What everyone is missing in the negative Mood of the Boardroom rankings


There is a hilarious disconnect between the media’s screaming negative headline coverage of the Mood of the Boardroom, what the tribal left are screaming back and what was actually said.

The negative headlines paint Labour out as economically incompetent while the tribal left are screaming back ‘Fuck the CEOs’, what no one (other than Dr Bryce Edwards) seemed to actually do is read what the CEOs were saying, and it’s hilarious.

The CEOs aren’t attacking Labour for economic incompetence, they are attacking Labour because Labour haven;’t actually be transformative on housing, poverty or inequality…

Interestingly, business leaders have some of the same concerns about Ardern’s Government as those on the political left – especially the failure to deliver on their promises.

For example Don Braid of Mainfreight, who has in the past been quite supportive of the Government, says: “There is a lack of direction and sure-footed policy to combat the failings around health, education, housing and crime. Stop the political posturing and interference. Focus on the core fundamentals and then get out of the way.”

When asked about Ardern’s delivery of “transformative change”, business execs rated her only 1.7/5. According to the Herald, a typical comment from business was: “Lots of talk on policy but little actual impact”.

Some of the areas that business rated the Government most poorly on are also areas that Labour supporters might also feel disappointed about. Here are some of Labour’s worst marks from business:

•           Addressing the housing shortage 1.81/5
•           Improving children’s wellbeing 1.80/5
•           Addressing transport constraints 1.80/5
•           Immigration 1.36/5

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…NZ Business ‘gets’ that the welfare of their workers has to at least be tolerable or they won’t/can’t work!

The criticism from CEOs is that Labour haven’t actually been transformative on the fundamental issues they expected Labour to be transformational on.

Tribal Labour apologists are just endlessly screaming back at the CEOs without appreciating that the CEOs criticisms of Labour are exactly the same as actual progressive problems with this Government.

In all the noise and shouting the actual issues CEOs have with Labour are totally drowned out.

Which is the point right?

As we stare down 12 months till the next election, the tribal left have to hide and gloss over all the enormous policy failures by Labour rather than actually hold them to account.

It is outrageous that Luxon wants to punish those on welfare with disabilities, yet it turns out that Labour have spent the last 5 years doing exactly that and have sanctioned 4000 disabled teens on welfare.

Tribal Left shhh you when you point this out and that’s why they are shushing this Mood of the Boardroom report.


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  1. The views of business are generally not worth a tin of the proverbial. Yes, at the moment employers need workers in a reasonable state for their own purposes. It is recent history (COVID) that brings us here.

    Migrant labour will top up the numbers soon enough. NZ Labour Caucus will only change with pressure from new gen voters and a revitalised left/union movement taking direct action.

    Retiring Rogernomics & Ruthanasia & sadistic MSD really need to be the priority.

    • @ TM.
      Fuck retiring roger and ruth. Lets go get the bastards and throw them in prison. Or Balclutha. Which ever’s likely to be worse. The jury’s still considering the evidence before it and the evidence is mounting in favour of Balclutha.
      Labour? Asset strip and annul all debt and mortgages to the four foreign owned banks, today. Then, return the more than 6 billion dollars they take in NET profits annually back to the Kiwi communities they stole it from starting with the most wretched homeless person and move up the scale.
      Royal Commission of Inquiry the fuck out of the last 140 years of our economy, specifically in relation to our politics.
      Slap a modest capital gains tax of 99.99% on all speculative house trading and building. What do you think of that one Banksters and Fletcher Challenge?

  2. Well pointed out.

    It is dripping with irony that even “Business” can see Labour’s many substantial failings that the rest of us who voted time and again for these morons, can.

    If Labour get a bit of a pasting at the upcoming local body elections in Auckland, and I suspect they will, figuratively, the ship has officially hit the iceberg.

    Jacinda needs to get back to NZ pronto and her and Grant need to get their heads out of their arses and wake up and ACTUALLY address many of their policy shortcomings, not do announcements.

    Housing. Start borrowing big and build state houses. Buy flat pack houses from China if that what it takes, opening the immigration dam to builders with guaranteed citizenship. As in crisis setting policy management type of urgency.

    Crime. Another day, another extremely violent robbery in a mall, fucking over ordinary people in the process plus sundry unreported robberies over the 24 hour period. People are on edge. Abandon the empty prison corner stone policy that has led to this mahem, put the word out to the judiciary, (as they have done before to arrive at this point), to cut the mushy shit and sentence properly, threaten the youth court with extinction unless it does what it’s was legislated to do and get a real police commissioner, for Christ sake! Getting Chippy as police minister was premium Ardern appearance management over substance. It just got worse. Honestly, this situation cannot go on!

    But watching our PM lately is sad, she knows only PR and her hollow style is going to annihilate Labour as a brand permanently if someone in that party doesn’t bypass her torpor and act fast to stem the bleeding. They are up against the dull, loathsome Luxon and they’re still losing, not surprisingly!

    And at least Muldoons government built things that have stood the test of time!!!

