MEDIAWATCH: Stuff follow Spin-off in screaming about their loss of NZ on Air money – Why RNZ/TVNZ Merger isn’t a solution looking for a problem, it’s crucial regulation of another failed market


I’m loving the screams off the private media as they see their creamy public money from NZ on Air drying up…

The TVNZ-RNZ merger: a solution looking for a problem

Antony Young is a co-founder of Wellington media planning and buying agency The Media Lab. He has spent 30 years working in media in New York, London, Asia and New Zealand.

…scream more.

We like it when you scream more.

Stuff receive insane amounts of money from NZ on Air so them screaming about RNZ/TVNZ merger is really as self interested as Spin-off freaking out as well.

It’s self interest, not the noble pursuit of Fourth Estate Journalism that fuels their cries of woe.

Private sector media bodies sink teeth into TVNZ/RNZ merger

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The Radio Broadcasters Association and News’ Publishers Association warned a select committee on Thursday that the planned merger of TVNZ and RNZ could reduce the choice of media that people currently enjoy.

National Party broadcasting spokesperson appeared to catch Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson off guard on Wednesday when Jackson appeared unaware whether a regulatory impact statement had been drafted on the merger, and highlighted the lack of public information on its costs and benefits.

The merger would see TVNZ and RNZ folded into a new entity in March that would be formally named Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media.

Parliament’s Economic Development, Science and Innovation select committee has been giving submitters 10 minutes to present their views and answer questions on the law paving the way for the merger, after receiving about 800 written submissions.

799 of those submissions will have been written by Duncan Grieve begging for more NZ on Air funding.

The actual tensions between the Minister and TVNZ is over TVNZ accepting RNZ will be the new editorial and journalism standard within the new public broadcasting agency, this is good because we want better journalism not more vacant Seven Sharp bullshit!

We need a strong public broadcaster with the best journalism because we’ve seen the danger of disinformation and misinformation!

It tuned up on Parliament’s Lawns!

Facebook and Google have taken the advertising revenue that kept journalism alive while providing a platform that allows fake news and propaganda to flourish!

Use the people causing the disinformation to pay for the journalism to correct them!

State funded journalism has the reek of bias and that has been a criticism of the current NZ on Air Journalism Fund.

A journalism fund funded by ring fenced tax from the media industry is a solution to counter the mad extremism being grown by social media hate algorithms.

Treasury doesn’t want to ring fence the tax for Journalism, but Grant should step in and tell them otherwise!

Social Media hate algorithms are a threat to our common sense of reality, we need Fourth Estate Journalism that is well funded and healthy, this is a solution that makes the creators of that misinformation pay for the Journalism to inoculate is from their product!

These companies are the new Gods and listen to no single Government. Watch the following in horror.

RNZ/TVNZ Merger isn’t a solution looking for a problem, it’s crucial regulation of another failed market!

I’m not looking for socialism here folks, I’m just looking for basic regulated capitalism!

The mind warping monopoly positions of power these Tech companies have established must be challenged, not negotiated with!

If Labour can successfully negotiate a meaningful arrangement that can pump $40m into public fund journalism annually, it will be the first industry they’ve managed to successfully regulate since coming to office!

This matters because the current $50Million Public Interest Journalism Fund over 3 years via NZ on Air has become tainted as a source of Government propaganda as opposed to journalism.

The Spin-off and Stuff screaming about losing money is just the icing on the cake.

The RNZ/TVNZ merger is a necessary rebuilding of our public broadcasting infrastructure to ensure citizens have a trusted source of facts to base their civic duties on.

This isn’t a solution looking for a problem, it’s the problem reporting on the solution!


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  1. A dog that no longer gets fed and backed into a corner will bite the hand that feeds it. The Spin- off and Stuff are that dog. Now to start on The NZ National Party Herald and Newstalk National Party ZB.

  2. They (Spinoff) are full of surly buggers, who cannot accept other people’s worldwide…no wonder they are failing, and a begging for a Government grant

  3. We have a choice. More documentaries and current affairs on TVNZ or more crap reality garbage like Master Chef and My House My Castle, or Celebrity Treasure Island. I know what I would choose.

    • The “reality t.v.” shit was introduced by the queen of tv Julie Christie with her touchdown productions company.
      New Zealand television has been devoid of any real current affairs or serious journalism since Paul Holmes and John Campbell.
      If this merger can do one thing it will be to change the current status.

  4. As indicated and warned by many educated commentators and intellectuals, the COVID pandemic has shone a very bright light on the three decades that Aotearoa has slipped into an ignorant haze, allowing poverty, illeteracy, and innumeracy to seep into our state school system. While the wealthy state schools such as Auckland Grammar, continue to feed of the teat of the wealthy immigrant population that wants their kids to gain A Cambridge Qualification. The Colonial Elite continues to decide everything in this land of minions, and perhaps we are but a social experiment in which the Old White Man can spy and laugh and wank and enjoy his piles of dollars. A new beautiful Bridge called Nga Hau Mangere opens, not for cars. But it is a bridge to nowhere, or cars, or polluted entry into Neilson St Onehunga. They are killing us with everything they have. COVID is only part of it. Our lungs are done for 70 years of fossil fuel inhalation, even the flowers make us sick now. Call it asthma, call it allergies, but Aotearoa could never breathe and now with anxiety being the cool mental health affliction, inducing a panic attack to balance out the sheer disgust and disappointment in the “humans” who cannot care for other humans. For forty years and 8 days I have survived this planet. I travelled when I could, learnt two languages in my twenties, and then got married, had kids, separated, and today, like perhaps 33 years ago, I am either bored, or really, really, really angry because my parents did nothing, I have done nothing, and my kids will be unable to do anything, because the wealthy will have extinguished poverty by then, Bolsonaro style. Has anyone watched Altered Carbon the netflix series? That is the world we live in presently.

