BREAKING: New leaked Talbot Poll – Guess whose back? Back again? Winston’s back, tell a friend



My ‘I-told-you-so’ Express is right on time!

As I have been arguing for some time.

Green vote will collapse.

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Labour will hold.

National will stall.

Māori Party will do far better than predicted.

ACT will cannibalise National vote.

NZ First will get over 5%.

Labour has earned a fierce loyalty from a large chunk of New Zealand who are genuinely grateful of Jacinda’s leadership during Covid.

National’s inability to cost out tax cuts that threw the UK economy into a death spiral weakens their claims of economic mastery.

ACT are just such a superior team in terms of discipline and message and they will continue to make enormous inroads.

The Greens are dependent upon an electorate who are useless at turning up on Election Day, as Efeso found out. Mix this with their alienating woke stuff and I actually think the Greens will be lucky to hit 7% on Election Day.

NZF will play the anti Māori/co-governance/3 Waters debate in a dog whistling way ACT will find difficult to counter, however it will bolster the Māori Party.

If Winston is polling 4.4% now, he’s most defiantly 5% on election night.

The only thing that will stop this is actually death finally beating Winston.


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  1. What does NZF stand for and who will stand with him..I know what he is against and that should stop, any hook up with Labour this time around . Looking forward to the election next year.

    • NZ First stands for much of what it has stood for in the past: moving towards economic self-sufficiency, standing behind key economic sectors like farming (and not trying to drive farmers out of business), referendums for key issues, support for the elderly, controlling crime more effectively. You say you know what the party is against — I assume you mean Three Waters and “co-governance” which is quite true. It is also opposed to bureaucracy run rampant and the politicisation of schools (with woke dogma). You are quite right — going with Labour seems unlikely (especially with Greens in the background pulling the strings). Want to know what Winston Peters is going to focus on? Well, he’ll be making a major speech in Christchurch this weekend, so wait and see.

      • “NZ First stands for much of what it has stood for in the past: moving towards economic self-sufficiency, standing behind key economic sectors like farming (and not trying to drive farmers out of business), referendums for key issues, support for the elderly, controlling crime more effectively. You say you know what the party is against — I assume you mean Three Waters and “co-governance” which is quite true. It is also opposed to bureaucracy run rampant and the politicisation of schools (with woke dogma).”

        Looks like I might have to vote for NZ First this time round based on that summary – not ideal but an avenue all the same to avoid the Labour / Greens Woke Inquisition and ACT / Nats flooding the country with more Chinese whose only loyalties lie with the CCP and their local Mercedes dealership.

      • Yes, right now that’s true. All politicians/parties “sell” themselves — they have to get people to pay attention.

    • Winston stands for Winston. Once he gets his bribe money for Horse Racing or whatever he’ll sit back and smoke a cigar.

  2. Winston lost all credibility with me when jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon. Looks like he is going to have a crack at the transgenders as well.

    • Oh get real. You never supported Winston or NZ First! And BTW, all Winston did was go talk to the people protesting the government’s over the top Covid policies. He never said he was opposed to vaccination. And as for countering all the woke crap that’s flooding the country I certainly hope NZF will counter it. And will have widespread popular support in doing so.

      • I guess you’ve not been watching Winnie on alternative media where he has expressed his anti-vax views calling for the borders to be opened when the virus was at its infancy

        • Absolute fiction. Winston did not call for the borders to be opened in 2020 in fact quite the opposite, he mocked COVID conspiracy theorists relentlessly “wrong country sunshine” , told nzers overseas to get home immediately before the border closure was announced, defended and supported the COVID response religiously, said that COVID represented the end of globalization and that following COVID and global supply chain shortages ” if we can build it, grow it, or make it here than we must” he also defended northland iwis road blocks.

          As late as December 2021 he was supporting the the governments vaccine roll out and incorrectly stating that the gangs were breaking COVID rules and calling for harsher punishments on rule flouters.

          Winston is a nationalist hes been calling for less immigration for his entire political career he was at no point demanding borders be opened so cheap labour could come into the country.

      • Yes, I’m replying to myself. Not particularly relevant, although I did mention farmers in my previous remark…my husband just looked this up in Stats NZ and did a little calculation on his own. Did you know that NZ is responsible for 0.06% of the world’s methane emissions. 80% of that (tiny) percentage does come from livestock (farts and belches). Bad cows! Evil farmers! And another fact to consider: all the gas from all the emissions in all of NZ for a year is less than that released when the Nordstream pipelines under the Baltic Sea were blown up (or whatever happened to them) — and don’t try to tell me the Russians blew up their own pipelines; they could just turn off the spigot any time they wanted to). It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. But blame the farmers; it’s easier than thinking.

        • Did you not think to compare our population to the total world population? 5 million over 8 billion is about 0.06% also. Did you ever consider those larger countries that we depend on for trade might get a bit cross with us if we expect them to reduce carbon while not changing our actions?

          • Historically incorrect, the left and the farmers were part of the most politically successful coalition in political history with the NZ liberal party.

            In the 1890s till the 1910s working class and farmers had the same hatred of the rich and worked together.

            The country party also was strongly aligned with the first labour government.

            As well as the Ratana party which encompassed many, many, many Maori farmers.

            Urban working class and farmers to this day share many of the same enemies: corporate farmers, property developers, banks, foreign ownership, and environmental hazards will effect farmers access to clean water for their crops and heards.

