Dear Human Rights Commissioner – your job is to protect our free speech not tell us what to say

The Human Rights Commission should be protecting our freedom of speech, not joining with the State rot repress them!


Last week, the Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt tweeted this:

Allow me to respond to the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt.

Dear Comrade, You have your entire reason for existing around the wrong way!

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Your job is to protect my freedom of speech, not to tell me what I can or can’t fucking say.

Every single attempt at hate speech or free speech restriction ends up being used by the State against the very voices of progress our democracy needs, strangling free speech for protection and safety provides neither you clown!

I agree the 50year law needs changing and there should be an expansion of anti discrimination protections but criminalising speech to satisfy the Woke’s low threshold for hate in a triggered outrage culture is a recipe for political disaster!

Incitement to violence is a clear threshold and we allow the Human Rights Commission to act as a filter for that bigotry by bringing people together to educate and attempt to resolve discrimination issues.

The Woke don’t want a filter, they want a weapon.

They see this Hate Speech as a means to smite the dirty filthy racists, the evil transphobes and raping misogynists.

This isn’t social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy!

The woke’s daily to do list would look like this

-self actualize while taking selfie for Instagram
-correct others on their te Reo pronunciation
-cycle to drop off recycling
-call police and report a misuse of pronouns as a hate crime
-get into Twitter argument about Meghan Markle living her best life, report to Police as hate crime and try to get the person sacked
-juice cleanse
-bake bread & be present with gratitude

Throwing someone in jail for 3years using a law defined by the police is not a liberal progressive democracy no matter how noble the life goals!


And yet here we are seriously debating moving hate speech into the crimes act, allowing the fucking Police to define hate and expanding jail time from 3months to 3years!

We will include a blasphemy law and could criminalise the misuse of pronouns and political opinion we don’t like – how the hell does that make us safer from the next white supremacy terror attack?

Why has NO ONE asked if this heavy handed over the top approach will actually generate more radicalization?

Look at the recent attempt by the Disinformation Project to have a closed door meeting with mainstream media to have a secret discussion on what opinion Journalists and News Producers should be platforming for the election.  TDB tried to get access to the event, but we were declined because apparently in just 2 days the event was ‘booked out’.

How convenient.

The event has been cancelled now because the Disinformation Project claimed social media attention of their secret meeting with news media was intimidating them.

It’s a self feeding nexus now of elite opinion gatekeepers and the voices they are struggling to cancel and deplatform.

Won’t we be inadvertently creating a thousand new radical recruits by allowing Woke activists to play out all their revenge fantasies by constantly demanding Police investigate everyone they hate?

That’s what the SIS nark list on anyone harbouring ‘us and them’ mentalities is about, are we placing the Police into this swamp and demanding they start arresting people as well?

Remember the Rachel Stewart example of last year when woke activists manufactured tweets she wrote as a threat with a gun and had her home swatted with Police taking her guns?

That’s the sort of games we get into if we criminalise speech and call for SIS narks.

Everyone in a liberal progressive democracy deserves the same agency. Muslims, Queer or Trans people shouldn’t feel abused and threatened or frightened of simply being in public.  Graeme Edgler has written extensively upon this and makes excellent points on how we could balance freedom of speech with the right to not feel threatened.

The debate must be focused on anti-harassment, not free speech!

Adding gender identity and religion to the existing discrimination legislation is absolutely righteous, our fellow citizens and comrades deserve to live in a society that can’t discriminate against them!

The solutions here are beefing up and expanding our current systems to ensure people aren’t harassed or discriminated against, the solution is not handing the power to censor opinions to the State and throw people in prison!

We must also be focused on better public broadcasting like the RNZ/TVNZ merger and more regulations on social media (including taxes to fund that journalism) to stop the algorithms from weaponising debate.

If Government wants to make NZ more ‘socially cohesive’ they should build more houses, use a wider range of taxes against corporations and fully fund mental health, education and public health – they shouldn’t implement blasphemy laws and criminalising misuse of pronouns!

The Human Rights Commission should be protecting our freedom of speech, not joining with the State rot repress them!

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  1. The biggest groups with disinformation are those groups getting funding off it. No doubt – the few that unearth the probably Chinese/Russian led propaganda.

    Unless you are the repressive Chinese government you can’t control the Internet, but you can make people better critical thinkers, which is the opposite happening in NZ with the constant lectures and threats from those in charge.

