MEDIAWATCH: After Fire + Fury flop, are Stuff/NZ Herald just looking for men to be the enemy now?


The Stuff docudrama ‘Fire & Fury’ was nothing more than middle class propaganda in that the focus was totally on the crypto fascist fear grifters and while they deserved some focus, the reality is that Mallard’s role in provoking the Dumb Lives Matter protest into violence is utterly ignored by the middle class journalists who felt intimidated and fearful.

That’s not really journalism, that’s using your platform to bash the people who scared you rather than provide insight and oversight.

Stuff refused point blank to criticise any of Mallard’s blunders because they felt he protected them from the smelly Lumpenproletariat Nazis!

Mallard’s handling of the Dumb Lives Matter protestors on Parliament’s Lawns provoked and escalated this violence while recruiting and radicalising thousands!

REMEMBER! By the end of Wednesday, the factions within this ‘movement’ were already turning on each other with various groups criticising other faction leaders.

They hadn’t been able to use their numbers to seriously threaten Parliament and they were already leaving because of internal disputes over the attempt to force conflict on the Wednesday.

This was a protest movement the was dying on Thursday morning!

That all changed when Trev had a spurt of blood to the head, and got all grumpy protector bear and ordered the State to clear the lawn…

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…Let’s be very fucking clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

He immediately created a common enemy for the protestors while live streaming a 10 hour recruitment video to the country!

That weekend there were 5 times the number of protestors!

His basic bitch warehouse bargain basement psy-ops using the spraying of water and loud music at night which provoked the riot on Parliament’s lawns combined with his Office trespassing politicians from Parliament made this a cluster fuck of gasp inducing enormity.

The reason the wider Left are so silent on criticising Mallard’s actions (as seen in the zero criticism of him in Stuff’s Fire and Fury middle propaganda) is because many of the Middle Class Wellington Marxists screamed for the Police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis because they had their work from home privilege threatened by angry scary brown poor people whom they claim at Wellington dinner parties to care about.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith, high priestess of the Wellington woke demanding Andrew Coster be sacked for not bashing the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…Mallard’s role in provoking what happened on Parliament’s Lawns will never be examined by Wellington’s middle class Marxists because he protected their sense of privilege as well. He has managed to get away with causing all this radicalisation without any accountability whatsofuckingever.
So yes, the Fire + Fury docudrama was deeply flawed, but look also at the impacts of the ‘documentary’. Stuff screamed 200 anti-vaxxers were standing to secretly take over local democracy.
How many were elected?
Less than a dozen.

Hardly the end of Western Civilisation was it?

Fresh from finding no bogeyman to scare us with, Stuff and NZ Herald have branched out to find more scary monsters to justify ramping up mass surveillance.

The Incels now…

NZ Security Intelligence Service investigated threat posed by incels – ‘involuntary’ celibate men

New Zealand’s intelligence agency has investigated the threat involuntary celibate men pose to Aotearoa, including the likelihood of committing violent extremism in Aotearoa, the Herald on Sunday can reveal.

The group are known as incels and are largely heterosexual men fixated on their lack of sexual and romantic success with women.

The misogynistic belief system rose to prominence in recent years following several vicious attacks that left dozens dead in North America and Canada.

New information, released to the Herald on Sunday under the Official Information Act from the NZ Security Intelligence Service, reveals a report was completed on the ideology and the threat level those who subscribe to it pose to New Zealand.

…and the Proud Boys…

The NZ Proud Boys say they’re just ‘friends’, but the truth is more disturbing

The NZ Proud Boys say they’re just ‘friends’, but an undercover investigation has revealed how they’re picking up the mantle from their terrorist counterparts in America. Stuff Circuit’s Louisa Cleave and Paula Penfold report.

…I suppose if you’ve promised everyone an Antivaxx army who will secretly destroy democracy, you need to keep coming up with middle class virtue signals to justify the next witch hunts and ‘Incels’ and ‘Proud Boys’ fit the bill.

Why don’t Stuff and NZ Herald just come out and say men are the threat and that everyone with a heteronormative penis  is a terrorist?

Middle class identity politics have strict woke dogma making it clear heteronormative white cis males are the enemy, so why not just come out and say it?

By the way, does it strike anyone else as funny that NZ Herald’s female ‘sex therapist’ dares to tell men how to masturbate? Could you imagine the backlash if a male columnist lectured women on how to masturbate?

Audacity aside, Stuff and NZ Herald need new enemies for the woke culture wars and in the end that is always the ultimate danger of identity politics, the day when white men start believing they are the victim and convince themselves they aren’t getting laid because of some convoluted bullshit about being a ‘Beta male’ when it’s their own fucked up sense of self esteem that is preventing them from getting laid!

Everyone wants to be victim these days and they hold their wounds up to the social media mob for validation and social hierarchy based on their intersectionist scars.

Meanwhile the 1% are laughing at how easily distracted we’ve all become.

The demarcation of power in a liberal progressive capitalist democracy is the 1% richest plus their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us.

The middle class woke don’t challenge the neoliberal economic system that is now benefitting them because they own property, far easier for them to aggressively promote  virtue signals for the low hanging fruit of identity politics than bite the hand that feeds them.

Luckily for the 1% we are all slashing each others throats out over pronouns.

Meanwhile, here’s a transgender comedian demanding they be recognised for more than their genitalia while stripping and showing us their genitalia.

You can tell it’s a girl’s penis by the way they played the piano with it.

Let’s not pretend that it’s just the far right who have a fractured view of gender.

