I refuse point blank to allow the SIS convince me my fellow Kiwi is a terrorist


Let me see if I can get this completely fucking straight.

The NZ Secret Intelligence Service release a POLL – yes, a bloody ‘poll’, asking NZers what the biggest national security threat was, and based on nothing more than a fucking poll, are building a blueprint to spy on NZers?

Firstly, what the fuck would your average Kiwi know about national security threats?

It’s like asking a bunch of school children who their favourite brain surgeon is!

We wouldn’t know what the national security threats are, that’s the bloody job of the SIS and an entire array of intelligence groups:

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
The NSG (National Security Group)
The Police Intelligence Unit
The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
The NRU (National Risk Unit)
the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

and the National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (with the problematic Professor Joanne Kidman whose threshold for hate is a dress).

You are telling me, none of those agencies have any idea what our national security threats are?

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Then why are we spending $300million a year on an intelligence apparatus that apparently has no idea who to spy on?

This odious campaign by the SIS, (you’ll remember them, they illegally spied on Nicky Harger remember?) they are now running a nark campaign for woke activists to dob in the new enemies of the State.

I refuse point blank to see my fellow Kiwis as my new enemy.

Just because you have a different political opinion and a different point of view to mine doesn’t make you my enemy.

Just because you are right wing, vote ACT/National or listen to Sean Plunkett doesn’t make you my enemy.

It makes you wrong, and I will argue until I am blue in the face about how wrong you are, but it doesn’t make you my enemy.

I refuse to be played by the fucking SIS into believing my fellow citizen is my enemy.

Our enemies are the banks, the 1%, the venal speculators, the unrestrained polluters and those who would use violence against us. THOSE are our enemies Comrades, not fellow Kiwis who vote differently to us.

There is a fucking enormous world of difference between someone who votes right wing and the extremists of the Citizen Sheriff Qanon cult.

This woke nark Stasi the SIS are building will start doing the same thing they did to Rachel Stewart last year when a woke nark manufactured a tweet she sent as a threat against the Trans movement and had her ‘swatted’ by the Police arriving at her home to seize her guns.

The entire case fell over and her guns returned, but this is the sort of bullshit games that will get played when you give anxious woke narks this new power.

Crime impacts the poorest the worst, yet it is the fear of crime from the middle classes that drives the punitive get tough ion crime rhetoric, I fear that same dynamic is at play here.

Middle class woke are abused online and apparently the entire Western Civilisation is at risk. If a white tertiary educated woman reads something unpleasant, every Spy in NZ must be activated!

We saw this play out during the Parliament protests when the middle class marxists of Wellington felt intimidated and threatened by the smelly lumpenproletariat (who the middle class marxists claim to fight for) and because they got spooked of the first time in their safe little middle class lives demanded the military go in and beat all the protestors off the lawns.

Here is Woke Edgelord Clint Smith arguing for the Police Commissioner Andrew Coster be sacked by the Governor General and a new internal security Board appointed via the Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination with new fascist powers to beat the protestors up during the protest earlier this year…

..charming. How militant do Middle Class Marxists get when they feel threatened?

I’m not playing this bullshit game, it reeks of privilege, but worse than that it’s completely fucking counter productive because THERE ARE genuine threats and risks out there now and this woke Stasi nark line will cloud and eclipse SIS attention on the legitimate threats.

Because we refused to de-escalte the Dumb Lives Matter protests on Parliament’s Lawns, Trevor Mallard radicalised 5000 new extremists and those extremists will only feel more threatened as economic dislocation builds. There are cell groups and lone wolf threats out there and they need the intelligence apparatus to be monitoring them and intervening when the threshold of operational possibility is crossed, but this woke nark Stasi will be inundated with every woke activist wanting to dob in someone who said something transphobic or referred to Māori negatively.

That game of dobbing in your twitter nemesis because they’ve developed an ‘Us and Them’ mentality will simply flood the SIS with complaints that have nothing to do with national security and waste time and resources on identifying the actual threats!

I refuse to allow the SIS to convince me my enemies are fellow Kiwis and not the banks, the 1%, the venal speculators, the unrestrained polluters and those few extremists who would actually use violence against us.

Dear vast majority of fellow Kiwis – you are not my enemy and I refuse to be scared into believing you are.


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  1. Did the SIS really poll New Zealand to see who the biggest security threat was ? Good lord. I thought that was their job.

    Does this mean that I can no longer talk politics with checkout operators ? What about taxi drivers ? They often know more about what’s going on than the media do, but half are foreign imports now and are fairly disenchanted themselves.

    I have trouble accepting that the SIS is asking Kiwis what our biggest security threat is, and if they did, then I would like to very politely suggest it may have been a colossal waste of taxpayer funds.
    The Neighbourhood Watch ladies could have a field day here.

    • Tane/Male/Man etc. Well I’d be careful what you say around university cats, Joanne’s probably got them wired for sound, and certainly stop doing any online searches for exotic recipes, stick to peas, mash and sausages, that’s if you can afford the sausages; you could report neighbours whose food you can smell cooking I suppose. Ever smelled a boil-up in an open-plan government department on a hot day ? Do them too. And I’ve long been suspicious of MP Chris Bishop’s dad trawling petrol stations allegedly looking for a hot sausage roll. Do him as well.

    • Shiny-domed men hiding away in shiny cars riding up to Parliament rather than using their pair of God-given legs like normal persons would should be reported asap.

  2. The SIS appear to be solution champions looking for their problem, now putting national security out to tender and asking: Who would you like to be ‘the other’? Thank god for these unelected intelligence creepers and their departmental diversity officers. But I’m confused, the US deep state recently said terrorism opens up incredible opportunities. Is some terrorism good and some bad in this safe space?

