BREAKING: New Roy Morgan Poll – Labour Crash


Huge new Roy Morgan Poll tonight showing Labour crashing

National – 36%

Labour – 29.5%

ACT – 12.5%

Greens – 12.5%

Māori Party – 3.5%

The Maori Party continue to grow, ACT is soaring, National is stalling, the Greens are gaining by doing nothing and Labour are crashing

The Left are haemorrhaging male voters.

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The best part of NZ Twitter in election year will be watching all the woke activists who have spent 2 years spitting hate and cancelling everyone now try to woo voters over to them.

I love watching their attempt at political persuasion.

It’s like watching vegans eating steak.

In an election of tribal polarisation and a social media environment of call outs and cancellations, pure temple politics erodes the common ground between voters to build Broadchurch mandates and political majority.

My fear is that as the Polls drop for the Left, our activists will get crazier and crazier with the woke stuff and keep cancelling until there are no more voters left to try and win over.

By banning free speech and demanding trigger free safe spaces, the Left have lost the skill of arguing our side and winning.

By focusing on virtue signals for middle class social justice, we have forgotten about economic justice for beneficiaries, the working classes and renters.

That’s why we on the Left aren’t attracting voters.

NZ Twitter ready to cast the first stone

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  1. Whats this ‘we’ white man!?

    ‘THEY’ are not the left! They are mentally deluded neoliberal neofascist mellinial and nana ‘karens’ of the muddle class.

    They’re crashing the mental health system with their indoctrination of the vunerable yoofs!

    But, LINO needs to die, but I hope the 2023 election is hung, still.

    • LINO will sadly never die.
      Just as National regained power after English’s disastrous low 20s result, so too will Labour eventually.
      The only shocking thing about this poll is that Labour is still so high. With their abysmal performance, they really should be polling in the teens with greens and ACT.

    • You left out the most salient term for this latest poll drop – authoritarianism.

      Though there has been more of the usual media censorship in New Zealand, Ardern’s latest attack on free speech, (describing online dissent as warfare), internationally she and her government have been decried as dangerously authoritarian. She is openly calling for forced control against free speech.

      This is the elephant in the room here.

      It’s not unusual to see huge resources being diverted to enrich and empower authority while clamping down on, and impoverishing all others. This is how authoritarianism works.

      The PMC and its PR wing get richer and richer while more and more struggling people are thrown on the scrapheap. Promises of solutions to poverty and inequality turn into an ever-growing slush fund for an elite class of so-called experts to pontificate. No action beyond controlling dissent was ever even intended.

      • What+Now. Agree. The PM’s authoritarianism disturbed people during the pandemic and her pernicious UNO performance has been commented upon by news outlets in Australia, the UK, and, I gather the USA. Labour needs to be punished for their hypocrisy and lies while we still have the opportunity to do so and they deserve to be dumped.

        TOP is looking like a viable alternative, and yet again veteran Winston Peters could be kingmaker and they couldn’t be any worse than Labour, Greens, or the Nats. That’s not saying much, but it’s prerable to not voting at all, and does offer a glimmer of hope. As far as I know, neither are anti free speech.

  2. The Natz tax cuts for the rich policy should peel them back again,going by the Tories backdown in the U.K.

  3. The PM will NEVER be rolled by Labour, she will step down! She hates not being popular. I suspect a ‘family commitments’ press conference around Christmas/early new year if the polls continue their trend downwards.

      • Ma She could be tied up baking scones for visiting pop singers, modelling clothes on catwalks, or reading a book.

    • I’ve been predicting this for a while now – consistent results @ 26/27% will force Poor Man’s Gordon Brown to pull the switch.

      The Blairite will perform her best Catelyn Stark rendition but at this level of support Grunter will go all Dread fort on her.

  4. ” the Left have lost the skill of arguing our side and winning ”

    Bomber please tell me what ” left ” you are referring to ?

    I would vote real left but what is on offer which is LINO , Woke Green and TMP which has abandoned the real left for its identity woke middle class constituency that would back the nasties when their vote gets bought for a tax bribe.

