Michael Wood is the Leader Labour Party desperately needs


Michael Wood showed this country what true Labour leadership looks like with a fiery display in Parliament for the 3rd reading of the Fair Pay Agreement!

He righteously pointed to Nationals 30 year neoliberal experiment in de-unionising the work force as the reason things have gone backwards for workers!

We don’t have the highest tax rates, that’s not our economic problem –  our economic problem is low wages from de-unionisation!

Fair Pay Agreements finally give workers real rights and finally forces the bosses to pay decent wages.

Michael Wood is a champion for working class people and he is a champion for a fair deal in Aotearoa New Zealand!

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Helen Kelly will finally be proud of this Government.

Three cheers for Michael Wood!

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  1. I know that he (Michael Wood) is, by all accounts thus far, a very good Member of Parliament and has achieved desired outcomes. He appears to be an incredibly hard worker.

    Martyn, I enjoyed reading this article.

    • Antivaxers are filth. Micheal Wood is the future. He is the only Kirk-ist Labour minister in the cabinet, and Jacinda needs to step aside.

      His wife, I believe was involved in The Alliance when she was younger.

        • No.
          Denial gets the left nowhere. I wish there was a way of quantifying the damage done by this needless purging of its own by the left.
          It was the own-goal of the century.

          And as a side note, who is assumed to be worthless is exactly who comes back and takes a huge chunk of your arse. This kind of ignorance is pure hubris. There are other issues but this part ended Labours chances in the next election.

        • Trevor “ More like ten…” I don’t think so. Those protestors were a giant-sized nuisance, and half of them were nuts, but I didn’t like hearing fellow countrymen being referred to as “ a river of filth” by a serving politician. It said more about him.

    • He sees that things are right or wrong & uses direct language to describe his views, you might not agree but at least you know where he stands. I prefer knowing how people think to those slimy people who profess friendship and then stab you in the back.

  2. Wood may not be perfect, but I don’t see anyone else with a view even remotely close to what the original founders of the Labour party would have recognized in Parliament. Not perfect, but a damn sight better than any of the other players on the field.

  3. He is virtually the only old school Labour type, apart from Willie Jackson on a good day, in the entire Labour Caucus.

    He stood up for the change to bus service contracting that will see many bus services returned to public ownership via Councils rather than lowest payer wins private operators. He pushed FPAs when everyone else including the CTU were lukewarm on them.

    River of filth? that is more like what the anti Vaxers and various shades of munter have been throwing at the PM for a very long time.

    • Fair point.

      What neither major political party is Keen to explain, is how on Earth will they tackle inflation as our borders continue to reopen and remain open?

      We’re essentially up against our major trading partners, most of which are experiencing waves of inflation which are higher than our current levels; we’re still effectively an exporting nation, so it’s imperative for us to trade with countries with low rates of inflation compared with ours; we’re an isolated country so really important material things such as petroleum are likely to become even more expensive for us; and we’re an ageing nation so we need policy also that takes this into account.

  4. A future of regular payrises and 40 hour weeks await for the workforce.

    National want sweatshops. Plain and simple.

  5. I met him too Nathan. If fact I live in his electorate.
    A weasel? No more than most in parliament.
    One thing I do know is he is not afraid to meet his constituents, hear criticism and respond to it.
    It does not mean I think he is wonderful but tell me an alternative?

    • stevie – thanks for replying…Michael meets SOME of his constituents, and hears SOME criticism, and respond to BUGGER ALL of it…
      Alternative?? Michael earning people’s votes

  6. Is that the one of the doomed cycle lane tacked on under the Harbour bridge for gazillions? Sounds about right for Labour then.

  7. Oh I get it. You’ve bumped your head @ MB.
    Firstly, we don’t have politics. We have a plutocracy surviving on credit.
    Secondly, we’re all morons.

  8. Judging by all the usual childish coments here it must be true that the righty trolls are pissed on the realisation its a year vaway from “three more years dickheads”….

  9. Well, what a surprise. Every rightard comment freak on TDB leaps all over Martyn’s positive article.

    Venal, vituperative right wingers. No rational arguments.
    Just sour bitter comments because someone threatens the notion that rich parasites should get everything their own way.

    • Jase. One swallow doesn’t make a summer any more than three swallows did. Remember : Child Povidy, Homelessness, Nuclear Moment ?

  10. All I see this doing is raising inflation and sinking beneficiaries further. Not to mention the unfairness of 10% of the workforce dictating to the other 90%, and third parties negotiating with third parties on everyone elses behalf – a buerocratic nightmare, which is always a wet dream for Labour.

    Guess I’ll go check out the speech at some point but I don’t expect to be swayed.

    • So you think that wages and conditions sh ould be held down then?

      A lot of workers haven’t had decent payrises for decades, some have had their wages and conditions reduced.

      High wages, mean happy people.

      • > High wages, mean happy people.

        And pigs flying mean ideals become reality.

        I’m not convinced that this is the best method for determining minimum acceptable standards – something already predetermined with min wage rates and health & safety legislation. Indeed some of the arguments in favour suggest to me that H&S is not being enforced, e.g. security guards without training and in solo charge of a site.

        • If we had FPA agreements in force, no one in this country, would work in sweatshop conditions. Ever. It seems you support sweatshop labour in this country.

          Wages have been slashed to the bone over the past 30 years, and they are only about to come up now, however the greedy rich pricks who run things dont want to give their workers a single cent more.

  11. Unfortunately for Wood post the covid cult he has become a snarly, arrogant weasel. Coupled with below average performances in Transport and Immigration he would likely be another Cunliffe in regards to leadership.

    That said the next leader of the Labour party is:
    a). Going into opposition
    b). Won’t get cut through with the public given 5-6yrs of abject disgraceful leadership

    Therefore I happily support would being the next leader of the Labour Party.

  12. This proves that within the machine, good humans can still exist. Michael Wood represents us; the literate, educated, civilised, working class; we who are more than aware of the slide to oblivion that has accelerated since our actual Nuclear Free moment.

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