            NZ first really should have positioned itself as a party of the regions, that first term of labour/NZf was extremely successful with the regional development fund, banning of foreign ownership, massive increases to the military and the Pacific reset. Winston was a fantastic minister of foreign affairs too.

          • I have no idea why the Left opposes farmers. Maybe because farmers don’t vote for the Left? And, tell me, someone please: what does it mean to be “left” today anyway?

        • Did you know when the emissions trading scheme was introduced farmers were let off paying anything to give them time to create technologies to lower their emissions and since then emissions have only climbed rather than reduced. Meanwhile the rest of us have been paying that tax for you.

      • woke = civil rights for all.

        The guy wants to stoke up progroms against the LGBTQ community.

        He is also against unions and wants wages held down. He also tried to privatise pensions in the 1990’s.

        • Woke means an end to free discussion and debate. Woke means focusing on so-called “micro aggressions” rather than real problems facing NZ. It doesn’t build houses, for example; it doesn’t foster economic recovery or create jobs.

          • Im sorry, but the LGBTQ people deserve to be left alone. Plus people who arent white should have the same access to due process that white people enjoy.

    • Peters and the Act leader went down and engaged with the protestors. Not only were Labour, National, and the Greens too scared to, and too rude, Trevor Mallard then tried to get Mr Peters banned from the whole Parliamentary precinct for.the next x number of years, but lost out on legal grounds – and he’s meant to be some sort of diplomat.

  3. YouTube.
    Just for you winnie. Does The Wine Box Inquiry still haunt you little winnie?
    Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down.
    I thought this was funny in The Guardian.
    “Former New Zealand PM John Key says he would have voted for Trump and Bolsonaro”
    Influential National party figure said he had never voted ‘anything other than right’, but that some on the right were ‘getting pretty crazy’
    That hooked nose is still sniffing around other people’s money when its not sniffing around pony tails on young vulnerable women working for minimum wage.
    ‘Influential’ As influential as type 2 herpes. Actually, I’d rather have herpes.

  4. UMR typically overstates its paymaster 2-3% – this poll will be no different. NZ First will be the default for protest votes

      • Bertie – so you are saying that the UMR poll that had Labour @ <33% would have been leaked. C'mon son.

        Saying that if this poll is accurate then hiding He Puapua from Winston and then telling slow Trev to trespass Winston from Parliament would have to be the biggest strategic fuck up in the history of NZ politics.

        • Frankie junior, don’t panic, I appreciate when polls suit your leanings they will be interpreted as positive however what you need to learn my boy is that any polling is subjective, why? When was the last time you were contacted to take part in a poll?

    • Fantail. He’s not obsessed with race like Kelvin and the Greens, does normal sort of stuff like fishing and riding horses, wears ties without having panic attacks, has a full head of hair to stop his brains melting in the noonday sun when he’s assembling barbecues in carparks which I’m sure he’s doesn’t. Let’s do this.

  5. Life is fleeting, death could take anyone at any time. And Winnie is not that old and he certainly is resilient. Go Winnie!
    I could vote TOP but Winnie will be so much more fun to have in the back seat.
    Luxon, Seymour and Peters? Peters could be the anti-immigration Minister.

  6. Peters was the handbrake on Labour. He wasn’t on National and won’t be because National will once again rule out working with him. National will arrogantly believe they will get enough votes between them and ACT. They won’t.

    • LOL. After the clown show at the negotiating table post 2017 National won’t rule out working with him at all. All the National MPs Peters had a beef with are now gone from the party.

    • The connotations are interesting.

      Winston has hinted that he would not join anyone who pushes co-governance, so that ‘should’ rule Labour out, but who would trust him? well about 5% do.

      Also, least we remember Key won 3 elections in a row, by stating no deal with Winston, and English lost by opening up that opportunity, what will Luxon do? If I were Luxon, I’d go the Key route. State that Winston cannot be trusted, and he will not deal with him, so a vote for Winston is a vote for Jacinda. It’s a risky play, but history shows that it has worked in the past.

  7. Doesnt seem to matter how many times this guy comes up with corruption or dodgy dealings as the key, always manages to litigate his way out of everything, goes against coalition agreements and generally disrupts parliamentary process but people keep electing him.
    Hes that bad smell that just wont go away.

  8. “Hes that bad smell that just wont go away.”

    Nah! that has ALWAYS been John Philip Key.
    He just reeks!
    Winston by the way is always well dressed, and despite his nicotine addiction smells good up close!

    • Thank you for sharing that with me, Shona…

      Rereading “ Dirty Politics “ to educate someone about the Taxpayers’ Union’s Jordan Williams, my memory was refreshed about the night he got out of bed and went downtown at the behest of Cameron Slater to try and video Winston Peters “ pissed off his tree.” Failed. I could have told the lads that it wasn’t going to happen. In the Green Parrot, seated unfortunately opposite the lavatories, I witnessed a string of partying pollies going in and out all evening. The one who remained as suave and well presented as any Italian straight out of Rome or Milan, was Mr Peters. I won’t name the slobs with unloosened ties, I only remember one, the rest have vanished in the mists of something.

  9. Winston is a conservative and he’ll mop up a few maori conservative votes and a few one nation types – will it be enough – who knows? maybe he could bring the fringe together under one banner? some ideas and some chutzpah but it’s all a bit tired now.

  10. This will be his greatest comeback ever.. watch the old fox out manoeuvre the woke retards and the idealogues of the left, and the clueless fuxon brigade. Winston’s the only show in town 2023.

  11. Just now remembered he’ll be agin climate change action and immigration.

    Being agin climate change now is like being against the next day.

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