    LINO will continue its decline now the pandemic has been replaced by harsh reality and kindness just does not cut it when LINO were never about that in the first place.

    An historic MMP majority has been squandered unlike the National party who would have used the opportunity to go all out to reward its top income earners , donors and corporate friends including the landed middle class gentry and over deliver for its constituency but not the so called ” left ” or the many who get bled to support the few.

    • Cunliffe was 26.7, Labour never told us just how unelectable Andrew Little was.
      And Jacinda is going there.

  5. The only way to Make New Zealand Great Again is a National & ACT government, with David Seymour as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

    • Too funny!Kristopher Kluxon’s Klan are dinosaurs,out of touch with the world.
      His ABC platform.
      Against women’s right to choose.
      Bash bottomfeeders/beneficiaries.
      Cut taxes for the rich…like him.

    • This is what is wrong with Aotearoa right now – too many Trumpers thumping the ‘great again’ tagline.

        • That’s nice for you Zelda. You are obviously drawn to anything with ‘Z’ in it. Remember xenophobia only sounds like, so that isn’t one. Zeal – for change for the better – is one. I hope you are for that.

          • Hey Grey….I live in New Zealand as well….It’s the correct name of the country believe it or not….Not the trendy fashionable name some people have started calling it…If New Zealand officially changes its name to Aotearoa or what ever by some form of referendum and the majority want a name change then so be it…I’m fine with that , but for a small group of wishy washy to just decide to change the country’s name is not cricket old chap….They don’t have the right to change the name …..fact…..

            • Rob They won’t risk a name change referendum after what happened wth Key’s flag change shenanigans. They’ll do it sneakily, by stealth, the way the Nat’s tried to do it privatising the health service, and partially succeeded. You’d better not object either, or you’ll be dubbed racist, or a man or something.

        • Yup I live in New Zealand as well – either that or I missed the referendum on something as trivial as officially changing the name of our own f**king country (and the word ‘family’ for that matter) . .

        • Try saying that on Stuff. I got a message saying (among other things)

          Your account has been issued with a warning. Please note the following re the use of te reo Maori on our site:
          The usage of “Aotearoa” is in line with Stuff’s code of ethics which states:
          Te reo maori is a taonga and we have a role to play in the normalisation and revitalisation of the language.
          Words that are in common usage will not be translated into English.
          Continued breaches could result in suspensions or bans from commenting.

          So the government sets the rules and the media eagerly fall in behind. In case anyone hasn’t noticed Stuff’s comments are just another echo chamber!

          • Welcome to cultural assimilation European New Zealanders, we are in the throes of being brain washed by govt and woke f**kwits.
            The only culture that matters is Maori culture, and at a squeeze perhaps Pacifika . . you have no culture of your own and if you seem to remember having one you are mistaken and / or racist.
            Despite how it now feels resistance is not futile . .

        • I don’t ask you where you live nor do I care, Zelda. But, if you are homeless – try Florida.

          • Now now Prunella the Pukeko, Humpty Dumpty may make the boot of a big black Mercedes available for Zelda, he’ll be busy sitting on the wall he built real Kiwi bloke style in the Warehouse carpark, wearing flip-flops and a silly smile.

  6. Interesting choice of word, ‘haemorrhage’, to describe the loss of male support for labour defined by Jacinda.

    Criticism and questioning of her is justified. I’d just rather gender not be a feature.

    • they should be worried about the loss of ‘women’. N now leads with 1% in that group of humans.

  7. Cut the ‘we’ shit out. ‘They’ are fuckwits! They are not the left!

    ‘They’ are fuckwits who just don’t realise it.
    ‘They’ are fuckwits with pronouns and green washn neoliberal neo fascists.

    ‘They’ are fuckwits. Not the left.

  8. No more pay rises and no more public services.

    National hate public services. By extension, the people who vote for National and ACT hate public services.

    • Millsy, National actually DELIVERED on public services if you recall. They imposed performance measurement on DHBs and in doing so largely eliminated the backlog of elective surgeries. By comparison Labour is squandering over 300 million dollars on a race-based restructuring of the health system. This is in line with all the other Labour initiatives – money goes in but nothing comes out the other end. It’s all absorbed by their bloated administration.

