The new SIS woke nark stasi campaign is the price we pay for Mallard’s refusal to de-escalate Dumb Lives Matter protests


We are spending over $300million on the

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
The NSG (National Security Group)
The Police Intelligence Unit
The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
The NRU (National Risk Unit)
the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

and the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

With all that amassed State power, are you feeling safe yet?

The price to not de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s lawns and the cost of Trevor Mallard’s appalling decisions that simply radicalised 5000 new extremists is this new SIS woke nark list where effectively anyone who criticises the Government might be a domestic terrorist.

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Let’s talk about the insanity of what happened yesterday.

Disasters, hackers and disinformation: Experts forecast risks to national security

Natural disasters and the intentional spread of harmful information are seen as the highest risks to New Zealand’s national security, according to a landmark briefing.

It warns the country’s increasingly divided and ageing population could become further vulnerable to extremist ideologies, online attacks from malicious overseas actors and the negative impacts of war and climate change – if efforts to educate Kiwis and shore up New Zealand’s defences are not furthered.

It also includes what’s considered a surprising finding that New Zealanders feel particularly at risk of a cyber-attack – something the briefing acknowledges the Government can’t adequately protect its citizens from.

The document, titled the National Security Long-term Insights Briefing, will be discussed at a Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism hui in Auckland this week.

The NZ Secret Intelligence Service did a ‘poll’ to ask New Zealander’s what our fears were and the SIS have taken that ‘Poll’ to be the blueprint for a fucking National Security platform???

Why would we know what the fucking National Security threats are? We don’t have access to actual intel and are basing our thoughts on pure ignorance and ‘feelings’!

The bloody NZ SIS are supposed to be the experts, they tell us what the threats are from a position of knowledge, asking us to point out National Security threats via a fucking poll AND THEN basing a National Security response based on what fat bloke down pub thinks is fucking insane!

I love how the people didn’t even give the SIS what they wanted because most identified organised crime and hacking or natural disasters as their main concerns with disinformation tagged in there and that’s what the SIS have seized upon.

The SIS endlessly claim that their ‘Who’s the White supremacist in your neighbourhood’  nark list is for anyone who has created an ‘us and them’ mentality. In the small print the SIS acknowledge that this alone isn’t enough to be a terrorist, but its the phrase they keep repeating because they know that’s their entry point in convincing Kiwis to nark on their fellow citizens.

Let’s be very clear why we are having the SIS put out nark lists to get their woke activists spying for them, because we refused point blank to de-escalate the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s Lawns.

The middle class Stuff docudrama Fire + Furyfocused only on the far right fear grifters to explain why violence erupted, there was no focus whatsoever on the role Mallard played or how economic conditions and Government incompetence had also combined to create this.

Was there a mob of angry hurt frightened NZers being manipulated by far right bad faith actors?

Of course there was, but imagine if the Left had been actually transformative and had eased those economic anxieties?

There was only a mob ripe for far right manipulation because we on the Left allowed it to form in the first place!

The SIS had infiltrated the protest in the second week and rushed intel back from hyped up fantasists about all the terrible things they were going to do, just like Police Intelligence had done 15 years ago with the Urewera Terror raids.

This intel scared the bejesus out of an already frazzled system and the decision to force them off the lawns was made.

Of course the protestors were violent – we spent 3 weeks winding them up and then called their reaction a hate crime.

This has given the far right a propaganda and recruitment win they could never have imagined but it’s also built momentum up from frightened Middle Class Marxists who demanded the Police Commissioner be sacked and the military sent in on day 2 of this Dumb Lives Matter farce.

This new Police State will focus on Hate Speech powers, vast new budgets and new surveillance capabilities.

Already the SIS and GCSB are drawing up expanded budgets to track the ‘Nazis’.

Police want their legally questionable face recognition mass surveillance network switched on to identify the ‘Nazis’.

The Woke activist base will want hate speech laws that effectively ban any opinion they don’t like from ‘Nazis’.

The looming over reaction in police powers and state surveillance this avoidable Parliament Lawn violence provokes will be the true legacy of this bullshit.

The Police State in NZ will be cheered in by the Woke, it won’t be criticised.

Most MPs were ushered in and out under heavy police protection alongside the frightened Press Gallery, so their perception of threat is now magnified through their own personal ego, and when that happens any criticism of the new powers to make them feel safe will have you labelled a traitor or enemy of the State.

