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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    …Sarah said people often jump to the conclusion that all children who offend come from dysfunctional families, or have parents who are absent or involved with crime themselves.
    “That’s not us,” she said.
    “My husband and I are hardworking, honest people who have never been in trouble with the law. When we had kids, we wanted the best for them. I even worked part-time, so it is not like I was absent. We’ve been there for our kids.
    “The problems started when their son started running away from home at the age of 13. Three years later, he had been arrested numerous times for offending related to drugs, vehicles and not abiding by his bail conditions.

    Sarah said she finds it baffling all the interventions put in place to help her son were dependent on him choosing to engage and participate.
    “There is nothing forcing him to abide by his bail conditions, nothing compelling him to attend counselling or drug rehabilitation courses.”

    (‘All mouth and no trousers’ is a saying covering this approach that stems from the UK where they know all about this sort of thing. British, informal. —used to describe someone who talks a lot about doing something but never actually does it. › dictionary › action)

    The early interventions put in place by authorities “needed more teeth”, she said.
    “As a parent, you have absolutely no power whatsoever, and police have no power. All the decisions are with the child who is obviously off the rails and is not making any rational decisions.”

    Crime – manufacturing it by authorities enabling amoral, reckless behaviour distracts from supposed efforts by country’s leaders to have peaceful, responsible, happy citizens. That’s a thought that comes to my mind occasionally as I try to keep track of the news and understand it a little.

    This excerpt on some drives of teenage behaviour is from research attempting to lead to understanding and presumably better measures. All the research in the world though, doesn’t count for nuts if in fact the PTB don’t really give a damn about people especially youth, if there is a different agenda than that spouted to the citizens.

    Although research demonstrates that parents can protect their children from harmful media effects by engaging in parental mediation, parental influences may wane when children reach adolescence and face pressures from peers. The Sullivan-Piaget thesis suggests that peers become especially important and influential during adolescence. Surprisingly, very little mass communication research has considered the role of peers in shaping media effects on adolescents.

    This study took a first look at peer mediation of antisocial television and found that it occurs more frequently and is more potent than parental mediation. In addition, peer mediation promotes more positive orientations toward antisocial television, which in turn leads to greater aggression. Whereas parental mediation can inhibit negative media effects, peer mediation seems to facilitate harmful outcomes. It is suggested that future research follow up on this initial study of peer mediation so that this potentially important construct can be further developed and understood.

  2. This could result in some useful thought about ‘The Water’ situation.

    Our need for water that is reliably supplied and clean I think is in danger of being flooded? by concerns relating to the whole world. Stuff from the UN that state high-minded perfection and contrasts that with statistics about the huge gap from the peak to the trough so to speak. We need to be aware of world statistics and what the technocrats or whatever they are, at the UN say, but keep to our own mousewheel so that we look at and deal with our own problems satisfactorily.

    If one thinks of a mousewheel and compares it the huge wheel of the London Eye you get an image of the difference I’m referring to.

  3. Billionaires Like Peter Thiel Have Spent an Unprecedented Amount of Money on This Election

    Peter Thiel is a New Zealand citizen ,,,,something he bought at a bargain price, for a Billionaire …. The purpose of his purchase seems to be for having a ‘life-boat/bolt hole , to run to if Usa society collapses….. The money this ‘sovereign citizen’ spends seems designed to accelerate the collapse of usa society ,,,, and rich sovereign citizens believe that those with the wealth should be the kings/rulers.

  4. Peter Thiel And His Dorky Little Goons – SOME MORE NEWS

    P.s …. have I mentioned he’s a vampire ,,,, he takes/transfuses young peoples blood ,,, to try and stop/delay ageing.

    A literal vampire billionare sovereign citizen ….. I’m surprised he has not built a castle overlooking Queenstown. :0

  5. Quite right about Thiel. The sorta tit who rules us unironically , by which the US democracy falls at this election according to Bill Maher, a choke in his voice.

    Depressed by Maher’s probable future, given the 360 points of reality we’re at the point of forceful govt. Climate Change. War govt — the best way to put it. It, in America, is either for the people or the rich — the short-term idiot rich bred up by the Eighties free-market. To a lesser degree everywhere else. No time for another shallow Key, despite our illusions.

    How would BAC Luxon deal with this crisis? By which I could forgive the fuck a bit for the laugh. Shaller.