    Government flawed policy has meant a tsunami of kids are growing up grotty hotels after they cancelled private rentals, meanwhile Oranga Tamariki cancelled the pakeha foster parents so that that kids can be disabled and murdered by their caregivers instead but ticks their all important cultural tick box.

    Get me off this outrageously expensive train with a cross between apartheid and Kafka’s 1984!

    You can have better race relations without discrimination and hate, but NZ officials who seem to be affected by the disinformation as much as the public they warn about, are going in the wrong direction!

    Most people would consider tweets ‘White settlers we are your worst nightmare’ as a type of racial extremism and the bizarre way she was recruited and other top candidates smeared, a warning sign.

    • save NZ. Can you please tell me who said, “ White settlers, we are your worst nightmare?” That needs to be addressed. It’s downright threatening – intimidating – inflammatory. I thought Davis and Kerekere were bad enough, but this is appalling. Thanks.

      • “Settler/Colonizer, we are your
        worst nightmare.
        And we are coming to a university
        near you'”

        Joanna Kidman is the new co leader of the newly formed National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism

        She was on the committee to hire candidates before somehow getting the job herself and frontrunner candidate somehow got smeared by media and rumours which put him out of the running. Only in NZ!

        Karl du Fresne: The intriguing circumstances in which Joanna Kidman was appointed to show us the way against hatred and extremism

        • savenz. Thank you for your trouble. This is shocking. I was aware that big loud Joanna Kidman had behaved rather extraordinarily over successful pretty designer Trelise C’s lovely frock, and thought it might be a female jealousy thing, and that the name of an AU cat also triggered her vitriol, but apart from the fact that I think she sounds unhinged, this is threatening and menacing behaviour. Heaven help us if this is the modus operandi of VU’s extremist centre; I blush on behalf of achieved and diligent academics that Joanne’s scored a professorship, but sociology’s not exactly nuclear physics or pure maths.

        • savenz She’s not a very good example to young Maori. I’m surprised that the Human Rights Commissioner approves of her behaviour.

  2. Forcing other people into silence shows you are afraid of their arguments.
    I have a dream that one day New Zealanders will be mature enough to engage in robust debates so misinformation can be openly confronted and defeated by logic.

    • Stevie. I expect this is why those Arts Council women tried to cancel the Shakespeare in schools competition. It provided youngsters with the opportunity to develop their speaking skills, the confidence to appear in public.

  3. You know Hunt indoctrinated Wokeology at Waikato Uni through the 1990s when the PM was a student ay?

    Between Waikato uni and Victoria in the 1990s is when Wokeology and Wokeologists were impregnated with this disease.

    • Tane/ Male/ Man, nfw Hunt’s not another of those Waikato Uni grads is he ? That explains a few things; I expect that’s where he got the preachy-preachy syndrome which is alienating so many. Idiots.

      • He taught this shit!
        “Between 1992–2000, Hunt was senior lecturer at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.”

        • Tane Thanks, yes , I now see that he’s another Brit import trying to tell us what to do, they’re often the worst; his connection with the WHO, and Arden’s predilection for the WHO expanding its power, and his Commissioner’s job, look linked.

      • Fantail There’s a current Maori f academic at VUW, who declined to attend Waikato University for post -grad study because she said that it wouldn’t look good on her academic record. Says because she is Maori, unlike others, she can query her department head on certain issues without being accused of racism.

  4. The human rights commissioner believes some people are due more rights than others.
    His position is hopelessly politicized in to just another toxic woke mouthpiece.
    There will be cheering when ACT axes the commission- it’s a fine idea to have a HRC in principle but this position has become the opposite of its purpose. Any we can blame the woke left for it.

    • Keepcalmcarryon On the contrary I think that Paul Hunt was put in that job precisely because of who he is, and his connections. A man preaching kindness of speech while seemingly ignoring cruel and bullying words may be responding to his job description, and this man might be happier returning to his own roots, and he should be encouraged to do so.

  5. Well done Bomber. Why not invite this tyrannical idiot on the Monday podcast (NZ’s best podcast) and take him to task?

    • J S Bark. “ We’ll all be in fucking gaol together.” At a certain age, and when winters are cold, and food is costly, the prospect of gaol is not without its own appeal. Just ensure that you have your gender identity sorted and hope that your cell mate has too. Do your best not to have to share with a politician. This could be difficult, for in a fair and just world, that’s where many of them would end up upended.