Once the Police State gets these extra budgets, they will never let them go. If they are paid to find monsters, they will find monsters even if it takes monstrous things to find them.

This huge ramping up of the Police State would normally be hidden and quietly done, but because easily triggered MPs are convinced they just survived January 6th, they will champion these vast increases in budget and state surveillance as the ‘cure’ we need.

Middle Class Marxists and their State funded media enablers will cheer the Eye of Mordor finally being switched on to punish the Lumpenproletariat Nazis.

The rest of us will shudder in horror at the abomination they are building.

Below are the words NZ Punk Anarchist Neil Roberts spray painted on the wall in 1982 before detonating a bomb inside the Wanganui Computer Centre.

Let’s be very clear, as the attack on the PMs electoral office this week reminded us, we are entering a time of unparalleled domestic threats.

I am convinced there is a 50-50 chance of some type of political violence before or during the 2023 election.

Can you imagine for 30 seconds the horror and furious explosion within NZ culture if some feral Qanon Sheriff took a swing at the Prime Minister? The tinder dry political and cultural environment of this country would combust in a backlash that would border on civil war.

We are far closer to the precipice than we appreciate.

I think hate algorithms alongside the enormous mental harm caused by the forced isolation of this unique universal event is exploding in crime, domestic violence and self harm. I think the looming economic recession will be depression era levels of financial damage because of the supply side dynamics at play.

As bad as you think it is now, wait till we have a 10% inflation rate.

Desperate people are writhing in agony and going nuts.

That’s why it was so essential for NZ to NOT allow the Dumb Lives Matter fiasco on Parliament’s Lawns to metastasise into the dark treacle of hate that has oozed into the political subterranean.

That’s why it was so important to de-escalate because the bad faith actors who most certainly were there to recruit, were gifted a propaganda coup by Mallard’s spiteful childishness and stupid tactics.

What was the conclusion to the Parliament protests?

We radicalised 5 000 new recruits for the far right and as I have been predicting, this sudden blowback of previous actions is now being used by the SIS and GCSB for vast new powers and resources to come after the new enemies.

Are you feeling safe yet?

Imagine if we had de-escalated the Parliament Lawn Protests rather than hand the far right a propaganda win?

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    • I would have thought that dumb was believing all the lies about the jab. There was a bit of excess compulsion used but it was an uncertain time & there seemed to be a bit of making things up as they went along, more or less normal service has resumed & it did not lead to the Orwellian state that some predicted.

      • Bonnie, all the lies? You mean the ‘safe and effective’ lies? Will stop transmission lies?

        A bit excessive, you say?
        Well, that’s one hell of an understatement. There was plenty of certainty to know that coercion was completely wrong.

        I guess you’re happy with a segregated society and would do it all again. Guess what? I’m not and this is far from over.

    • The purported-left chose to participate in scapegoating a primarily working-class protest. To demonstrate its ongoing disdain towards the ‘river of filth’ -that’s us – the working class. And just as NZ headed into what will likely become not recession, but depression. The so-called left chose to invent and promulgate vicious lies. To double-down, triple, quadruple down.

      There was no reason for that mandate. Even Ardern smiled and said it was creating two classes of citizens, not to make anyone safer but to make the vaccinated feel better. Nothing like getting the boot into designated targets of hatred to feel better.

      Targetting the poorest, smearing us with bullshit smears of being Nazis etc., rarking-up the middle-class with bullshit, setting up stasi police-state powers – just as NZ heads into depression.

      Way to go Labour.

        • Bob the first. You may be over- egging it here. Really, it is a damning reflection on the woeful lack of political and personal nous on the part of the Labour, and the National, and the Green leaderships that they made no effort to engage with the protestors – apart from Trevor escalating everything – and this is doubtless why complicit MSM have been misleadingly selective in what they have chosen to report.

    • Yep, how anyone can be pro jab now is beyond me. Anyone doubting this just need look at the list of mounting vax injury claims and deaths in Australia, which is that’s fractionally more transparent than the banana republic of New Zealand.

      Its interesting too how those essentially backing this awful govt seem to find themselves in a constant state of cognitive dissonance. Even they can see how wrong minded things are getting but they still can’t overcome their innate biases. So round and round they go.

      Suffice to say, anyone voting mainstream next election, is to my mind, a big part of the problem.

  1. Pretty sure “making shit up to scare the politicians” was the original CIA model, this shit is on brand for a modern intelligence service.