  6. I don’t see why I should have a deafening simulated war zone on my doorstep on 5 November and any guy (fawkes) who want to set the sods off will be shanghaied and sent to a real war zone for all the action they want when my Party gets into power. Which is that – well I don’t know – ask me a hard question! Public displays between 8 pm and 9.30pm if we must amuse the deadheads who need a bright light and a bang to wake them up. And that applies to women and in-betweens as well. Not forgetting there are people who are on the edge of living conditions that we can’t afford to assist. Next thing we will be like Syria when it was suffering. One guy I was reading about had three children starve to death. Let’s face it, to the capitalist privateers we are all expendable.

    Surely there is something that Health and Safety is good for, apart from trying to cut down ACC claims. Or would this be viewed as just another Whakaari type happening. Something that just happens, get used to it.
    10 pm and all is well, perhaps.

    Opponents of the $280 million Mt Messenger bypass in North Taranaki are getting support from an unusual corner – the Act Party, which backs the project.
    Act list MP Nicole McKee will present a petition with more than 18,000 signatures to Parliament next week, which calls for the proposed bypass route on State Highway 3 to be scrapped.

    “The Act party really believes that everybody should have the opportunity to bring petitions to the House and to be heard.”

    ACT is prepared to be flexible about many things apparently. But they do stand firm on some things that matter to ordinary people, which are about them getting less input from government. But on the other hand being able to spend their lives protesting, writing petitions and presenting them. having a say, maybe being listened to, and then ignored. A vicious-circle life. Go ACT you will keep us running around in circles till we are dizzy and drop down dead. And National will be right behind you in that. Where will Labour be I wonder?

  8. What are ya? The ideas of Marien – such as
    Ideological Position –
    Horrified Humanist
    or Languishing Liberal

    The View of Present and Future –
    A slim chance of surviving our chaos and obsolescence
    or just – Troubled Times

    The Proposals for Future –
    Sweeping reforms, world government, national planning.
    or More money and programs; racial integration.

    This fertile brain is still alive apparently. 1:19:20
    Five Big Ideas | Michael Marien | July 16, 2021

    Russia Watcher ?
    Putin’s Folly and Rethinking the SDGs
    Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The invasion of Ukraine is widely seen as Putin’s war, because he has a retrograde obsession to make Russia great again by reclaiming parts of the former Soviet Union. But Russia’s autocrat made several huge miscalculations regarding his military efficacy, resistance by Ukraine, military support and strong economic sanctions by the US and other nations, and many corporations withdrawing from Russia. Putin may still “win” at a huge cost, or clearly lose; he may…
    BY: Michael Marien

  9. So who would consider this an ‘open’ public forum process for submissions?

    ” Please note the following:

    a. At the appropriate time your name will be called for presentation during the above time slot. If you are not present the Authority will move on to another speaker and your time will be lost.

    b. The above timeslot is the time slot available for you.

    c. Your verbal submission will be before the Tūpuna Maunga Authority members available for the hearing.

    d. Your written submission will have been read by the Tūpuna Maunga Authority members prior to the hearing.

    e. Each verbal submission can be presented for up to 10 minutes in total, including any questions from Tūpuna Maunga Authority members. So, it is for your judgment if you leave any time for questions.

    f. Management will indicate when we have reached the 7 minute mark and 10 minute mark.

    g. There is to be no repetition.

    h. No recording is permitted throughout the hearing and given previous experience, this will be monitored.

    i. Only verbal submitters will be invited to attend during their hearing time slot.

    We attach an information sheet that sets out the protocols for the hearing.”

    • To be honest Denny I have found this sort of approach necessary to ensure people state their concerns and ideas succinctly and timely-wise or they can go on and on discursively until the meeting time has been used, and people’s minds have been battered to death by verbiage.

      Sorry but being kind as well as practical, in order to get the right things done rightly, does require fair processes to be put in place. Essential requirements for a well-run meeting – first simply a glass and teaspoon and watch for timekeeper with that idea for a warning sound, and then a finishing time for peroration. This is when the meeting has important connotations especially long-term around land, money, status etc. It isn’t a place for basic korero, it’s fraught for the future outcomes it can bring.

      Others are paper and pencils so that people can write down their basic concerns in under 25 words for each one; to put forward to ensure matters of concern are at least noted – if time runs out. And for notes for listeners use on matters arising from others’ input.

      And a whiteboard should be had, biggish and clearly written details, where speakers names and their topics and those adding further context are noted, along with say five words to summarise the main point. And cellphone photos of the details put forward, and the whiteboard, apart from any note-taker tasked with keeping minutes etc. Cuts out the disagreement of two or more different memories.

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