      • XstraightXedgeX Belgium is now the home of chocolate, and as the Pope is using this product in a derisory and culturally inappropriate way I think that you should report the pernicious bastard to the Race Relations Conciliator, and the Human Rights Commissioner, and VUW’s Centre of Excellent Extremism, and see if they can set up some sort of detente with the Embassy of Belgium, and help the silly wee chaps feel useful and important instead of effete clowns. Merci.

    • Pope Punctilious 11. So who’s been watching Marama’s choc ads then ? You ? Using her vocabulary options too are you? Please consider the children here, you could land them in the proverbial. Ta.

  6. I just realised that “misinformation or disinformation” could be labeled as any idea, opinion or statement that another person disagrees with. Fuck I disagree with just about everyone I meet, it looks like I’m going to be busy reporting lots of people to the ministry for state security… I don’t really want to be a nark, but I guess the law is the law…

  7. Dear Human Rights commissioner……After the next election your job has been disestablished and your services are not needed….There will obviously be the vast golden handshake coming your way and a glowing reference….All the best old chap…..Regards David….

  8. Freedom of speech starts at our universities. Sadly due to health and safety and unsafe spaces, debates and unsafe people are now banned in NZ. Also woman’s groups and language like woman and breast feeding are cancelled too.

    Massey University bans Don Brash from speaking

    Just waiting for the NZ arrests post ‘hate speech’ seems a bit like……

    “DURING 2013–2014, the authorities increasingly used the criminal charge of ‘picking quarrels and provoking troubles’ 寻衅滋事 to detain activists, writers and dissidents, including all those listed below. Another criminal charge authorities have used against political dissidents or critics is that of ‘gathering a crowd to disrupt public order’ 聚众扰乱公共场所秩序罪, for which the noted lawyer Xu Zhiyong is currently serving a four-year prison sentence (see Forum ‘Xu Zhiyong and the New Citizens’ Movement’, p.292).”

    • saveNZ Don Brash was banned at Massey to protect him from the possibility of biffed tomatoes and eggs. That seems to be what the another -import Vice-chancellor, f, said at the time, in an endearing case of “Stand by Your Man “, the streets of Aotearoa NZ being so often awash with eggs and tomatoes creating a river of filth when Trevor isn’t.

      It didn’t occur to the brains at Massey to provide the man with cloak and umbrella, but the pc VC like many converts to certain issues, may have had factions to appease, and for some reason the benefits of robust dialogue are vanishing from public awareness as rapidly as the opportunities. Instead we have preaching from holders of “ truth”, and we pay them to do it.

  9. “Allow me to respond to the Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Paul Hunt.

    Dear Comrade, You have your entire reason for existing around the wrong way!

    Your job is to protect my freedom of speech, not to tell me what I can or can’t fucking say.”

    100% bomber you nailed it. These people are out of control with their own sense of power

  10. Protestantism rose due to oppressive Catholicism banning free speech.
    It was a time of contraction and loss of entrepreneurship, sort of a winter.

    Winter is coming

    • That’s a very limited explanation for the rise of protestant groups. They all claimed to worship the same God using the same instructions but the protestant groups were pointing out that the Catholic religion had become based on the traditions of men instead of the commandments of God and was the Babylon power warned against in scripture.

  11. “The latest example came this week when a series of private briefings for journalists on political disinformation in New Zealand had to be cancelled amid safety concerns.

    “Kate Hannah, director of the non-government research group The Disinformation Project, said efforts to attend by those not invited, and a security breach led to the decision to call off the seminars”

    “The location of each event was going to be sent out to the same list the night prior, but the leak meant the hosts couldn’t be sure they would remain private. In the end, Hannah said, the safest thing was to cancel.

    “It also came at a time of heightened awareness about security threats, after a counter-terror hui and the screening of a documentary on TVNZ about disinformation featuring Hannah”

    “It was the day after the documentary Web of Chaos plays, we’ve just had two days of the He Whenua Taurikura hui, this is all just too much to cope with.”

    Too much to cope with?

    Boo fucking hoo. Hannah you stirred up the hornets nest and then you cry when you think you might get stung.