    • ,National hate wasteful public service a big difference. Ask rest home nurses university lecturers firemen if this party in power gives wage rises. Wages are now driven by the private sector so no government influence there except for shortages in staff caused by the crazy immigration policy of this lot

      • Sorry Trevor, fighting to get improved wages( Labour)and being told to ” do more with less”(National) are two different things.
        Go back and ask those firemen, rest home nurse and lecturers how much they got under National. It is also a know fact immigrant workers drive down wages so please stop with that falsehood of Nationals immigration ponzi scheme.

    • National love public services – all that public moolaa to be siphoned off and invested in “society” – you know – the “one” society

  9. I got off Facebook and Twitter before the 2017 election in order to save my mental health. Have never been back. I can imagine how toxic it will be next year and I intend to stay well clear.

    Assuming the trend continues, who will replace Jacinda Ardern as Leader of the Labour Party?

    Robertson seems the sensible choice. Hipkins won’t want it, he has young kids and 6-9 years in opposition won’t be appealing. I think Wood would he a disaster. McAnulty sounds good on Nick Mills ZB show, but maybe too soon.

    • Grantboy is all they have and he is still exactly was he was before the great selection of Jacinda Ardern. A rather unpopular dude. No more electable then Andrew Little or David Cunliffe. That is the only reason dear Jacinda was pushed to the fore. Non of the blokes (adult human males) is electable.

  10. But Martyn, Roy Morgan always overestimates the right and how do you argue that the Greens are falling on those figures?

  11. I was wondering when we were going to see a 2 in front of Labours poll number? Earlier than I expected but the trend shows it has been on the cards for a while. Labour is nearly back to Littles numbers, and what happened to him? Although, Jacinda is far and away their best asset, well their only asset.

    It also seems that the female vote is slipping away from them as well, which must be scary for them.

    What really concerns me is what ‘hail mary’ will Labour come up with to try to reverse it? I suspect writing off all student debt and free tertiary education, because just as National rehash the old let’s lower taxes policy, Labours go to policy generally includes bribes with free education for the middle class.

    Interesting times indeed.

  12. We old fashioned Labourites from the pre Douglas pre Woke world see the current Left as the worst of all worlds.

    We old gray stale white males may never vote National or Act, but don’t ask us to be “cancelled” by eco activist inverse racist anti blokes when we have spent our whole lifes paying taxes to raise you in bourgeois luxury.

    And as for Labour, all Aunty Helen and Cindy have done about getting rid of neoliberalism is to take the rough edges off. Fifteen years of tugging the forelock, the train wreck for the working people continues whist the PMC prospers under the Natz or Labour.

    So when we old farts stay in bed on election day its not just us who will get what we deserve, it’s the Left, the working people of NZ who will get the true “benefit” of years of faux Leftism.

    • I come back to Brewsters Millions.
      It has something to say despite its candy floss format. In the film he interviewed the old age pensioners bloc as part of his money machinations involving politics where a rich person can have such upsetting influence. He had an unusual slogan, Vote – None of the Above. He had a problem goal, he had to spend a large amount of money but with time and other restrictions. It was a bit of a worry to him – a nice problem.

      What if we stopped worrying about elections and took the Parties to Court saying that they had no mandate for calling an election as they had not fulfilled requirements and commitments made at the last election, and all were ineffective and inflating costs and from a business point of view, could be said to be insolvent. We were promised business efficiency as something that goes together. Get Consumer to do some research on them to see if they are fit for purpose and to rate the various parties as to their worth and value to taxpayers and their delivery of services. Then drop their salaries and ability to allocate money to the levels of local government before general competency. The people deal directly with Treasury instead and take a great interest who the financial planners elected are, with proven decades of background in the public eye.

  13. 100% Martyn. You made an excellent point here:

    “My fear is that as the Polls drop for the Left, our activists will get crazier and crazier with the woke stuff and keep cancelling until there are no more voters left to try and win over.”

    It’s going to be a nasty election alright!

