Why National have no solutions to the economic problems we face

After we give rich people tax cuts, we'll be coming to bash the beneficiaries

The naked truth its that National have no actual economic plan other than to rip up everything Labour have passed.

Some of this is fair, some of it is not.

Some of what Labour have passed has been industry sourced solutions, that’s very true of the latest agricultural emissions scheme, other policy however is just bullshit that shouldn’t be supported in the first place.

The gold plated PSA Holiday scheme – AKA the Unemployment insurance. This shouldn’t have been mooted by Labour in the first place, and should be axed.

RNZ/TVNZ Merger – National want more programming like Fuck Boy Island where TVNZ can chase craven ratings for dollars.

The 39% top tax rate – National are the party of Farmers, bankers and property speculators, of course they want to remove the top tax rate! We are not an over taxed, over regulated economy! Our top tax rate is the 39th highest in the world behind all the Scandinavian countries plus Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and South Africa! Australia’s top tax rate is 47cents! Our GST rate doesn’t even get us into the top 50 and our corporate tax rate is 40th while Government spending against GDP ranks 56th! And we are voted easiest to do business by the World Bank! 

Fair Pay Agreements – We don’t have an over taxation problem, we have a low wage economy problem and we have that low wage economy because the Right passed the Employment Contracts Act in 1991 which created 30 years of de-unionised labour. THAT is why we have a low wage economy and the Fair Pay Agreements will finally challenge that by allowing 86% of workers to join a union. OF COURSE National, the Party of Farmers, Bankers and Property speculators hate this idea because it will force these rich pricks to pay more.

Three Waters – Started out as an elegant solution to the issues of water ownership that John Key kicked off when he sold 49% of our hydro assets, it has now deteriorated into a race baiting hate pus wound. The moment the National/ACT Government scrap 3 Waters, Māoridom will go straight back to the Waitangi Tribunal, win the Court Case and force Luxon into his own Helen Clark moment and be forced to pass law to simply confiscate the water. This will cause an enormous eruption of violent protest.

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Property investor mortgage deductions – National are the political party for Farmers, Bankers and Property speculators, OF COURSE they will allow these rich landlord pricks to use tax loop holes to keep their wealth! Every renter will suffer while the Landlords laugh all the way back to the bank!

Farming Emissions – National is little more than a front for Chinese business interests and seeing as the corporate Framers have sold NZs economic and political sovereignty down a river of milk powder for China, they will remove any restrictions to allow as much cow shit to foul our rivers as possible.

That’s the list of things National will cut, here’s their actual solutions…


‘Stop adding costs to business’ – You mean like the extended sick pay that we needed because of Covid? You mean like allowing workers who have been beaten during domestic violence time off work? You mean like Matariki? You mean like the minimum wage increases? If your business is on the verge of collapse because of sick days during a pandemic, allowing your workers to heal their domestic abuse bruises at home, basic pay rises and the only Māori public holiday, could I humbly suggest you shouldn’t be in fucking business! The low wage economy that National and ACT live for is the problem here, not extra days off that attempt to provide better work conditions.

‘Remove bottlenecks to the economy’ – Oh you mean mass immigration, the very mass immigration that crushed Auckland, sparked the housing crisis and forces domestic workers to compete against cheaper migrant labour? That’s not a solution, that’s the problem! It’s like National are the Dr and they’ve suggested amputating the body away from the Tumour so the Tumour can keep growing!

‘Disciplined Government Spending’ –National always tell us that will cut spending, but never actually explain where that spending cut will come from because you the voter will shit yourself when you see how much they want to slash and burn out of welfare, education and health.

‘Tax relief for hard working Kiwis’ – The average worker will get less than $1000 in National tax cuts, Luxon will take home $18 000 in tax cuts! Poor people aren’t stupid, they see through that!

‘Focus the Reserve Bank solely on inflation’ – So remove the welfare of the citizens and just focus on inflation? What a great step backwards!

NONE and I mean NONE of this is a solution! Cutting sick days, dumping public holidays, stopping minimum wage increases, mass immigration, tax cuts for the rich, vast slash and burn campaign on public services (but not telling you what those public services will be) and forcing the Gods of NZ Capitalism to focus solely on inflation are not solutions, they are a joke looking for a punchline.

Luxon wants to slash 14 000 jobs from the public sector, imagine the backlash that will generate.

On the social policy side, it’s far more grim.

National’s slogan ‘welfare that works’ is a throw back to Shipley’s punitive welfare programmes of the early 90s…

…Luxon was already singing Bill English’s Social Investment model which spawned Oranga Tamariki when he became leader, he then went to a UK Right Wing Think Tank who specialise in privatising social services to give a speech and now right when NZ has one of the lowest unemployment rates ever, Luxon targets the weakest group to bully and just puts the boot in.

He is selling the crack of the whip by constantly repeating the use of sanctions to cut welfare.