    These people constantly need safe spaces because they can’t handle the real world reactions to their hysteria. Weaklings and cowards the lot of em. Keyboard warriors punched in the face by reality

  12. I fully agree with Paul Hunt, in that misinformation is a huge problem for democracy. It started with Trump with his assertion that whatever he didn’t like was fake news. Look how that ended-a whisker away from a sticky end for his loyal mate Pence.
    Do a test by searching something you consider an extreme view and see what ‘evidence’ you can find to support that view. You will find a scientist with a Phd to show you are absolutely correct. That moment of realisation that you are “correct” is quite the rush and is very addictive. Then of course the algorithm kicks and supercharges your addiction.
    So how do we address dis-information?
    1. Call out the worst offenders.
    2. Provide a public source of independently verified information
    3. Set up a ministry of truth (just kidding)


    • This South Island white supremacist keeps threatening to kill our editor and then complains when his comments don’t pass moderation.

      This is the 10th time he has threatened to kill the editor.

    • I wonder if there could be a defusing-calmer filter. It would take out the egregious slander and viciousness and coarseness..
      eg above. Practice watcha preach t… f… or ya get (your pants) put down. Triggered by
      your f… thought police hypocracy sic.

      Much better while not taking out the general irritation felt by the writer and also minor changes to enhance or deflect meaning from extremism.

  14. NZ already has anti terror / violence in speech laws operating – the new hate speech is really anti freedom of speech.

    Auckland man pleads guilty to threatening to kill non-Muslims, distributing objectionable publications

    This kid is only 20 – not sure if he is an NZ citizen or new to the country, but my guess is new to NZ! Of course he gets name suppression. It’s so great to threaten others in NZ, nobody need know about it as our courts like to protect the guilty.

    Too easy for disturbed and violent people in particular youths, to come to NZ and live.

    Auckland mall terrorist forged medical documents, boasted about duping immigration officials

    Tarrant came to NZ in 2017 and murdered 51 people by 2019.

    NZ had existing laws to find and remove these people but failed to do so and NZ police gave Tarrant a legal license for semi automatic machine guns. In the case of the mall terrorist he wanted to leave himself, but NZ kept him here so he could eventually knife 7 people!

    Joanne Kidmans “Settler/Colonizer, we are your worst nightmare” most people’s worst nightmare is being attacked and murdered by these disturbed people with the woke and NZ government supporting terrorists and violent people, every step of the way from incorrect gun licenses checks, free NZ medical care for gun shot wounds and steroids (Tarrant), to refusing to let the mall terrorist leave NZ when he wanted to and enabling and pandering to him with constant legal, financial, charity, religious and support for his terror/violent lifestyle in NZ (Samsudeen).

    Teens should not be coming to NZ on study and work permits – too many of them are coming, cheating, getting into crime and it’s all funded by other relatives who want to piggy back on the permit. If a foreign student decide to quit their studies after a few weeks, they should be immediately be deported back to their origin country as their visa should be invalidated by no show!

    Other countries which have much better human rights and anti corruption and crime, know how to do this.

    Finland deported unusually many foreigners last year, writes YLE

  15. If we reword that free speech call – perhaps say that the human right in speech that we want is the right to be relaxed in our speech without inflammable people jumping to objections like netballers, but balanced in turn without inflammable comments being dispersed.
    The right for others to restrain themselves to reasonably acceptable language when making critical remarks, and that be balanced by each one of us doing the same.

    That would be a better balance that we could all live with satisfactorily and enable us to have rare very short-lived shouting matches which would finish with something like ‘We don’t seem to be getting agreement here. Can we now sit together and put down our points on paper so that they are recorded for anyone to see them. Let us discuss them. while at the same time, looking at each other’s point of view.”

    Did anybody ever say that getting on with each other was going to be easy! And things can’t be forced on us by someone who thinks that their opinion and methods are the only way. They may be the best but have to be set alongside strongly and warmly held ones by others. People have to convince themselves when not to cling to the old adage’ ‘If it’s not broke then don’t fix it’ and they will argue for eternity…a long time, like this even when nothing is working, but but but …

  16. If we could only keep in mind that what we are all on about is communication building relationships of different kinds, being together in the Rhythm of Life, as being alive in a living world is an amazing thing; after your dead it’s too late.

    Maybe we can live exciting satisfying lives surviving our daily or regular vicissitudes? and aim to work through problems and enjoy what we have while working individually and collectively for the future to be as good in a sustainable manner. That thought and practice will surely take all of our clever brains and moves.

