Trevor Mallard’s valedictory speech – a broken legacy


Trev’s valedictory speech came hours after his trespass of Winston was found to be irrational and unreasonable…

Trevor Mallard decision to trespass Winston Peters ‘irrational, unreasonable’, High Court says just hours before Parliament farewell

A High Court has released a ruling which says outgoing speaker Trevor Mallard was “unreasonable” and “irrational” for trespassing former deputy minister Winston Peters from Parliament, just hours before he is due to make his valedictory speech.

…his speech was a back slapping exercise. A Muldoon reference here, a David Lange reference there. A Helen Clark joke or two. Deferential worship to Jacinda.

He made reference to his personal relationships and his regrets.

It was all pretty limp.

I didn’t ever like Trevor Mallard.

I respected him.

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But I didn’t like him.

Every time we’ve met, he’s been a smug condescending prick and I see no chance of him ever changing.

But I respected him.

I believed he was passionate about the due process of democracy.

I believed he’s been one of the best Speakers.

I believed he respected the role and the mana of the Speaker.

When Labour tried to gerrymander select committee meetings, he’d punish them with extra questions to the Opposition in the House.

He was someone who gave 30+ years of public service and that, regardless of what Party you are in, is remarkable.

But I also think he’s an unlikeable prick with a terrible short man syndrome that has left him with two chips on both shoulders and a breath taking capacity to ‘go there’ physically at the drop of a hat.

There’s no threat Trev can’t overkill.

And that was ultimately is undoing.

His over protective nature to his team caused two enormous blunders that blight his otherwise bright career.

One was devastating for the individual involved, the other we have yet to fully appreciate the damage of.

His first blight was his bewildering desire to get down with the woke kids at Parliament with their new definition of rape which amounted to an unwanted hug. To come out and declare a staffer of being rapist using the new definitions of woke micro aggression policing was an example of Poppa Bear Trev getting all growly and over defensive for those he saw protecting.

It ended up costing us $330 000!

Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard costs taxpayer $333,000 after rape allegation

Speaker Trevor Mallard has cost the taxpayer more than $333,000 after a parliamentary staffer he accused of rape pursued legal action, and the National Party now says it can no longer support Mallard in the job.

The figure, revealed to the National Party in a written parliamentary question, includes a $158,000 settlement payment from the Speaker to the staffer, $171,000 to cover legal fees, and $4641.70 for Crown Law advice to the former deputy speaker.

Mallard on Tuesday afternoon publicly apologised to the staffer, saying, in a statement, he had been wrong to describe the allegation as rape, and apologised for the “distress and humiliation” this caused the staffer.

The statement was slipped under the Stuff press gallery office door on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the Royal Commission on the March 15 terror attack released its report. It did not detail the cost of the settlement.

For the Staffer it was an egregious destruction of an entire career so Trev could feel protective.

The other blight to his legacy however is more dangerous and far more frightening.

His handling of the Dumb Lives Matter protestors on Parliament’s Lawns provoked and escalated this violence while recruiting and radicalising thousands!

REMEMBER! By the end of Wednesday, the factions within this ‘movement’ were already turning on each other with various groups criticising other faction leaders.

They hadn’t been able to use their numbers to seriously threaten Parliament and they were already leaving because of internal disputes over the attempt to force conflict on the Wednesday.

This was a protest movement the was dying on Thursday morning!

That all changed when Trev had a spurt of blood to the head, and got all grumpy protector bear and ordered the State to clear the lawn…

…Let’s be very fucking clear.

He didn’t have to do that, and he shouldn’t have done that!

He immediately created a common enemy for the protestors while live streaming a 10 hour recruitment video to the country!

That weekend there were 5 times the number of protestors!

His basic bitch warehouse bargain basement psy-ops using the spraying of water and loud music at night which provoked the riot on Parliament’s lawns combined with his Office trespassing politicians from Parliament made this a cluster fuck of gasp inducing enormity.

The reason the wider Left are so silent on criticising Mallard’s actions (as seen in the zero criticism of him in Stuff’s Fire and Fury middle propaganda) is because many of the Middle Class Wellington Marxists screamed for the Police to bash the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis because they had their work from home privilege threatened by angry scary brown poor people whom they claim at Wellington dinner parties to care about.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith, high priestess of the Wellington woke demanding Andrew Coster be sacked for not bashing the smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis…

…Mallard’s role in provoking what happened on Parliament’s Lawns will never be examined by Wellington’s middle class Marxists because he protected their sense of privilege as well. He has managed to get away with causing all this radicalisation without any accountability whatsofuckingever.



At Helen Kelly’s Funeral in Wellington, Mallard stood and recounted his personal trauma in the wake of the Pike River disaster asking Helen, ‘what could I have done differently to have prevented that’.

I fear the true legacy of radicalised hate Trevor planted on the lawns of Parliament have yet to bloom their harvest of malice and that he may well be standing at another political memorial in the future asking the exact same question.