He’s threatening welfare sanctions on the disabled, the ill and the sick.

That’s the kind of needless spite masquerading as tough love that National Party supporters love.

They crave this mean spiritedness. The more punitive, the better.

It doesn’t matter if it’s counter productive, in fact the MORE counter productive, the more excited National Party voters get.

Remember the State House Meth scam?

National used false science to breach Housing NZs own regulations to throw State Tenants out on the street. In the middle of a housing crisis, National created a homelessness crisis by throwing hundreds of State Tenants onto the streets for false Meth harm contamination readings.

No one got sacked, no one was punished, fuck it, Paula Bennett who was the Minister responsible gets to play charades on fucking TVNZ now!

For National supporters, when it comes to social policy, all that matters is that someone they hate suffers, regardless of the cost and regardless of the counter productivity of it all.

We-make-people-we-hate-suffer-no-matter-the-cost is actually right wing dogma.

Here’s how the ‘Social Investment’ model works.

National will take $50million from MSD, give it to 3rd party contractors who will get a bonus by removing people off the list.

The 2 ways those young people get off the list is if they get a job OR they are sanctioned off the list.

You can all see the game being played here.

Taxpayer money to 3rd party contractors who get paid when they find them a job or they are cut off welfare.

National want to drive sick people back to work, that’s how this country will lead into the future???

This sort of bullshit shouldn’t be allowed to fly when there is so much academic research that this draconian welfare approach doesn’t work!

Pretending that bashing young people on welfare is the solution to rebuilding from covid or is a way to combat poverty or inequality or the housing crisis is just such inane bullshit!

Using the excitement of the crack of the whip to smuggle through a vast privatisation of welfare agenda is going to spook the centre all the way back to Jacinda.

National trying to out ACT ACT on welfare privatisation is just too extreme for the electorate.




I appreciate that there is a lot of anger from many on the Left at the incremental ‘progress’ of Jacinda’s Labour Party.

I appreciate there is a deep resentment to the Covid response and an anger towards another round of being told what to do by people who have work from home privilege.

I get all that.

But not one of you can seriously believe that National’s economic and social ‘plans’ are anything other than total bullshit that won’t in any way shape or form solve the complex problems in front of us!

We’ve seen what happened in the UK with Liz Truss when she tried to implement free market nonsense and in the middle of the kind of steep economic rescission we will see next year, National’s policies are self interested to their rich mates and exclusionary to everyone else.

You can be shitty with Labour, but don’t dare pretend National has any actual answers!

National’s Economic & Social policy is rope looking for a noose!

How much of this poor people shit do I need to name and eat and how much of these clothes from the Warehouse do I need to wear before the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind warm to me?

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  1. Under the Ardern Labour Government the most needy are worse off.They have not delivered.
    That’s sufficient reason not to vote for them.

  2. “‘Tax relief for hard working Kiwis’ – The average worker will get less than $1000 in National tax cuts, Luxon will take home $18 000 in tax cuts! Poor people aren’t stupid, they see through that!”

    Just repeat this ad nauseum, get it into the mainstream media. Tell the country that this is all National has to offer, then look at the tide start to change against National.

    • Poor people are starting to see what Labour have done for them.
      Biggest transfer of wealth to the wealthy in NZ history under the current Labour Government.
      Repeat that ad nauseum.

      • Poor people get two dollars a week under National. Under Labour their benefit increased by thirty dollars a week and the minimum wage has increased by over three dollars an hour under Labour. Economics is not your strong subject and “Biggest transfer of wealth to the wealthy in NZ history under the current Labour Government” has no basis of fact, well, other than because you said so.
        Repeat that ad nauseum.

        • squeaky, most beneficiaries after msd clawbacks saw nothing even remotly resembling the 30 bucks you claim, the winter heating suppliment is due to end which will cut incomes of the poorest even more
          lab could increase benefits (without the sadistic clawback–they did for the heating suppliment so it can be done) tomorrow morning but won’t..explain please without reference to fantasy increases.

          ps where do you get the 30 bucks figure from?

          • P.S.

            Same place you get your “clawback ” figure from probably?

            Although you make claims of this my figure is the increase of the past 3 years. Please break down the clawbacks you claim, what they are and the clawback amount on each?

            The winter energy payment equates to about $30 a month but is targeted just for 3 months.

            • I have friends on benefits, when the increases were introduced MSD were cutting other allowances. Some just broke even, others it actually turned out to be a loss. Nobody moved forward.

              • Me too, including my parents on super. The winter payments have been very welcome. None of them or my other family members suffered a loss of any other benefit or allowance. They’re on the equivalent of sickness. JS.

              • And I have friends and parents in their nineties who are far better off.
                Your last sentence therefore is an incorrect generalisation.