    One thought, for women off on wokeism look at these marvellous Dutchmen singing – they haven’t got makeup, they have natural hairstyles, some have beards and some not, but they are straightforwardly great together. The power of their singing, their esprit de corps, and their great voices get them through the fast, difficult song, which was written in a foreign language, and the conductor seems on fire! Can the two genders enjoy their differences and try to understand and improve on what we don’t enjoy?

    Then there is the mixed gender Dundee choir. Mixing it, mingling and singing the same song but still humans embarking on a musical recital, all together making a great job after much practice together. Humans have been practicing living together for aeons and the past is full of clashes, hurt feelings etc. so we haven’t learned our notes or steps well, and we seem to be becoming more careless and brutal in how we treat one another.

    How can we sing in harmony, when life is raw in the background? Forcing people to act and speak nice will never achieve us all singing from the same songsheet if we don’t have better attitudes in daily living. That we don’t is shown up in domestic violence, from lack of inclusion in socialisation and good role models as children, and fewer opportunities for making friends, meeting good-natured others by the young ones from certain income groups, both low and high.

    This present political class thinks that banging on people’s heads the laws that will make society appear quiet and satisfactory is represented by people popped into slots mouthing good behaviour which should come from good citizenship which is denied so many by the authorities of the PTB. Good behaviour from the political administrators and their minions at the start will result in good human behaviour in the active citizens with agency later on. Help us to manage to be good citizens when we need assistance and guidance, not just slap fines on us for being naughty boys and girls, or shockingly mean, malicious and callous. Cut down on the numbers thinking they are achieving something, by making a death threat to someone every two days. when feeling put out.

    We could look more like this if we could get our community act together, singing the New
    Zealand way as this Scottish choir does with the Rhythm of Life. I think we have to think out this Human Rights blah again; good in theory but how to spread it in practice. I have been reading Catherine Cookson books about life on the lower income level in 19-20th century England. Without much difference in the the types of people there is plenty of room for better treatment of others, particularly men to women, women to women, children to children. We can’t corral off the problems as stemming mainly from religious or racial differences, or gender etc. There will always be altercations amongst people who haven’t learned how to live kindly and practically and helpfully with one another.

    • Greywarbler. Unfortunately we have fewer community events now than in Catherine Cookson’s time. Church going, for example, was an important social gathering, regardless of religion, with offshoots like fairs and fetes, bring-and-buys, fundraisers, and Saturday night dances in parish halls all over the country. Local bands or pianists, not disc jockeys.

      In that bleak post WW2 period here in New Zealand, when many women were single and self-supporting, or widows raising children alone with poorly paid employment, the church provided a focus, and a support group, whether consciously or not.

      Ladies dressed up wearing hats, even while riding their bikes, handbag under arms. They often made and trimmed and restyled those hats themselves. Children wore shoes and ankle socks and had best frocks and families visited each other after church the way Samoan families still do. Sunday was in many ways a socialising day, and that was good. Without the Sunday rituals, and maybe even with them, living could have been very hard and lonely for many. We’ve lost that sort of togetherness.

      Back then there was no television, let alone internet. The ill- paid single cashiers and shop assistants went home to cold empty houses with radios, the men went to pubs, which regular women most certainly didn’t. Shops were closed, and servile work on a Sunday was frowned upon, no lawn mowing, but in terms of social cohesion it was a good time. Even workplace socialising can be rather proscriptive nowadays, and family units with both parents working full time, have bigger demands made upon their time, and importantly, upon their energy.

      Yep, we do need outlets when people can just get together and enjoy each others’ company, and the flash mobs which spring up, and pianos placed in shopping malls may be indicative of this. The dreadful depersonalisation resultant from bloody call centres replacing over the counter visits to service centres, has also lead to a more fractured society. I once wandered into an IRD office and asked the clerk if by any chance I was owed a rebate. He sat down and worked it out on the spot.
      All that’s gone. When Telecom introduced the first call centres into New Zealand I saw it as a depersonalisation process, and I think I was right.

      Working as a charity volunteer now, as well as being socially useful, does provide a good cohesive community support group for everybody involved, but not everyone is in the position to do so.

      The last thing we need is this damn government or SIS, or whoever they are, now telling us to be suspicious of the neighbours. Not good.

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