    And besides disinformation their current fears seem to mirror yours,

  2. The best way to counter all this crap is to rebuild a strong class left movement through community organising and direct action. Practical leadership for practical action.

    –A fighting central labour organisation, the current piss weak NZCTU leadership needs an urgent overhaul
    –A rejuvenated Aotearoa NZ marxist movement which is more than a shadow online entity

    • build a campaign for the overturn of the Parliamentary neo liberal consensus with a target of 2026 General Election
    • occupy empty residential and commercial property
    • ramp up Climate Strikes and related action
    • unite all who can be united across identity lines in class based action

    • Would not the ultimate aim of a Marxist movement be to install communism? Therefore why alongside this build up the CTU, as when communism is installed, there’ll be not trade unions anymore. Just asking….

      • As Martyn Bradbury says, the class makeup of NZ is 1% top capitalists, 9% enablers–managerial/CEOS/technocrats etc. and 90% working and middle class and alienated. The 90% includes working farmers, and thousands of self employed and small business operators. Of course many of these are aspirationals who identify more with the employing class. Also the bottom 50% of NZers own just 2% of the wealth, so there are various nuances and tendencies (and great inequality within the 90%)

        Given that preponderance of small business in NZ, communism is not going to be “installed” in any hurry. History has surely illustrated that any move to socialism would have to be widely supported not imposed, and unions will still be needed as long as there is a working class.

        Marxists are of value in struggle because they take a wider class view than identarian activists tend to.

    • Tiger Mountain, there will be no countering anything from you. You’ve cheered on the establishment every step of the way as they’ve overseen the largest transfer of wealth upwards. Keep on supporting the current thing and opposing what the mainstream media tells ya.

    • Cool plan. You just have to sell it to the electorate and hope it generates enough support to rollback Rogernomics. I don’t like your chances.

      • Never say never in politics–whether it is good or bad developments!

        As VI Lenin said…
        “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

        I never thought I would see a Māori Mayor in my lifetime in Te Tai Tokerau Far North District Council, last two Mayors covering 5 terms, were Wayne Brown! and Natzo John Carter, yet here we are with Mayor Moko Tepania in his early 30s. A genuine win from the front against the preferred Nat candidate–and he did it with cross over (Tauiwi/Pākehā support).

        The demographic changes with every boomer funeral, and each–one in 100 year weather event–and so on. Till the State Sector Act, Reserve Bank Act, contracting out and all the rest of it are booted, little progress will be made for working class people.
        New Gens have to do it.

  3. The sole role of the SIS and GCSB is to spy for the yanks. They don’t do anything for New Zealand or New Zealanders.

    • To be honest I am going to take anything said by someone called Mohammed Khan with a pinch of salt (especially if that something is anything to do with the US).

      Cue calling me racist . . I don’t really care anyone because it is now so over-used it is becoming increasingly meaningless.

      • Sorry that earlier comment was meant to read:

        Cue calling me racist . . I don’t really care anymore because it is now so over-used it is becoming increasingly meaningless.

        • get up – stay on the scene, like a sex machine. I’d take anything from a discriminatory POS with a grain of salt too. (esp. if it has anything to do with judging people by their name) smacked any bitches up lately James?

  4. My confidence in the SIS plummeted when the head lady said she thought her department’s work would make a good reality television program. Back then, I barely knew what reality television was, but later saw people in Dunedin cooking meals for each other, a drunk Kiwi girl being put in an Australian cop car, wailing, “ But I’m sophisticated “, and I gather that people also go fishing for both fish and slimeball males, courtesy of TVNZ. Oh, and a Real Housewife of Auckland appeared online at the infamous Parliamentary demonstration, but I don’t know why, or how one gets to be real.

    These people have to keep themselves in jobs, but for such a small country, there seems to be rather a lot of them. The self-congratulatory centre at Victoria University, judging by its protagonists’ public utterances, looks a bit absurd anyway, but is possibly there to generate work for all the others. I seem to recall an ISIS bride’s scenario playing out not quite as presented, but whether Mallard exacerbated the demonstration deliberately or not looks as if it’s a state secret, but at least he’s one agent provocateur being shipped offshore.

  5. No Martyn…The Stasi approach towards Kiwi’s is the so called intelligence agencies plot to turn NZ into a Police State

  6. Web of Chaos documentary on channel 1 last night made for some interesting viewing. Should be compulsory watching material for everybody.
    Essentially it boils down to social media being used as a weapon.