    One poll does not a summer make, and the Roy Morgan poll is known to be a bit random. That said, it does fit the long-term trend. Fit a line through Nationals and Labours polling and the trend is clear: Labour steadily sinking and National rising. Hardly surprising when one considers Labour’s record of squandering money on crazy, ill-considered projects and then trying to grab more money from taxpayers to cover the shortfall. Kelvin Davis’s and Will Jackson’s nasty outbursts won’t have helped any either.

  14. As Malibu Cindy is forced to give the COVID security blanket up, which was the ONLY reason she wasn’t a one term PM, she has been forced to stand on her track record.
    Unfortunately her track record includes:
    * KiwiBuild – a couple of thousand out of the supposed 50,000 she was supposed to deliver.
    * KiwiTrees – Haven’t heard about this FOREVER, but I’m guessing it makes KiwiBuild look AWESOME!
    * An explosion in poverdy.
    * An explosion in crime, with even Rotorua calling for desperate measures to make their city safe again.
    * An explosion in the number of people living in “emergency” housing.

    Even on the COVID response where she supposedly did so well (Yeah Right), Labour accused a woman of breaking the Northland quarantine to undertake sex work, branding her a criminal and costing the Northland economy tens of millions. But wait, whats that? Oh yeah, it was all lies and they knew it at the time.

    Worst government, led by the worst PM in NZ history.

    • Really Jays. You don’t think National being completely f’ing useless under (oh look now I’m a god botherer) Collins had anything to do with a second term?

      • Come on, give it up Wheel. If you had a big organisation or business that depends on efficiency and profit to keep, say a few 1000 employees employed….would you hire her as CEO? Or as managing director? Think carefully…count to 10…ok what’s your answer?

        • Exactly the point I mad earlier to a Labour voting friend who owns a business. He’s still thinking about it 😉

      • I would argue that National was more ably led by Bridges.
        However the poll numbers pretty clearly showed what happened (and indeed what always happens) is that the incumbent got a massive boost from a crisis.
        Labour’s polling prior to COVID very clearly pointed to them either losing the election or winning with the assistance of pretty much every party other than ACT and National.
        The numbers can really not be intelligently interpreted any other way.

    • It was National accusing a woman of being a sex worker travelling, and who was actually a social worker, you ignorant fuck.

  15. LINO are doing bad because they are NOT a Labour party, nor left wing.
    They are TonyBlaire-JohnKey type right wingers. Or as Margaret Thatcher called those-type, ‘her wets’.
    So IF there actually WAS a left wing party to vote for, all those ‘fringe’, undecided voters and pissed off LINO voters (now voting for the other alternative to be a Govt) would vote left-wing.
    So start your Pa Aotearoa party Martin and let’s see the REAL left wing support in this country.

  16. The media is calling the shots and dullwitted, arrogant, self serving MALES are allowing it to happen. Luxon should have been fired along with his protege the everso skilled #BedLeggerBully. I am alarmed to see some of my contemporaries leaving National, to support ACT and I fear for the future of my country. Charter Schools are a failure and their existence is responsible for the woefully educated new generation in the USA.
    The long term effects of defunding Education, Health and Police have taken their toll and Labour gets the blame! Time for Labour to get tough. Time for some ‘fire in the belly’! Time for the ingrate conspiracy theorist anti-everything that is rational and good for the nation and those who care nothing for anyone else – to leave. New Zealand did so well compared with the rest of the world in handling the pandemic but the fools couldn’t see that. Aotearoa doesn’t deserve a fine servant leader like Jacinda Ardern! Misogynists cannot abide a woman who is young, fertile, charming, smart and composed. That she is the Prime Minister totally galls them.

    • Thank God. Someone with brains at last. Polls should be banned. It’s still more than a year to the election and here’s everyone tying themselves in knots about polls. Whose stupid idea was it to have so many???
      Oh, I know. Some pathetic company wanting to make a quick buck producing nothing but pretending it’s relevant.
      They are also telling us the trends in the local body elections. Surely that should be illegal. Everyone (well, not everyone but a few) are still voting. We should not be regaled with stories about trends or who’s voting for whom. Give us some facts when the whole business is over, not useless opinion before it’s finished.

