Labour’s Neo-kindness as cruel as National when it comes to abusing disabled people on welfare



As we righteously poured scorn onto Luxon’s cruelty for attacking  disabled young people on welfare comes the news that over 5 years, Labour’s own Government have punished 4000 disabled people on welfare…

Govt sanctions sick jobseekers for failing to prepare for work

The Labour Government has cut the benefits of around 4000 sick, injured of disabled jobseekers in the last five years because they weren’t preparing to return to work fast enough.

…Why you scream in rage, why is Labour just as vile as National when it comes to abusing people on welfare?.

Why has Labour and Carmel Sepeloni betrayed us so badly in treating people like shit?

It’s because the true power is the despicably cruel MSD. You need to understand in NZ poliutcs that the MP is merely a puppet to make you feel that your will is being represented when really it’s a masquerade of democracy run by the neoliberal cultural agendas of the Ministries and you voting provides the mask of legitimacy.

We sanction and punish people on welfare because MSD is a cruel and obtuse department built to be as difficult to get money out of as possible, where the threat of sanction drives vulnerable people into desperation and suicide, that’s the design of the process so that beneficiaries are always in a state of terror and panic.

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Labour have done nothing to rid MSD of its toxic culture, fuck MPs being bullied as a distraction, what about the way the State bullies the sick and the vulnerable?

If only we had a Green Party that weren’t completely fucking compromised and hopeless to attack the bureaucracy and Labour for this disgraceful policy!

The State is the biggest abuser of peoples rights in this country.

Labour’s kindness is neo-kindness, it’s the performance of kindness with none of the actual  kindness.

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  1. The MPs do not want to know really, plus they realise that there is a big appetite among voters for the ongoing “war on the poor”. But that does not mean the MPs and others do not know about the punitive, sadistic MSD culture–why else was a more generous second tier “COVID Benefit” deployed? so that middle class people would not have to experience the true degradation of dealing with WINZ/MSD case managers and security guards at the door.

    Carmel Sepuloni has been well and truly captured by her Ministry. I was involved with the Combined Beneficiaries Union and Auckland Unemployed Workers Rights Centre in the 80s and 90s, and nothing has changed in 2022 to that culture, from DSW to WINZ to MSD. They were filth and remain so. Unfortunately that includes PSA members whose organisation should know better and act, but of course the PSA tops are part of the top level state sector culture too.

  2. How many disabled people faced sanctions? The number includes sick and injured beneficiaries. Maybe some sick people can get better over time, and the injured can heal too?

    • Everyone is a “Jobseeker” now CC, even if like a friend of mine they are in a wheel chair with one foot amputated! I am not joking. My mate shifted from Auckland to Whangārei with family and asked if everything was ok with his Henderson case manager–yes all cool was the answer.

      But when he shifted his benefit was cut off, and he was called in for a meeting to rattle his cage, he was pretty upset that day. He is on regular dialysis and in no way suitable for regular work. He knits hats with his one good hand and a rig, for his Church shop and overviews people’s accounts on an unpaid basis.

      We got one of his brothers, a big ex tow truck driver, appointed as his advocate with WINZ for any future dealings.

      • Shame to hear about your friend’s ordeal, Tiger. I don’t doubt that people can fall foul of the system, it’s just that a lot of us don’t have the anecdotal experiences to know this.

        I guess what I was referring to was the emptiness of the linked article. I can see the posturing by the commentators in the article, but no detail to decide whether it’s a case of “dodgy beneficiaries” or “a heartless system”.

  3. Going back in time 1995 I was on a benefit while looking after my wife with cancer. One day my case manager was away when I reported in . Well they gave me another lady that was an ex staff member of mine . She went through my file and pointed out I was being underpaid by thousands of dollars due to extra top up I was entitled to but not informed about . It would seem nothing has improved .

