Maggie Truss sacks Kwasi in desperate scramble of right wing madness & why Boris will be back


When Truss first won, I predicted the following

Liz Truss is a free market acolyte who hated BoJos windfall taxes on obscene profits because she is pro corporate profit.

Ideologically she is Margaret Thatcher on meth combined with all the ill deserved smugness of Tony Blair.

She will be a disaster for the UK and her free market solutions will cause a crippling wave of unemployment at a time of 13% inflation and energy prices exploding beyond peoples ability to pay.

…lo and behold, Kwasi implemented a crazy far right agenda that was so off the charts that the market itself said ‘no way’ and plunged the UK into a self inflicted economic death spiral.

Truss has suddenly this weekend removed Kwasi and is now treading water as the inevitable failures of her right wing Maggie Thatcher routine all come home to roost.

This is why Boris was smarter. His windfall taxes while an anathema to the right of his party, kept all the Labour electorates in the North that he had won over with Brexit (and whom were alienated by the younger left who attacked them as racist).

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Labour are currently soaring 19 point ahead of the Tories and it is simply a matter of time before the Conservatives dump Truss and beg for Boris to come back and save them.

The UK economy will collapse and there will be anarchy in UK.

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  1. And just as likely, there’ll be a rush for flights to NZ by Blairite public servants anxious to come and show us how to run our administrative and policy agencies and lobby groups.
    It’ll be fascinating darling. Global Revolving Doors 2.0

  2. Boris was a good PM. With some minor faults. It’s unfortunate the Tories have had to go through the Truss experience, to realize how much they miss and need Boris.

  3. ” beg for Boris to come back and save them ”

    Does not look likely Bomber. Despite his strategies in securing the constituencies for the north he damaged himself severely enough to be forced to resign. The candidate that is being pushed is Ben Wallace who is the defence secretary and may have to be persuaded to stand. The situation is so fluid that there is talk of denying the party members another leadership ballot but the consequences will be dire if their vote is denied.

    LINO are demanding a general election which at this point would only deliver the Conservative party 80 seats in the commons. Until a new leader comes in and delivers a number of miracles will they go to the country early.

    ” One plan is to increase the number of MP nominations a contender needs from 20 to more than 50% of the 356-strong Parliamentary party – ensuring there is only one name on the final ballot ”

    ” But one MP warned: “Members will be furious not to get a vote and they’ll go on strike. That means no one to canvass or deliver leaflets ”

    ” MPs have now dismissed the idea of letting Ms Truss stick it out or trying to get Mr Johnson back ”

  4. Another country far away, why waste any time wondering if she is going to last longer than a head of lettuce or not.

    We should as why in (reportedly starving) Brexitstan a head of lettuce (mist likely imported from neighbouring continent) costs less than half than locally grown here in our clean and green 100% pure Ripoffistan.

    But no, we will not ask that. We are busy celebrating the return of carbon, particulates and effluent dumping bonded labour crewed floating infection superspreader eyesores.

  5. There is only one real UK politician that tells it like it is and that’s Clare Daley. All the rest are insignificant, really, and I find Truss to be a caricature – woman in power with a paper brain. I’d say she’s marginally better looking than the milk snatcher but both have been written on by the extra-terrestrial feedback from the lattice of satellites we have caged ourselves in.
    Scientists have shown data can be sent back in time (we MUST follow the science), bearing that in mind and how “the market itself said ‘no way’ “, not only scientists but also the ft community would take full advantage of this closely guarded secret.
    The market being what it is, consider Timnit Gebru’s informed opinion: and we may become a little less enthusiastic about all the unregulated ‘scientific’ activity- oh, wait, I think we are already……

  6. years of uncomminted social climbers/corprate monkeys has led to such a derth of political talent on both sides that you can’t actually even imagine a tony benn or nigel lawson in politics these days.
    so the UK gets ‘the fat owl of the remove’ followed by ‘rupture truss’ and ‘kemi karzhi’ and now the man who fucked the NHS into the ground….and before we sneer we have the same calibre of pollie here in NZ.

  7. I wonder if Lizz has left that expensive wallpaper up? Boris’s missus what’s her name picked out?
    If Boris gets a recall to no.10. They won’t have to redecorate I guess?
    What a dilemma.

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