I’m impressed. And go you @ MBB for bringing it to print.
    The worrying thing is that any SIS ops here has nothing to do with our safety and security as a people as a whole. Our politics are neoliberal which I term capitalist fascism so everything’s related to money which is power which is fat old white men wanking at the thought of all the money they have that we don’t, which is power they have that we don’t. I believe that, that, is what this is all about. All of it. No wonder then that voting’s not mandatory.

  4. Absolutely shocking;

    Agree or disagree, this guy was motivated by his anti vax belief to commit an (albeit destructive) act of civil disobedience. The sentence way over the top. He should declare himself a political prisoner & seek redress at Ardern’s beloved UN.

    Civil disobedience plans are already being made in the deep south to disrupt the implementation of labour’s insanely divisive, 3 waters legislation. This sentence should be a wake up call to anyone who plans to take radical action against labour’s increasingly anti-democratic & dictatorial regime.

    • and heydrich was motivated by his sincere deeply held belife jews where a plague on humanity, your point is lefty

  5. “Latest SIS case against Hager a reminder to the woke that the Secret Police are not your friend.”
    Indeed. The woke left in the United States needs a similar reminder (although it would probably be wasted on them). They are cheering on the FBI as it violates all sorts of supposedly constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms in its campaign against Trump.

  6. And it gets worse. I distinctly remember Ardern saying, and the SIS and the Disinformation project for that matter, that the Parliamentary protestors were being funded from abroad. At various times inferences were made or we were told outright, that it was funded by the Far Right in the US or the Russians.

    But I am sure I heard Ardern say that we know they are being funded from abroad just like they have been in Canada.

    Well guess what, Canada had a full royal Commission inquiry or equivalent and found the following:

    1. Their protests were not funded from abroad despite Trudeau telling the people that 50% of the money for the protests was coming from abroad
    2. The 50% line by Trudeau was used to justify him invoking the Emergency Powers Act but senior officials and law enforcement bosses did not agree that the Emergency Powers were necessary. They were on record as saying, “Dont do it, we havent exhausted all our usual options yet”.
    3. The only people supporting Trudeau’s stance were the security services.

    Hmmm, it sounds like exactly the same story here. The country is scratching it’s head going WTF? And the SIS are telling us we have hundreds of threats being funded by off shore bad actors so we should adopt Stasi tactics all in the name of keeping us safe.

    I am not sure about the WEF reset business but you have to say, the tactics here look identical. Maybe it’s just birds of a feather but it’s easy to see why Labour dont want a Royal Commission on the Protests.

    Finally, do we know what the SIS were fishing for when they wiretapped Hagar? Seems outrageous even for them after having had their knuckles rapped previously for pursuing him.

    • Fantail. “ Do we know what the SIS we’re fishing for when they wire-tapped Hager? “ They, allegedly ( ha ha) were looking for the identity of one of his “ Dirty Politics” informants, probably somebody from the precinct of round the clock sprinklers and bothersome music where it’s no Juliet or Romeo who watches from the balcony, just you know who. They could have been a bit irked, for time and again Nicky Hager seems to know more than they do, and they’re meant to be the spooks, and he a mere scribe – with rather good academic qualifications – I think he’s done post-grad work in physics and impressive sort of things like that. He also built his own house. That silences armed forces types fairly quickly. Norman Kirk built his own house too. Takes a real man to build a house. (Oops)

      One of the Hager’s’ old neighbours told me that his mother once took out a protection order about a tree up the coast. That would make Nicky a person of suspect in the eyes of of some.

    • Fantail. They didn’t need to have a “Royal Commission on the Protests.” Shattered locals, harassed schoolgirls, shut-out workers, spat-on bus drivers, injured coppers and their covid-infected re-quarantined kids, could have been satisfied had the PM simply said ‘ We are reviewing the situation ‘. A review would do.

      Implying that Mallard’s cruel and unusual antics would be covered by the IPCA inquiry didn’t do, and was misleading, to say the least.

  7. The security threat has been lowered…. ….. but wait, I thought Kate Hannah of the Democracy project had warned that conservative stay at home mums who bake bread are going on line and being sucked in by clips of flowers and red headed children with braided hair…..,,..,,surely we shouldn’t be lowering the security risk.

  8. Lets face it ,,,, NZ gives citizenship and sanctuary to people who persecute and are trying to destroy Julian Assange ….. while offering no help/support to Assange…. His crimes? , telling the truth and exposing Govt lies.

    Nicky Hagers persecution is based on what crimes? ,,, telling the truth.

    The actions and facts clearly show our ( and other) Governments fight against disinformation ,,,, is disinformation.

  9. The same power behind the deep state is driving wokeness. This power is the problem. Do we dare shed light on this entity….

  10. I used to really admire Hagar but then during the vaccine mandates I saw what he thought about people who didn’t what to get the vaccine and, well, the scales dropped from my eyes. Hagar can do one.

  11. You have a lot to say on this. Given ‘woke’ as I understand it, is just an extension of justice to the least, maybe over-extended into correct speech, you’re really criticising their method rather than their cause. I similarly don’t like this ‘free speech’ stuff you like, given it poisons minds in the internet age of everyone with no rational abstract ideas about reality (most) and everyone with dissatisfaction (everyone). See America.

    It’s not a Left cause. But it excites you. You have the exceeding drive to lead, which i couldn’t do, but when you’re thwarted you go off into cul de sacs . Our Left oldsters didn’t do that (‘t’Cause’ was the only thing in their lives), nor do ‘The Young Turks’ now. No excuse. ‘T’Cause’ is about the people and reality. To break it down, ‘Klimate Khange’.

  12. Why don’t the Yank Left utubes boil up bout free speech and ‘woke’? They know it’s the antidemocratic Right’s thing.

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