    • You do realise that tough on crime leads to curbing of civil liberties and an increase in police brutality. Do you really want police to be able beat people within an inch of their lives, or gun them down like dogs?

      The excecution of George Floyd was thanks to the zero tolerance, broken windows style policing that you seem to get off on.

      • Apart from you who is saying “beat people within an inch of their lives”, “gun them down like dogs “, and the most weird, “execution of George Floyd”, you do realise none of the above will happen, ever, to reduce the crime wave we are living through except in your fantasy world, don’t you?

        • Well you seem to think that this country should become a police state, where people are gunned down by police on a regaular basis, and our prisons should become like those in the USA, with gangs allowed to shank and rape who they like

      • Why are your arguements always so over the top. George Floyd was a tragedy but police being tougher on crime does not mean necessarily that police turn into brutal beings. It is obvious to all except those that cannot fault this government in any way that they are softbound crime and the crimes know .Ram raids daylight robbery violence are all out of control and innocent people are effected .If being safe means a few civil libertis are surrendered that is fine by me .

        • Well there you go, you do support police brutality, violence, lynching and the suspension of due process. I supposed you think prisoners should be raped and shanked too.

    • Pay so poor, NZ business lobby the government to provide subsidised accommodation, utility top ups and food parcels on top of the free health care, education and pensions.

  3. Addressing immigration seems to be a open door to fraudsters coming into NZ from OZ, UK, Asia and around the world and then picking off NZ victims, while NZ recruiters fail to do proper checks!

    NZ also exports NZ fraudsters and tax evaders like Eric Watson and co horts who seems to be a favourite of media and government in NZ and some of NZ’s biggest companies have shady pasts under shady CEO’s and ownership of those shady transactions.

    Former Bendon owner Watson targeted by SEC for insider trading

    Government and NZ recruiters have not learnt from Joanne Harrison and the plethora of other cases of fraudsters in NZ local and central government, in fact they seem to welcome fake CV’s and Eric Watson like scams, as part of NZ corporate culture of ripping people off. This guy managed to get an advisory spot at Ministry of Social Development before taking over a council owned company.

    “What was missing was the handful of civil lawsuits over fraud and unpaid money; the NZ$30 million of damages he has been ordered to pay; alleged drink-driving charges in 2011, 2014 and 2018; and a restraining order from an ex-fiancee. All of it amounted, as former friend Evan Levine put it, to a “trail of horror”.

    New Zealand recruiters never discovered any of it, allowing Boyd, an Australian, to work for more than two years as a senior adviser at the Ministry of Social Development before becoming the boss of CCHL, a company owned by Christchurch ratepayers.”

    Chief executive’s ‘trail of horror’ includes fraud, debts and drink-driving

    Sounds like he didn’t actually work at the US banks….. nobody checked.

    Appointment to the role of Chief Executive Officer for CCHL

    Tim who? US bank never employed ex-CCHL boss

    Too many fraudsters getting legitimacy from working in NZ government agencies – many of whom use it to go on and defraud other people in NZ!

    Sadly the culture of NZ supports fraud and secrecy at the highest levels and NZ recruiters and media’s ability to look into some NZ self celebrated names but shady pasts, is non-existent.

  4. I read the report as showing the boardroom have more concern for the poor than the incumbent Labour Government

  5. Indeed. This is the flip side of Walmart in the US telling their workers how to apply for benefits because their pay is so low. This is what you see when our support for the working poor is so bad that companies can’t even tell their workers to get extra benefits.

  6. why are they even reported who elected them, so why do they even rate a mention? no more meaningful than a group of blokes bitching in the pub
    ….what we need is prior to any interview with anyone…’right wing spokesman’ ‘representative of rightwing US think tank’ ‘oil lobbyist’ they usually manage a snide ‘left wing commentator’ so it’s do-able

    • So should we say that of any survey of any group of people?

      You may not like them but they probably employ a huge percentage of the private sector. They are most likely highly intelligent, very hard working, extremely motivated people. I work rather closely with our CEO (SME of about 300 employees) and he’s works 70-80 hours a week, has a breadth of knowledge over every part of the business that still amazes me and is highly respected throughout the entire business. Yet I’ve never heard him once talk politics, I suspect he may even vote labour, though probably not under its current guise.

      • self selecting groups whether astroturf bujsiness groups or internet polls are designed to give the paymasters preferred result….that’s why they do it.

        does 300 employees count as an SME?

  7. I dont give a fuck about their mood but …
    They have a point!

    LINO are fucking useless!!

  8. Why are your arguements always so over the top. George Floyd was a tragedy but police being tougher on crime does not mean necessarily that police turn into brutal beings. It is obvious to all except those that cannot fault this government in any way that they are softbound crime and the crimes know .Ram raids daylight robbery violence are all out of control and innocent people are effected .If being safe means a few civil libertis are surrendered that is fine by me .

  9. at last trev comes clean on his dislike of ‘civil liberties’ what happened to the old rightard cry of ‘freedom is worth dying for’…see this is the problem trev when you have ‘talking points’ but no moral framework you tend to trip over your size 10s, because it’s all about ‘todays meme’ for your lot.

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