We have become so divided by our skin colour, our gender, our genitalia, our religions and our orientation there is no common ground for us as human beings. The solidarity of class provided that space but that has been over run by a cache of micro aggression victimhood.

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  1. I hadn’t seen that PB article as I don’t read stuff but goodness what a rambling read that was. I had no idea there were PBs in NZ and nor do I care but I did laugh at this snippet:

    “They regularly used the Proud Boy call to arms ‘uhuru’ and photographed themselves making the ‘OK’ white power symbol adopted by the group”

    It’s just crazy that the prank played by 4chan to make out the OK sign was a WP symbol is still rolling along nicely. Do the MSM or activists not do any research? The whole OK sign being WP was a huge joke played on them.

    I remember back then a friend who worked in retail was told to remove all signage from her shop if it had any reference to the OK sign.

    well played 4chan take a bow

  2. 100% Martyn,

    “You can tell it’s a girl’s penis by the way they played the piano with it.” – Way to put a smile on my face on a quiet Monday morning.

  3. Muddle class huh? Thats being systematically hollowed out. There will be only two classes on day. The upper class and a working class. For that is what elites want. A fully feudal system for them to play in.

    • There will still be an underclass with no education, no jobs & no hope for the future. The more people we throw on the scrap heap & replace with “skilled”, low cost migrants/slaves, the bigger that underclass gets.

      • Richard Slade. I expect that’s why they’ve been systematically dumbing down the education system, and underfunding the health services; expendables are cheap and easy to replace.

        • The problem is that don’t replace them, those deemed worthless or useless, just end up in prison, on the streets, on welfare, a constant burden on society, instead of being turned into contributing members of society or tax paying citizens. As a society we lose a lot when we write people off, especially children, we should be trying to allow all our citizens to be the best they can be, to help them achieve and live their best lives. The scrap heap helps no one.

  4. Mallard “didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that.”

    He was the Speaker which is a sub-branch, just an offshoot of being a politician. And if he had merely sat in his office, having being advertised as the one who had some say in what happened in the Parliamentary precincts, gallows would have been prepared for him.

    Maurice in Invercargill and Jim in Whangarei would have tucked their Groundsmell tractors into bed at night fuming that he was leaving the manky mob to it.

    And anyone trying to make more out of it, come up with another crime to hang him for, would have latched onto the ludicrous ‘creating division’ and ‘causing radicalisation’ bandwagon.

    Ardern erred apparently it what she did over the whole covid thing and is seen as the great divider by many. In the Wellington fiasco at the time that sure was the case. Funny thing is, if she had the gumption the Wellington* loonies said she should have had in the whole covid business, there would have been division all right. Along simple lines, the dead and the not dead.

    * loonies weren’t necessarily from Wellington. Nelson, Marlborough, Taranaki. Northland, Southland, Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay provided masses.

    • If you are speaker you are expected to go beyond the first action that comes into your head. Especially old guys who should have got wily and wise in tandem. But then that’s really not fair – he probably isn’t so different from the rest of the mob in parliament. All a bit sheepish, and have trouble remembering to keep up with appointments in their dairy. If they haven’t got one of those why not – that’s where the money is, and they probably can’t spell either.

      He was the Speaker which is a sub-branch, just an offshoot of being a politician. And if he had merely sat in his office, having being advertised as the one who had some say in what happened in the Parliamentary precincts, gallows would have been prepared for him.

      So he was from the sub-branch – someone long ago should have pruned him. A prune like him should have got running earlier before he made a bigger mess.

  5. Poor Queen Mab.. spoiler alert.. in the end people just stopped following the old ways and believing in her.. she just, disappeared.

    Toxic Woke Ideology is an attempt by Stuff and the NZ Herald to avoid fading away. They feed on outrage, it’s the worship they demand [and clicks lol], yet their power grows weaker as their once loyal followers turn their backs.

    The power Stuff and the NZ Herald use to have is fragmented at best. They are like Queen Mab, proponents of a failed religion, in their case wokeness/government-sycophancy. Many refuse to visit their alters, or give credence to their publications.

    You can’t fight us or frighten us.. you’re just, not important enough anymore. We forget you Stuff and the NZ Herald, go join channel 1 and 2 and be forgotten.

    Queen Mab Forgotten:

  6. thank god you write about this stuff Martyn.

    The trans “comedian” who strips to show their genitals (err sorry I mean their lady dick woman’s penis) shows where its going. If I wanted to go to a strip show (to see either men or women stripping I wou ld).
    If I had paid to go to see comedy and got a strip show, I would be really pissed.
    Exhibitionism is now o.k.

    • Somehow this word hyperbole and its synonyms seem to say it all for me.
      noun: hyperbole; plural noun: hyperboles

      exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.
      “he vowed revenge with oaths and hyperboles”

      purple prose

  7. Judeo christian traditionalist Jordan Peterson labelled king of the incels by hollywood is coming to auckland 19nov to save incels from suicide and terrorism. But will he talk about Adern’s UN hate speech speech and will the trans try to have him cancelled?

    • I see no valid reason to cancel Peterson but you can bet the usual suspects will try which in turn just gives Peterson more airtime and on and on it goes

    • Chippie Does the “ Herald” really have a sex columnist ? I thought that was the domain of the Education Department, busy ensuring that children learn to question their gender identity as more important to their future lives than maths and science and the literacy skills where we now languish behind the rest of the western world, but hey, a great trading ground for Green politicians.

  8. I don’t know who Clint Smith is. But reading his comment, I can assume that when he is in the privacy of his home he dresses in his SS Strumbamfueher uniform and sings SS marching songs and dreams of zyclon B

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