    • Yes Mark but the make the point the perpetrators are far and wide so what are you going to do? Educate people or censor everything.

  7. I read through that charming little booklet the Disinformation Project? SIS? put out. Stasi is not far from the truth, then we hear they’re inviting Muslims, Jewish orgs and Trans community etc to a hui about how to nark on members of your community or anyone you perceive as a threat.

    Then to top it off I watched TVNZs Web of Chaos (brought to you by NZ on Air of course) and nearly chucked the remote through the TV screen. It’s the silly Hanna woman from the Disnfo project (Fire and Fury fame) droning on again. What a smug individual. “Us poor people have to battle through days full of filth to keep NZ safe”

    Long story short the documentary makes the predictable and reasonable connection between the rise of social media and disinformation particularly in the political arena. It concludes that this disinformation is coming from a lot of different sources including big business, political lobbies, Putin, Xi and Kim etc. So this is a threat to Liberal democracies. Then it goes on to say that kids today brought up on social media are very cynical about all the information they receive, its just us trusting oldies that are being led astray by the QAmonners etc. Ultimately they say they are watching 200 individuals who could be a violent threat but it only takes 1 you know to attack the PM and then where are we?

    But here’s the thing, In order to grab your attention, they take you through the rise of violent social media platforms and show you all this incredibly violent stuff kids are watching. Having appalled you with these visuals and convinced you social media is bad they skip over that topic onto the so very important political threats.

    So hang on, we dont care that our children are being exposed En masse to hideous violence day in day out (and they wonder why we have a youth crime wave) but we do care that one of the 200 seriously disgruntled people who hate the Govt (after being treated badly and then ignored) may take a pot-shot at Jacinda or Nanaia!!

    And why I nearly chucked the remote? The Hanna woman at one point says that Pinterest and Instagram are promoting white supremacy!! Yes that’s right -she fervently nods her head – when you go on Pinterest looking for cool knitting patterns, the latest paint range, groovy baby clothes, recipes or interiors, we are actually supporting a northern European white supremacist culture. What absolute tripe! That we the taxpayer are paying for.

    So just you remember next time you go and look at a few pins for inspiration, be sure to rap yourself over the knuckles and solemnly remind yourself that you are supporting White Supremacy!! White culture is bad culture by implication.

  8. Watch this. Go on. I dare you. Russell Brand talks re Rishi Sunak. The prime minister of the UK.
    Is alien AI here? Has it infected us via biological weapons in the form of meat-pack politicians with greed on their side to enable them to fuck us on the deal?
    Looks like it to me. ( Was kind of joking about the alien thing. Or was I? )

  9. If there were no vaccine mandates and people were allowed to make their own decisions about what was best for their own bodies (without comment from anyone else, let alone judgement, let alone PUNISHMENT) then none of this rubbish would have happened. There’s literally nothing to blame except the disgusting coercive public health policy which forced people to take a novel treatment at the barrel of a gun.

  10. people are perfectly entitled to be rancid fucktards,,,but when rhetoric becomes actions it needs the law to step in….despite what many think WORDS are not ACTIONS

  11. The problem is NZ is catapulting into being a divided, marketing led, fake shamanism society with bogus polls run by idiots being touted incorrectly as ways to create policy and people with silver tongues and an identity angle, being more important than facts and figures.

    Science has been lost in NZ. Scientists are bullied wherever they go and most are forced out of NZ by the corporate bullies and less qualified peers who used marketing and identity led tactics to keep the status quo.


    Scientists are ‘undermined by attack campaigns’ – expert—expert

    Instead of banning attack campaigns Labeen seem to have joined the Natz in doubling down on making hard science and research even worse off (if that is even possible in NZ). The obsession with Maori identity, gender identity and so forth has become more important than hard science that will help protect all of society including Maori and those of various genders. Woman’s rights and safe spaces seem to be disappearing fast under Labour and the Greens. Gangs are increasing and harm to others.

    Bullying and misinformation is rife in NZ – fully supported by NZ media.

    An article penned by Siousxie Wiles and published on has been found to have breached media standards.

    The intriguing circumstances in which Joanna Kidman was appointed to show us the way against hatred and extremism

    Even the labeen war against working class landlords via rushed through taxes and legislation – leaving business led landlords, foreign led landlords, gang led initiatives and very questionable housing with rapes occurring at emergency accomodation.