            • I know a guy who after the last 20buck rise had an msd clawback of 17 bucks on his acc supp so there y’go a real world example….it was standard practice to decrease acc supp in relation to the benefit increase.

              as for the winter allowance if your disposable income on a weekly basis is cut by 20 bucks life gets harder.

    • Good idea except mainstream media is the voice of NatActs. Just look at Herald and others in the last week and see the concerted tirade against the farmers having to pay for their emissions.
      Look at the ongoing reports about Nanaia Mahuta and conflict of interest compared to the one day of angst about Kruiger interfering with MPI directly. Now I see on Herald an article trying to justify what she did for ducks sake.
      Its no wonder people turn to social media when the mainstream is just political broadcasting.

      • Within 5 minutes didn’t they back track and say Maori don’t have to pay for their emissions? So the planet can burn with Maori emissions. Funny how many Maori activists grew up white, found their tiny maori roots, and now lead the charge for a divided NZ – when they are 95% Pakeha! Too many race based double standards. Tired of it all. Maori are entitled to treaty pay outs, but not a divided NZ and world – in health care, emissions etc.

          • It’s self certification. Zero. Just like being a woman now.

            Also how can you ignore someone who is 99% pakeha cancelling pakeha on the basis of 1% Maori. It’s non sensical.

            Prefer a legal approach where Maori land that was confiscated is returned and compensation given and there is proper environmental protection for Iwi.

            Not a 99% Pakeha getting a free ride because they claim 1% Maori and get to pollute because of it and sign off on behalf of Maori for the polluters.

            • Is that like the comment I see all the time “There are no more full-blooded Maoris anymore, they are all part Maori, or mostly white” Yet when an alleged offender is described by this same person “Oh, it was a Maori” Not a part Maori; not as mostly white Maori, but a Maori. See the problem? Then there is Orini Kaipara the 3 News reader who has had a DNA test to show exactly that – she is 100% Maori. She’s not the only one. JS.

            • With respect, self identification is one thing, but to be able to be a part of an Iwi, you kind have to be able to tell people what your family tree is, where you come from. You can’t just turn up at a Marae and say something along the lines of “Uh yeah, just watched “Once were Warriors “, and I really identify with being Maori, so where are the guitars and hangi?”. You will get a serious large amounts of confused looks at you.

    • As a multiple property owner, Labour has made has increased the value of my portfolio like no other govt. So if I were Luxon I’d vote Labour.

      Who cares about crime, wasteful spending and group identity destroying the fabric of our society.?

      I thought you lefties cared about the poor, but it seems you care as much about the poor as Jacinda does

      • Pretend to care but instead set out to divide NZ.
        They are so full of childish ideology they have no idea what to do.
        They pursue policies that are detrimental to all New Zealanders.
        Can anyone explain to me what the current Labour Government’s agenda is?

        • Well I guess you have a high level of childish experience to fall back on.
          I gather the multiple times you have been found to be factually incorrect, Truss as an example, I will take everything you claim and reverse it, as truth.

        • Im not sure who Labour is now, they sure havent done much to help those at the bottom or those with disability. Seem to have spent all their time pandering to the rich.

  3. nothing that isn’t failed 40yr old policy…just like the UK tories intellectual lightweights that would bearly hold down jobs as ‘team leader’ in a small call centre….say what you will about pollies of the past but at least they could tie their own bootlaces…and before anyone crows labour are from the same box of rejects.

  4. “You can be shitty with Labour, but don’t dare pretend National has any actual answers!”

    Nailed it Martyn. Trying to find a solution to Labour’s lack of PROgression by voting for REgression is insane.

    • Yes Jase, Nationals new campaign slogan..” Regression, taking you backwards to a brighter future”.

  5. “Labour is bad but National is bad.”

    It’s the same picture. I’m voting TOP. Their ideas might not be the answer but _anything_ new in parliament is a win at this point.

    Not that I expect any answers in politics, I’m just hoping for the collapse of civilisation so that humans can try again – versus nuclear, biological, or environmental extinction.

  6. And this is why the Nat’s and LINO should hook up in 2023 as a Grande Coalition. Neither are much different from each other.

    Im still sticking with a hung parliament.
    With Winnie kicking off his 2023 campaign this weekend, it should be fun watching the Nat’s and LINO sweat it out all the way up until the election and post election.

    If Winnie becomes the ‘Gender – King or Queen’ of 2023, we can be assured of one thing. The Gweens will be truly dead or at least out of government. Woo Hooo!

    Winnie could be right when he says that LINO will pull a sneaky early election, because that’s about the only thing that tactically would put the opposition off balance. Neither party would have collected many donations by now after the SFO Fraud court cases involving all of them. Nobody will be willing to stump up any large sums of cash at all any more.

    I wonder what TAB odds I can get for calling for an early election in 2023 and another election by the end of 2024?