    • Ethan Woke. So are you saying that ‘shit stirrers ‘ and ‘ solution champions ‘ are the same thing ?
      I don’t think so. This looks more like the old ‘ divide and rule ‘ dynamic to me, makes us suspicious of each other, sets people against each other. Or it could just be thickish public servants trying to find out what their job is.

      Whatever, it’s no good. Possibly in wake of USA McCarthyism, allegations of communism were made against specific candidates in the 1952 New Zealand snap election and mud sticks; it impacted on school kids.

  3. Well said. And you’re right: “Firstly, what the fuck would your average Kiwi know about national security threats? It’s like asking a bunch of school children who their favourite brain surgeon is!” In fact the poll listed a pre-selected group of about 15 ‘threats’ for the respondents to choose from, since they would probably have bugger-all idea without hints. When asked to volunteer a ‘threat’ not on the handy list the majority declined, but of those who did offer a suggestion the highest percentage proffered “The government – threat from / posed by the government / mistrust of the government”. Too bloody right. We’re not that bloody stupid.

  4. Oh come on Martyn, the SIS is trying to be more inclusive.

    Further evidence that we are well on the way to Planet Stupid.

  5. The poll is a f…g outrage. Perhaps they were checking to see if their propaganda is working and people are registering the threats that the media are telling them are there.

    I mean what can I say? How bloody embarrassing. Do they have no shame? Dads Army anyone?

    Some Australian arsehole who is the scum of the earth comes here. He was a lone wolf and the security services missed him. My understanding was this bastard chose NZ because he thought this was the place people would expect to feel safe (how many trrrorist attacks have we had again?)

    I read part of the dob in a terrorist document and it said words to the effect that there had been very few attacks here so they looked overseas to see what they found are the signs someone is or could carry out a terrorist attack. Very useful if anyone is planning an attack. Note to oneself”terrorist thinks “don’t share with my neighbours that I am experimenting with bomb making equipment, pretend to have the same political thoughts as others, act normal and friendly.

    Those seeking revenge for petty misdemeanours such as not using someone’s pro nouns have a newfound way to make the culprits live hell. Simply dob them on via 0800 Stasi

    • Anker. 100%. I can’t believe that they’re doing this. I just cannot believe it, is is so seriously dumb and divisive.

      In the pandemic we had PM Ardern telling us not to speak to the neighbours, which was very hard for elderly persons living alone, and it really frightened some, possibly more so when she said that her government was the only source of truth. That makes ‘truth’ an absolute, a concept I wouldn’t want to discuss with a politician. Now these SIS people are telling us to view the neighbours, and God knows who else, with suspicion.

      The Australian runt was a runt, literally, a shortie, a small town outsider, achieved zilch, got an inheritance, used it to travel, saw the big outside world for the first time, jumped to too many conclusions and only felt at home with other outliers. The rest is now part of this country’s terrible history. It’s bad enough that it is being used to curtail freedom of speech, but these sort of Dad’s Army tactics are not something which the social community needs. We’re not at war, and nor do we want to be. Whoever thought it up should be pensioned off. Again, it is probably going to frighten persons who simply do not deserve to be frightened, victimise others. What a mess.

    • Well said Anker. And if I understand correctly, that twisted loser would not have been able to legally purchase semi-automatics in his home country – unlike here.

  6. publicity stunt…surprised it didn’t come out ‘commie queer wellington lawyers and scrounging bennys’ if they asked the typical mono-browed kiwi.

  7. The biggest “National Security Threat” is infiltration of NZ’s sovereignty by The WEF/Davos. Unfortunately our wonderfully competent security agencies did absolutely nothing to stop that (rather they’ve been cheering it on).

  8. If they did a poll to work out their priorities then they are a marketing led organisation checking where on the political spectrum their main customers/audience sit. How else do they increase their budget and internal profit and expand power. Is it any better system than having some ex military guys spying on unionists and maori calling them commies and seeding politicians to chant reds under the bed?

    • Joseph. So are they former SAS personnel then ? Like the SAS officers who flew to the US after the 9/11 2001 attacks and lobbied to join the Afghanistan war as recorded by Hager and Stephenson in “Hit & Run”?

      Like the ex-SAS Major -General who advocated ‘cauterising’ insurgents from the population, and said “ I do not care for the word ‘peacemaker’ “, as recorded by Hager and Stephenson. The “ Hit &Run” report contains much about the SAS and about what happened in the Tirigan Valley and elsewhere, but I am not inclined to reread it as I have potatoes to plant.

  9. I don’t think it is a better system and the union/maori/commie stuff surely is going back a few decades?

    but your point about a marketing led organisation is bang on

    • Anker. ‘ The Rural ‘ reports Ardern saying that we need to have a public conversation about security. I don’t quite know why she thinks that we need to have a public conversation, but it’s likely to make some folk even more anxious and unsettled than they are post the various covid restrictions, and probably unnecessarily so. It could be another diversionary tactic, but if it’s all a marketing ploy to obtain increased funding, then asking Joe Blogs what it/they/ she / he sees as security threats is very much on a par with Mallard, incredibly, asking the public to nominate their most obnoxious music to blast the Parliamentary demonstrators with. They should not be asking, or having to be asking such things were they professionals doing a professional job. If it’s a fishing expedition, that can be counter- productive, and if they need or want to increase their budget without seemingly knowing why, it’s exceedingly odd. Juxtaposing the need for ‘public conversation’ with anti – free speech laws is also a bit difficult.


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