If I were Trev, I’d want to be on the other side of the planet when that poison bag of violence bursts too.

Trevor Mallard – he was too clever by half and twice as short.

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    • nah, they had to pretend he had value. They could not just send him to fuck off land like that. Labour – we are the great pretenders.

    • Or Mallard calling Sharma a liar, let’s see how brave Sharma is with that label, or will he sue Mallard for libel? Mallard will have the last laugh.

  1. The dude was a wanker, and his leadership allowed him to be a wanker in public to the public. Good riddance. Sadly this country wasted 38 years of wages on some wanker who achieved nothing for the country. Nothing.

    • I never liked Truss particularly after your endorsement of her, I knew she’d be crap, too much the narcissist.

  2. He was a horrible hack of politician, a middling minister at best and the worst speaker in living memory (and that includes Margaret Wilson).

    A political thug that got a lifeline from Ardern that then acted like her Gregor Clegane to Jacinda’s Cersei Lannister. Most would be embarrassed by poor performance – for Trevor it spurred him on.

    But the most illuminating example of how much of a poor person he is is that even in his valedictory speech he had a dig at the opposition. A truly graceless individual.

    • What opposition? The graceless pricks didn’t even have the decency to be present in the chamber to hear his speech,
      Petty behaviour from the kindergarten party!

      • Why would they for a vile speaker that actively screwed the decks against them.
        Mallard will not be missed.

        • Integrity, Mallard may not have it but now we can confirm most of National don’t either. It was to be expected though given how vie the National party is, Shane Reti aside.

  3. When he trespassed Winston from parliament, Trevor showed us how fragile democracy and freedom can be. This is Trevor’s greatest legacy.

  4. The Irish are known for punching above their weight so they will soon know how to handle Mallard. He may even apply for citizenship.
    The word ‘hooligan’ comes to mind:
    The word “hooligan” first appeared in London police-court reports in 1894 for the name of a gang in the Lambeth area of London—the Hooligan Boys. In August 1898 a member of the Hooligan gang murdered a person and “Hooligan” became popular in the London press.
    late 19th century: perhaps from Hooligan, the surname of a fictional rowdy Irish family in a music-hall song of the 1890s, also of a cartoon character.

  5. Why would anybody be interested in his speech. In 40 years, his achievements could be written on the back of a postage stamp. I hope we never see the likes of him again.

    • I agree Leslie that’s why many didn’t turn up to his farewell not wishing to grace him with their presence.

  6. Mallard could be a useful thug. Such as whilst sports minister his line to the world rugby chairman in 2003. I will shove a beer bottle up your ..where the sun doesn’t shine. & He did offer Auckland a new water front stadium, which the Eden Park old boys association bitter ly stopped.

    But he was just so annoying in the house protecting Jacinda all the time. Now without her protector, she is struggling.

  7. He probably should have gone after fight in parliament. Most people lose their job if they are involved in a physical altercation

  8. Not worth a comment nor a post. Not a social-democrat, which is the main , or only, thing.

    To be a true social democrat you must lead with your shoulder — my gatherings from 40 years of the rule of the rich.

    I wish you’d change your mind — it’s allowed.

  9. Mallard was the best speaker i have ever heard or seen in NZ in my 50+years of voting and following politics in Aotearoa. He was a mongrel and bully but those are the qualities one needs as a speaker to deal with the other Bullys and mongrels in the Natz and act. Current speaker is too soft on opposition giving them extra questions – Mallard wouldnt have taken their shit. Only Natz dirty politics teams with the help of right- wing media would make an issue out of turning the sprinklers on their mad lives matter mates and playing their type of music. Mallard should have turned the fire hoses on the mongrels.

    All the best in Ireland Trev, you’ll be remembered for your speaker’s role.

  10. “Current speaker is too soft on opposition giving them extra questions ”

    Nikorima, that’s exactly why the Nats sucked up to the new speaker, they new they could run rough shod over him, the saddest part in all of this is that the speaker is too thick to realise it. They hated Mallard, because he wouldn’t put up with the Nats shit.
    If Mallard was bad, Carter was simply appalling, the amount of times Peters was ejected. Carter was the biggest bully and worst speaker in our history.

  11. Asked,Winston,slap,the duck geeing,not the first slap.the best,Banks gettin a slap from northern maori,as his racist capitalist ranted,.politics who breath.

  12. ‘Wish you’d change your mind’ is about the parl lawn protest. That expressed dissatisfaction and not much else. Inchoate all the way.

    The Speaker did an interview on RNZ. He remembered the desperation of his ancestors and the speeches of Norman Kirk which convinced him to join Labour. Made me think how much a Labour leader should automatically be an orator, a persuader. But when you think all is mostly right in the world where you rise to the top easy as bubbles you don’t do that.

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