  7. ” This sort of bullshit shouldn’t be allowed to fly when there is so much academic research that this draconian welfare approach doesn’t work ”

    This from new U.K Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

    “I’m going to be asking all government departments to find additional efficiency savings.”
    ” Mr Hunt did not rule out cuts to NHS spending ”


    ” He also refused to commit to a pledge by Boris Johnson’s government to raise benefits in line with inflation, though he said he was mindful of the needs of the most vulnerable ”

    ” The governor of the Bank of England has warned interest rates may need to rise by more than previously expected ”

    And where have we heard this one before…..” Meanwhile, Mr Bailey described his discussions with the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as a “meeting of minds”


    These are the neo liberal solutions every time there is a threat to their continuing control which always hurt the middle and the long suffering bottom feeders Luxon refers to.

    And another neo liberal move for control that Bomber has highlighted happening here.

    ” The home secretary has unveiled plans for a major crackdown on disruptive protests carried out by environmental groups such as Extinction Rebellion.

    Suella Braverman says the new Public Order Bill will stop demonstrators holding the public “to ransom”.

    Ministers will be empowered to block protests causing “serious disruption” to key infrastructure and goods.

    Activists said they would not be intimidated by law changes aimed at “silencing non-violent people”.


    BBC is a wealth of information as they masquerade as being the broadcaster everyone trusts. They always show exactly where the lords and masters will take their country and dress it up as necessary and protecting the public ! when it is their financial interests they are prepared to take draconian measures to protect the status quo.

    Expect the Nasty Natz and Association of Corporate Thieves and traitors to respond when the anger that is out there explodes.

  8. I think National are going to be terrible, but then Labour needs to go because they are so out of control with wokies everywhere they are now focusing on cancelling Shakespear and knowledge and science and research and human rights and freedom of speech now…. even looking bad internationally with their cancel culture.

    at least when Natz are in Labour can drum up a bit of opposition, now we just have all political parties razing NZ to the ground and have been for so long, the tweens who grew up with rogernomics are now just helping themselves in malls. The police don’t notice dead teens in burnt out cars. That’s on both political parties because they both contributed to pushing NZ down the toilet and being more interested in helping exploited cheap takeouts and retail workers to choose NZ, than NZ youth who should be doing those jobs.

  9. The national party are a cartel of producer boards, banks and Big Business entities who’ve parasitised our primary industry by sending after-the-farm-gate farmer money to strange and wondrous places. Once filtered through producer boards and privateers to here, then there, then back again it’s so laundered no one can know for sure where it came from much less where it went. Aye Boys?
    Unfortunately for the Natzo’s, there’s only one place that, that money could have come from because it’s all we’ve fucking got. Tourism! No. Agriculture!
    The swindles they’ve concocted over the years to separate farmers from their money are extraordinary for their creativity and scary for their bold and aggressive arrogance. The national party and it’s members, MP’s and sundry hangers on should be the subject of a very public Royal Commission of Inquiry.
    Web search.
    “What is the purpose of a Royal Commission?”
    A Royal Commission is an investigation, independent of government, into a matter of great importance. Royal Commissions have broad powers to hold public hearings, call witnesses under oath and compel evidence. Royal Commissions make recommendations to government about what should change.

  10. 12+ years post GFC and no one has figured it out yet?
    Capitalism died and the global machinery is still trying to resuscitate it. That is fuckn dumb!!

  11. Let’s be fair. We don’t need National to have solutions to win the lection. We only need to sit back and watch Labour be Labour. And Winston will do the rest by the sound of it. Labour is toast already.

  12. A high wage economy is a high skills economy. Raising the min wage merely puts low skilled workers out of work. Happened in Korea in 2017. Have a look in MacDonalds, all those convenient machines are low skilled workers(school kids, students) The supermarket is the same, no more checkout work for tons of school kids etc, a start in the workforce.
    Regarding immigration, I don’t understand why we need to import bus drivers! There are specialist fields where we have to look overseas but again for low skilled workers (sorry bus drivers 🙂 there are plenty of ‘unemployed people’ who seem to be sentivised to avoid working. Sometimes it makes sense because of the system as it is to not work. Go fruit picking for 3 months (which is by definition a non permanent job) and a person may not be better off for working.
    For housing, I’d still flood the market with good old cheap and cheerful concrete block two story flats, by flooding hte market, it would make buying ordinary family homes as an ‘ investment'(it is really just a speculation against govt led inflation) a losing option. Beginners could opt out and rent cheap (flooded market) and save to buy a home (not an investment) and we could get back to houses costing 3 or 4 times annual income.

  13. Some people are disgruntled about our Labour government because all they hear is wall to wall negative National party propaganda from NZ’s politically corrupt News Media. Check out our Labour government’s achievements over 5 years of government and it’s more that 10x what National achieved in 9 years, if they actually achieved anything constructive. https://www.labour.org.nz/our-record

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