    Did that save more money for the taxpayers and provide better accomodation going forward?

    Nope it seem Labeens new laws have tripled the rents and provide a quarter of the space of the previous rental options. Not sure that is helping tenants, or the working class but great for fake charities, woke charities, the right wingers, and all our new business led landlords. Apparently the trucking firms are becoming landlords now, so that means you have your poorly paid job and accomodation run by the same people. Not exactly progress when NZ was voted 2nd to last as a place to work in.

    And are NZ private rents high compared to other countries? Nope they are lower than the UK, Singapore and Australia while our low wages and high bank interest charges seem to be a big problem, seldom talked about and certainly not a target for workable government intervention that other countries have.

  12. Martyn is 100% correct about the Govt’s role in setting up the disgrace and debacle which the anti-vax mandate protests degenerated into.

    I was in Wellington on the day the protestors arrived and their crowd was largely similar in mood and appearance to what you would see at the start of a rural wine festivile ,,, they were buzzing and a little bit excited ,,, with between 5 to 10% being arseholes.

    But on my daily updates from people who worked in or visited the vicinity, it became clear there was minimal to zero policing of law breaking behavior that intimidated or upset Wellingtonians ,,,, ie, a female friend told me of louts aggressively shouting “get your masks off’ at female school girls using the railway station ,,, threatening and intimidating behavior is a crime…. same with public disorder.

    The whole thing degenerated to the point that people I know were going down to look at the protests on the weekends ,,, much like you’d go to the zoo.

    This lack of crowd behavior control got to the point that when the riot finally occurred most Wellingtonians had had a guts full of the unsavory circus and supported the police show of force to clear them out.

    But of course the state/Govt were never going to let it end with just court cases for the rioters ,,,,


    The Disinfo project seems to be the Kiwi branch of this usa shit fuckery ,,, “The Department of Homeland Security has secretly set up a “Disinformation Governance Board”,

    Nato’s favorite daughter Jacinda Ardern, is on the same page with the same lines as the former white-house witch and Russia-gating warmonger Jen Psaki: “It sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. I’m not sure who opposes that effort.”

    From our own Govts website ,,,, “We’re seeing disinformation being used online by both state and non-state actors to gain “soft power” by
    spreading an alternative narrative to cause chaos or set an agenda, including to influence the democratic process.” ,,, with this definition and presuming ‘disinformation’ means anything against Labours official lines/statements/press releases ,,,, then Kiwi Blog could be censored/shut down.

    But don’t worry right wingers ,,, ‘we know the ideological leanings of this censorship are going to bounce back and forth between elections and will always act in service of the Govt in power and their narrative control regardless of who is in office’

    p.s @ countryboy ,,,, Russel Brand on Rumble has the uncensored versions of his show ,,,, where he is much less constrained than the self censorship that Youtube forces him to use

  13. Meanwhile, you and the mainstream media continue ignoring the actual threat to democracy and the rule of law – the tribal sovereignty movement. Four days ago, Claire Charters, the lead author of He Puapua, published an opinion piece in E-Tangata in which she sets out to radicalise readers into believing the Crown is governing illegally, our courts are upholding illegal laws, and that if we don’t accept some kind of one-country, two-nation regime, the country will remain “unstable” and “our attachment to the state and our adherence to law could falter.”

    So while we are busy chasing real or imagined alt-right campers that pose a threat to the security of our people and our democracy, we are distracted from those on the inside of our parliamentary buildings, who, along with radicalised academics and tribal leaders, are quite literally breaking our democratic systems and norms to reestablish a system of tribal rule.

    Claire Charters: The myth of sovereignty, 30 October 2022

    • And what’s probably also true – the hate speech laws will be applied to anyone who stands against this antidemocratic new wave.

  14. All this money and we can’t stop someone from attacking the PM’s office.

    An extra 300 million into education would be money better spent.

  15. Is there a list of the words, phrases, ‘things’ you cant say?
    There’s approximately 170,000 words in the english language soooo…

      • Bob the first. French used to be the language, internationally, of diplomacy . It used to be a standard component of New Zealand secondary schools’ academic courses. I sometimes use it to fob off unwanted phone callers. Anything is possible though with ‘ free’ speech issues.

  16. who those union organisers,the workers keep electing them, without intimidation, what our thought to do.S,I.s,small egit,our humanity care who why we keep electing those of our care.

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