  5. Sadly in NZ those who deserve funding seldom get it.

    If we think of TDB, MB dedicates decades to journalism for the vulnerable, has been disabled in a car crash but still continues to work for society, is abused by police and banking system, but fights on….gets nothing.

    What does that say about life in NZ for those who are disabled/injured through no fault of their own, and keep going, but are ignored? Meanwhile, those who are ‘representing’ some wealthy identity group with good self marketing, get millions.

    More wokie middle class writing media, while crying into their soy lattes about their struggles to learn Te Reo, or being called asian about 20 years ago as an 8yo, are so representative of real life struggles in NZ for the average Joe!!!!! NOT. Meanwhile horrific teen murders continue.

    Individual who owns multiple houses in Grey Lynn, have no qualifications in transport and don’t commute but somehow get on the board of AT to promote woke transport worries of having zero cars for plebs and making sure that commuters have to go slower… and slower…. you know safety median barriers are so overrated when Te Reo signs, no street parking (doesn’t everyone have a double garage in Grey Lynn!!!!) and jumbled up cycle lanes, are what every commuter and rate payer wants.

  6. $55Million Public Interest Journalism Fund” aka the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment.

    Who checks them for accuracy, truthfulness, balance, bias, opinion, and source?

    Another government-appointed body or some flakey academics?

  7. As his boss said to him in the phone call.

  8. When there is state funded journalism with no checks and balances you have state funded journalism. The piper pipes the tune they are paid to pipe. Already happening.
    And why would we trust a dear leader who is, in this last week at the level of the UN, orchestrating more date harvesting/surveillance algorithms on her dear subjects in the name of hate speech/security? Data which can and will be used for political purposes.
    And who gave Willie Jackson a mandate to tell us who we should trust? Their manipulation and secret agendas would have the perfect platform. Do you remember the banal 3 Waters advertising from last year? We could really be indulged with more of the same.
    I think that radio and tv are goneburgers anyway. The young ones are not interested and the oldies are switching off the rubbish and the advertising. They will become giant vacant sinkholes for propaganda and social engineering for vacant-minded people.

    • Ive noticed when streaming tv3 I get spammed with government funded soundbytes for the “fire and fury” government propaganda piece which basically is a form of brainwashing by repetition.
      Every time I log on.

      It’s insidious and many people wouldn’t recognize it for what it is.

      Once I supported the idea of a big government multi media organization but seeing this governments misuse of broadcasting power and the curbs being mooted for free speech and on the internet, I would much rather they be sold.

        • The Public Service has become an oxymoron.
          Self serving unaccountable bureaucracies serving themselves, they are creating the environment that will see ACT being cheered on to take the metaphorical axe to the state.
          As above Millsy, once I would have favored a big state solution for many things but look at what we get – billions on consultants no accountability, lies obfuscation and misuse of OIA and declining services to the public.
          Stealing local democracy and giving power to an increasingly corrupt central state. (Health, 3 waters, even control of local speed limits)
          No thanks.

          Look at NZTA spending as much on spin doctors as fixing roads, roads crumbling, enforcing pathetic draconian speed limits while not performing safety improvements they are charged with.

    • buttttt if nobody is watching magit why are your panties all bunched up….a ‘propaganda ministry’ that according to you no one watches is kinda ineffectual dontcha think?

  9. Rather than a merger, at worst there should be n RNZ takeover of TVNZ. I’ve already expressed my opinions of our state’s involvement in broadcasting, but we have one of the most over-managed systems in the world.
    RNZ CEO and Board. TVNZ CEO and Board. NZonEar CEO and Board, Kordia CEO and Board (Imagine the salaries amongst that managerial class for a start – I did have the figures a while back and they were stunning). The Munstry for Everything also pokes its oar in there as well – AND they can’t even deal with radio frequency interference and allocation adequately
    And then of course the Munstry FOR Kulcha and Heritage.
    Maori Television started on a comparative shoestring by comparison – admittedly now slightly fucked up by the elite, but the point is they showed how it can be done. (And if it wasn’t for the likes of Mark Bullen and Craig Soper, OR staff from the Colonial Office volunteering and working for petrol vouchers, it’d have become yet another venture in expensive underwear..
    Imagine what the programme content that could be produced if the celeries from a number of managerial class pigs at the trough were simply given the flick – many of them actually serve no useful purpose.

    We’ll get what we deserve sleepy hobbits, and probably the sooner the better

  10. When did TVNZ last fund good content? Leigh Hart only makes it onto public television on panel shows nowadays. What a sad state of affairs.

  11. As a regular listener of RNZ I can’t wait for the same values toward content is ushered out on TVNZ – non commercial and untainted by a debased populism/ratings agenda.

  12. ” I’m sorry but why and how exactly will ANZ-PMC Media be a trusted source of facts ”

    Talking about bias its got nothing to do with current government propaganda it is the fact that TVNZ and RNZ are run by National party appointed managers like Simon Power the ex National MP and minister in the shysters first term. The fact that Much-McKay their chief political correspondent an avid National party supporter is covering all political news for TVNZ five years into a LINO government shows that the right still have control of public media.

    Its actually absurd that they attack LINO when there is hardly any difference between tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber. As the Nasty Natz are meant to be in government all the time dispensing their wealthy and corporate tax cuts and kicking the general wage slave population and protecting their wealthy donors and vested interests I guess that’s where the sympathy comes in.

    I guess a biased right wing news is just a little less worse than the disinformation Bomber is referring to.

    NZ on Air have proved time and again how irresponsible they are in dispensing funds ( our money ) to the usual suspects and ignoring many other worthwhile recipient’s.


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