  4. Fuck you’re awesome @ MB.
    Love you, or not quite so love you, but there’s nowhere else we can go to vent our respective spleens.
    When I needed the MSD / WINZ or what ever quirky, wankery they think they need to be re branded as they did their utmost to fuck me over. Mainly by with-holding important information, specifically re my financial entitlements. We were going well until the Canterbury earthquakes when we were immediately left without an income. In the immediacy after the earth moved we had rent to pay on our business premises, sundry bills to pay and rent on our house.
    Luckily ( Or not ) I had a house near Dunedin so we moved there. We missed the second earthquake by twelve days. In that one, people got killed.
    The sour old bag in the WINZ office in Balclutha went after me as if I’d committed a crime. Her sneering, arrogant and dismissive attitude was a bit beguiling so I asked her for a hot date. We’re now married, we have nine children. No. We don’t. And yes, I lied. Ba ha!
    At a later time, after my suspicions overwhelmed me I did ask to see the manager and sure enough, the manager sat through my story while eyeing up the old sour puss two desks down. The sour puss hammered at her keyboard with all the grace of a black smith with Tourette’s as she leaned in to overhear of my adjective laden experiences.
    There’s only one justification for WINZ/MSD staff to be cruel to those in need and that’s when one’s a narcissistic sociopath bordering on psychopathy.
    AO/NZ’s a super wealthy country. Seriously. AO/NZ’s got mountains of money and even higher mountains of proper resources. Beautiful, fertile soils, plentiful oceans, a fabulous climate and then there’s its fundamental beauty. OMG. AO/NZ’s a beautiful, beautiful country. And we lot. We get along reasonably well. Imagine of AO/NZ was Israel and Palestine? Jesus! What a fucking nightmare that’d be. @ Maori are fucking splendid people. We’re so lucky we invaded and colonised a country with such a beautiful indigenous people. We could be in constant and bitter rivalry with a well armed local population. I went to the Matariki celebrations at our local marai and I only got shot twice. joke.
    So why the fucking around we get from our politicians then? They’re paid by us to ensure we have proper management of our resources and instead I have to read that our most at risk are being treated like dirt! What the fuck! While we’re expected to kiss the arses of the hyper riche like graham hart as many Maori and those who can’t be billionaires are likely given blow jobs and monogramed solid gold arse plugs! Fuck that!
    We deserve much, much better. I mean, waaaaaay better than this. Therefore our pathetic, monstrously over paid management should go. It’s time for a new way of doing things.

  5. the directive was made years ago that winz staff were not allowed the point out an entitlement you weren’t claiming…..of course if you’re denied the info it exists you can’t claim it..and so it goes.
    another innovation from the UK

    that’s why citizens advice is so valuable no resources and overworked but they probably know the system better than most winz managers

  6. Labour’s kindness is neo-kindness, it’s the performance of kindness with none of the actual kindness.
    It’s time to bring that ‘Clayton’s’ word back again – it was used a lot and then has dropped away, but the faux behaviour it was used to describe never has.

  7. So you are going to say exactly the same thing then when Luxon does it? The fault lies with the Drones at Winz and not the PM and the MP for Winz? Because that is the only thing you could do Martyn. In the treatment of the poor L is as cruel and inhuman as N. They both don’t give a shit. The one needs them to garner votes – so they bash them, the other needs them to garner votes – so they pretend to care, neither is gonna do a single solitary thing to make the life of poor people better. They can’t. They won’t. Because without the Poor these people have no raison d’etre.

  8. When our governments looking after the citizens they represent appropriately and fairly and equitably show they fai,l not caring, Omar Khayam lines go well. The moving finger has gone up in the air and passed beyond us.

    The moving finger writes, and having written moves on. Nor all thy piety nor all thy wit,
    can cancel half a line of it. Omar Khayyam

    Living Life Tomorrow’s fate, though thou be wise,
    Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise;
    Pass, therefore, not today in vain,
    For it will never come again. Omar Khayyam

    and a couple other:
    I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein
    People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. John C. Maxwell USA
    Clergyman 1947

  9. ” If only we had a Green Party that weren’t completely fucking compromised and hopeless to attack the bureaucracy and Labour for this disgraceful policy ”

    IF ONLY we had a a real left wing alternative.

    The progressive side of LINO Green and TMP will fix all of this post 2023 or so i have been told.

  10. Jacinda from announcements is not kind, examples
    1. Locking Kiwis away from funerals, but allowing her favourite DJs in…who have Covid.
    2. Trashing a South Family over Covid…based on false information..refusing to apology
    3. Not knowing any of the names of the massacre victims when asked by the media

  11. Labour have become publicity hounds and like National seem to go for the latest ‘flavour’ to fund, rather than based on need.

    Anybody disabled should be the first people in the queue to get quality care from our state, not all the identity based woke and right wing funded ventures such as nearly 3 million from proceeds of crime, to the Gang led ‘rehabilitation’.

    Gosh, money really does grow on trees in some growth industries like crime and drugs in NZ!

    Likewise pretending all the handouts are to help Maori, the majority of Maori seem to have gone backwards in NZ since being ‘helped’ by the woke and neoliberals who love to help themselves first.

    Meanwhile in NZ people in malls, churches or beaches can now face some person deciding to go on a killing rampage.

    Not sure how so many people can come to NZ to bludge, then commits terror attacks while NZ authorities spend taxpayer money on helping them in every aspect of their lives for years. Many can claim welfare, charity and legal costs from day 1.

    Then NZ organisations complain they have all these worker shortages – no wonder when NZ likes to import so many dysfunctional people and have existing services in NZ, bending over backwards for so many people who just got here recently. The mall terrorist quit his student studies one month after arriving in NZ.

    Limited showers, no meal prep: ‘Ruthless’ plans to cut disabled care revealed

    “Health bosses planned to limit showers and meals for the disabled, create long wait lists for specialist care, and refuse help for autistic children as part of a desperate cost-saving bid.”


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