      • Sorry but that goes against the principal of free speech. Anyone can organise, run and publish a poll. We have that freedom.

        You want to stifle free speech? Bit like Ardern I guess when she want to make free speech a “weapon of war”.

        You have the freedom to ignore any poll you like (or dont like), you do not have the freedom for me to see the polls.

        I cant remember if you made the same complaint regarding the publishing of polls when Labour was at 50+%. Be nice if your call for the restriction of freedom, was evenly balanced and consistent. Care to link to this balanced objection for the restriction of polling?

      • Well said . A year is a long time especially in politics either side good score a home run by saying or doing something silly or there could be another pandemic or a war (the war with Argentina saved Thacker the earthquake saved Bob Parker ).
        l like the present results and can only hope they stay until election 2023 1 year away

    • Not if the results don’t suit you.
      Seriously I think there are too many so I’m inclined to agree with you Steven.

  17. Not surprising. Labour caught the Green identity, anti local and pro mass migration bug, and it’s not really working to push more high needs people into NZ to compete for the low wages that nobody can now live on.

    It’s called the bitting the hand that feeds you. And that’s happening in NZ, where the wokes favourite people are now litigating against the government for not being good enough.

    I just hope Marama and Golriz personally take the blame and publicly apologise.

    Parity with OZ wages, stopping their war against freedom of speech which is now raising eyebrows internationally and tighter borders will be a start to get labour back.

    The greens are too far gone, now.

    Eventually someone needs to work out that NZ wages should NOT be funded by taxpayers subsidising them but employers paying market wages. Employers who are mostly companies with a low paid workforce, should not be expanding if they can’t or won’t pay their current workers enough to live on in NZ. (But strangely manage to, in OZ).

    Allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign dependants into NZ is creating even more chaos in our public services as they open the visas to get more foreign workers to work slave wages and conditions here.

    Poor public services are now run by woke and right wing committees, and now showing the signs of that neglect in locals, who have been big casualties of the woke cancellation of their identity(but not those who are a bad look for Maori .

    Re arranging the te Reo signs on the titanic is now NOT enough for people to ignore it’s sinking and the life boats are already full of the wokes favourite people and hundreds of thousands are on their way in NZ’s massive woke fast track visas.

    Will Natz be better, nope , Labour and Natz are surprisingly close in policy – they are pretty much the same party with one more woke and one more right wing.

    People are starting to want to remove the middle class woke party, before they and free speech are cancelled.

    • “Will Natz be better, nope , Labour and Natz are surprisingly close in policy – they are pretty much the same party with one more woke and one more right wing.”

      And that is why screaming ‘fear fear fear’ is so dumb from the lefty commentariat when it comes to N. They are the two sides of the same coin. Non of them cares if their servants live in a hovel and have not enough food to eat. So as long as the servant shows up for their shift and reselects them in 3 years time.

  18. Winston is still classed as others….and yet he alone will decide who will be in power and who sits on the opposition benches ….

  19. 29.5 % !!

    They will continue to fade away back to where they were when Little was leader.

    Probably just as well Ms Adern has a well supported international profile so her future employment is assured.

    They don’t know her as well as we do.

  20. Meanwhile the new messiah is trying to justify tax increases for the struggling rich.

    Apparently our economy is doing so much better than the U.K and its time to give more of our money back to those up top. At least he is consistent but like the rest of the Nasty Natz it always thinks it can fix the problem by making the rich a little richer.

    Asked about reducing the top tax rate for high-income earners, he said New Zealand had a higher cost of living and lower wages than other countries and in a competitive world, it needed tax incentives.

    Well at least Air Aloha Luxon admits we are a low wage economy and he like his predecessors and business leaders want to keep it that way.

    • Thanks, that brief article is an eye-opener! I’m not sure how we get such a good rating from Transparency International, given those unfavourable comparisons with Canada and Australia.

  21. Blobberston saved the day with his Boom! announcement. Labour will be back on 40…50…60%. It’s in the bag. Phew, catastrophe averted. Another 3 years of Labour to run the show. Thank goodness!

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